Space Law

Space Colonization: Unavoidable and the Solution to the Main Ills…
Man is the colonizing animal. Man, the genus Homo, evolved because of colonization. That’s why we evolved our long arms carrying tools or weapons, and our bipedal posture. Only thus could we survive in the savannah.

Colonization made us: we all descend from colonizers genetically and mentally, and culturally. Wherever one looks on this planet, a piece of the history of colonization is found, from Tasmania, to Thule, from Patagonia, to Kamchatka, and all over Africa.

The Earth can’t sustainably support the present human population, with the present technology. So two things have to occur: expanding our Lebensraum, our vital space, or improve our technology. Space colonization does both.

On the question of law, it will evolve as needed. It already exists, in embryonic fashion.

No less than nine US companies are involved in human space explorations, collaborating with NASA. The Trump administration, sensibly, has decided to focus on the Moon, and NASA is suddenly scrambling for heavy duty lunar landers, in cooperation with the said nine companies (latest developments, 2019). SpaceX is preparing a giant steel spaceship which will sweat during re-entry, to cool itself, which is really cool, as our friend the verbally challenged would say… The official idea of SpaceX is to go to Mars, but round trips to the Moon are more likely (be it only because radiation and low gravity will be too much going to Mars the slow way…)

This is all, not just very proud, but very good…
It’s not just playing with toys, not just fun, or giving hope. Not just Plutos on a rampage, getting their yayas out. And space is certainly not a pathetic distraction. That’s where we live, savannah revealed in its  righteous immensity.

Because it brings… space, & tech, as needed, space colonization is the only way to seriously mitigate the present war against the planet, hence how to make politics more sustainable, and avoid a general thermonuclear conflagration.
Patrice Ayme


One of the more notable recent events was the launching of a non-government rocket by a company run by Elon Musk to the International Space Station. Apparently Boeing is going to do something similar in the not too distant future. In some ways this is exciting, because one way or another, human ventures into space will increase markedly. I recall in 1969 sitting in front of a TV one morning (I was in Australia) getting direct feed from Parkes to see the first Moon landing in real time. (OK, there was a slight delay due to the speed of light, and probably more due to feed looping, but you know what I mean.) There was real tension because while everyone was reasonably confident that NASA had selected a good site, it was always possible the ground was not as solid as it might appear and it only needed for the…

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