Progressive Medicare For All, Or How And Why To Morph US Healthcare Into French Healthcare

European universal health care systems vary, from fully socialized (UK, Sweden) to mixed (France) to rather peculiar (Germany, universal health care from Bismarck, before 1880). The best and most expensive systems (Germany, Italy, France) amount to 12% of GDP, UK only 8%.

As the achievements of the US are objectively inferior (say relative to the UK NHS, and all other European systems), one can deduce that more than half of the US healthcare system is profits.

The European health care systems all have this in common: they are not profit centers. instead, they center around care. In the USA, in 48 states out of 50, the wealthiest profession is Medical Doctors. The naive will think that brings the best. In truth, it tempts those who are the greediest to become MDs.


Life Expectancy peaked in the USA in 2015 (above). Since then, it has been going down, demonstrating Obama’s Affordable Care Act didn’t work.[1]

The US system as it exists, with HMOs, was organized by president Nixon, under the guidance of his good friend, plutocrat Kaiser. (who founded the eponymous HMO, thanks to Dick’s help: dicks help dicks). Some US contemporary tycoons, such as Warren Buffet, one of the world’s wealthiest men, have made billions, personally, by investing in US healthcare. Buffet is revered in Democratic circles, but his advice may not be beyond any suspicion, as he and his ilk can only be grateful of the rewards US “care” brought them.

The French system provides a universal coverage of basic healthcare. The US equivalent would be Medicare For All, completed by private insurance for elective services and procedures. Average French doctors attached to public hospitals have often a private practice attached to a private clinic (say for a surgeon). When publicly serving. Fees are limited by law. In private practice, payments can be much higher (and are then paid with a mix of public reimbursement and private insurance, or more often, “mutual” insurance… The French are always comparing those “mutuelles”).

A progressive instauration of Medicare For All (as an elective in the beginning) would allow to morph the US healthcare system into the French one… without the dramatic, hence impossible, change that going to a socialist system like the Canadian, British or Swedish system would force.  

All this is current and hot. Nancy Pelosi, the quasi-Prime Minister of the USA (she decides the US budget, Trump proposes it) recently was claiming that Obama’s ACA was much better than Medicare For All. Sure. For her and her class of the .01%.

Medicare For All is the only reasonable solution for the USA. The beauty is that it can be introduced progressively, without economic disruption, a bit like better mileage for cars…

Patrice Ayme



The preceding was a comment sent to NYT which had compared US healthcare with Singapore’s. Singapore’s population is mentally enslaved, obedient, and 1.7% of the size of the USA. It’s a mix of disciplined Han Chinese, grateful to exist thanks to their government, considering the enormous alien countries around, and foreigners also grateful to have been allowed in to enrich themselves… Plus 1.7 million quasi slaves for underclass work…



[1] Obama’s ACA was supposed to have a Public Option offered, the prospect of which handily enabled to dodge the threat to the plutocracy presented by Medicare For All. Once socialist Medicare For All was safely taken care of, profits for professional politicians, lobbyists and plutocrats turned out to be more important than the health of citizens. Overall, ACA is disastrous: a member of my family died from it, he was 45. What the pseudo-“Democrats” will not tell you, is that doctors, or their groups, or organizations, will refuse to see you, when on the local version of ACA, like “Covered California”. So Obama covers you with words, while he drinks martinis on a yacht, watching the sun set among the paradise tax haven islands he loves. My brother-in-law, a proud, but somewhat destitute artist, who refused my personal financial assistance got a complication of heart disease, and got minor treatment after a second major heart attack, then was sent back home. When he started to die, the hospital rejected him, because he was no juicy profit center, but a drain, after a few more stents. He died at 2 am, in a parking lot, in his car, close to another hospital he tried to drive himself to.

Mention any of this to pseudo-Democrats, and they will bleat, as the good Sheeple they are. None of them is on Obama’s ACA. Their leaders, the great pseudo-Democrats, is immensely wealthy (more than 60 million dollars admitted), while her colleague great pseudo-“Democrat” Feinstein is outright a billionaire (she made it so that her husband was a go-between with China, while she oversaw business with the PRC, from the Senate…)

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5 Responses to “Progressive Medicare For All, Or How And Why To Morph US Healthcare Into French Healthcare”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Short and sweet. Don’t expect those who want to vote for Biden to get it.


  2. SDM Says:

    Medicare for all is long overdue yet the government stands in the way as it has been held captive by plutocratic donors who refuse to give up the for profit system. Majority of US citizens want it but they are gas lighted by pluto media into thinking it would be too costly!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Pelosi came up with tonitruant declarations that ACA was vastly superior to “Medicare For All“. I was very disappointed that she would be back to that in April 2019. ACA is just a financing of the Pluto corporations, as the “public option” was thrown out. Unbelievably, I was nearly forced into the ACA myself! So I know what my doctors and friends who are doctors told me!

      The way I proposed Medicare For All (I was the first to use the expression, as far as I know) to Barry before he was elected president was GRADUAL. Just order Medicare to open up in a zero sum way. That would have undermined all the for-profit private plans… Obama could have done it by executive order. So the whole comedy is just to keep on making profits. I am ready to bet Pelosi is heavily invested in healthcare stocks…


  3. Anonymous Says:

    “…we live in a nation owned and controlled by a small number of multi-billionaires whose greed, incredible greed, insatiable greed, is having an unbelievably negative impact on the fabric of our entire country.” — Bernie Sanders

    It would be nice to have a large permanent political party that offered only candidates who understand that having a plutocracy has “an unbelievably negative impact” on society. We don’t–so we will have to select a renegade like Sanders, and we must expect him to be attacked viciously by the plutocracy. I will vote for him, but I have no doubt that Americans will choose to stick with the plutocracy they have grown to love and which is all they have ever known.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Pluto-Kratia is Devil-Power. Jesus (the myth) considered the wealthy couldn’t get to heavens, precisely because of the fact that, to be billionaire wealthy, say in 2019, generally requires to use somewhat criminal ways or being an accomplice of a criminal order (there are exceptions, such as some writers, engineers, etc…. Say Musk or the Harry Potter woman… But Bezos, however good he may be in some ways, killed thousands of bookstores….)

      I have voted for Sanders in the past. One thing he could do, as I pointed out for now 12 years or so, is institute Medicare For All by decree (exec order).
      Right now, though I probably will vote for Pocahontas… 😉 Her program has an de facto Absolute Wealth Limit


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