Islamophiliac Lethal Irony


Two Scandinavian women went camping at the foot of the Atlas’ mountain highest peak, a tourist hotspot. Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, were found with ‘evidence of violence on their necks’ near the village of Imlil in Morocco’s High Atlas mountains. Three Islamists found and agressed them, stripping and stabbing them. Later, in spite of shrieks to high heavens, one of them had her head cut off while that was immortalized by a video. Men in the gruesome clip can be heard shouting ‘it’s Allah’s will’.

The footage of that beheading was available on the Internet (I saw it). However the (intellectually) fascist French government had the footage removed all over the Internet, worldwide, on the ground it was “ISIS propaganda”. The idiots in the French oligarchic republic don’t have enough wisdom and culture to realize that, had footage of what the Nazis were doing to the Jews, come out for all to see, the Holocaust of the Jews would have stopped (because average Germans would not have supported their Nazi government anymore).

Naive Norwegian Maren, Inch Allah, soon to be culturally guided into two disconnected pieces… Islamists cut through necks so slowly, with their little knives, one surely need hefty “cultural guidance” to appreciate that fact better. Fortunately, her university’s Islamophiles had provided her with that necesary “cultural guidance”…

Or maybe the dictating French oligarchs are anxious not to give too bad a name to ISIS? Sure looks like it! So they would be propping Islamist terrorism, while claiming they fight it? Strange? Not at all! This is Machiavellianism 101! So those dictating oligarchs don’t want to show how terrible the Islamists are? Why would they do such a thing, those sneaky bastards? Think. French weapons are used, massively in Yemen to kill the population, and the people manning the weapons, goons of MBS, can be viewed as… Islamists. As I have long said, Islamism is big business, in the West, for the really big people….

In any case, the Scandinavian women had fully incorporated the beauty of Islam misogyny… to the point they got disconnected from reality, altered topologically. One of them, Maren Ueland, three years ago, on January 10, 2015, posted a pro-Islamist video, shot in France, where French police is represented catching a well dressed French thief, whereas the bearded apparent Islamist saves the day

Such a video shames people who oppose the Muslim Fundamentalist influx into Europe:

Here is the video:


Jespersen and Ueland no doubt also learned that Islam is a religion of peace, and that only racist, bigoted “Islamophobes” think otherwise. So why should they have had any reason to be concerned about hiking in a Muslim country such as Morocco?

I am not anti-Islam anymore than I am anti-Christian. When Islamism and Christianism are restricted to the human, positive, loving common core elements, I tolerate them. But only then. Actually, I am rather FOR them, but only in their secularized version, superstition removed, or then with superstition just tongue in cheek (a bit like with “Santa”…).

The two idiotic, foolhardy ladies were students of “outdoor activities and cultural guidance” at the University of Southeastern Norway.

They could realize, in their final instants, that the cultural guidance they were given shortened significantly their lifespan and bodies. One could call it deeply erroneous. As deep as the cuts through their shrieking necks.

Once again, the problem is not “Islam”… because there are more than 100 variants of Islam. The problem is the sort of Islam Obama and his ilk embrace, petro-Islam, Islam Fundamentalism, Wahhabist style, as found in Saudi Arabia.  The sort of Islam Umar and Abu Bakr, the founding caliphs of Islam, used to conquer the world, in a couple of years… That sort of Islam, 5 centuries before Wahhab, was punished by the death penalty in… Egypt (Saladin was smart). Not anymore, though….

Patrice Ayme



Obvious note: I didn’t post a link to the beheading video. If I had, that would have given to the French Macron monarchy an excuse to call me a terrorist, and even an Islamist (I have been the object of even weirder aggressions before…) And more of their little electronic goons, the so-called social networks, would have put me on their censorship lists (I am on several of them already).

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15 Responses to “Islamophiliac Lethal Irony”

  1. G Max Says:

    I saw and listened to the video. Everybody should. Islam, cut throat religion. Those who admire Islam should listen to the girl gurgling with her throat cut open


  2. Gloucon X Says:

    “The problem is the sort of Islam Obama and his ilk embrace, petro-Islam, Islam Fundamentalism, Wahhabist style, as found in Saudi Arabia.” Why single out Obama and not more recent ilk?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, OK, thanks. You are right. (I am still fuming about Obama;s Cairo speech….) I will correct that. I wrote the essay in 30 minutes, rushed through…. Added pic of the victim Maren afterwards… Rushed job, so now some are saying I am not anti-Islam enough, as if I didn’t have a right to take a vacation from strident anti-superstition criticism (hahaha)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      However the “sword dance” is more nutty Saudism than Islam…. As far as I know…. I tolerate, and even appreciate “cultural” quirks, as long as they aren’t taken seriously… they enable me to illustrate human nuttiness…


  3. indravaruna Says:

    You contradict yourself all the time, must be hard to write essays mixing atheism, anti-capitalism, pro-warmongering, Zionism, European imperialism in one thing.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The inability to follow long logical chains is a pandemic. Now of course, in a 1,000 words essay, most logical chains are hidden, so one can describe what emerges as contradictions. It requires some goodwill, some memory, to feel otherwise.

      When I said I was not anti-Islamic, besides being slightly tongue in cheek, I moderated it by expressing my anti-Wahhabist, anti-Salafist position. As this is the core of what’s viewed as traditional Islam, by all too many fake thinkers, some can say I am anti-Islamic, so I contradict myself… If one ignores all the forms of Islam I knew as a child (the heads of which Salafists are anxious to cut)..


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      War has its uses, which even the heart can’t see…

      But yes, it’s hard not to contradict oneself… Although, come to think of it, the human mind is full of contradictions… Contradicting contradiction is itself a contradiction. Logic is local, god global, and that’s why we don’t believe in Her….


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      How truth is established, through social networks, human or not, doesn’t mean there is no truth. It just means truth is hard to achieve, incredibly complex to get to, and apparent contradictions have to be explained…


  4. Richard Banderis Says:

    Why arn’t you anti Islamic?

    All Muslims believe that Mohamed received his revelation from an angel.He had many such encounters with this angle.

    These revelations were collected in a book called the Quran.

    The Quran is considered by Muslims to be the direct word of God, and true.

    The Quran is a very wide ranging book covering such diverse fields as diet, fashion, hygiene, and even cosmology.

    More specifically it gives instructions on how slaves are to be treated, wives are to be beaten, and there is the repeated instruction about those who do not prey, ‘wherever you find them, kill them’.

    The Quran also asserts that Mohamed is an exemplar.

    According to Muslim sources Mohamed’s first significant act in his ministry was to attack a caravan killing all the men and stealing their property. That property included the women and children.

    Mohamed continued in a similar fashion for the rest of his life and his disciples have followed his example, where possible ever since.

    A note on ‘Islamophobia’. There is no such thing. The suffix phobia is indicative of an irrational fear, loathing, or hatred. What is irrational about fearing a cult that has a thief, murderer, and slaver as an exemplar?

    The belief that the Quran is the direct word of God, and true stops any possibility of reform and there will always Muslims who eschew any interpretation, and simply take the words of the Quran at face value.

    Perhaps the best way to view Islam is that of a disease , most Muslims do not develop it, but all Muslims carry it.

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Richard, and welcome! Your comments should now be published instantaneously. I am pretty aware of the drawbacks of the Qur’an. Consider this:
      That essay is a decade old…

      What I was alluding to, developed in other essays of mine, is that there are forms of what is described as “Islam” where even the Qur’an is not the most important document, nor Muhammad the foremost prophet… This is especially true among forms of “SUFI” Islam (there are many). I grew up in the West African forms of Sufi Islam: women showed not just their faces, but their chests, all the way to below the navel… That sort of Islam is OK with me…


      • Richard Banderis Says:

        Dear Patrice, Thank you for your unexpectedly speedy response, The adherents to the version of Islam illustrated by your decade old essay would regard the version of Islam depicted in your note to me, as heresy. I might say more at some future time but I’ve other fish to fry.
        I first came across your blog while researching proofs of the light speed limit for communication.
        So as you seem to have an interest in this matter consider the following.

        All proofs that purport to prove the impossibility of superluminol communication, algebraic or graphical depend on the signal having a velocity, i.e. they have straight line trajectories (in a Minkowski diagram), a property that no observed entity in the space-time continuum shares. We do not speak about the velocity of light, but about its speed, with good reason, because under the influence of matter and energy it bends, so while its speed remains constant its velocity doesn’t.
        Lets look at one of these proofs.
        Using a Minkowski diagram the timelines of two bodies are drawn with their timelines approaching. One of the bodies, we’ll call the Originator sends out a signal having an infinite velocity, so being infinite, it leaves the originators timeline orthogonaly and heads off to the other body which I’ll call the Reflector, in a straight line. The signal is then detected by the Reflector which then immediately sends off a similar signal i.e. of infinite velocity again orthogonal and in a straight line to the Originator’s timeline. Because the Reflector’s timeline is at angle to that of the Originator the Reflector’s signal hits the timeline of the Originator before the Originator has sent its signal, thus violating causality and therefore impossible.
        Next we start off as before and still using straight lines for the propagation, but instead of the Originator’s signal going directly to the Reflector it is intercepted by a third body who’s timeline lies somewhere between the Originator and the Reflector, we’ll call this body the Relay. The Relay then transmits a signal on to the Reflector which in turn sends a signal back, this time to the Relay which then sends a signal back to the Originator. It still cuts the Originator’s timeline before the signal was sent, but by not as much. OK lets add another couple of relays and the discrepancy is reduced once more. I’m sure you see where I’m going with this, a signal, even one having infinite speed will travel on a curve orthogonal to space time curvature and that that curve will be the same going out and coming back so avoiding causation violation and obviating the need for the non communication theorem in quantum mechanics.
        Now you might argue that this is only one interpretation, true but in this interpretation the signal’s direction bends as it travels, as does everything else in the space time continuum. In the first case the signal’s direction stays invariant unlike anything else.

        I am aware that there some other consequences to my interpretation.

        I’d very much like to know your opinion on this matter.

        Richard Janis Banderis

        PS If you’re interested, I’ll deal with Copenhagen in due course


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Richard: we are far from Islam here… My decade old essay is made mostly from extracts of the Qur’an, so can’t be viewed as heresy. Anyway long subject, the same problem arose in Christianism: are the original texts metaphorical or not, can we exclude them by contextualizing them, etc? Depending upon time and place, Catholicism and Islamism went one way or the opposite other, over the centuries.

          For secularists, the only solution is to defang them as the Franks did over all of Europe for 500 years…

          Now for the impossibility of greater than lightspeed, it’s a complex subject, not as simple as many have it. First in General Relativity, lightspeed varies globally… More important, even if the speed of light in space is locally c, by definition, the speed of space itself is unspecified… Except in LCDM Big Bang cosmology, were it is at least 10^23 c during cosmic inflation… To confess, I had no time to read the details of your argument at this moment…. but I have written somewhat similar arguments demolishing the time travel objection to FTL…

          As you hint, Quantum seems to have FTL, although it doesn’t carry information… the way we know Quantum now. I have my own theory of Sub Quantum SQPR, which may allow FLT communications… I am tired with pneumonia right now, so it’s hard to go back to physics… I have written quite a bit on the subject, and I even have at least one argument on mass-energy increase which is all mine, and it’s very intuitive…


  5. NDC Says:

    I would say the Sufis maybe older than the Franks
    Get well soon


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks. You are funny Nathan. You didn’t answer my need to go public in intellectual exchanges. For example others may think, as you do, Sufis older than Franks. The exact origin of Sufism is disputed. Some sources state that Sufism is the inner dimensions of the teachings of Muhammad whereas others say that Sufism emerged during the Islamic Golden Age from about the 8th to 10th centuries. However Islamic scholars predating the Islamic Golden Age were referred to as Sufis, like Hasan of Basra. According to Ibn Khaldun Sufism was already practiced by the Sahaba, but with the spread of material tendencies, the term Sufi was just applied to those who emphasize the spiritual practice of Islam. In any case the Frankish Confederation was created three to seven centuries earlier… than Sufism…

      The word and concept of “Sufism” is from British Orientalists, BTW, and doesn’t reflect reality. For example Senegalese Sufism was full south of Britain and has not much in common with Middle East Sufism, except tolerance….


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