Think America Campaign, Not Hate America!

Many have a problem differentiating hate from thought. To train those critters, with new criterions, emotional provocation is best. Here is an important concept, related to “fake news”, a new way of propaganda. The LYING QUESTION. This is an example which was sent my way, found on Quora:

Why do the French fail to recognize the US help during WWII?

The question present as a fact, something that is a lie, because it never happened: the French recognize, ALL TOO MUCH, US help in World War Two (the French should read me more, they would admire the US less, but they don’t understand English as much as they should). Entire avenues in France are named after US president Franklin Roosevelt with what is for me the gratefulness of the ignorant. A real picture of what really happened in WWII leaves one with a completely different mood.  

If the USA wanted to avoid Auschwitz and the destruction of Europe in World War Two. all they had to do was to join the French Republic and declare war to Hitler, September 3, 1939. Instead the greedy, unprincipled, cowardly US leadership waited until Hitler declared war to the USA, December 11, 1941. 4 days after Japan did the same.

This massive and painful truth didn’t please the dumbfounded:

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Typical Scene in May 1940: Nazi troops, on foot and with horse, pass next to a demolished French Char B1 Bis. Those monster heavy French tanks, couldn’t be defeated by Nazi tanks, they were among the 3,000+ tanks of the French army. They were destroyed from the air. A failure of air supremacy caused the French and British to lose the battle of France in 5 days, starting May 10 1940. That was entirely avoidable, had the Nazi army been detected in a timely manner.

Moreover Ohio Attorney Bryan Reo intervened

Have you considered the possibility of taking your “Hate America” propaganda on an international tour? You could burn an American flag in Cairo and then shout “DEATH TO AMERICA” in Beirut.

My answer to Mr. Reo: It’s rather a THINK AMERICA campaign. It starts by learning to distinguish between “Hate” and “Think”. I know it’s hard for simple beings… One has first to understand that one is not anti-American, nor “French”, just because one deplores once All-American activities, such as McCarthyism, segregation, Jim Crow, Civil War, slavery, genocide of the Natives by the invasive Europeans, etc Neither one is a Jihadist… I was banned by several US media for… Jihadism, a testimony of the lack of education of journalists, lawyers, etc. In their incapacity for deep thought, they couldn’t even tell that my views were rather the exact opposite of what they claimed they were. My view on basic Islam: VIOLENCE IN “HOLY QUR’AN”.

Right, thinking is necessary for hating. However, the two notions should not be confused. It’s not because one hates, that one thinks.

We think, therefore we distinguish. 
Patrice Ayme

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13 Responses to “Think America Campaign, Not Hate America!”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Think? Are you kidding? This is outright anti-American! You are rising the bar impossibly high!

    The role of US in WWII is the biggest skeleton in the darkest closet. No good American speaks about it, really who do you think you are? Americans know about a boat full of Jews that was turned away in Cuba and in US, but that’s about it. Otherwise all Snow Whites we are, when not outright snowflakes. Denial R US


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Gmax! Yes, right, the actions of Wilson in WWI and then the complementary acts of FDR and company in the 1930s may one day be viewed as the highest betrayal…. Actually it’s not that they were acting alone. Indeed German properties were transferred to US Plutos when neither were in power. And the Morgenthau plan (circa 1929), even more so, and Dr. Schacht, as I have explained was a creature of JP Morgan. In charge of the Bundesbank during hyperinflation, he later ushered Hitler in…. (Schacht was exonerated at Nuremberg, as he had to be tried… Thn became again full Pluto, five tridents…)


  2. Oatmeal Activist Says:

    I reject the existence of “mansplaining.” It’s an ideological myth, rooted in a desire to elevate diversity over wisdom, experience and expertise and a way to silence dissent.

    But genuine overconfidence, expressed equally by men and women, runs amok on Quora (and the New York Times’ comments section). And Mr Rao is a prime example.

    French bravery wasn’t simply displayed by declaring war against Germany, but in that it declared war on Germany, knowing it didn’t have the natural defenses of the English Channel and likely would be overrun by the enemy. But it was understood that the sooner war was declared, the less time the Nazis would have to stockpile arms and strengthen their defenses.

    FDR is an overrated president with deep plutocratic ties, a track record of anti-democratic positions and a decade of failure at ending the Great Depression. How many lives could have been saved had the US offered real opposition to fascism in 1939? And how might the world be different if they had lived to contribute to it?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Wonderful comment, Oatmeal Activist! Thanks!


    • Anonymous Says:

      Wrong. This is a delusional comment. If FDR had declared war against Germany in 1939 it would have failed to pass Congress and he would probably have been impeached. Reason: most Americans were pro-Nazi and the loved the idea that some races were inferior, and many of the still do love that idea. The Jim Crow South was a model to the Nazis. Charles Lindbergh and Herny Ford were pro-Nazi national heroes. Both of you need to stop leaving out vital facts about America and WW2.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Hi Anonymous!
        Well, I am aware of all these facts. Very aware, and I initially regurgitated the official thesis. But now I don’t believe in it at all. The French government talked to FDR about Hitler in 1933. At that time, the US population was rather indifferent, but the FDR administration turned violently anti-French in the behind-the-doors meetings. The disagreement was also about monetary policy. FDR wanted easy money, the French not. FDR ended wanting obsessively to strip France of all her colonie and, in particular, New Caledonia….

        FDR’s behavior during the war was violently anti-French: he recognized the Vichy coup as legitimate, maybe even before the Nazis did, and sent his right hand man there (admiral Lahey). Nothing prevented FDR to do as Canada did, declare war to Hitler for crimes against humanity (more than 200,000 had already been officially killed), etc.

        That most white Americans were Nazis, de facto, was very well known to Hitler, and that’s why he insisted that the US Nazi Party and similar organizations make no waves, whatsoever. Declaring war to Hitler would have caused waves, and a rush of patriotism, FDR’s popularity would have soared.


        • Anonymous Says:

          “Declaring war to Hitler would have caused waves, and a rush of patriotism, FDR’s popularity would have soared.”

          American were isolationist after losing 100k lives in WW1. Can you name any significant American that advocated going to war with Germany in 1939? If it was such a popular thing, why were there no candidates running for president in 1940 on a let’s go to war platform? Americans did not want to go die in Europe.
          The fault for the war goes to French and British plutocrats and to Stalin for not uniting to stop Hitler from re-arming. Three great powers should be able to stop one great power. France had the superior army in 1936 when they foolishly allowed Hitler to move troops into the Rhineland. Why should you expect a country across the ocean to save you after you’ve shown yourselves to be too stupid to protect your own borders?
          As an American, the European plutocrats and dictators like Stalin ineptness against such an obvious threat would have shown me that these leaders wanted a war.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            France didn’t move against Hitler in 1936 because the USA and UK were stridently opposed to it. That was very clear with what happened when France decided to help the Spanish Republic… So it all boils down to the pro-Nazi, anti-French Pluto Anglo-Saxon leadership….

            French combat dead in WWI were 1.4 million

            Click to access REPERES%20%E2%80%93%20module%201-1-1%20-%20explanatory%20notes%20%E2%80%93%20World%20War%20I%20casualties%20%E2%80%93%20EN.pdf

            Final FRENCH MILITARY casualty count of 1,400,000 soldiers. France had an average of 900 soldiers killed, everyday. This number contributed to the crystallization of tensions related to national identity. To that one has to add, millions of wounded, dozens of thousands horrendously mutilated. Recent research has reevaluated the number of civilian casualties resulting from the war. Though the number of civilian casualties is not as high as the number of military casualties, the recently revealed high number of civilian deaths does serve to enhance the weight of bereavement and trauma within the communities affected, thus leaving an even deeper mark on the already diverse memories of the conflict.

            Statistics pertaining to the number of French war casualties, although incomplete, were kept by the authorities as a well-guarded secret. This is because they had the potential to influence the morale on the front.

            Between March and August 1918, Paris was regularly the target of air-raids or of shelling by a long-range specially designed giant German gun positioned about eighty miles away from the French capital. These attacks caused about 1,000 deaths among the Paris population. French or Belgian civilian losses, often through atrocities, plus birth depression, from having enormous number of males killed and enormous economic losses were in the millions,


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Stalin was not inept. He was very smart. Immensely nasty, but smart. He out-Nazied the Nazis. He got surprised by the June 1941 attack, but expected it since the early 1920s, even though he had collaborated with the German military since early 1920s…


  3. Bryan Reo Says:

    The French didn’t deserve American help in either World War and they probably didn’t deserve American help in Indochina.

    Had I been President I might have sent the 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions directly into Dien Bien Phu and had the 1st Marines and 1st Infantry land at Haiphong and march overland to help lift the siege. But it wouldn’t have been to help the French maintain a regime of oppression over those colonial subjects. It would have just been to save those soldiers from the less than tender mercies of the Viet Minh. The French were always arrogant colonial masters who seldom conferred any lasting benefits on those unfortunate enough to wind up as colonial subjects under French rule.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      France created the USA, and this is only part of what makes the relationship between the two countries uniquely loving and respectful. The 2 constitutions were passed withing weeks of each other in 1789, because of multi-generational work together prior.
      I was raised in Africa, where my father was born (and my grandmother too). Recent immigration flows of desperate refugees show that the good old “colonial” past was not that bad, in the opinion of many. One hospital every 100 kilometers, with free healthcare, is better than the USA nowadays…

      Now, of course, there are many reasons to hate France, the first of which being that it’s the French Constitution of 1789 which is the basis of the UN Charter… Not the US one (it was too open to tribalistic interpretations)… Last detail: US plutocracy helped the Kaiser in 1914-1917 (by breaking the Franco-British blocake, even on crucial military items, US plutocracy helped Hitler (1933-1945)… An example is IBM which kept being the Nazi computation monopoly, throughout the war… And yes, the US helped the Viet Minh early on…

      Penultimate point: French “colonial” rule was very different in different places. What happened in Vietnam had nothing to do with what happened in Algeria, the Sahara and the AOF, the last three places the ones I was familiar with,and I am from. Per the root of his career, Algerian geologist, my dad was very friendly with, say, the president of Senegal, Senghor… Who was also a great Frenchman, and writer…

      Last point: once I visited, as a child, an English speaking country (Gambia), and I was struck by the fact there were toilets for “males and females” (for the Natives) and “Ladies and Gentlemen” (for the non-colored)… No such discrimination in French speaking areas, ever.


      • Bryan Reo Says:

        At least 25,000 American soldiers died in the Revolutionary War. French help was certainly a major factor in ultimate success, but you didn’t create us. We rose up and declared our independence and fought for 3 years on our own until you openly joined the war.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          More than 90% of American cartridges were made in France, then smuggled in. At Yorktown, where the Brits (Cornwallis) surrendered, two French armies converged, with the American army of Washington, while the fleet of d’Estaing bottled the Brits. Without France, there would have been no success…

          The expression “we” and “you” seem inappropriate to me. Neither me, nor you, nor our great great great great grandparents were alive at the time… The US was certainly the fruit of a mood that greatly arose in France… over generations, if not centuries. Benjamin Franklin stayed so long in France, in Paris, some of his ways of speaking are among the most used French expressions. Today.


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