GENERALIZED PLUTOCRACY Rules, Or Why We Are Heading Towards Mass Extinction

WHAT IS PLUTOCRACY? Literally, EVIL RULE! The Notion of “Plutocracy” Is Thus Crucially More General Than Is Usually Suspected. The Present Political System Is Intrinsically Evil… Something Rather Foolhardy In The Thermonuclear Age!

This essay is not just about plutocracy in the way it is usually understood. Because therein is, once again, pointed out the fact that “representative democracy” is a contradiction in adjecto, and what we really have, when we talk of “representative democracy”, is plutocracy light, and calling it “democracy” is joining insult, irrealism, to injury.

Plutocracy light, at the local level, this so-called “representative democracy” sustains and supports what we have, de facto, potentially the greatest plutocracy, ever, in the history of the known universe. The maximal rule of hell, ever. As a result, the history of history may turn out rather short.

Verily, “Representative Democracy” is neither “democracy”, nor “representative”.

Plutocracy is instigated by the monopoly of power, made possible by the domination of an evil mentality (“Pluto”). A trivial example is Hitler, Stalin, Augustus, Ceausescus and hordes of other dictators, who, having monopolized outrageous power, could only keep alive with ever more mass murder and mass atrocities. 

Indeed, this is true even at the individual psychopathic level: the crazed neurology of the low lives serial murderers craves for ultimate power, that of destroying others, and even oneself. Fatally, the same exclusive craving for that same subjugation characterizes most of those who aspire to the highest positions of power [1]. 

Plutocracy is the monopoly of power. All the more dangerous, as power becomes ever more powerful, to the point it makes minds as it wishes, logically, cognitively, emotionally. Thus, in an age where monopolies grow, and when monopolies grow on minds, so does plutocracy. 

Plutocracy lives from the assent of the upper classes, which, as in the fascist Roman empire, are part of it, profits from it, and are occasional victims of it (see Putin’s Russia for the clearest examples). 

A US cartoon from 1911 (when the US still had a class struggle consciousness). The Pyramidal Organization of Plutocratic Society. This not human, because humans are not ants, bees, or termites. Humans are not meant to live at the bottom of the pyramid.

It is illustrative that, as the French Republic just took tax action against the tech monopolies, a bipartisan effort in US Senate screamed “injustice”. This bipartisan defense of monopolistic plutocracy shows how much sold to plutocracy and monopolies, US politicians are that they find French politicians unfair to US plutocracy, and want to legislate [2].

The full concept that the word “plutocracy” depicts, is not just what is usually assumed. That assumption, per se, is misinformation. According to a partial, and actually minor, interpretation of the concept “Pluto” as the god of wealth, plutocracy would just be the rule of wealth

For example when the Macedonian fascist Uber dictator Antipater, senior successor of Alexander took control of Athens, he decided that only wealthy individuals could vote… On the surface, that looks like just this: only the wealthy took part in government. But, actually, it meant that those not part of the oligarchy, such as non-collaborating philosophers, such as Demosthenes, were executed at will. So the government of a few wealthy ones was extremely bloody. And so it always will be, as human beings are not made to be treated as things.



This is clearly the case etymologically and historically speaking: Pluto is the god of hell, not just wealth. Plutocracy, rule of hell, corrupts everything, not just finance and the economy, but also psychology, morality, an even rationality, cognition, and motivation. How one wants to move, what moves someone, is different under plutocracy.

Conventional wisdom constrains the concept of plutocracy to only be the rule of the wealthy. Then plutocracy is only viewed as “excessive wealth disorder”. Viewed this way, plutocracy has mostly economic impacts. Big money has been able to imprint the multitudes with big lies, capturing the judiciary, misinforming about global warming, immigration, fossil fuels, the ecological crisis, even nuclear energy (which is not a friend of fossil fuels). 

Plutocracy is much more than a type of economy, or politics, it’s a power obsessed sadomasochist mental derangement so friendly to oligarchy that only perfusion with the Darkest Side makes it sustainable. 

So naturally, plutocracy verses in the cruellest activities, such as torturing youth. As the second Roman emperor, Tiberius, adoptive son of Augustus, did on the island of Capri. Or as billionaire Epstein, a personal friend of Clinton or Trump, did on the island of Manhattan [3]. Media (such as the New York Times) don’t understand why Epstein left so many proofs of his illegal tortures of children… but absolute power is made to be flaunted absolutely. Only then does it subjugates.

Real wisdom, in full cognizance of the mental panorama at our disposal: Plutocracy is much more than the rule of wealth, it’s the rule of hell


A bit of revealing etymology: 

How the word plutocracy, in Greek “ploutokratia” arose is tells much. Initially Πλούτος (Ploutos) means wealth in Greek. Πλουτων or Πλουτωνας (Plouton, Ploutonas) was means “he who gets rich/wealthy” and was another name for Hades the God of Underworld.  “Hades”, the god of the underworld, acquired such a terrible reputation, that no decent Greek would dare to utter His original name anymore… However the wealthy were obviously felt to be hellish, so the word “Pluto” came to be used… to designate Hades. It all made sense in more ways than one: wealth was associated with precious stones and other underground riches. 

Associating hell, wealth, power, the underground and obscurity was not new: Angra Manyu, the Babylonian god of obscurity, the Dark Side, had been fighting Ahura Mazda, the god of Enlightenment, for millennia, right in the middle of Mesopotamia. (The equivalent Jewish concept is Satan, and it was passed to Christianism and Islamism through the Bible.)

A characteristic of Pluto is that he can make Himself invisible. So, naturally, its contemporary admirers denies the Dark Side, Pluton, is of any importance; nothing to see here, move on: the free market is an intrinsic good.

Jesus declared the wealthy had as high a probability to end in paradise as a camel through the eye of a pin. Summing up, all the mythologies of the Dark Side agree that wealth and hell are intimately tied together

Philosopher scientist Hypatia teaching a class. The philosopher was destroyed by the divinization of the spirit of Roman plutocracy grandly called “Catholic Orthodoxy” (Common Opinion Universalism), Christianism, then in full bloom. Christianism brought us extremely close to the total destruction of civilization in Western Eurasia.

How does the tie up between wealth and hell work? 

Money is part and parcel of power: it enables us to get other people or institutions to do what we want them to do. Thus huge money is huge power onto others. Reciprocally, huge power is the equivalent of extreme wealth

However, having huge power onto others is a violation of fundamental violation of the conditions enabling normal, evolutionarily anticipated human behavior: human beings didn’t evolve to do whatever other human beings wanted them to do. In other words, huge power on other human beings is intrinsically evil… by god given, that is evolutionary given standards.

However, there is a side of human nature which, given huge power of some individuals on humanity, makes matters much worse: human beings come equipped with a Dark Side… more or less present, according to individuals. 

In other words, although human beings come equipped by standards of good and evil, there is a meta system controlling simple goodness and badness, where all values become inverted. Good becomes bad, bad becomes good. This is how the divine species, Homo, prevents Homo to ruin it all for us, by massacring enough Homo, as needed. In other words, not only is demonicity strong in human beings, but, like Pluto, it is buried and knows how to make itself invisible. Moreover, it appears preferably as a bait and switch. 


The present political system selects for psychopaths, perfect operators for plutocracy:

All variable natural phenomena, are situated on a Bell Curve (exp – (x^2)). For the examples at hand, plutocracy and demonicity, this means that the evl streak is more or less represented in human beings. However the Will to Power itself acts as a filter: it will be stronger in the most evil ones. 

For example, many individuals become billionaires because they want power onto other individuals more than normal people do: the Dark Side, the Will to Power Onto People, is stronger in them (think of the characters at the head of the Galactic empire in Star wars; human history is full of them; actually in Star Wars the head of the Senate conspire to become emperor… just as Octavian really did when he became Augustus…). 

Enabling, and a fortiori encouraging, the occurrence of immense wealth, and immense power thus fosters the Dark Side, Pluto, Hell, in part by encouraging preferentially psychopaths to reach the greatest power. It is only natural: exerting maximum power onto others is intrinsically evil, psychopaths fit the job description best. 

The psychopathic leeches who lead us (to Armageddon and Mass Extinction) enjoy their power on us, including that of playing with the law, throwing basic decency to the winds. Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein… seriously why has nobody noticed this? because they didn’t want to notice we are under plutocracy, the power (kratia) of evil (Pluto)… The pundits who massage and brainwash our minds are paid for us NOT to notice, or even suspect this. Like they didn’t notice that Obama landed in a big private jumbo jet in another tax free private island next to Pedophile Island… Clinton was accompanied with up to ten secret service agents on some of the Lolita express flights….

The characters so encouraged are often going to be among the silliest of men, most full of themselves: Trump is an example… but, once again, history is full of them: most monarchs had that streak of self-obsessed babyhood (it’s not just Caligula and Nero, it’s also Constantine, etc.)

That sort of organization percolates down society. The Nazis called it the “Guide Principle”… but it’s not just the Third Reich which is organized that way. Lack of Direct Democracy is thus pervasive in the entire socioeconomic organization… which depends upon a hierarchy of little chiefs all the way down. One problem with that is that the collapse of the biosphere is everybody’s business. Another is that Artificial Intelligence and the concentration of Instruments of Mind Manipulation threatens to turn all into slaves, without them even suspecting it…  .


Remedies: Limit Absolutely Wealth, Power, Privileges…

Accordingly to the preceding fundamental observations, the Roman Republic limited both power and wealth strictly, and at a very low level. This is probably why it lasted 5 centuries in unadulterated form. 

However, globalization, from Roman military conquests enabled the wealthiest Romans to go overseas and escape Roman law, stricto sensu, as this extended only over Italy (not Spain, nor Africa, nor Gallia). Thus the limits on wealth and power were circumvented. Roman  plutocrats thus created, became so powerful, they were able to make it so that anti-wealth laws were not applied anymore. Then their power increased to the point they could employ private armies and kill progressives (such as the Gracchi). 

Plutocracy is an effect of the power chain reaction which enables a small elite to enslave the majority, thanks to the intrinsic leverage that civilization provides. Thus, it’s a danger in all and any civilization, at all and any time. 

Once again, plutocracy is, first of all, a psychological, one should say spiritual, phenomenon. Plutocracy corrupts minds, often by example. As most people see what the higher ups get away with, they themselves engage in something similar, to the much smaller case that is their adobe.


Hence, after Roman emperors came to be seen as living gods, and then representants on Earth of the one and only god, most people tried to emulate them in Christian fanaticism… and go further (see the death of Hypatia by torture, at the hands of a Christian mob).

Civilizations die from plutocracy. Any civilization is a balance between the necessities of the multitude (law, order, etc.), and the human ethology, which evolved for small human groups. Plutocrats can only enslave the multitude by persuading it, brain washing it, conditioning it, to not think and feel right. Thus, an effect of plutocracy is that the entire civilization it affects is impacted in all ways and methods which require reason, and a correct sentiment.  

A civilization with metastatic plutocracy is thus unable to handle any crisis: it becomes as stupid as possible. So plutocracy is characterized with dementia; all sorts of bad decisions are taken. It is even worse than that, because the will to stupidity is deliberate under plutocracy: the way plutocrats see it, bad decisions distract people, and are actually good, if they subjugate, hurt and weaken We The People.

In particular, a plutocracy will have a bad economy, as plutocratic Rome got, in the Third Century CE. A further example is the Late Roman empire, which became such a plutocracy that it was too stupid to solve around 200 different crises which were allowed to fester… and then the Roman empire was fatally weakened by a resource crisis and pressed by the Germans themselves pushed by the Huns… Another example is the Maya, struck by a very severe drought, who took the wrong decisions, making the ecological crisis worse, bringing total war.

The usual concept of plutocracy needs to be generalized, to see it for what it is: plutocracy is a rotting of minds. Only rot makes it possible, only ever more rot makes it sustainable.

Society could be organized differently, say as real Demos-Kratia, real People Power, with Referenda all over the place. Thus, one further question is why do people tolerate to be living like worker ants, insignificant termites? 

In other words, why nihilism, sadomasochistic society, etc? Because human beings are made for these behaviors. The Darkest Side is always how ecological overstretch was handled. Lebensraum for real. A result is that human beings are, potentially, to some extent, Machiavellian in the worst possible ways [4]. Moreover, a plutocratic mood, as presently pervades society, encourages the darkest of the Dark Side.

And this is why we have “Launch On Warning” (LOW)… and nobody of significance seems to care, let alone even seems to know about it…. 

Patrice Ayme



[1] … With the quasi-exception of those who really purely crave to implement some progressive political Revolution. Solon, the Gracchi, Marius, Caesar (!), Emperor Julian, Queen Bathilde, Charlemagne (!), William the Conqueror (!), Henry V, Henri III & IV, Louis XVI (!) are such possible counter-examples… The point is not that they didn’t destroy people (perhaps more than one million Celts in the case of Caesar… however he didn’t start it…), but that those means were imposed on them, and the ends they aimed for were laudable (and partly achieved; Caesar, as head of the Populares, had identified Rome’s most major problems: Germans and Parthans).


[2] US President Trump ordered an investigation into France’s tax on tech monopolies – a move that could result in retaliatory tariffs… with full approval of the so-called “Democrats”.

The tax will target around thirty (30) firms such as Google and Facebook with a 3% levy on revenue made inside France. The tax is expected to raise about €400m ($450m) in 2019. Any digital company with revenue of more than €750m – of which at least €25m is generated in France – would be subject to the tax.

[Mr Trump] has directed that we investigate the effects of this digital services tax law and determine whether it is discriminatory or unreasonable and burdens or restricts United States commerce,

The inquiry was welcomed by Republican Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Senator Ron Wyden, the senior Democrat on the panel.

Senior Democrat? Senior People-Power person is all for tech monopolies which pay no taxes?

The digital services tax that France and other European countries are pursuing is clearly protectionist and unfairly targets American companies in a way that will cost US jobs and harm American workers,” they said in a joint statement. Protectionist? US companies, including the GAFA are crawling all over France, where they have achieved monopolistic powers, tax exempt. So much for “Democrats” being against plutocracy. 

The digital tax is a risk for France, for the country at the origin of the Human Rights Charter, is now isolated. Talk of a Europe-wide tech tax, faltered thanks in part to opposition from countries such as Ireland, Luxembourg or even the Netherlands, which benefit from being able to attract tech firms to set up quasi tax-free bases through which to launder their world profits. This is reminiscent of the plutocratization of the Roman empire.


[3] Wealthy plutocrat Epstein connected to the greatest,was condemned for among other activities, soliciting sex from 12 year old girls: 

in full knowledge of what he was doing, Epstein was on first-name terms with two presidents, Bill Clinton (“Jeffrey is both a highly successful financier and a committed philanthropist,” Clinton once said) and Donald Trump (“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side,” Mr Trump said almost two decades ago, in a wink to pedophilia). 

Since Epstein was charged in 2006 both commanders in chief distanced themselves from Mr Epstein. However, shortly before that, Bill Clinton had taken at least 26 trips on the “Lolita Express”, Epstein’s private jet. Top democrats (Cyrus Vance, etc.) intervened on behalf of Epstein to reduce his status of sex offender. It’s not just Tiberius who tortured people on his island of Capri… Much of the present highest level society is entangled with sex trafficking… in no small reason because individuals such as the obscure and mighty Maxwells are pulling the strings. (As PM Shamir of Israel said when Maxwell senior was buried, he couldn’t reveal all what he did; Maxwell owned media and made a killing from huge margins on scientific publishing… One more way in which the university system reveals itself to be plutocratic as public funds are used to finance astronomical private wealth…) 

The world in general, and the US in particular, should reconsider the enormous powers it institutionally gives to psychopaths… 


[4] As Balances of Good and Evil, Human beings are intrinsically Machiavellian. So Machiavellian, they play themselves, and only by some of their distant acts, sometimes, their true nature is revealed… to themselves 

Many love some of the advantages plutocracy provides, or could provide them. So they pose as if they were pure, fanatical opponents of the system, but actually are there to sabotage opposition, by exhibiting crazed fanaticism.

Politics is a war, not just of classes, but of ideas. Not all ideas of Trump are bad and against the times. French socialist PM Michel Rocard said: France can’t welcome all of the world’s miserable people. 

Enabling mass immigration to the West is not the panacea, the global solution for billions of people living in less fortunate circumstances. One can’t just say: it’s criminal to reject those who have no legal right to live here. 

Similarly, in a country which doesn’t provide free healthcare, why should unlawful immigrants, and the whole planet be told, in advance, that they would be treated better than US-born citizens? 

Such silly declamations will insure a Trump victory. Way worse: they are will foster ever more plutocracy. The way to insure progress is by focusing on a few points, such as Medicare For All, or a Public Option… A wealth tax, a transaction tax, breaking monopolies, etc. while leaving alone outrageous racist accusations and the like.

Posers who are keen to destroy any chance of serious progress, know they will be rewarded by the powers that be. That’s why they pose. Treachery and backstabbing, to be sustainable, has to be well rewarded…


Yes, published on July 14, 2019… 230 years after seizing the Bastille, symbol of executive privilege… 😉




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27 Responses to “GENERALIZED PLUTOCRACY Rules, Or Why We Are Heading Towards Mass Extinction”

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    So, what’s the solution? (And excuse me but I don’t understand what ‘Launch on Warning’ refers to.)


  2. Gmax Says:

    So the gist of this. We have a sense of good and evil, bcs we evolved that way from caring for babies, as you explained in the past.

    We are bad, bcs it’s good for the ecology.

    Civilization has made it possible to have a few chiefs on top, and that’s bad, from psychobiology. That’s plutocracy and it’s self feeding bcs being bad it can only stay on top by getting worse.

    In past you pointed out oligarchy made us all stupid, and that was the worst

    Liked by 1 person

  3. SDM Says:

    Identity politics is the Dems weak spot, they just can’t seem to resist this political black hole. But may Dems are well paid to do down this road. We the people favor Medicare for all, affordable education, living wage, etc. but donor owned Dems will gladly go do a faux fight and then capitulate to the donor owned GOP while selling out the people.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. Obama proposed Medicare For All. Pelosi helped to shut it down. I’m on Pelosi’s side right now… although I agree with much of the most extreme left wing stuff… This identity politics, as you call it… including embracing Wahhabist Islam… is the ticket to get nothing done.

      I was raised in (SUFI) Muslim countries, and was trying to explain today to a (blonde! blue eyes! clear skin) “black” US lawyer today that Wahhabism was literal Islam which, in the Twelfth Century brought the death penalty under Saladin… And thus, fearing literal Islam was not racism, etc… She was replying that cartoons of Muhammad were racist, not funny… She didn’t know that in Sufi countries Muhammad is viewed just as a stepping stone… and there are better now…

      All politicians of big countries (France, USA, etc.) live like monarchs….


  4. Gloucon X Says:

    Great post. America could not have reached the depths of plutocracy that it has without the help of its large mob of fundamentalist Christians, most of whom are praying for a catacymic war that brings Jesus riding on a cloud to rapture them into heaven. Humankind as a species with a future has no meaning to them. And, of course, our plutocracy, especially the Republican part of it, loves and panders to these sick psychopaths. That’s what’s behind Trump’s trying to start a war with Iran.

    “Plutocracy must be annihilated.”


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks GlouconX! The pro-Christian propaganda never stops. A history book (“10 Caesars”) just written by a US academic historian, shoots down Gibbon’s thesis, that Christianity caused the Fall of the Roman State as “nonsense”… He conveniently doesn’t even mention once in his book the Cold River Battle of 394 CE, when the Goths of Theodosius annihilated the Occidental, Frankish and secular Roman army….
      That means that, to this day, Christianity is viewed as great tool of obscurantism promoting Diversion Derangement Syndrome (see my reply to JMG…). As some commenter (maybe you) pointed out here, obviously the Plutos hope to replace Christianism by Islamism, its descendant…


  5. John Michael Gartland Says:

    “A civilization with metastatic plutocracy is thus unable to handle any crisis: it becomes as stupid as possible. So plutocracy is characterized with dementia; all sorts of bad decisions are taken.”

    John Michael Gartland: The stupidity is built in and part of the overall design.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, indeed. It works in part by inciting the Diversion Derangement Syndrome (DDS). For example, if the USA didn’t act against Hitler (until after Hitler had declared war to the US on December 11, 1941) everybody is supposed to know, after studying “history” that is because of “isolationism”. In truth US plutocracy used Nazism to grow, and democracy to weaken… To accomplish this, plutocracy made the media it owned spread disinformation about what was really going on, and why… TDS is part of DDS…


  6. Kevin Berger Says:

    “So plutocracy is characterized with dementia” And to think some believe The Donald is not the figurehead the anglos deserve. 4 more years!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      En fait, The Donald is milder than Obama the Great, in many important ways. Les Américains sont furieux de leur propre mentalité, que le Donald leur renvoie si bien… La seule candidature qui compte, c’est Warren, qui bouge les mentalites…


    • Gmax Says:

      This means we deserve what we got? YES! 4 more years


  7. ianmillerblog Says:

    I would not put Caligulae (he had two feet) in with the grossly evil. He was clumsy, and his problem was he vented his considerable intelligence on the senatorial class, i.e your plutocrats. He was always putting them down, and the example of his making his horse a senator was really to show what he thought of the senatorial class. I am not saying he was good, but if you go for these accusations of his being a tyrant, only 13 executions can be attributed to him, and those who participated in the three coup/assassination attempts that he survived were included in those 13. He carried out some silly publicity exercises, usually to humiliate someone else, but this doesn’t make him the evil tyrant he usually portrayed as. Ther ewer outpourings of genuine sympathy when he was assassinated, which inevitably lead o Claudius being his replacement. His basic problem was that it was the senatorial class that wrote the histories. It is a pity his part in “The Annals” has been lost.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Alright, Ian! A defender of Caligula! At last! OK, I agree, things are not so clear. Caligula’s father had tremendous reputation…
      The Principate was so bad, quite a bit like Nazism (minus racism), that it’s like comparing Nazis among each others…

      Once Roman society was engaged in the Principate, hard to see how to get out of it… The most determined, most promising, but short lived, attempt was Julian (probably back lanced by a Christian fanatic when he wore no armor…) I don’t know why he had to go risk everything in Mesopotamia, though…

      The first problem with the Principate is that it failed, militarily, epidemiologically, technologically, ecologically, politically, etc…. Middle Age plutocracy in Europe didn’t fail… In no small reason because tech advanced at enough of a good clip… and the feudal system was military resilient… So when the ecology got threatened, strong measures were taken… so the plague of 1348 had no military impact (differently from those affecting Rome)….


  8. pshakkottai Says:

    Hi Patrice: “Christianism brought us extremely close to the total destruction of civilization in Western Eurasia.”
    It is still trying it in India.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gmax Says:

      Could you please explain this, I thought India was hindu and muslim


      • pshakkottai Says:

        Originally all Hindu, later Muslim due to conquests similar to what happened to Constantinople and later Christianity is eating up parts of Indian territory (Goa had inquisitions too) mostly along the borders of Northwest and Kerala in the south. Christianity converted S Korea from a few % to more than 30% in a few years and they are trying it in India. They actively collect souls whereas Hindus have no interest in any organized religion and are therefore at a disadvantage. If they don’t take corrective measures civilization will lose. India is a non religious country at heart (and therefore more civilized). Greece and Rome would have been like India but for Christianity.


        • Gmax Says:

          I guess you mean EVANGELICALS, the sort of folks who vote for Trump. Or is it Catholics too? Anyway so those Christians eat Indian spirituality??


          • pshakkottai Says:

            All. In India, all Abrahamic religionists and Evangelists and Marxists cooperate and constitute Breaking-India Forces. They can’t stand civilization (of both Europe and India which have lots in common.)


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Christianism’s success was to make the masses brutal, supine and simplistic, to better serve their military and plutocratic masters.

            Liked by 1 person

  9. JP Collins Says:

    I think it’s more about having access to a meritocracy and opportunity. It’s the class you were born in that causes income inequality. And if a person rails against income inequality it doesn’t automatically mean they want everyone to suddenly be poor. It just means that there needs to be more egalitarianism , more opportunity for everyone to not have to live dirt poor


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      There is income inequality, and wealth inequality. Two different notions. If one person had all the income, and all the wealth, all others would die.
      One has to be careful in defining “income”. Modern finance enables one to spend a million dollar a year… And have no income. Most of the wealthiest people in the world have no income, and pay no taxes.

      More generally I would define to GINI coefficient by extending it to POWER itself.

      Right now, if a high school student is pretty good, she has little chance to make it to a top university (like those I long taught at). However, if her parents can pay $100,000/year, it will be easy… So much for the meritocracy… Therein networks will be made.

      I computed the Roman Republican ABSOLUTE WEALTH LIMIT was at most around $30 millions. That would be around 300 times average/median US wealth… So kicking in a wealth tax at $50 millions would be around 500 times that US average wealth (actually 650 times…). That’s only 84,000 households…
      A billionaire would have to pay 20 million a year… 2% tax… Now consider most of them pay NO tax right now… Whereas the upper middle class pays around 50% tax on its income….


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      A majority of millionaires support Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s proposed tax on large wealth, according to the CNBC Millionaire survey.
      Fully 60% of millionaires support Warren’s plan for taxing the wealth of those who have more than $50 million in assets.
      Warren’s proposal calls for a tax of 2% on wealth over $50 million and 3% on wealth over $1 billion.
      The presidential candidate estimates it would apply only to 75,000 of the richest families and would raise $275 billion a year.


  10. Rowan Campbell Millar Says:

    who decides where to put the limit & why? what if someone has $999,999,999 & i wanna purchase some vital goods or services from them for a dollar, thereby making them an evil billionaire whose wealth will be confiscated, which means they would logically refuse me the transaction


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      This comment reflects well the intellectual level of those opposing the wealth tax (the commenter admits to be a life term minimum wage earner… Compensating for lof life status by worrying about billionaires?)

      A wealth tax’s primary function is not meant to be a significant income earner for the state. It’s primarily supposed to limit power and influence of the wealthiest. Wealth tax: If you pay a billionaire ten dollars, and he admits, after taxes and cost of doing business, to have made a one dollar profit, he will be taxed 3 cents. Call that confiscation if you wish to sound idiotic. Wealthy friends of mine have several six figures electric cars entirely written off was “company trucks”.

      Liked by 1 person

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