There Is No Aristocracy But For Democracy. Meanwhile Plutocracy Is Just Evil Power. And Absolute Power of a Few, Intrinsically Evil.

[This is a much expanded version of a comment of mine dutifully censored by the New York Times, who knows well how to make it so that it’s readership is not poisoned by true and most relevant ideas. The article I commented on was Erdogan Says Saudis Planned Khashoggi’s Killing, and Demands Answers.

Conclusion of the NYT article: Turkish president Erdogan does not want a direct fight with Saudi Arabia. He does not want to turn this into a bilateral argument between Saudi Arabia and Turkey. He wants it to be on one side M.B.S. and on the other a murdered journalist.”]


The NYT article was basic, and cautious. Some altitude was needed, to address that debate properly, I reckoned. That “murdered journalist”, Khashoggi, was much more than just a journalist, but also a part of the Saudi establishment, prior, and a propagandist for the Muslim Brotherhood, for decades, and, lately, made himself an excellent advocate for democracy in the Middle East. Erdogan himself exerts dictatorial powers of the Turkish media reminiscent of those exerted by president Xi in China.  

What the Khashoggi affair calls into question is the fact that it is considered Politically Correct, worldwide, to bestow huge powers on some individuals. Having heads of state ordering murders is OK for the PC crowd (because it doesn’t actively condemn it, and instead implicitly admired the mass murder by drone prone Obama). It shouldn’t be…

(The Saudis, as a part of an elaborate plot, had a double of Khashoggi go around Istanbul after murdering the original, in order to make people believe he had not been killed… They had not expected Khashoggi’s fiancée to be waiting outside, and the intense Turkish surveillance of, the Consulate…)


“Aristocracy” means power of the best: a self-glorification. In truth, aristocracy is just plutocracy, power of Pluto, the god of hell. Too much power doesn’t just corrupt, it turns individuals into demons. Mohammed bin Salman, MBS is not just a perpetrator, but victim of a mental process no one warned him about!

Leaders have so much power nowadays, ordering the killing of others expeditiously proves all too irresistible. We can all turn into Khashoggis all too easily.

Khashoggi, carefree, firmly entering the Saudi Consulate. Questions remaining: was he dismembered, starting with his fingers, he typed insolent statements with, while conscious, and did MBS order that old fashion punishment explicitly?

So Khashoggi entered the Saudi Consulate, for the second time in two days, to receive a statement confirming his divorce from his establishment wife (who disapproved of Khashoggi’s critics against MBS). “Saud” is the name of a family who owns Arabia. Having seized it by force, after making a conspiracy of mutual aid with the Islamist fanatic Wahhab. Late the UK, and then the US would make another conspiracy with the Saud patriarch about oil and finance.

Just ask the relatives of those who, in various places the USA was not at war with, innocently gathered, and all were killed in a drone strike!.. Because the gathering had the “signature” of terrorism, we were told by the US government. At least when Khashoggi was hacked into piece, only him died, not the whole neighborhood.

The solution to lethal, arbitrary leadership, all over the world? Not just reduce the power of  MBS, but reduce the power of “leaders”, all over.

The West may as well lead towards much more democracy, the rest will (be forced to) follow. Just criticizing Saudi Arabia is not enough.

Evil loves the Dark, already observed the Persian religion 4,000 years ago. Throwing a light on how Khashoggi died is a good thing. It would be even better to throw a light on the entanglement of CIA, SIA, and Bin Laden in the 1990s… Or how exactly the Afghan War started… And the role of the USA in that (hint: it was primordial).

The USA actually pushed, for years before that, Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence, to create a Muslim Fundamentalist war in Afghanistan. So it was not just a question of Democratic President Jimmy Carter. The drivers of US fundamental policies in the Middle East wanted to cause a Muslim Fundamentalist war in the Muslim world, to create there a factor of division. Once people are divided and at each other’s’ throats, they can be easily manipulated.

So Afghanistan was turned from a heaven of peace and advanced civilization into a house of horrors (my parents went there quite a bit in the 1970s: it was very safe, and secular… As I explained somewhere else, my friends of my father were mandated by governments in France and Afghanistan to find out about the considerable mineral riches of Afghanistan. That effort was not instigated by US plutocrats, so was intolerable…)

So let’s dig into Saudi Arabian potentates’ evil ways. But let’s not forget who pulled the strings to start with… Not just a geographical superpower, the US, but a mood animating the USA, and not just the USA, all of Western Civilization, which the Saudi princes have attempted to reproduce, namely using fascist power (generally found in the Qur’an, but also well beyond that), to instill a reign of terror.


Rushed hush ushers sheep best:

My original NYT comment was much shorter, of course. Yet, apparently the NYT disapproves of allusions to the fact the USA is who, ultimately, pulls the strings in the Middle East… and started the Afghan war, now the longest war of the USA, by a long shot. Actually, the alliance between the Saud family and the UK was signed in massive blood by the 1920s (and not just Ottoman blood, during WWI, see Lawrence of Arabia… which was fair, as the Ottomans occupied Arabia, but Arab blood, a more dubious situation…). US plutocrats and oilmen came around in the 1930s, to culminate in the Great Bitter Lake Conspiracy we enjoy to this (by “we” I mean that, although the conspiracy has been organized by the USA, Europeans countries profit from it, including France, as they run on Saudi oil…)

Conspiracies are managed best, when they are secret, or, at least discrete, and not a matter of public debate. This is why the NYT wanted its public not be exposed to my Chomsky-like revelations, this time again, as with many other times before that (especially as I am often better documented, and more balanced: I don’t just decry evil as the PC crowd does, bleating perfically, in fake outrage, except when their favorites: Clinton, Obamas, Bushes attacking Iraq, do it… Instead I try to understand evil ways, and see how justified or unavoidable they were…)

Absolute power corrupts. Everything. Not just those who directly profit from it. But also the very institutions which tolerate it, and the People who enjoy it.

Aristos: best. Kratia: power.

Want the best to govern? Want Aristocracy then? Well, the best form of government is total democracy, enabling total debate, and no straying into violations of human rights.

The light should shine on all as its name is truth. 

Patrice Ayme



Let’s ponder again:

Aristos: best. Kratia: power.

Want the best to govern? Want Aristocracy then? Well, the best form of government is total democracy, enabling total debate, and no straying into violations of human rights.

How to enact it? What went wrong with Athenian total democracy was the lack of democratic institutions enforcing no straying out of proper, full informed debate, and no institution enforcing human rights (ostracism was used willy-nilly in Athens, and the national assembly was often hysterical, not just mass murderous and idiotic…)

Now we do have democratic institutions (although not perfect… they are best in existence than not)…


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9 Responses to “There Is No Aristocracy But For Democracy. Meanwhile Plutocracy Is Just Evil Power. And Absolute Power of a Few, Intrinsically Evil.”

  1. benign Says:

    Nice etymologically-based analysis. It will take a miracle for direct democracy to overwhelm the historical trends. Here is Martin Armstrong on his blog today:

    “Everything is crumbling at the foundation. The Pension Crisis may be the straw that breaks the back of the entire system as it is bringing down states like Illinois. The first reaction will be to raise taxes and hunt anyone with money. As the worthless promises of decades by the Socialists crumble to dust and fall to the ground, we will be looking at the risk of losing ALL our rights and they blame everyone else and demand they be paid.

    In the case of Rome, their own armies began sacking Roman cities. There remains the risk that we will see this emerge on the other side of 2024.”

    The governments are fighting for their own survival (paychecks). Armstrong expects more complete censorship to come next. It will take a wholesale overturning (I am avoiding using an r-word) of the EU-USA governments, and some sort of jubilee and leveling of incomes, to avoid a Dark Age, methinks.

    Thanks for another stimulating post. I wish happier topics would arise!



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I don’t know this Martin Armstrong, I will try to check him out between two visits at the hospital…

      In the case of Rome, the Roman soldiers were treated very badly (said the Gracchi, thus starting around 150 BCE; both brothers served at extremely high level officers in the army).
      It is known that Octavian/Augustus surfed the wave of centurions’ discontent in his army (a centurion famously threatened the Senate, inside the Senate…)

      There is lots of censorship, I have seen it against me on a massive basis. After I got blocked all over by bankers (!!!!! Yes they control some important sites, I discovered in DIRECT exchanges in emails… I was asked to stop pointing out the financing of Hitler by bankers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the pseudo-left, by initial exponential growth in readership flattened out. I am radiated for life from “philosophy” site, for example by rapist Searle (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Search was tinkered with as early as it appeared. When Yahoo search decided to shut me down, I went from number one in some searches to total non-presence… When I told some pseudo-leftists of that, 15 or more, years ago, they told me I was paranoiac


  2. benign Says:

    N.B. Armstrong, who spent 7 years in prison on contempt when he would not give the CIA his code, bashes “Socialism” when he really means “the corrupted republican democratic system of government in which bought-and-paid-for politicians never adequately fund their spending promises, except to plutocrats.”


  3. G Max Says:

    Glad to have you back. I feared you fell off a mountain or something.
    Lots of goo ideas, but I think you overestimate the brains of the guys at the NYT. Like MBS, they are real idiots. They kill comments like MBS kills people.


  4. G Max Says:

    Against Athenian democracy people say people are too stupid for it. What say you?


  5. Gloucon X Says:

    We know that a plutocracy is really just a form of gangsterism created by stealing other people’s resources and labor. So when the US plutos travel abroad in search of wealth to steal, they find the most brutal, deranged, and superstitious local thugs who will steal the wealth and share it with them while terrorizing the locals into accepting as little as possible. They arm their newfound thug friends to the teeth and also do a little bombing of their own when needed. This is the US way of relating to the rest of the people on the planet. It is also the strategy at home, as American business interests have funded and encouraged the growth of the fundamentalist Christians who spread the most brutal, deranged, medieval, and superstitious attitudes. Fomenting mental and physical chaos creates an environment that allows plutocrats to steal the most. This also explains the lack of concern by plutos over the ongoing destruction of a stable climate. They struggle to hide their glee over the prospect of even greater chaos in the future. Pluto culture thrives on chaos and destruction.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. The best example has been the Congo/Kivu/Rwanda/Paul Kagame/Susan Rice/Apple Inc./high tech situation. The war there caused the death of 5 million, but the smart phones are, thankfully say the exploiters, cheaper…

      Creating a mess for mess’ sake is a valuable strategy, as long as the mess messes up perceived rivals. The best example is the US-Pakistan intervention in the secular affairs, more precisely the education of girls, of Afghanistan in the 1970s. That was just to mess up the Soviets and the French, Afghans be damned. …Using Muslim Fundamentalists. To mess up USSR and France. My father was a geologist there! Saw it! So did my mom!


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