Abraham: If You Love Him, & His God, You Will Love Anything

Abraham: Absolute Ideal, Absolutely Criminal, Accept It, Accept To Love It All. Including The Most Abject Life Has To Offer.

Abrahamism is the metaphysics of dictatorship: one deciding all, even the worst, unquestioned. That was excusable for the original Israelites, a small tribe: fascism, one around the mind of one, as the mind of one, E Pluribus Unum, is the way for social animals to win a fight. From the Torah:

“Our father Abraham was tested [by God] with ten trials, and he withstood them all, demonstrating how great is God’s love for Abraham our father.”  (Mishnah, Avot 5:3).

.According to the Bible, Abraham had lots of difficulties to have his only son. Abraham went right and left to make a son somewhere, somehow, it took 50 years. God says to Abraham: “If you believe in me, kill your son!” Abraham says: “OK.” His son is very sacred and important to him. Yet, he goes, walks for two days with two servants. He tells his son:”Come, let’s set up the pyre together.” Isaac sees no sacrificial lamb, and Isaac asks his dad:”But daddy where is the sacrificial animal?“Abraham replies:”Don’t worry my son, god will provide
Next, Abraham ties up his son, and brings his knife by the child’s throat. Then god sends an angel to stop the crime.
The most shocking part is that Abraham doesn’t tell god:”Are you kidding?” Nor does Isaac says”Stop daddy, are you mad?” Never again is the subject broached in the Bible (Abraham lives 175 years, Isaac, 150 years…)

To all of this famous French female writer Christine Angot replies cooly to Gregoire Delacourt (ONPC 5/24/ 2019). Abraham’s sacrifice is the idea there are things above us. Me god is above all. There is something above things which perish, the humans. There are things above, the absolute. The sacrifice of Abraham is to give to humans a sign of the absolute. It’s “magnificent”, insists Angot. God asking to kill the child is “magnificent“, because it defines “the absolute”. Angot may love scandal a bit too much: she became famous as author of a (pseudo?) autobiography about incest.

Abrahamists can say astounding horrors, and view in them as  most noble. No wonder we got Inquisition, religious massacres, etc. Indeed Angot glorifies, and makes the measure of all things, the worst infamy imaginable. What Abraham god says: boss is right to kill children, good guys obey boss, and kill children!

Once One has Decided That It Is Most Loving To Kill Others, If One is Ordered To, No Questions Asked, Love Is Everywhere, Indeed, Including the Worst, Most Rotting Gutter.

Christine Angot doesn’t realize she condones Nazism, and, in particular the killing of millions of children by the Nazis. After all, those who killed the children, obeyed the boSS. Hugo Boss too (Hugo Boss designed the cute Nazi uniforms, including for the SS).

Now, indeed, the whole point of a superstitious religion is stand (stare) above (super) anything else. Once you know your boss can ask you to kill innocent children, including your own, you have admitted that the boss is tops of tops above all and any logic, all and any emotions.

Notice that Abraham doesn’t even try to argue with god the boSS, and suggest that god should have another creature killed, if He absolutely needs to kill somebody. Abraham just obey, pack his things, servants, and then ignore the question of his son asking him why, if they are going to go sacrifice an animal, they didn’t bring one. Abraham is the way the Abrahamist religion wants him: totally disciplined, an armed arm for infamy, also known as god, the boSS.

Ironically, there is no difference in the behavior of blind obedience between Abraham and the ideal Nazi SS. SS officers were trained by piercing the eyes of kittens. Abraham is trained by being asked to kill his son. It is folly, but follies bind populations together.

In other words Abrahamism, Judaism, Christianism and Islamism were founded upon the worst psychology a human is capable of: a child killer, just out of the love for the boSS, no questions asked. As a religion, that ideology makes humanity impossible. But it makes dictatorship possible. And dictatorship resting on the most infernal emotions, and reacting as if the killing of the most innocent child was no more than smashing a mosquito. the power of hell: Pluto-Kratia…

Pascal said his god was the god of love: because if you love to kill the most innocent child, indeed, you will love anything. Including infamy.

Patrice Ayme


16 Responses to “Abraham: If You Love Him, & His God, You Will Love Anything”

  1. brodix Says:

    Such as what happens when you treat the absolute, the zero state, the flatline, as an ideal.

    The poverty is in the powers of reason that are not able diagnose this flawed logic.

    As Emerson said, “We are but thickened light.” When we treat the absence of light as the ultimate, it is our stupidity.


    • Gmax Says:

      Thickened light, or sickened light?


      • brodix Says:

        Light is fire. It burns as well as creates.
        Without the ups and downs, it’s a flatline.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Enlightenment can indeed be sick: consider the disastrous 16th C and 17th C….


        • brodix Says:

          The price we pay to feel is that a lot of it is pain. The absolute is nothing. Zero.


        • brodix Says:

          From which we grow. Some of it’s seed and some of it’s fertilizer. It’s all educational.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            We are the learning and teaching species.


          • brodix Says:

            True and these trials and tribulations are part of the learning curve.
            First, that we can no longer afford a private financial mechanism, much as we once learned that we couldn’t afford a private governance mechanism, in monarchies.
            Then primarily, that after a hundred thousand years of going forth and multiplying, we are reaching the edges of the global petri dish and need a more cyclical, reciprocal cultural paradigm, than this ‘more is better’ idealism, that encourages going to extremes in every desire, not just the “good” ones.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Relativity has it that light and space count time. I don’t know if that makes us “thick”.


    • Gloucon X Says:

      Unfortunately, that’s a rather brutal misquote that has made it onto the web. He’s making the case for deep inquiry (scholarship) into the ways of man just as the physicist explores the “thickened light” of natural phenomena. Here’s the full quote from his 1876 ‘The Scholar’ lecture to students at the U. of VA, :

      This reverence (for genius, for intelligence, for scholarship) is the reëstablishment of natural order; for as the solidest rocks are made up of invisible gases, as the world is made of thickened light and arrested electricity, so men know that ideas are the parents of men and things; there was never anything that did not proceed from a thought. The scholar has a deep ideal interest in the moving show around him. …the quality and essence of the universe is in (all the things of mankind also)…The scholar is to show, in each (human as well as natural things and systems), identity and connexion; he is to show its origin in the brain of man, and its secret history and issues. He is the attorney of the world, and can never be superfluous where so vast a variety of questions are ever coming up to be solved, and for ages.


  2. glouconx Says:

    “The poverty is in the powers of reason that are not able to diagnose this flawed logic.”

    The powers of reason never come into play, the process is never allowed to begin because obedience to authority is the highest good, the only good. The god of the Abrahamic believer is perfect and awesome, and the believer is taught to see himself as helpless and contemptible. Millions, if not billions, are taught to throw their powers of reason into the garbage, unused.


  3. Gary Sullivan Says:

    If I believed in the Abrahamic god and satin, I’d figure Abraham was satanic. But I Don’t believe in that garbage, so to me Abraham is a psychopath, but wait, I don’t even believe Abraham existed. I just can’t seem to close my mind enough to get with the program (ing).


  4. Kevin Berger Says:

    Abraham = tribal patriarch, Abrahamic God = tribal patriarch, lost through the fog of time and turned into a tribal deity by his eventual bronze age heir. A literal echo through time, just like the old testament is such an echo o tribal history/mythology – and not just of a father figure, but of a patriarch.

    But then again, a religion is just a piece of the human experience, and as far as religions go, Christianity (and I’d say rather Catholicism, but that’s my opinion) has served its part of humanity pretty well, has shaped it along as much as it was shaped in return.

    Religions are IMHO like domesticated animals, not a very novel idea admittedly; they are raw, untapped “forces” that exist, untouched outside of human ‘conscious’ mind; and once ‘captured’ (cf. the bit about Abraham), they have to be tamed to suit the community’s needs, and this in turn brings self-reinforcing cycles, virtuous and/or negative.

    You might prefer your “domesticated” religion to be kept under harness, and perhaps even neutered, as it is wont to try and escape/run amok/be dangerous/… if possibly left unchecked or misused in some fashions… but it is here, and will be here, one way or the other, under one guise or the other.

    Contrast & compare. Warts and crimes in mind, the European disguising of the old religions known as “Christianity” has served Europeans pretty well, even when it was just about justifying the worst. OTOH, I’m much more wary of the purer “tribalism” such as Judaism and Islam, or the desire(s) to “re-Abrahamize” (return to the “ancestors”/salafism, return to the “Book”) Christianity through protestantism.

    Anyway, back to my dead-end job. I’ll stop making a fool of myself then and will leave you be.


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