Islamic Pakistan Declares Our Work “Extremely Blasphemous… Electronic Crime”. WordPress Censors It.

A Pakistan authority has demanded that we disable the following content on your site:

Unfortunately, we must comply to keep accessible for everyone in the region…

Muhammad explicitly said that the Islam ideology gave the mental framework to attack the Greco-Roman and Zoroastrian civilizations, and that, for the first time in 1,000 years, it was the precise military moment to do this. On both counts, Muhammad was perfectly right. And history proved it, as islam collapsed, through astounding military victories, both the Zoroastrian Sassanid empire, and the (Greco-)Roman empire. Now the god crazed ones have nukes…

So notice how a rabidly religious bully (the Pakistani authority) forces an entire publishing organization (WordPress) to submit to censorship, under the threat to outlaw it, altogether.


Let me repeat slowly and amplify:

I have wasted lots of time reading carefully fundamental Islamic texts. One interest is to find out how crazy people can get, and the reasons which prop them to become so. So Jihadists and other Islam fundamental hysterics are of general interest to probe the human soul.

Islam, from the start, was a war religion. War is intrinsic to Islam, and the reason of its instantaneous, stupendous success. Islam arrived in Pakistan many centuries (at least 4 or 5!) after Christianism. Christianism arrived peacefully (however painful it may be for me to admit this, it’s a fact… in this particular case). Islam arrived in Pakistan in a few decades, at the point of swords. Immediately, the Islamists made the Pakistani aliens in their own land (they had to wear special clothing, pay a special tax, and would be killed if they show disrespect to the Muslim invaders, or engage physically with their enslaved females…)

Killing Christians for “Blasphemy” became routine in Muslim occupied Pakistan.

Muhammad explicitly said that the Islam ideology gave the mental framework to attack the Greco-Roman and Zoroastrian civilizations, and that, for the first time in 1,000 years, it was the precise military moment to do this. Then Muhammad headed a large army into the Roman empire: Muhammad, a man of his word, and his sword. On both counts, Muhammad was perfectly right. And history proved it, as Islam collapsed, through astounding military victories, both the Zoroastrian Sassanid empire, and the (Greco-)Roman empire… in a few years.

Of course world civilization cannot afford hysterical lunatics really believing in attacking civilization being armed with hundreds of thermonuclear weapons, as present Islamic Pakistan is. Thus, Pakistan is a bigger problem than North Korea (with which it collaborated in making weapons to fight civilization). Potential nuclear war by enraged Jihadists is a concern for the whole planet, as a threat, and a prospect. Whereas the UN engaged in well deserved boycotts against anti-human rights regimes such as Rhodesia and South Africa, resulting in changes, it has done little about rogue states with nukes (except South Africa, which agreed to dismantle its nukes). This playing with fire. No state clearly violating human rights should be authorized to have nuclear weapons…

Now for the official complaint of the Jihadists in power in Pakistan against our work:


Begin complaint —

Dear WordPress Team,

I am writing on behalf of Web Analysis Team of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) which has been designated for taking appropriate measures for regulating Internet Content in line with the prevailing laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In lieu of above it is highlighted that few of the web pages hosted on your platform are extremely Blasphemous and are hurting the sentiments of many Muslims around Pakistan. The same has also been declared blasphemous under Pakistan Penal Code section 295- B and is in clear violation of Section 37 of Prevention of Electronic Crime Act (PECA) 2016 and Section 19 of Constitution of Pakistan.

Keeping above in view, It is requested to please support in removing following URL’s from your platform at earliest please.

The below mentioned websites can be found on following URL’s:-



You are requested to contribute towards maintaining peace and harmony in the world by discontinuation of hosting of these websites for viewership in Pakistan with immediate effect. We will be happy to entertain any query if deemed necessary and looking forward for your favorable response at your earliest.


Web Analysis Team

+92 51 9214396

— End complaint —

8 Responses to “Islamic Pakistan Declares Our Work “Extremely Blasphemous… Electronic Crime”. WordPress Censors It.”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Should be against the law for western corporations to obey laws violating human rights. So WordPress shouldn’t censor you


  2. Jo Liana King Says:

    Yikes! Cyber espionage?


  3. Kevin Berger Says:

    Kevin Berger “Islamofascisme”, c’est comme “islamonazisme”, c’est une notion réelle et importante qui a été complètement torpillée, puis rendue toxique et inutilisables par ces cons de neocons. Ou comment rendre invisible toute une filiation idéologique et historique directe et encore d’actualité (le parti baas demeuré finalement au pouvoir en Syrie est bien un parti nazi, au vrai sens du terme, avec salut type HH et tout, comme le hezbollah, le fatah,…), parce que l’on est une bande de cons qui ne croient à rien sauf leurs crimes et magouilles (pour les chefs) ou qui vont juste à la gamelle, dans un système cynique et pourri jusqu’à l’os (tous les “pundits” US, par exemple).

    Islam organisé militant (et conquérant) = un des pseudopodes de cette “mafia” financière anglo qui a utilisé et utilise tour à tour communisme, fascisme, juiverie (désolé pour le terme, mais je préfère ça à un “juifs” qui serait trop englobant), islam militant,… comme “proxy”, ennemi, excuse, cache-sexe, bouc émissaire,… pour son “diviser pour régner” impérial.

    Au passage :…/58727.The_Secret_War.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Neocons are not dumb. They just look dumb to those they exploit, and that’s part of their plot.
      As I have explained in “Great Bitter Lake Conspiracy”, the oil and Wall Street/Finance plutocrats allied with each other and the Arab plutocrats/Saudi royalty/Emirates to make an infernal machine justified by Wahhabism.
      It led to acts like the mentality behind Jihadism and the massacre in New Zealand


  4. Kevin Berger Says:

    Kevin Berger: Bah, il faut vivre avec son temps. En France, 2018, “guerre civile” entre la gauche mettons “sociale”, et la gauche “identitaire” (toutes les obsessions du genre, de couleurs de peau,…) : victoire par ko des “identitaires; en France, 2018, également “guerre civile” entre la gauche “laïque” et la gauche “communautariste” : victoire par ko des “communautaristes”.

    Que la “gauche” soit complètement à la remorque et dans la singerie des pathologies anglos, ce n’est ni nouveau (cela fait depuis l’époque du communisme qu’une partie au moins est fascinée par un modèle étranger et hostile, et à son service surtout, toujours au détriment de la société française), ni inédit. Après tout, une des caractéristiques des “classes intermédiaires” françaises, des petits clercs, des petits bourgeois urbains, des baveux, des bavards, des “intellectuels”,… c’est bien de courir désespérément après des marottes, des manies étrangères, qui servent en général assez bien leurs petits égoïsmes en plus… tout pour ne pas être français, ce peuple de plouc arriérés, qui ne sont rien comparés au phare allemand, anglais, ouèsse,…

    Et vive l’écriture inclusive ! Vive le souping ! Vive la course aux “accommodements raisonnables” avec l’islam, comme disaient je crois nos cousins québecois ! Vive la course à la victimisation ! L’indignation sélective ! Le mépris de classe et le paternalisme déguisés en “antiracisme” ! Etc, etc, tout ça, ça ne coûte rien et ça rapporte gros au fond (type remarque public de Macron sur le voile suivi immédiatement d’un chantage victorieux au “scandale” sur un cv recalé, gagnant-gagnant électoraliste et communautariste donc), sans jamais remettre en cause la seule cause importante – le fromage des la “république” et son partage.


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