Hidden Truths About World War Two, Centered On D Day


When an ascending power finds a trick to get descending powers to fight among each others, its ascent will be easier:

The trick the leaders of the USA, its plutocrats, found in the Twentieth Century, was to help fascism, although fascism was supposedly antinomic to the USA [1]. The first truth about World War Two is that it happened because, unfortunately, it was in the deepest interest of the US American Deep State. Hence the lack of support for the French Republic, from the US side, as early as 1919. Nebulous “Isolationism”, actually pro-Nazism, deep down inside, was the main cover-up of the sinister reality that the USA was busy dividing and conquering, far from the basic principles of the Republic. (As Macron just said, the US is never as great as it is, when helping others… And so it is for us all…) 

One can say that the assault of fascism upon the world, from 1914 to 1945 was made possible by a conflict between the USA and the French Republic. The USA was trying to ascend over all (Putin and Xi just waxed lyrical on this) and European empires were in the way. Much of the world was held by the British, French, Portuguese, Dutch and German empires in 1914. All this was basically gone by 1945. Instead, the US established a world empire, where even Stalin, Mao and Ho Chi Minh (!) were in debt to the good old Uncle Sam.

Thus the Germans, fascist or not, were played too. Hitler could be viewed as a US puppet. Seen that way, this explains why the US didn’t act on the Holocaust of the Jews (whereas Mussolini did, and sort of saved his own Jews… The comparison is telling).

In 1914-1945 European fascism has been revealed in retrospect as a tool of US plutocracy.  That was most obvious in Germany and Russia, but also present in Italy, Spain, etc. All European fascist parties were more or less sponsored or helped by US plutocracy, often in a decisive way. For example US plutocrats developed the Baku oil fields in Azerbaijan, fueling both Hitler and Stalin. Ot Hitler’s air force flew the Spanish fascist and rebellious army to Spain… using Texaco oil (Hitler used to laugh about it; it was so well-known, US Congress gave a symbolic fine to Texaco).

The French Republic (and the UK too) were in deep conflict, mostly hidden from the general public, with the US Deep State during much of the Twentieth Century, from 1914 until the Suez Canal Franco-Israelo-British war of 1956, and beyond. Fortunately this difficult phase is over. The US Deep State has come to realize France is its closest significant other… and can’t do it all alone. France is not just friend and ally, but parent. Without France, there would have been no US. Trump, Macron and spouses, June 6, 2019. Trump called Franco-US relationship “unbreakable”… Relation from parent and child are indeed unbreakable.


War is terrible, yet, sometimes, much better than the alternative:

This is why the French Republic ordered Hitler to withdraw from Poland, September 1, 1939. Two days later, France declared war to Nazi Germany. So strange were the Nazis that they backdated an euthanasia program (to kill German children) to that date. In Nazi minds, killing innocent children was a war measure.

Some will point out that Great Britain accompanied France… in the end (Spring 1939, after Spain had fallen to fascism). However most of why the fight against the Nazis was too little too late, had to do with Anglo-Saxon machinations: the UK made a Naval treaty with Hitler in 1935… This treaty violated the Versailles Treaty. Side conversations suggested to incorporate Nazi Germany economically in the Commonwealth, while telling the dictator he could do whatever he wanted in Eastern Europe. (Deputy Leader Hess’ mysterious flight in 1941 may have been a desperate renewal of that understanding.) Next year Hitler invaded the Rhineland and the Spanish Republic, which asked France for help. France decided to help, until blocked by Great Britain and the USA.   

The Nazis had a big problem: Germany was not sufficient in many important materials, crucial for war making, including high grade iron ore. So the Nazis had to pay for those crucial materials, but how could they do that, while devaluing the currency and starving their non-rearmement economy? By 1939, Germany was in a grave economic crisis. When the Nazis invaded France, Nazi soldiers were surprised by the relative wealth of the French. That didn’t last as Nazis stole much of the French economy and French food production, because male Germans were busy getting killed in combat while supposedly German women were making babies, to create more soldiers and breeders…


Russian And Anglo-Saxon Double Game Made Hitler Possible:

Putin, Russia’s chief,  was not invited for 75th D Day Anniversary ceremonies: France and Britain excluded him. Russia is the descendant state of the Soviet Union, which lost 30 million fighting the Nazis in WWII.

Putin was invited 5 years ago. Meanwhile, Russia interfered in elections in France, US (or attempted) to, and was perceived to plot with China in various ways.  

Some will find this scandalous.They will observe that, out of 5.5 million Nazi soldiers killed, 4 million died on the eastern Front, and 1.5 million fighting the Western Allies. 9 million Russian soldiers died. Yes, indeed. But what if the Soviets had helped, aided and abetted German fascism? They did. Since 1916.

Hitler attacked the USSR on June 22, 1941. However, in the preceding two years, Stalin had provided Hitler with everything he needed to wage his world war. Just an example: France was invaded in 1940, thanks to Soviet oil. Sweden was also crucial, providing Hitler with high grade iron.

Advanced Nazi weapons, such as jet engines, depended upon minerals Germany didn’t have, but that the USSR provided. With the rare metals, the Me 262 jet engines worked one thousand (1,000) hours. Without the special metal alloys, ten.

The cooperation between Russian fascists (the Soviets) and German fascists (the Kaiser, the “Second Reich”, including Weimar, the Nazis) dated from 1916. It enabled Germany to re-arm unlawfully in the 1920s. When the French government said it was going to do something about it, Churchill threaten to bomb France (in 1929; however he had no political position at the time).


The hostility of the UK and US against the French Republic in the 1920s and 1930s was the most major factor in enabling the success of the Axis: (Germany-Italy-Japan… with discrete support from Stalin) to become strong enough to risk a world war.

For example although Japan had invaded China for decades, and then up the ante, and invaded French Indochina (where it would kill two million), the USA was the main provider of oil of Japan. When, finally, the US cut off the oil, Japan had just enough oil for one attack… towards Indonesian oil, securing its flank with the hare-brained Pearl Harbor infamy.

D Day had a very high probability of failure. In a repetition in England a few weeks prior, 1.300 soldier were killed when nine Nazi fast boats attacked.. across the Channel. However, on D Day everything went miraculously right for the Allies… just as everything went wrong in May 1940. In 1940, God was Nazi. In 1944, God was on the side of Victory.


D Day: 60% of British and Canadians, 40% US Landed: 

The Brits and Canadians landed 75,000 troops, the US 57,500. A total of 3,400 were killed in action on D Day (KIA + MIA).

Moreover 20,000 paratroopers were dropped (with debatable effect due to fog and low clouds)..

The assault force on D day comprised 2 US divisions, 2 British divisions, and one Canadian division. The Normandy invasion would grow to 39 divisions, including 12 armored divisions. The very experienced French armored division, with several years of combat experienced and its Polish analogue would encircle the Nazis to great effect two months later.  

3058 French soldiers took part in D Day (including 200 fighter pilots, many experienced aces; good pilots were very much in demand, the Allies had plenty of them). However the French High Command had not been told in advance about D Day, as per the usual hostility then between Roosevelt and the French, Free French or not.


La France a été traitée comme un paillasson”.

(“France was treated as a doormat”) said De Gaulle. Roosevelt’s plan was to occupy France as if it were an enemy country… an example of FDR’s perfidy, as the US was the first to recognize the putschists of Vichy, and sent there his right hand man (4 star Admiral Leahy). If FDR had just barked in 1940, the war would have gone very differently. Once again, it’s the impression the Nazis had of a wedge between France and the USA which made the Nazis behave as foolishly as they did in 1939-1940.

A US instrument, the Allied Military Government for Occupied Territories (originally abbreviated AMGOT, later AMG) was supposed to take care of France, complete with fake French currency.



French Second Armored Division Traffic Jam After Hard Fighting to close the Falaise Pocket, early August 1944. The 2nd Armored Division is regrouping before dashing towards Paris. The tanks are US Shermans. But the troops are French, and many of the officers are veterans, with more than 4 years experience fighting the Nazis. Hence the Blitz of “Deuxieme DB” towards Paris. After all, the French (De Gaulle) had been the first to theorize what came to be known as Blitzkrieg… And practice it plenty thereafter. When French general Juin broke through the Hitler line in italy, he asked for more troops, pointing out he could be in Austria within 3 weeks. That was refused. Meanwhile the US were blocked in a pocket at Anzio, south of Rome….***

Why Roosevelt Couldn’t Occupy France In 1944, as he had planned to; a Large French Army and His OWN Generals Were In the Way:

Hundreds of thousands of French soldiers had seen combat by August 1944, many of them very experienced. That enabled De Gaulle to make his US colleagues (Marshall, Ike, Patton, Bradley, etc.) inform FDR that AMGOT was not possible.

Indeed, by 1945, the French army in the West was 1.5 million when the Allies in totto had 4.5 million soldiers on the Western Front. A French army crossed the Rhine under fire, for the first time in generations, and dashed through South Germany. But it was no cake walk. That First French army alone suffered  more than 50,000 dead during the end-of-Nazism campaign, the last nine months of the war.(All together, France lost several hundreds of thousands of soldiers killed in WW2… However much less than the 1.4 million killed in WW1, and less than the US 400,000 killed in WW2.)

By August 1944, the Allies had a problem: no serious port to unload the millions of tons of equipment and materials needed. The small ports captured had been sabotaged by the Nazis., However, the First French army besieged and freed the two enormous ports of Marseilles and Toulon. That was done swiftly and spectacularly. In some places, French heavy artillery was fired in an ambiance of feast, soldiers been feted, wined and served by the locals, while pounding away at the Nazis.

My own Dad was an officer in that army, in a flak company. He did the breakthrough Italian campaign and the French one. He saw action several times, including twice against Nazi jets (Me 262), which tried to destroy their Anti Aircraft unit. He was always extremely modest about it, and never wanted to talk of it. A native of Algeria, he arrived in France armed and dangerous…


Surprise, surprise: There Were No Higher Up Nazi Generals In Normandy:

Marshall Rommel, incredibly, had gone back to Germany to celebrate his wife 50th birthday (maybe he was actually plotting about the upcoming coup of july 20, that he was supposed to lead?) German meteorologists predicted a storm, their enemy colleagues predicted the front would stall offshore (which it did). Otherwise D Day would have had to be put off by two weeks, and, by then, the truth about the location of D Day may have been revealed (Patton was in charge of a inflatable balloon tank army facing Calais; Hitler knew about that fake army, thought it to be real; Patton was the tank professor at west Point).

Even more incredibly, Rommel’s immediate subordinates were also away, taking part in a Kriegspiele (wargame). Thus no senior Nazi generals could be local, observe, and realize D Day was the real thing. For many days, the Nazi High Command was persuaded that Normandy was fake news. Thus major unit were not moved from northern France to Normandy.


Nazis Couldn’t get Armor to Normandy From Resistance and Bombing:  

Overall, during the Normandy campaign, 130 Nazi Tiger tanks confronted 8,000 US Sherman tanks, plus thousands of excellent British tanks. The Nazis had thousands of Tigers, but the French Resistance, combined with Allied aviation, made it impossible for German armor to get to Normandy in a timely manner. By day, Allied fighter-bombers attacked the Nazis, at night, so did the Resistance.

In the 24 hours around D Day, under orders sent from Britain, the French resistance accomplished more than 1,000 acts of sabotages. Soon, only three railroads engines were in working order in France… The bombing campaign was intense; 20,000 French civilians got killed in Normandy alone, mostly by bombing. When the Allies couldn’t capture Caen, cleanly, they destroyed it (the idea was to kill the Nazis inside… although they were the mostt fortified).

The Nazis were always one armored division short of victory in Normandy. One month was necessary to take Caen (July 9). It was supposed to be taken right away, but the Nazis succeeded to sneak in a few Tiger tanks.

Sabotage and aerial attacks is why the Nazi armored divisions were prone to massacre civilians: the FFI (Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur) suffered 14,000 dead in combat (or summarily assassinated). Most of these combats were surprise attack of FFI on Nazi troops.


Don’t Smirk At the 177 French Commandos of D Day:

Once a reader made fun of the fact that few French (3058) took part in Overlord.  I will assume that readers are familiar with the basic story of D Day: on June 6 1944, in a window of less bad weather, between storms, called perfectly by Allied meteorologists, 150,000 soldiers disembarked on the huge Normandy beaches east of the Cotentin peninsula. Half of the troops were US, the other half UK and Canadian. The French high command had not been informed and only 177 elite French commandos landed in the first few minutes. They were first in their sector and neutralized Nazi heavy guns. Within seconds, four were dead, and ten gravely wounded.

On D Day, 3,400 Allied soldiers died. Overall, 200,000 Allied soldiers were dead or wounded during the Normandy campaign. 5,000 Canadian soldiers died in Normandy. Trump, perfectly relaxed, celebrated his “exceptional” relations with the French president, while visiting a US territory along the coast in France adorned with more than 9,400 US tombstones. Things sure have changed since 1944, when the relations between French and US presidents were execrable… To make sure France would humiliated and made easy to occupy, Roosevelt was keen to have no French military involved in France. Thankfully, his own generals knew better: the French army had played a crucial role in Tunisia and Italy. Ike and Al. intended to use experienced French and Polish armored divisions and they performed superbly. Not content with freeing Paris, the French Second Armored division would free most of Alsace all by itself (after US Third Army troops, Patton had cleared some defense lines in the Vosges), in another armored dash which prevented the Nazis to organize defense lines. 


French Military Exploits In World War Two:

The Battle of France of May-June 1940 killed more than 50,000 Nazis, and the very best of them.Within seven months, though, Free French forces were capturing Kufra in Libya (Axis controlled oasis city). By the time of Bir Hakeim, June 1942, the Free French had strategically defeated the Afrika Korps (because the small French army saved the British 8th army from encirclement)  

However, a few weeks later the elite and very experienced French Second Armored division of General Leclerc would play a crucial role in the western campaign. General Leclerc, the French Desert Fox, nominally under the US command of Bradley and Ike, acting on his own, made a fulgurant strike towards Paris taking the Nazis (and the US!) by surprise, securing the liberation of Paris by the resistance before four Nazi divisions could get there. (Bradley and Ike decided


P51 Mustang, The US Superiority Fighter of Franco-British Origin: 

D Day was made possible because the Allies had destroyed Nazi Air Supremacy in months prior. This was made possible by massive bombing raids over Germany, and the hunting, mostly by superior long range US fighter-bombers, foremost of which was the P51 Mustang. Interestingly the Mustang was initially broadly designed by the French and British military which contracted with a lesser known US manufacturer with unused capacity: the idea was to mass produce such a plane overseas to supplement the production of Franco-British planes… hence the superior characteristics, because the best Franco-British planes were already better than their Nazi opponents.

France and British influence played a crucial role in World War Two, and not just because France launched the nuclear bomb program in January 1938.

The P51 Mustang was designed with a narrow fuselage and a laminar flow wing, giving it greater speed, and, or, greater range. When the US military realized that the plane ordered by thousands for the Royal Air Force was so superior, they mass produced it for the USA. Mustangs, equipped with supplementary tanks, accompanied the bombers, and then started to roam all around occupied Europe, hunting for German war planes.

In May 1940, the French and British Air Forces had been surprised by the Nazi Luftwaffe. Basically, the Germans were fully trained: they had acquired combat experience, starting more than four years before, fighting the Spanish Republic. The French and British pilots and their high command acquired experience within a week or so. But by then the battle of France had been lost, and only Dunkirk could be won. The following Battle of England clearly couldn’t be won by the Nazis: after losing nearly 2,000 planes during the Battle Of France, they would lose even more (and the air crews!) over England. The Spitfires were better planes than their Nazi opponents (574 of the Allied aircrews fighting over England were not English, but Polish, New Zealanders, Canadians, etc.)

In May 1940 was that the Nazis had air supremacy for a few crucial days, just at the place where it mattered: the Meuse-Sedan area. In contrast, the Allies had total air supremacy all over Europe by June 1944.

When Marshall Erwin Rommel travelled by day on July 17 1944, his car was attacked by an allied plane, and he was gravely wounded (skull fractures). Unfortunately that severely impacted the 20th July 1944 coup against Hitler (Rommel was supposed to head the plot, as the highest general of most of the Nazi forces in the West).   

Allied air supremacy forced in turn Nazi forces to move mostly by night… when they could be hit by the French Resistance most effectively.

The French Resistance played a huge role to facilitate the disembarkment: Nazi generals evaluated that the Resistance occupied at least 17 Nazi divisions.

An example was the Vercors, a high mesa like mountain range south west of Grenoble, with 9 maquisards camps as early as 1943. By May 1944, it was fully liberated. A first fascist attack in June 1944 was repelled. Then a full Nazi assault in July 1944 on 5,000 Resistance fighters remobilized 15,000 elite Nazi troops, including SS paratroopers landing on the air field prepared for allied troops. Around 1,000 FFI and French civilians got killed

L’Armee Africaine in Provence:

260,000 African soldiers under the French flag, the African army, disembarked on 14 August 1944 (one of the soldiers was a Marseilles soccer player, Benbellah, later Algerian “president”; an officer was my own father). The first wave was US. An entire paratroop US detachment was dropped in the sea by Saint Tropez.

Overall, if one adds the official resistance troops and the French African Army, one gets 1.4 million combatants. In comparison, all the Vichy fascist troops and their collaborators were 400,000 (and they were well paid in a country which was starving as the Nazis rob france to feed Germany.  

Into the Jaws of Death“, a famous picture of D Day. (It was colorized recently.) Notice the bodies on the beach… US troops landing, paying the price of the US Deep State manipulations and the coming “US Century”… If the US had helped France in 1939-1940, none of this would have been necessary.

The German army, the Wehrmacht was under assault in the West, under assault in the east, the “Bagration Operation” led by Marshal Zhukov”, and the uppercut came from the assault from the south, in Provence. That provided the ports they Allies needed. “Bagration” was launched with 166 “Rifle divisions”, 1.25 million soldiers, and soon grew to twice that. It annihilated 28 Nazi divisions and happened simultaneously with Normandy. Clearly Hitler had made too many enemies…

Whereas, the entire German army was launched against France in 1940, with two-third of the forces concentrated on a few kilometers west of Sedan, and all the experienced Nazi air force was concentrated there too. The British and French High Commands had never seen such a thing, and couldn’t figure it out. By the time they understood, a few days later, it was too late.

1944 was the exact opposite. Germany had no more aviation, and only a very small fraction of the Nazi army was in Normandy (5% of the 228 Nazi divisions on the Eastern Front)…. instead of having nearly all of it on a very small front.

Nietzsche famously said there were no facts, only interpretations. Well, yes and no. Plunging one’s naked hand in boiling water will result in skin damage: a fact, not an interpretation. 

War is an excellent situation in learning to make distinctions between facts, truth, fake news, lies, dissembling, and how public opinion is led astray by carefully controlling the ecology of logic itself. Knowing that Nazi Germany engaged in euthanasia against its own population by Fall 1939, should have been enough for the USA to join its parents, France and Britain, in fighting infamy. Why this was not the case, questions the deepest values animating US society.

What is sure is that, had the US joined France and Britain before June 22 1940, dozens of millions of people who got killed, and astounding horror would not have been unleashed.

By 1944, most of the German army had been soiled by Nazism, and was fighting with utmost despair the hour of reckoning with its own crimes. Luckily, D Day worked.

Fascism in the Twentieth Century was rendered possible because of the deep, hidden conflict between the two great Republics of France and the US. The source of this conflict was that the US Deep State, misguided by its own plutocrats, took the easy route to deny the very principle of the Republic, to satisfy the greed of an elite (it’s the same Republic in France or the US).  Indeed, the same philosophies (say Montesquieu) inspired both nations to renew with the psychological mechanics which made the Roman Republic possible. By having much of the US leadership collaborating with fascism in the Twentieth Century, the Republic of the USA turned its back on the very principles which made it rise… and turned its back on its parent, France. Clearly a mistake.

It is reassuring to see that the present US leadership increasing understands this.

Patrice Ayme


[1]; The most famous case of US plutocrat engineering Nazism was Henry Ford, who basically created Hitler, by inspiring and financing him handsomely, as early as the early 1920s. Ford’s book on Jews was free at the Nazi headquarters in Munich.


Could France and Britain have defeated the Nazis in 1940?

Considering that D Day would have well failed without the Resistance, the Allied air superiority, or the Nazis realizing earlier that D Day was the real thing, how can one ask whether France and Britain could have defeated the entire Nazi army in 1940? But the truth is, the Nazis SHOULD have been defeated in 1940, had the French High Command gone according to the most basic book on normal military operation: one keeps a reserve. Had the Mobile Reserve of General Girault been kept in reserve, or, more generally, had the advance in Belgium been made more carefully, French armor would have cut behind the Nazi Panzer thrust. At that point the Nazis were pretty much finished.

In any case the Nazis suffered enormous losses during the battle of France of 1940.


75% of Jews in France were saved. The Jews who died were mostly refugees. In Italy 85% of Jews were saved. Because, when Mussolini, who had passed racial laws, learned that the Nazis were killing Jews, he refused to surrender his Jews to the Nazis. In contrast, disingenuously the Anglo-Saxon tried to claim they didn’t know Jews were being systematically assassinated…









2 Responses to “Hidden Truths About World War Two, Centered On D Day”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Lots to chew on. Is that notion of deep state identical to a sort of collective unconscious of the US upper classes? Did they help create a mess because they saw they had an interest to create a mess, or was it more prosaic?


  2. Gary Sullivan Says:

    ‘When an ascending power finds a trick to get descending powers to fight among each others, its ascent will be easier.’

    Oldest trick in the book.


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