Brexit Criminals Manipulate Minds With Fake Grassroot Campaigns Propelled By Plutocratic Money

Brexit is an instrument of global plutocracy to weaken progress, democracy, and the fight against the world oligarchy. So far it has functioned really well, causing a massive mess. The proofs of this keeps on piling up. Here is the latest, a week before the expiration of the ill-advised ultimatum of the EU to the UK.

It’s already known that the Official Leave/Brexit campaign broke electoral laws. Now they aren’t done yet…

The British Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will use its legal powers to obtain information from Facebook about the involvement of creative plutocratic henchman Sir Lynton Crosby in running a secretive network of advertising campaigns on the social network to push for a no-deal Brexit.

The ICO will look at how any data is being handled, potentially including email addresses collected while encouraging people to email their MP.

All lies, all propaganda: the populace is getting its orders, and even its minds and hearts from plutocracy. There are countless ads like these… Many with black and other colored begging for Brexit… BBC is full of them…

The Guardian revealed on Tuesday how a series of apparently grassroots advertising campaigns for a no-deal Brexit are secretly overseen by employees of the Australian Tory election guru’s lobbying company. Just as Murdoch, the Australian Lynton Crosby conspired to become a British citizen. Heavily influence British right-wing politics with dirty tactics, and even to be ennobled.

Crosby helped Boris Johnson, ex-mayor of London, co-chair of the Leave campaign, with what Johnson called “dead cats”. Mr. Johnson explained: when losing an argument because the facts are against you, you do the equivalent of “throwing a dead cat on the table“: bring up an issue you want to talk about that draws widespread attention from the stupid populace, forcing opponents to also talk about the dead cat issue instead of the previous issue.

Crosby used his new dirty tactics serving fossil fuels and tobacco (Philip Morris).

Said the ICO: “We are aware of these, and other similar concerns, and have included them as part of our ongoing investigation into the use of personal data for political purposes. We have used our statutory powers to require the social media platforms and campaign groups involved to provide information to our investigators. This will allow us to identify if there has been any misuse of personal data. Our work is ongoing. As we have set out before, the use of personal information for political campaigning purposes must comply with data protection law and, as we have shown, we will take all necessary action to protect UK citizens and uphold the law.

Global Plutocratic Pyramid… Maybe Not Exactly This, But Something Like That

Damian Collins, the Conservative MP who this week confirmed the launch of a permanent House of Commons sub-committee on disinformation, said he would be discussing the Crosby-linked Facebook advertising campaigns with the UK information commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, at a hearing later this month. “We want to understand who is paying for these campaigns, what data they are using to target people on social media, where that data came from and also what they plan to do with the data they are collecting,” he said.

Labour has called for Crosby to appear in front of parliament. “Third-party campaign networks are operating together in the shadows to influence our democracy,” said the shadow culture secretary, Tom Watson. “The citizens targeted by their advertising campaigns have no way of knowing who these groups really are and who is funding them. It’s not right.

I Black, So I truth. More of the Brexit Pluto Propaganda…

In further exploration of the Australian lobbyists’ malfeasance, Facebook is also investigating whether the activities of Crosby’s employees meet the definition of “coordinated inauthentic behaviour”, a term that has been used by the social networking company to justify the removal of Russian and Iranian disinformation campaigns from their site.

Facebook defines coordinated inauthentic behaviour as when “groups of pages or people work together to mislead others about who they are or what they’re doing”, a definition that appears to apply to the activities of Mainstream Network and Britain’s Future, which are pro-Brexit groups having spent millions of dollars in their pro-Brexit campaign.

Coordinated inauthentic behaviour also occur with philosophical authorities who want only one type of thinking, the Pluto-Plato type, and its ancient platitudes, and lies, to rule over men, sheeple, and beasts.(One such lies being who really generated the big ideas, here women, Aspasia, Diotima…)  

“When we take down one of these networks it’s because of their deceptive behaviour, it’s not because of the content they’re sharing,” said Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy, in a video posted last year.

Mastering people is mastering their minds. No need for whips with sheep, showing the way is enough. All the way to the slaughterhouse. In the Later Roman Empire, Neo-Platonism came to dominate, as it was fully compatible with increasing fascism. When that was found to still be too rational, and plutocrats still had to pay some taxes, Roman Catholicism was rolled out by Constantine, reinforced by his sons, and made maximally lethal by emperors Gratian and Theodosius I (all this in 60 years; the Occidental empire collapsed). 

Immediately after Theodosius and his goons invented the concept of “heresy” (not believing in Jesus as described by the emperor), and making it punishable by death after atrocious suffering (like very slow burning), “Men In Black” went all over, destroying all books promoting rationality.

Those who manipulate minds with the grossest disinformation, and their paymasters, influencing votes, should be imprisoned for a very long time…

Establishing truth is the core of the democratic process, both its fruit and its engine.

Macron, president of France, has declared Brexit to be a pack of lies, which it is. The conclusion is to re-establish the truth, and thus to absolutely avoid Brexit. The European Union should bend over backwards to make it so. But,drugged on outrageous lies, factual, emotional, logical lies, the British need more time to change their minds. The EU has to provide it.

Patrice Ayme


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11 Responses to “Brexit Criminals Manipulate Minds With Fake Grassroot Campaigns Propelled By Plutocratic Money”

  1. Dwight Gilbert Jones Says:

    ‏Napoleon commented that “Men are like sheep, and have to be driven to the pasture.”
    The City crooks and HoL want one more chance to be outside EU vigilance.


  2. indravaruna Says:

    Do you really think that the Anglo-American Zionist high finance world would submit to the French and Germans? If the EU wants to be a superpower needs to kick the UK out and get rid of NATO, create its own military and foreign policy.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Kicking the Brits out is Waterloo’s revenge.
      So, of course, France is tempted. It looks so simple.
      But I advised against it. As I explained in the essay linked below, in a multi-millennial perspective.
      However, I may be wrong.
      What is sure, is that France has her finger on the trigger.
      Should be an interesting week…
      I may also be wrong about the parliament thing.

      If I were Macron, I won’t know what to do. I guess, it depends how they talk to me… 😉

      BTW, I know some in high finance, and they are Muslim… Not exactly Zionists…. I was going to roll Jamie Dimon as non-Jewish, whatever that meant, but turns out his grandparents were Greek Jewish migrants… The adopted the name Dimon, to sound French, conveniently located next to Demon…


  3. SDM Says:

    What do you say to those who have raised the issue that the EU has resulted in harm to British workers who have been put into competition against the lower wages of eastern European workers with the result being British job losses and/or reduced wages? If that is true, it is understandable that the working class would support leaving the EU for that reason alone, all else being equal otherwise.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I would say that the UK working class was duped by UK plutocracy: it is the British overlords who insisted to incorporate Eastern Europe too fast, and without provisions. The UK pushed to death for it. France was more than skeptical… But there were France’s historical allies of before Charlemagne’s times, all the way to the Versailles Treaty of 1919, which freed them. France couldn’t say no… France and her German Doberman had some safeties in pace, thanks to national identification and other Pluto control laws that UK didn’t have.
      So immigration to UK boomed, and so did UK economy.

      However, not UK workers have been duped again. Eastern Europe workers are more expensive, a non-EU UK would switch to non-EU workers… Oh, BTW, it happened all along: another way UK workers have been duped is that most immigration to the UK is NON EU… So to accuse the EU is duping English workers again.

      Truth is the British have been rendered stupid by the Pluto media. Most views they hold about the EU are senseless. So they voted stupidly. They like to pretend the EC in Brussels/Strasbourg is a dictatorship… when in truth it’s NOTHING. Countries don’t have to obey the EC. And they don’t. Hungary, for example, has flaunted threats of EC, of course, and even the EU Parliament and, more gravely the EUROPEAN COUNCIL (that is, other nations).


  4. benign Says:

    The Western financial empire is in a state of collapse. The already-imploded EU banking system testifies to that. It is time to adopt a strategy of triage and quit all the power plays. If Brexit happens EU and UK should try to minimize damage to the people, although that requires politicians to act beyond their own narrow self-interest, which is at the root of the problem.

    The US is only a couple of years behind. See Ray Dalio’s five suggestions for reform: ZeroHedge ran this article for about 15 minutes and then pulled it! I wrote to complain. The cowards. The Pluto pressure is intense.

    In my view, the best reason to raise taxes on the hyper-rich is to bring them back down to earth, to instill a little empathy for their fellow humans. Until the Pluto’s are hurting they will continue to hurt everyone else. And don’t say they create jobs–they are generally monopolists or financial manipulators who have done much to destroy small business in America. They are shedding jobs as quickly as possible. The prototypical entrepreneur is a lower class person who starts a small business, which is harder than ever now.

    Collapsing empires are ripe for overrun by barbarians, preceded by self-defeating military adventure. Let’s hope Trump can control his neo-cons.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I have been waiting for various collapses with crossed fingers. Especially collapse of the Euro, which is overvalued 80%, I say… Real estate market in Paris is so overvalued that the largest US real estate company said it was cheaper on Mars!
      The Euro banking system is whatever it is, rumor of its demise vastly exaggerated. German industry has rested on a few thousands bankrupt banks… So far, so good, all too goood….

      What’s next ready to crack, as I said, is private equity. That’s where the leverage is. But that doesn’t mean it will crack. SpaceX is worth north of 30 billions 100% private equity… But what’s cracking is everybody else, weaker, sedentary actors, while Musk is raising himself by pulling up his own boots and 10,000 satellites…

      The Plutos are smart… Could only laugh when Gates and company sold Monsanto to Bayer, complete with deadly poisons (glyphosate)….

      What Bezos, or Musk are doing is no threat: Plutos should be allowed to recycle their profits in science, tech, medicine… “Charity” is more dubious category, because government should step in… Tax evasion is not per se a problem, if all could evade… But as it is only Pluto can, and do…. I ran that essay on private jets: 1% of enormous US CO2, right now…. Otherwise as I said, punitive margins on taxes should act as an ABSOLUTE WEALTH TAX…. And tricks a la Gates should be disallowed… All this nothing without RIC, the referendums as California and Suisse have….

      Civilization always run amok when a few take all the decisions, which is the ultimate oligarchic and Pluto state. In practice, that’s already achieved, worldwide. Funny to see a suddenly waning Putin arresting some of his multi-billionaire accomplices…Putin’s main opponent said it was because of him, as he had denounced him first, as an accomplice of Putin….


  5. benign Says:

    Wealth taxes don’t work because wealth is too hard to value, and the valuations are unstable anyway. Attack the flows, which is where the problem originates.


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Patrice Ayme Great Britain has been given to the wolves, in the last few decades, but not those wolves people have been indignantly barking after. Boris Johnson will be their punishment…


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