Tech Monopolies Conspiracy Fosters Intellectual & Economic Fascism, Threatens Understanding. Break It

Obama used to fly in with his big helicopters every few weeks into Silicon Valley. It was a strange sight for local residents. Why was the president there? To take instructions about high tech, he said (I’m a personal friend of Obama, nota bene). That was naive; the tech CEOs are just monopolists, not geniuses. Or then geniuses of monopoly.

So was Obama taking instructions from the tech monopolists about what they knew best, how to create and exploit an unlawful system violating the antitrust laws? History will decide.

Most of them, geniuses of monopoly, do not have, actually, an advanced education: they didn’t complete college, too busy to cash in technologies invented by others. Obsessive domination is what drives them. Consider the May 2019 New York Times article: It’s Time To Break Up Facebook by Chris Hughes.

One thing they persuaded the Obama administration to do, in collaboration with the Supreme Court, was to void the patent system, making it impossible for real inventors to defend themselves. How was that done? Inventors claiming a patent had been infringed now had to prove they were hurt economically by the tech giant. But, of course, once one has invented something big, and a tech giant steals it, no economic damage has been done, only prospective and potential economic damage.

So tech giants stole inventions with impunity. That, in turn, discouraged inventors and gutted the patent system. Obama actually stooped to accusing “patent trolls” of hindering tech giants!… thus the law had to be changed, as, in the administration’s opinion, only tech giants were innovators.

Actually tech giants exploited others’ innovations… without rewarding those inventors commensurately (I have talked of this, for years, with inventors, IP lawyers, VCs).

A related activity has been the systematic swallowing, by tech giants, of potential, more innovative competitors.

Those two Roman Statues, 21 centuries old were censored by Facebook in 2019. They are in the Louvres and Arles museums. The left one is the famous Venus d’Arles. Zuck knows what you can see. Like Hitler, his vision of what is art, is extremely restrictive. Hitler controlled 80 millions, Zuck controls 2 billion, plus is controlled by the operators who controlled Obama: what is there, not to like? Say intellectual fascists, and they bleat.

Zuckerberg the two billion followers monopolist, has very little education, a dearth of culture, all he cares about, according to his collaborators is “domination”. Zuckerberg studied only a few months after high school, and that was apparently to judge girls physical appearance [1]. How many art classes did he take? But now Zuckerberg comes, and because of his global intellectual terrorism sponsors, Zuckerberg the uneducated, censors Roman art 21 centuries old. That his miserable “Facebook” outfit has not been nationalized anywhere is a testimony to the lack of democracy and judgment.

The New York Times had the kindness to publish the preceding comment sent to support their own article:

Antitrust Troubles Snowball for Tech Giants as Lawmakers Join In

The Justice Department will oversee antitrust complaints about Apple while the Federal Trade Commission will take on Facebook. (Tom Brenner for The New York Times; June 3, 2019.) Finally, the Trump administration moves onto the Obama deleterious tech monopolies!  

. NYT: WASHINGTON — The federal government is stepping up its scrutiny of the world’s biggest tech companies, leaving them vulnerable to new rules and federal lawsuits. Regulators are divvying up antitrust oversight of the Silicon Valley giants and lawmakers are investigating whether they have stifled competition and hurt consumers.

After a spate of unusual negotiations, the Justice Department has agreed to handle potential antitrust investigations related to Apple and Google, while the Federal Trade Commission will take on Facebook and Amazon.

Lawmakers in the House said on Monday that they were looking into the tech giants’ possible anti-competitive behavior. That could lead to the first overhaul of antitrust rules in many decades, an effort to keep up with an industry that didn’t exist when antitrust laws were written.

The question of whether tech companies violate antitrust laws has long been the subject of academic debates and industry griping. But now the industry is in the sights of President Trump, Democrats running for president, Congress and consumers. Silicon Valley has faced fierce criticism over disinformation, privacy breaches and political bias.”

After my comment was published, an anti-intellectual thought appropriate to exhibit his ignorance:

ClearedtoLand, Wahington DC, June 3

@Patrice Ayme. Thank God folks like Thomas Edison, another guy without an “advanced education” decided to cash in and provide us with marvels. As an aside, there are plenty of nonsensical attempts by “inventors” of peripheral idiocy to extort successful companies.

My reply: @ClearedtoLand

Generally technological “marvels” were fundamentally brought by discoveries made by the most advanced minds, not by the tinkerers and greedsters who exploited their breakthroughs. The latter are a dime a dozen. Geniuses, not so much.

For example, a whole succession of famous physicists (such as Ampere), starting with Le Sage in 1774, made ever better communications with electricity along wires up to the functional system made by Gauss and Weber (1833), both top notch scientists and mathematicians. Those who know only Morse (who got started years after a global German system in 1835) know very little, and have a bias about how understanding is achieved and technology made to appear.  

The laser is made possible by optical pumping, envisioned by Albert Einstein, probably from the ideas of the Indian Bose. Optical pumping was realized by French Nobel winner physicist Alfred Kastler (1953; he got an unshared Nobel for it, testimony to the remarkable lab in Paris at the ENS, a serial breakthrough place… which is not financed enough, thanks to Zuck, Bill, Brin and their thieving ilk).

Modern steam power, and the first steam boat, were creations of professor of engineering Denis Papin. Monks destroyed his ship, obviously a creation of the devil. Papin’s ideas made others wealthy, especially in England, where Papin had taught. Papin sued, but died destitute. Not very encouraging to breakthrough minds (Leibnitz also died destitute around the same time).

That minds with advanced education successfully pushing the envelope of human understanding deserve less support than those who exploit their ideas, is how civilizations die. Building a golf course, or a business is relatively easy: anybody with sufficient wealth, or power can do it. Right businesses are not always “successful” and all fail, in the long run.

However building really new ideas is incomparably harder, and ideas don’t die… as long as Civilization (Capital C) doesn’t die.

However, the biosphere is in the most perilous situation in 66 million years: we need new big ideas, and lots of them. Scientists and engineers implementing new ideas, and the theoreticians behind them need to be rewarded, so they can be encouraged, and that the government which financed them behind the scenes, too, can be enticed to support fundamental research much more.

But right now, tech monopolists, who compensate their lack of education by a frenzy for domination (Zuck’s obsessive word), have confiscated the Patent System. Patents give an ephemeral monopoly to the inventor. But the tech monopolies want only themselves as monopolies. This has reduced the inventive drive, just when it is the most necessary.

Mono-thinking is the purest expression of intellectual fascism. It precludes democracy. The main interest of democracy is to enable debate, diversity and plurality of mind. It’s the exact opposite of intellectual fascism, a world dominated by Adolf, Zuck, or their ilk.

Just as we need an Absolute Wealth limit, one needs an Absolute Power Limit. The Roman Republic, which lasted 5 centuries, had it. And failed when it was circumvented.

Patrice Ayme



[1] Facemash, a website that Zuckerberg invented — yes, in his dorm room at Harvard — two years before he started Facebook. The site allowed students to rank their classmates based on their appearances. So Zuckerberg started by ranking women, he testified in the US Congress. Naturally a sexist twerp would pose later as a paragon of morality abohring ancient art, lest we see female chests after which mammals are named…. Does Zuck knows what a mammal is? .

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3 Responses to “Tech Monopolies Conspiracy Fosters Intellectual & Economic Fascism, Threatens Understanding. Break It”

  1. benign Says:

    When a social networking platform becomes a public space, the right to free speech must be maintained. It is not a “private” company’s “private” space. The telecommunications definition of common carrier must make this clear.

    Congress should require individuals to be able to opt into “common search” unbiased by personal data characteristics, so that anyone running the query would get the same result. This would also make it easier to detect “nudging” (detestable term) by the search engine of one’s political or other views in the direction the Master of Cyber-Space want you to go.

    How these people can be so ignorant and dismissive of the Bill of Rights is beyond me. They seem to have been clued into “the plan” first formulated in H.G. Wells’ “Anticipations” of the centrally managed neo-feudal New World Order that the Plutos have been trying to set up for so long.

    They have gone over to the Dark Side. Money will do that.


  2. Gmax Says:

    With a bipartisan coalition swooping on them the big tech plutocrats should be doomed this time. Keep our fingers crossed


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