France Parented the USA: So Why Forget? Because The Child, The USA, Played (And Plays) Vicious Games, Partly Reflected In How It Neglected Its Parent.

Tremendous efforts are vested by the elite to tweak the mentality of those they subjugate. No detail is spared. Details impact emotional logic, and can fabricate fake minds, apt at serving only the masters who set them up. And that starts by instilling a perverse, twisted sense of history.

Yorktown” is the locale and battle where two French armies, a French fleet, and the American army defeated terminally the British in the US war of independence. The aircraft carrier by that name is at the bottom of the Pacific, after another heroic battle (which it helped to win).

Even the names of aircraft carriers can be tweaked, perverting the sense of history and even of democracy: once named after the major battles which made the USA (Lexington, Yorktown, Saratoga, Bunker Hill, Belleau Woods), now they are named after unelected celebrities (Ford) or undistinguished president (there is a “Reagan” carrier, but no “Nixon”, or “Carter” carrier… The idea being Reagan is vastly superior to Carter or Nixon… although history will judge otherwise… and no carrier should be named after them. JFK, an authentic Navy war hero, who died a martyr, avoided nuclear war, send Earth to the Moon, is another matter, he deserved a carrier…)

Why do the French get downplayed in their importance in the American Revolutionary War?

One French army, commanded by Washington, plus two French armies, commanded by Lafayette and Rochambeau, and the French fleet, commanded by De Grasse, converged on Yorktown, and, after heavy bombardment by French siege guns commanded by De Barras, forced the surrender of the British army.

The irony is that the French themselves learned, and learn, history from the real supreme victors of 1945, the USA, or more precisely, what the USA mostly means, US plutocrats, their media, universities, businesses, with their CIA, Deep State and another 16 “intelligence” agencies in tow.

If one were a French intellectual in the 1950s, and one wanted a lucrative career, one had to sing the praises of the US, or the USSR, or both (Sartre and De Beauvoir did both, after earlier collaborating with the Nazi authorities). Significant details such as the French declaring war (and attacking) Hitler in 1939, while Hitler was allied to the USSR (which provided Hitler with all sorts of goodies, including crucial oil), had to be forgotten.

So had to be forgotten, the troubling double game of the USA at the inception of both WW1 and WW2. The machinations the USA and its moral persons and agents engaged in, favoring fascism and working against the French Republic, should have been seen as particularly outrageous, especially in light of how the USA came to be. Indeed, the French monarchy of Louis XVI was the main agent of creation of the US Republic, and deliberately so. Most probably, without France, the USA would never have come to be. Hence the USA is the baby France brought to this world, and the refusal of the USA to do anything in May-June 1940 to prevent the fall of France is ignominious. If the USA had given an ultimatum to Hitler, his generals would have made a coup.

German generals had asked precisely for such an aggressive attitude, on the part of the USA, as early as 1937, to get rid of the Nazis; after a clear declaration, on the part of the USA, that the USA would side with France against Nazism, the generals had all the excuse they needed for a coupinstead the plotting German generals got denounced by the USA and the UK… to Hitler himself; hence in 1940, German generals could only feel that the USA, or the powers which mattered in the USA, those which controlled public opinion, were in agreement with the Nazi invasion of France! They didn’t guess they were the victim of another bait and switch, just as in WW1…

Had the USA sent such an ultimatum, requiring the immediate German evacuation of France, German generals could have said the Nazis imperilled Germany, as it was obvious to all Germans they couldn’t win the grand coalition of France-Britain-USA. Thus a loud and clear US intervention in 1940 would have brought quick German surrender… Instead, when Hitler declared war to the USA, December 11, 1941, all of Germany, and, in particular the German army, was so deeply committed to Nazi racial and other criminality, that they couldn’t back out…

Even by late June 1940, France was far from defeated: the French air force was poised to gain air supremacy (after enormous Luftwaffe losses and exhaustion), and the French army and fleet could lock up the Mediterranean, and pursue the war from southern France, Corsica and especially North Africa (which the Germans demonstrated later they couldn’t cross seriously, just because of the small islands of Malta, which stayed unconquered).

The Canadians intervened: they landed in Brittany in June 1940, but their divisions were promptly beaten back. A US intervention, the US had aircraft carriers, would have persuaded the French Assembly to keep on firing on the Germans (who had already suffered enormous losses).

The US Deep State attitude during WW2, driven by the French hating plutocrat Roosevelt, anxious to gain control of all European empires, was to destroy as much of France as they could get away with. Hence the attempted grabbing of New Caledonia, the bombing and annihilation of French ports (the Germans had no more boats), and the plan to occupy France as if it were Nazi Germany (that failed because the USA depended upon the one million men French army in 1944, and most US generals were sympathetic to the French cause, and even admired some of their French colleagues, for example “Hannibal” Juin, victor of Monte Cassino, and who could have finished the war in weeks, had he been given free rein…)

However, after the war, the CIA is known to have had at least 50 top French influencers in the media on its payroll… And the real influence was probably much greater. Top French intellectuals did as they were paid for: they rewrote all of French history in a negative light, starting with Vercingetorix and Caesar. Grossly underestimating the French crucial role if the American Revolution was part of it.

The French and US Constitutions of 1789 were proclaimed only three weeks apart. That’s no coincidence: France and the USA actually had a common revolution, and probably its main character was not the American Founding Fathers as much as the tragic figure of Louis XVI, who did in America what he was afraid to do in France (although he feebly tried there, persistently, but all too weakly).

If enough US citizens had known the history of the USA and of the ideals they embraced, better, in 1939, they would have supported the French Republic against the Nazis, the USSR and Imperial Japan, and Fascist Italy … As Great Britain (a monarchy!) reluctantly did, in the last few months. History would have turned out differently: no Auschwitz, etc. But US citizens didn’t know France gave birth to the USA, as much as she did (and twice, as France also gave birth to Britain in 1066 CE, complete with outlawing of slavery there…)

Those who don’t learn history are condemned to make it worse, today. more than ever

The greatest and final battle of the American war of independence was at Yorktown: one US army, two French armies, and the French fleet, cornered the British army, and forced its surrender. After inflicting grievous losses on the Japanese carriers, the US aircraft carrier Yorktown was sunk at the Midway battle, a tremendous US victory on attacking Japan.

There is no more US carrier named “Yorktown” in the present US fleet. But the most modern US nuclear carrier is named “Ford”. “Ford”, although US president, was never elected to that office, nor to the office of Vice-President, which he was honored with before. One would guess that democrats and republicans want to forget how one guy can get to the highest offices of the land… without election. But, no, now we have an aircraft carrier to celebrate this strange accession. Strange in a democratic republic, that is…. So, say the history people learn, forget how the USA came to be, through a revolution co-engineered with France, in a republican, democratic spirit, but instead, celebrate now an unelected US president: a telling difference between yesterday’s hopes and ideals, and today’s decadence into plutocracy!

The excellent movie “Gladiator” presents a nice alternative history of Rome. It could have happened that way, indeed. The Republic could have been re-established because of a courageous general. But it wasn’t. Why? The probability that the Republic would come back was low. We the People of Rome expected dictatorship. At some point all minds have become too perverted by fake history, inappropriate mentality! Mental inertia is in command, all the way down to the direst oblivion…

Indeed, Roman fascism and plutocracy soon fell into more of the same, adding hysterical militarism, then apocalyptic, beyond idiotic Christianism, followed by the weird alliance of the wealthiest, with the most religious and barbarian chieftains.

Should we want to avoid the new Dark Ages we often seem to be cruise towards, we need to see history as it really was, not according to manipulative agendas. Yes, France gave birth to the USA at the battle of Yorktown, and yes, the USA betrayed the French (and the Poles, and the Brits, and the Jews, and all the other victims of Nazism) in 1939-1940. That’s real history, not to be confused with fake hysteria.

Patrice Ayme

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13 Responses to “France Parented the USA: So Why Forget? Because The Child, The USA, Played (And Plays) Vicious Games, Partly Reflected In How It Neglected Its Parent.”

  1. EugenR Says:

    US political history is pendulum between political representatives, taking their position as mission to bring to the World the gospel of liberal humanism, and those who act out of particular interests of oligarchy. The senators represent local constituency, are focused in local matters and not national, and even less global.
    Then you have capable presidents, but also very incompetent, easily manipulated, and very rarely, and less and less, a personality, who could follow the model of founding fathers, without them US would be just an another monarchy.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Eugen: The fundamental problem of “democracy” through “representatives” goes beyond what, and who the representatives exactly represent, and how well or wisely. The deepest problem is that oligarchy is separated from monarchy by just a few individuals. Madness maybe the rule in crowds, but, precisely, intelligence is the blossom which only a crowd of mavericks can bring!

      Great empires of the past were often in practice closer to oligarchies than the monarchies they pretended to be. Persia was governed through satrapies. In Rome, cities were very independent; the Romans mostly co-opted the local elites… When Cortez got to Mexico, he pretty much did as he pleased; craftily, he interfaced directly with Charles Quint (then in Flanders, bot Spain). The Burgos government of Spain led by a bishop which intercepted his correspondence with the emperor, had been anticipated, and secretly circumvented through duplicates. Meanwhile the infuriated governor of Cuba, Don Velasquez, having failed to gather unambiguous support from the emperor’s government, rose his own army to go arrest and destroy Cortez and his 458 men…

      So now we have emperor Obama conducting lethal drone strikes against children in countries the USA is not at war with… Comparison with Charles Quint is NOT flattering (Charles committed no crimes against humanity personally… although some of his nominal underlings did… and claimed them loud and clear as their own decision and volition… Charles ultimately decided to stop the Conquista, after the intellectuals couldn’t come to a decision… Thus the US speaks mostly English, not Spanish…)


  2. G Max Says:

    Anti French sentiment in the US relates to grossly conservative racist sexist right red states pigs. They know no history and are proud of it. That’s why I’m sure they like the FORD carrier, bcs Ford was white and unelected


  3. Gloucon X Says:

    The USA was colonized by two for-profit joint stock corporations chartered by the British Crown and protected by the British military. It has a political system that was designed 229 years ago to protect property in the form of land and slaves. It has an economic system that is designed to funnel wealth to the already wealthy. Eight years ago, five unelected lifetime appointees of its highest Court declared that it is legal to purchase the political system. The wealthy and corporations have done so ensuring that the rules of society will be rigged to ensure their dominance–forever. We live under the control of institutions that were designed a quarter millennia ago to suit the needs of the small class of people who designed them, not to solve the problems of the times, or the problems of the world. The USA has no permanent ties to any country or any idea other than to the idea of plutocracy.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Exactly. Perfectly true.
      However the colossal genocide of the American natives has enabled the installation of a European society and colony over an entire temperate colony which is extravagantly wealthy. Now the USA is more than just that colonial ideology: more than 300 million US denizens are not really compromised by the plutocratic ideology. Yet:
      The 95% wealth bracket is at 2.4 million net worth.
      The 99% income is at 430 K…

      The situation with the USA is the situation with the planet. Thanks to Obama-encouraged fracking policy, the USa is turning into a giant Switzerland, complete with nukes, landing rockets and the world’s number one oil production. So I do not exclude that the USA could still go the right way. It certainly was not under my friend Obama. Trump has a few valid points, including that globalization can’t come at the price of nations… Actually, the USA has no choice but going the right way, because the eco-catastrophe is not just on the way, but knocking at the door…

      There was an entire ideological built-up in America BEFORE the Founding Fathers era (the latter a deviation towards plutocracy, slavery, etc.). The religion of nature… A fascinating book was written on this… We could return to these deeper American roots, themselves close to the French American spirit (trading with Indians rather than massacring them).


  4. ianmillerblog Says:

    Patrice, you write: Those who don’t learn history are condemned to make it worse, today. more than ever… One could add that those that do learn history are condemned to a lifetime of angst as they watch those who have not learned from history.

    I don’t entirely agree with your thoughts on bringing back the Res Publica. The citizens of Rome at the bottom did not want to be pillaged by would-be generals to fight their civil wars, and the ones higher up wanted to keep what they could and get more. The emperors did at least keep a little sense of order.

    As for asking the US to get involved in the world wars early, that is naive. There was too much money to be made by the plutocrats for that. They only really got involved in WW2 by a piece of idiocy by the Japanese. But of that, and some stupidity by Hitler, Germany could well have won. And the US rich could have got incredibly rich picking up the pieces.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Ian:
      The Roman Republic lasted 5 centuries (Augustus claimed he refurbished and re-established it; there is something to this: arguably Republican social and legislative elements survived until the times, and even after, of the Christian terror, say after the Nicaea council of 323 CE… But mostly, Augustus was lying… Not that he got it all started, the main engine of the Roman Revolution under Octavian was the Roman army: a centurion went to the Senate and brandished his glavius, saying that if the Senate didn’t take the right decision, his glavius would… He was from Octavian/Caesar’army, which the great nephew of Caesar, called himself “Caesar” by then, was not controlling, but, rather, following…).

      The Res Publica was NOT monolithic. Until the 3 Punic Wars, the Res Publica was DEMOCRATIZING. “Sumptuary”, anti-wealth laws were introduced after a Gallic tribe seized and ransomed Rome. The Civil War period was inaugurated with the destruction of Carthage (Africa) and Numentia (Spain) and Corinth (Greece) which happened roughly simultaneously. I thoroughly condemn it, and this is not my model.

      Instead my model of the Res Publica is during the time of the “TRIBUNES WITH CONSULAR POWERS”… Then the anti-wealth laws were applied. Applying them again was the essence of the conflict of the Gracchi with the plutocrats…


      • ianmillerblog Says:

        Dear Patrice,
        Agree that Octavian was a lying manipulative politician. However, his taking the name Caesar was merely to connect himself with Gaius Julius, and thus get the use of his army. My view is Octavian was merely extremely lucky in that he had M.V. Agrippa as a second in command, and someone willing to stay that way. It was Agrippa that won at Actium – Octavian was apparently either seasick or not willing to be up front. Hard to say which because the historians, being Roman, were a bit cautious about this. And yes, the Res Publica started well, but got corrupted with greed. The spirit of Cincinnatus would weep well before what the Gracchi’s protested, and died for.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Agreed. As Caesar’s heir, Octavian took the Caesar name as per Roman tradition. Agreed about Agrippa: he did the hard work, all the way to Scotland. But my point was that Octavian/Caesar’s army (Octavian, barely 20 year old was called Caesar by then, it confused me for a while reading the originals…) was itself extremely rebellious and infuriated, and he would probably have been killed, had he not accompanied its rebellion. The centurion who brandished his sword in the Senate was probably acting on his own, and his colleagues (they hadn’t been paid enough, and were enraged from Julius’ assassination…)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The “sense of order” of the emperors was the bait, the seduction, but also the killing of Roman democracy. Lack of democracy makes a civilization stupid, because only a few think for all, and that’s made into a habit. Stupidity is how and why Rome went down: the rest is details.

      It is not “naive” to consider that the USA has special duties relative to its two parents, France and Britain, and to its own civilization. Especially France, the sister republic created by roughly the same people, roughly the same ideology, the same civilization, and in a symbiotic ideological entanglement. If anything, it’s a necessity for a civilization, which is an ideology, to fight for its survival.

      The fact that the USA decided not to fight for its republican civilization in 1914-1917, and 1933-1941 is indicative of a change from Democratic Republic to Stealth Plutocracy.

      The USA still picked up the pieces, and became fabulously wealthy. Stalin was put in charge, by the US Deep State, of keeping Europe down…

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  5. SDM Says:

    The USA is the summation of plutocratic opportunity for much if its history. The American revolution was a capitalist venture and real estate deal all wrapped up in one. “Manifest destiny” eventually led to a world wide corporate machine for exploitation. Many (most perhaps?) citizens have little to no appreciation of what level of violence and criminality is perpetrated to prop up the empire. They revel in their ignorance and are happy to believe the ridiculous narrative they are fed to keep them in their place. If they do get out of step, the owner class are not against using force to preserve “property rights”. The National Guard are always at hand if militarized police are not up to the task.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. And the realtor in chief was British army colonel G. Washington…
      Yes, the way the “Occupy Wall Street” movement was crushed was a beauty of efficiency.
      Nowadays, though, the USA has become a world country, in some places (California, New York, and all places with a booming economy). So there could be change. Unfortunately they seem all gripped in Trump Derangement Syndrome… It’s the fact that Trump has some positive aspects that, precisely for these positive aspects, the old plutocratic guard always hated him (since the 1970s…) It’s like Perot’s “giant sucking sound”… The USMCA is better for US workers than NAFTA…


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