Trump Derangement Syndrome: Popular Among Fake Progressives

If Trump is so incredibly bad, as we are told night and day by the plutocrat owned media, how come the other recent presidents committed mass murder? (Obama with his drone campaigns, Bush invading Afghanistan, Iraq; Clinton killing through drug boycott half a million Iraqi children, at least, over 8 years; OK, I will give a pass on Reagan and GW Bush, who didn’t kill that many that outrageously…

But then there is the case of Carter, the saint who started the Afghan war:  

Even Nixon, whom I, of course, detest, didn’t start the Vietnam War (but he started the EPA… and the despicable US health “care” system we have now, fabricating the HMO system with Nixon’s friend, the plutocrat Kaiser… Who then got plenty of money from Nixon for his HMO)

An abyss can present itself as a rise. (BTW, the Daily Kos, founded by a CIA operative, banned me, for life, more than a decade ago; so it’s fake progressive too, spending most its time barking up the wrong trees, to the delight of plutocrats…)

Ah, the Vietnam war… The US actually started it in 1945… by, counter-intuitively arming the Viet Minh Communist Party. That was a time when the USA was behind Stalin, giving him half of Europe. Initially, the 1945 US intervention in Vietnam was an anti-French maneuver, which degenerated over generations (as it was a bit self-contradictory… But now English has definitively supplanted French in Indochina, and the USA is Vietnam’s ally, against China, and France has been brought back to the fold, arming Australia… The world is complex…)

Overall, the USA, creating the “American Century” swung from war to war, helping dictator after dictator, in a succession of quick maneuvers to displace and replace European powers, worldwide. The US actually instigated and certainly sustained the fascist imperial ultra racist genocidal “Second German Empire” during the first three years of the First World War:

The US population which was less than Japan in living memory, is more than twice Japan now, thanks to enormous immigration. I saw California go from 17 million to more than 40 million now. Completely unsustainable, but sustained.

So Trump in all this? Not much. Trump doesn’t try to modify the US Constitution (he can’t) as May in the UK, or Macron in France, tried to, in the name of global plutocracy. Merkel, in Germany, organized a huge refugee flow (equivalent to 6 millions unattached Muslims coming to the USA… That would nearly triple the US Muslim population, and Merkel’s folly caused Brexit, as the Brits understood those Merkel Muslims were heading their way, for cause of English-speaking)

Certainly the situation in the USA doesn’t compare to that in the European Union presently. The attempted (ridiculous) Brexit and the insurrection in France are symptoms. There is real suffering in Europe, and the EU has been managed cruelly (much more than in the USA) in the last ten years. Obama ran huge deficits (up to 15% of GDP)… and Trump has an official deficit of 6%… That means the  US government creates money directly to sustain the people and the economy. Europe, with a block of deficits at 3%, doesn’t.

Trump’s main axis in economic thinking he had against Reagan already in the 1980s. At the time, Reagan was governing with the Democrats of O’Neil (who controlled Congress). Trump pointed out that nationalism should come before globalization, when it is a question of survival of We The People… If one employs slaves overseas, We The People at home can’t even be slaves…

So now we have Trump fighting the central bank (the Fed). The Fed argued that the unemployment rate (3% in the USA, 10% in France) was too low, and interest should be jacked up, to bring the unemployment rate back up. Trump was (rightly) furious, and intervened… US presidents aren’t supposed to second-guess the Fed, which is dominated by the biggest private banks (which lend mostly to the richest and most polluting). Anyway, Trump won that one, the Fed conceded that interest rates were nearly right. So the US economy will keep on growing at a rate four times faster than the EU… and that facilitate the US transition to renewable energy: California already achieves now what the big, most eco-correct European countries hope to achieve in 12 years…

And what of the climate? Trump used to believe in climate change. He still does, saying now “we will have a super climate”. It’s true that up north, ultimately, after the permafrost melts, warming will be for the best. This is a point of view nobody talks too loud about (until Trump!), but leaders are acting accordingly (Putin, Canada).

One has to look at what is done, not at what leaders say. Obama talked ecology, yet he was the great fracker, fracking away, changing the world that way: now the USA is number one, again, in producing fossil fuels. Thanks to Obama. So far, Trump anti-Obama policies are mostly very loud smoke and mirrors. The most important factor is fracking, Obama’s signature achievement. Trump is mostly using Obama’s fracking as a tool, say against OPEC. True, production will augment, because of new pipelines. But mostly the cats in those bags were released by Obama.

I used to be against fracking. Now I have changed my position, in light of new elements. Providing plenty of energy now can facilitate the switch to clean energy (basically what Obama said, and I used to disagree with). Trump is not the dictator on climate change: US states and cities have maximal leeway (and use it!) The US is definitively improving on CO2 emissions (went from 24% of world to 17%…)

If one wants progress, really, one should suggest progressive measures: financial transaction tax, “me too”, universal healthcare (“Medicare For All”), destroying outrageous monopolies (which were favored by Bush, Obama), etc. Insulting a guy who believed already 40 years ago that globalization shouldn’t destroy nations, is a red herring (and I am an anti-nationalist). This is why so many who have Trump Derangement Syndrome are actually conservatives in disguise (they often don’t like Sanders, and voted Goldman-Sachs-Clinton): talking Trump 24/7 enables them not to propose anything really progressive.

Patrice Ayme

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15 Responses to “Trump Derangement Syndrome: Popular Among Fake Progressives”

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    So if I understand you correctly you are in favour of President Trump. Not from his outbursts but from his actions.


    • Paul Handover Says:

      There’s a piece by Rebecca Solnit in today’s U.S. Guardian that well worth reading (it’s not complimentary) from which I take this small extract: “Who talks of how grotesquely he groveled before Vladimir Putin and denied his own intelligence agencies’ conclusions in the long-ago, far-away world of July 2018 when so much has happened since? Who remembers the abrupt firing of the FBI director James Comey in the ancient days of May 2017, when the abrupt firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions on 7 November is so fresh? The Washington Post’s running list of lies (up to 5,000 in September) and the New York Times catalogue of people, places, and things he’s insulted on Twitter (548 as of Monday) are helpful.”


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        The Wash Post is owned by one man, the richest in the world.
        The NYT is controlled by the same Pluto family since the 19C. By the way, they were not excited against Hitler, or Nazism, as they are against Trump.
        Once again, what counts are the big ideas.

        Trump’s present ideas comes from the 1980s. The NYT even ran a whole article about this. So talking about Putin grovelling is mistaken. Crimea was invaded under Obama, Georgia under Bush (who stopped Putin from taking all of Georgia by sending US troops discreetly…)

        TDS affects the simplistic, those who don’t want to think about Medicare For All, a financial transaction tax, etc… While posing as progressives… by just hurling insults…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      That was not the point of the essay. I am not in the favor of Trump. However, I point out that Trump Derangement Syndrome enables fake progressives to NOT propose any progress. Fortunately Pelosi (!) has understood the danger, and seems determined not to fall into TDS, but, instead, well, progress…


  2. Alexi Helligar Says:

    How ironic: Patrice is in love with the hideous, racist, sexist, corrupt, plutocrat-loving, and plutocratic Donald J. Trump. See how Patrice runs to Trumps defence. Such unbelievably bad judgement from an otherwise intelligent man. Makes me see how Martin Heidegger could have been seduced by Hitler and the Nazi Party.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Alexi:
      I don’t see where you saw “love”. I guess you and me have a different approach to “love”. I love my mom, that doesn’t mean I am blind. So far, Trump has not attacked Afghanistan (as Carter did) or droned to death plenty of weddings (Obama). Obama also did fracking (which Donald uses unabashedly).

      “Hideous, etc.” I am not interested by the personality of Trump. I knew extremely well people around Obama: they were/are common (Michelle herself said it about world leaders). I am sure it’s the same around Trump, and even worse. But that’s not what is interesting. What’s interesting is progress. I am sure Trump is rather common. Yet, I am not. Thus he is not my bf, and especially in my dreams. I don’t have a Trump fixation.

      Years ago you and me had a fight about Heidegger, you called me names because I called him a Nazi, and nothing much beyond that (Heidegger was not just “seduced”; he was an active Nazi, a promoter of Nazism, even a root thereof… Yet still sexed Hannah Arendt…) Also you don’t know I am a man, there you are speculating, as usual, in your personality frenzy. In your dreams I am probably a big strong man with a forked tail and sharp claws, anxious to bed Trump… Far from reality you are…

      Let me help you: instead of insulting Trump, or me, just pick up an idea you find wrong, quote it, and then one can debate. Insulting people is useful only when all other avenues have been exhausted. As it is, we don’t even know what you disagree about. Not even on one point. When I talk fracking, I don’t talk fucking, so criticizing Obama on fracking doesn’t mean I approve of Trump fucking… I have no idea on the latter… I myself have been called many things sexual in the past… By people who had no way to know. Yet, I am, de facto, rather a monk… Sort of.

      BTW, I am a registered Dem, and helped one, a woman, get elected in 2018… Not just my friend Obama in 2008…


    • G Max Says:

      Attack ad hominem, but not enlightening: OK, you hate Patrice, but what’s your problem exactly? We want to know what you object to in what she said, otherwise you sound just like a big bad bully hurling abuse at a woman, just bcs she doesn’t insult Trump. I think her point was that fake progressives practice Trump bashing instead of progressivism, I mean pushing for progressive laws


  3. SDM Says:

    You are so right when it comes to TDS. The “left” in the corporate media are all trump all the time in their so-called “resistance” while babbling on about Russia. Meanwhile, they GHWB for the TV funeral audience and get all nostalgic for “W” too. The TDS is so easy and profitable – the TV audience loves but if any truth dare be told -such as about Israel – Palestine recently then the contributor is gone for good. Sanders can barley get a mention even on the “liberal” networks. It’s all show biz and corporate propaganda for support of the establishment.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yeap the whole planet is now crying in sympathy with W crying for his dad. All so dignified…

      Alexi fell on me as Trump lover, just because I don’t have Trump Tourette syndrome. Then he was all gushing with praise about GHWB. I told him about Bush’s bait and switch with Saddam, he was all baffled… Before realizing I was right. Little essay on that coming imminently, before I address the question of France as a NON Democracy….

      One of the media worthies in NYC, an old friend, who skewered me in the past about my support of Sanders has since been fired by his “neoliberal” friends, as they discreetly reposition themselves in a more nationalistic posture… Several “friends” (I use to have) are wealthy “democrats” whose preferred activity is sitting on boards, often “charities” to yield power and network with each other… So go around the world in 5 star hotels, come back first class, to their fleet of electric cars. They hate the fact Trump makes the way their global world work all so transparent.

      Point is that the “liberals” are not democratic at all, in the fundamental sense. The French are starting to understand this, big time.


      • Alexi Says:

        Actually, Patrice you have grossly misrepresented our conversations. This is a troubling pattern. I am well aware of the venality and evil of the Bushes. Indeed, I am on record by saying that W. Bush and Cheney are far far worse than Trump — so far. I am also well aware of the shortcomings of the Clintons and the Obamas. I get a lot of flack from my progressive friends for my criticism of Obama and have been even called a traitor to my race as if that is even relevant.

        With regard to Trump, I am very critical of your terrible judgement. You richly deserve that criticism. I did not gush with praise for H.W. Bush, I just pointed out that he was a better president than Clinton or Reagan. I agree with you, that was not saying much. The USA has had terrible leadership for much of the last 70 years.

        With regard to H.W. Bush misadventures in Iraq (and let’s not forget Jimmy Carter’s misadventures in Iran and Afghanistan), I asked you about “bait and switch” because it was not clear what you were talking about. Once you clarified, I agreed, and had some of my own perspective to add in support.

        It is true that so-called progressives are quick to praise men who have committed past evils, but I am not one. Nor am I one to overlook the very very deep faults of Trump and give him any sort of praise or credit like you seem to do. He is terrible and nothing he can do or say will fix that. He is in power now. He does not need you to nod approvingly towards him. That you do the monkey nod shows terrible judgment. If I did not respect you so much, I would have been long ago given you the boot. I am pretty much through listening to idiots. Trump supporters and I are in different moral universes. Period.

        I urge you to turn your stiff-necked gaze from the old and tired past and look to what’s happening now, and to the future. Consider using your considerable rhetorical skills to support something positive like the agenda of the young Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.



        • Alexi Says:

          PS: The USA has had terrible leadership for much of its entire history!


        • Alexi Says:



        • Alexi Says:



        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          You miss the point about Trump. Watch what politicians do, not what they say. Insults go only that far. One needs precise points to make, demolish, and build on. Politicians are the Venus Traps of politics. There should be direct democracy, where issues are directly debated. Forget about celebrities “representing” the People.

          It’s interesting to debate the core of Trump’s thinking, anti-globalist as he is since the early 1980s.

          You naively believe Carter had a “misadventure” in Afghanistan. No. Things went according to plan… which was to demolish the USSR and, more importantly even, deny Russian and french influence there. The Senior Bush was also extremely successful in Iraq: look at Iraq now: a great mess, thus a perfect victory. The Iraq mess made US fracking, thus oil supremacy possible. Later point was implemented under Obama. Clinton squeezed Iraq, W Bush demolished it. Do you see the continuity?

          Alexandria wants MEDICARE FOR ALL… As far I as I know, I invented the term and concept… way back. So of course I am happy she was elected, and helped a similar lady on the West Coast.

          I am more interested to save MFA in France, where it exists, and is demolished by the likes of Macron aka Rothschild…

          Thanks for the tremendous respect, BTW… Deeply appreciated. Still baffled at what I am supposed to have given the “nod” with Trump that is not to like… I look fwd the Dems getting constructive, starting in January… That would be an interesting change. Of, BTW, I prefer that to a Rep Congress. And also 300 Alexandrias in Congress, and 53 Sanders in the Senate, would be fine with me…


  4. pshakkottai Says:

    “Obama ran huge deficits (up to 15% of GDP)… and Trump has an official deficit of 6%… That means the  US government creates money directly to sustain the people and the economy. Europe, with a block of deficits at 3%, doesn’t.” Of course, Patrice, you know deficits are a positive for the economy. See this comment by mythfighter, Roger Malcolm Mitchell.

    “ Wow, the deficit will be $1,085 trillion, and the economy is “as good as it’s ever been, ever.” What does that tell us about the deficit?

    The deficit (red line) has gone up and up, especially to cure recessions (vertical bars), while the economy (GDP) has grown and grown, too.
    What is the connection between federal deficit spending and the economy? Doofuses don’t realize that federal deficit spending adds growth dollars to the economy, which is why the government increases deficit spending to get us out of recessions.

    Federal deficit spending is stimulative.
    Doofuses also don’t know this formula:

    GDP = Federal Spending + Non-federal Spending + Net Exports.

    Federal deficit spending increases the first two of the three right-side terms of the equation.



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