Bush’s Bait and Switch In Iraq, Skewering Secular Iraq, Making US Frackers Profitable, In the Guise of Skewering Saddam

Celebrating War Criminal GW Bush In My Own Special Way:

This week US King G. W. Bush Senior, 94 years old, died. His father was a fellow traveller, and prominent enabler of the fascist regimes of the 1930s. His father managed the most important of Hitler’s war industries, and employed Auschwitz slave labor. His father relinquished formal control of Nazi industries in August 1942 (yes, the US and Hitler had been at war, declared by Hitler, for more than 6 months). Then GW Bush’s father was such a linchpin of US plutocracy, he was nominated US Senator, just to make him above any suspicion.

In striking contrast, the young George Bush got in the Navy well below age, became a pilot, was shot down, parachuted in the Pacific, was recovered by a US submarine. A hero.

But also a trickster. He headed the CIA forever and was part of the powers behind Reagan’s throne.

During all those years, the West’s man in the Middle East was Saddam Hussein. As Saddam would point out, baffled, before his execution:’We had good laws, like in the West. Why did they do that to us?’

You had good laws, Saddam? Right. True. That was exactly the problem. Those good, occidental, republican, secular laws made you potentially very hard to control… And made your oil honorable: surely one didn’t want it to flood world markets, killing US oil in the process?

Power, Saddam, power.

The MOST IMPORTANT REASONS TO INVADE IRAQ ARE NOT LISTED ABOVE. It was to show the world, in particular Europe and its pseudo-intellectuals and plutocrats, who was the boss, namely US plutocracy. Right, the list above was for the war of GW Bush (and the United Nations) against Saddam, not the 2003 invasion. But the fundamental reasons stayed the same. Another reason, not listed above, was to DESTROY SECULAR Iraq. Muslim Fundamentalism, a fundamentally plutocratic, theological ideology is a great justification for all exploiters and lovers of abusive war. And then the real reason of the oil men, the US frackers, was to keep Iraq out of production, so oil prices could be high enough.

Saddam got the bad idea to switch from US Dollars to Euros for oil payments. Horrendous: Thus Saddam was setting a currency precedent, an attack against king dollar, a chink in the US Dollar armor. An example had to be made. That was for the second, terminal attack against Iraq.

In the 1970s and especially 1980s, Saddam was the West’s enforcer, against Iran. What did that do? Keep oil world prices high enough, once again. Saddam was told to attack Muslim Fundamentalist Iran, so he did. When attacking Iranian tankers got too difficult for Iraqi competence, French pilots did it. Saddam got massive French, British, US, and even German support. Some was satellite imagery.

In the 1980s, top western government officials couldn’t have enough of Saddam, who bought so many nice, and very expensive weapons…


When Saddam was all puffed up, and ready to go, thinking he had achieved an Arab secular state, at last. Success yes: his goose was cooked.

Saddam Hussein was led to believe invading Kuwait would be tolerated, that was the bait set-up by the ex-CIA chief, Bush.

Saddam has reason to be upset: the Iraqis argued that sideways drilling from Kuwait, using advanced drilling techniques (now standard in fracking) was draining Iraqi oil fields. The more fundamental problem was clear for all to see by glancing at a map: Kuwait was made up to deprive Iraq of sea access… When Roman emperor Trajan got to his legions to the Gulf, he got to present day Kuwait (he unfortunately fell sick and died shortly after).

In any case, once Kuwait, a theocratic monarchy got invaded by the Iraqi Republic, Bush’s US screamed with high indignation, and the war was on, amplified by United Nations Security Council’s decisions. Now for some of the official mumbo-jumbo, one can consult:


… and read between the official lines… Inter-preting: the concept comes from going between what is in front. This is what thinking is about.

Patrice Ayme



Note: the preceding was started by the following exchange with Irade Alexi Helligar, December 3, 2018. Alexi:  “I have argued this point for many years:


“The Overlooked President: We should thank George H.W. Bush for many of the successes attributed to Reagan and Clinton. George H.W. Bush Was a Better President Than Reagan or Clinton. He did right by the country at political cost to himself. What modern presidents can say the same?”

I replied: Not saying much, though…

Irade Alexi Helligar answered: Patrice Ayme, Yes, it goes to show how bad US leadership has been over the past few decades. Let’s not forget, George H.W. Bush gave us Clarence Thomas.

Patrice Ayme: Saddam Hussein was led to believe invading Kuwait would be tolerated, Sideways drilling was an issue, also the fact Kuwait was made up to deprive Iraq of sea access… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_Glaspie

Irade Alexi Helligar: Ah yes, quite true.




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12 Responses to “Bush’s Bait and Switch In Iraq, Skewering Secular Iraq, Making US Frackers Profitable, In the Guise of Skewering Saddam”

  1. Alexi Says:

    Thank you for expanding on this, Patrice!


  2. Alexi Says:

    Remember that H.W. Bush’s “bait and switch” in Iraq eventually led to the installment of US troops in Saudi Arabia. This and sanctions against Iraq, were two primary reasons for Osama bin Ladin attacking the US World Trade Center first under Clinton and then under W. Bush. What H.W. Bush got from the Saudi’s in exchange for US troops in the “holy lands” was lower oil prices, which — more than anything else — fueled the much lauded Clinton economic boom. No need for conspiracy theories when everything was done in the full view of the public, and with public support.



    • EugenR Says:

      Alexi, can i ask you from where comes your naivety? Islam is a mobilised military religion. Murdering all the non Muslim males, and enslaving thier women to bear the next generation, as Muslim children is part of their military strategy. ISIS and Booko Charam just followed instructions, when they acted accordingly. Strategy of the Islam is to conquer the whole world, and enslave it to their concept of despotizm. From time to time they can accept temporary ceasefire, but strategically their religious duty is to conquer the whole world. September 11 attack was an aggressive strategy, to bring to kneel the West. In their primitive understanding of the world, full of conspiracy theories, and distorted thoughts, they thought, the whole western world is realy managed from the top floor of the Tweens. Their twisted mind, used to hierarchical despotism of masters and slaves, couldn’t imagine even, that the Western world has no centre, and it will continue to function, whatever centrally aimed blow it will be hit by. And you believe in fairy tales, what bothered them are few American soldiers in Saudi soil.
      If you will check, in Afghanistan, the Muslim uprising against the Russians didn’t started because of the evils of Communist leaders, but because they tried to introduce education for girls, and God forbid even make classes with mixed genders. To prevent it they started a war with millions of murdered, unfunctioning state, and other millions of refugees. Any kind of westernized rational related to the Muslim worlds intentions, is nothing more than self deception and wishful thinking.


      • EugenR Says:

        A small addition. As i see the Muslim world, will have to drive itself and its surroundings either to secularism, as it happened to Europe, or to total annihilation. Islam in its today’s form, didn’t even start to cope with the most urgent problems of the human civilisation, the problem of modern education to the masses, self restrain of population growth and destruction of environment.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Dear Eugen:
        As I pointed out, “French Theory” and thus, all ruling philosophy was designed to destroy civilization, focusing on France. So if France fought Islam, Islam is good, etc. Better: Islam is a race, those destroyers claim, and being anti-Islam is being a racist, etc.
        Unfortunately, the entire “left” has been contaminated that way, making it an objective accomplice of global plutocracy!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, I agree…
      Best conspiracies are in full sight, as Gmax said I said….


  3. G Max Says:

    Obama expressed his admiration for Reagan many times. Reagan is cool for the DINO. That’s the problem just there. Bush was VP with Reagan and minding the house.


  4. EugenR Says:

    As to my perspective, G.Bush senior was the last US President, who was capable to lead US and the world. How ironic that he was not elected to the second term.


  5. Gloucon X Says:

    So in summary, everyone, and especially every American, who died on 9-11 or in the Mideast wars and up to the present moment, can trace their deaths to a stupid or venal decision approved by every president since Carter. And Chomsky says the anti-secular strategy goes back at least as far as opposition to Egypt’s Nasser (1956) and his pan-Arab unity movement.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It actually arose in the 1920s, when the Brits made an alliance with Abdulaziz Ibn Saud… The latter used the Brits to get rid of his own Fundamentalists, in an ambush which killed 20,000+… By the 1930s, US oil capitalists were on board, and outmaneuvered the Brits. Initially, the USA helped Ho Chi minh, Mao, and Nasser & Al…. and even Khomeini against Mossadegh (I wrote about all this in detail) All bait and switch…

      Bait and switch: that’s how one catches fish….


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