Madness is often a metalogic. Madness has its reasons that more restricted reason doesn’t.

Any logic needs, to exist, a metalogic. Restricting oneself to the former, makes the latter, literally, unreasonable.

When contemplating past acts of madness, putting them in a fully rational context requires to find out who, or what, profited from them. There lays the metalogic in which madness reveals itself to be rational.

Here we will study some more the following craziness, the will to destroy 83 year old state commissioned art, from Communist Arnautoff, and ponder who profits from it. In the preceding essay WANT HUMAN? FREE TRUTH! Instead, San Francisco Promotes Lying, While Hating History, Reality“, I had emphasized that there is nothing more human than truth. Here I will focus on for whom madness tolls:

After half a century of debate, the San Francisco Board of Education voted unanimously in June to destroy thirteen murals depicting the life of George Washington that line the halls of a high school named after the first US president. The murals offend some uneducated critters by depicting two original sins of the United States, namely : slavery and the Native American genocide. They even evoke the alliance of the French regular troops with the Indians. 

One would guess that individuals offended by the evocation of Natives’ genocide belong to the “Make America Great Again” crowd. But quite the opposite, or so they claim! But then why are they acting even more racist and white nationalists than Trump’s supporters?

One of the murals the San Francisco Board of Education and the PC crowd want to destroy. It depicts (in the back) French troops (in blue) surrendering, while their Native American allies flee. At the time Washington was a colonel in the British army. And committed a war crime against French troop, assassinating 35 of them… In the center, Indians in black and white are turning into ghosts… main work of Washington… That the French were allies to the “Indians” may come as news to the ignorant, and reveal that some of the opposition between France and the USA, in how one should interact with Natives, and in economic models, has very deep roots…

I have always been anti-racist and anti-fascist (I was even attacked physically because of this, more than once). According to some who, nowadays, claim to be antiracist, and antifascist (“antifa”) … while exhibiting the exact opposite behaviors, engage in magical behavior.

According to modern “antifa”, forgetting infamy ever happened is how to fight it. So are we going to destroy what’s left of Auschwitz to make sure we can’t remember something ever happened there? That would be the ultimate holocaust denial. What could help Nazism more?

Wanting to destroy art representing horror means not wanting to learn the worst that happened, and thus the most important which did happen, and thus, may happen again. 

To destroy the evocation of infamy with fighting infamy itself is confusing message and fact, observing and thinking. 

Only a collapse of the educational system could have gotten us so low. We saw this when the Roman state collapsed under the blows of the Roman Catholic inquisition: heresy (making a choice) became subject to capital punishment. It made no sense: how was capital punishment going to help the almighty god? Punishing heresy by death was a sacrifice of reason itself, precisely because it made no sense whatsoever. The true aim of the Roman emperors (such as Theodosius !) instituting Roman Catholic terror was not help god, but to terrorize those who wanted to use reason.

We have a similar phenomenon here. Those who want to “repair” past injustices and crimes, so they claim for the holocaust of the American Natives and slavery, want to do as if those crimes never happened, erase all memory… something Romans did to those they condemned for high crimes against the state: the famous “damnatio memoriae”…. But in this case, it would erase all the crimes against humanity committed by the English Colony in America, and the US.

It makes no sense, it’s an outrage against reason. And if we disagree, we will be punished by being called terrible things, damaging our entire existence. 

As during the collapse of Rome, it doesn’t take very long to realize that violating and punishing reason, terrorizing those who want to use it, profits those who can only fester when reason is not applied to them, the plutocrats. We The People, once deprived of reason, won’t make a revolution…

It may sound strange that individuals who claim to be on the “left” and “progressive” would promote plutocracy. But this is exactly what happened in the later stages of the Roman state, both in occident and the orient [1]. Roman plutocracy had two dimensions, one that of the military (Constantine/Theodosius dynasties), the other that of wealth (much of it, senatorial). By putting Christian mentality in power, that triumph of unreason, it was made so that neither the tax-free status of wealthiest and the dictatorship of the emperors would be submitted to the scathing critique of reason.

Similarly, nowadays, the media controlling plutocracy drives the mental landscape by promoting obviously irrational and self-contradictory opponents, such as these “antifa” who want to destroy Communist ideology of 83 years ago, and confuse magical thinking with reality.

Want to find where reason lurks when confronted to unreason? Look no further than treason!

Any hope? A bit. Before the logical, there is the emotional. Trump has been accused, luridly, with treason. Now, supposing Trump gets his orders from Putin is silly. But what remains is that a president of the USA is accused, by a large part of public opinion, of treason. However silly in this particular case, it breaks an emotional paradigm. And that is that the leadership of the USA could be betraying those it overlords. Emotionally it means that the emotion that the reigning oligarchy is treacherous to We The People, is growing.

And it of course does: watch the mass extinction outside…

Patrice Ayme



[1] It is often said that the Roman state collapsed in the West in 476 CE (forced golden retirement of Augustus Romulus). But that’s silly, as the Franks, fully endowed of Roman state power, were acquiring control… And the Ostrogoths viewed themselves similarly as the Roman state in Italy (Constantinople agreed for the Franks, not for the Ostrogoths). Another common view is that the Roman state didn’t collapse in the Orient…. But it did with the Arab Muslim conquest, which took control of most of the Oriental Roman state. So the collapse of the Roman state in the Orient followed that of Occident within two centuries… Moreover, as the Franks soon viewed themselves fully as the Roman state… One can say the Roman state collapsed in the Orient and Africa… But not in the Occident (!)… the exact opposite of conventional wisdom…


Friedrich Nietzsche famously said: “Madness is rare in individuals – but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule.”  The preceding explains that such a madness of crowds can very well emerge as a mechanism of subjugation…

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  1. SDM Says:

    Political correctness run amok. You cannot instill moods against plutocracy by eradicating reminders of its evils. Confederate monuments should not be of generals who fought to preserve slavery but of Union soldiers who fought against that regime. US Grant monuments throughout the south would be appropriate, not Robt E Lee. Wonder how many in the south would want US Grant and Sherman civil war monuments in their town squares? Their hypocrisy would be exposed of course and so they would want none of that.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi SDM, great proposition! There should be monuments to those who fought the enslaving regime. The Slavery War (= Secession War) killed one million (around 3% of US population then)… To have monuments to those who fought the good fight, especially if it was a war in which they died, is how to certify again that the fight was good. It’s like re-certification of a pilot, an operator, a doctor, or a machine…

      There was a “Brexit” spirit to the Secession War, of course, and that’s why it’s called that way… But that masks the truth that, fundamentally, it was about slavery. If the South really wanted a loose confederation (the EU is a loose confederation already), it would have been smart to end slavery first (by proclamation… won’t have changed much in practice)… The fact they didn’t means they were obsessive about slavery and… “race”… Those practicing “identity politics” have succeeded to generalize racism (to Wahhabist Islam. foremost, thanks to petrodollars!)

      Many young people nowadays don’t understand that to fight slavery, genocide and racism, one has to know they happened. That lack of understanding, that to fight something one has to recognize its existence, first, is even more alarming than those sins themselves… According to these fools remembering that Hitler killed a few is not correct and should be painted over in white!!


      • SDM Says:

        Too many younger people have been deceived/taught that the confederate flag is merely a show of southern heritage or pride – that teaching is a major problem as it ignores slavery as the issue (they have been fed that the vague notion of “states rights” was the cause) that led to the bloodiest US war and the continuing racist US policies.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          There is too much non controversial teaching being ministered. It affected a country like France, making her increasingly intellectually fascist… What we see in the US is partly a consequence…


  2. ronaldscheckelhoff Says:

    The building of a fake future would normally be obvious to conscious thinking people. But, mind laziness (promoted intensely these days) – causes people to live in their sub-consciousnesses.

    Rote programming goes into the subconsciousness, and can be relied upon to make automatic decisions about things for lazy minded people. Consciousness in such people barely exists. The definition of hypnosis is (effectively) – a state of consciousness suppression, where the hypnotist speaks directly to the subconsious thought processes. Most of America is currently hypnotized, and such people agree with anything promoted by anybody. The promoters are taking keen advantage, I’m afraid …


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      We are all more or less hypnotized, we just need to choose our hypnoses better… This is blatant to me when I do dangerous sports, or while dreaming… As I explain in the next essay, it’s crucial to break hypnosis by brutally different hormonal and neurohormonal states…
      But I agree the situation in the USA is really something… But I am right now in France, and I saw today that blonde woman exhale her vaping, full of formaldehyde at a “sport” climbing cliff. She was fifteen feet from me, and, after a whiff, I knew she was poisoning me. Her baby’s head was inches away from the source of the toxic gas… I was pretty brutal against her portable Auschwitz, everybody heard me in a radius of sixty feet… She stopped it in a hurry…


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