Trump, Globalization & The Fall Of The Roman Republic

Trump has demolished much of the international plutocratic order which exported jobs, power and Intellectual Property to distant powers, first of which, China, a dictatorship. This exportation of all power overseas was a major betrayal and, had it proceeded further, would have lethally wounded democracy.

The Roman Republic fell precisely from the same mechanism. Because power was diverted from Italy to overseas territory, by the wealthiest Romans, for the wealthiest Romans. In particular, that exportation of power made local Roman law, and taxation, impotent. That process quickly made the average Roman citizen unemployed, or sub-employed, impoverished, exploited, begging, powerless. It all came down to “panem et circenses” as Juvenal said around 100 CE.

Hence Trump’s demolition of the unhealthy relationship with China (inter alia) was a laudable, extremely important task. Far from acknowledging this the “Democratic” elite has rolled it out as Trump crime number one. By contrast with Trump international democracy mitigation, the Biden business in Ukraine and China is the paradigm, the epitome of what is wrong with the old global, Davos plutocratic order: political elite doing business with political elite, exchanging wealth, power, relationships, in the process. The goal of reining in global plutocracy, all progressives, such as yours truly, who want no more billionaires, applaud.

The Fall Of Rome was no accident. In truth it took well above 550 years… to fall in the West… So I say, this is one of my pet ideas. By the time Rome assassinated and exterminated Carthage, Corinth, Numantia, Rome was mostly controlled by a rabid plutocracy (although it would wait another century, with the assassination of Caesar, to acquire full control). It took another 1,000 years, for Rome to fall in the Orient… By then it had been distanced and rendered obsolete by its Frankish offspring…

Trump’s posturing on climate is grotesque, but of relatively small consequence, so far: US states still proceed towards a green economy. Arguably, Obama’s encouragement of fracking was the real hurt on climate, and Trump bellowing for coal (which Obama tried to export), is just funny: plants are closing anyway from lack of profitability, lawsuits…

The editorial board of the New York Times recognizes it has long decided Trump was “unfit for office” (see September 27, 2019: “Why the Trump Impeachment Inquiry Is the Only Option“). That i equivalent to saying the anti-democratic world plutocracy is fit to rule. The board says the president should have made a request to ferret the Biden corruption through  the FBI… because the board is indignant that the president uses his office to help with his re-election… something all presidents running for re-election have done. OK, but we are in extraordinary times. A top French scientific panel came out a few days ago with the possibility of a seven meter (23 feet) sea level rise. Democracy needs to be boosted. That’s done by passing progressive laws, not by trying to turn into a martyr a clown in chief coming for re-election in 13 months.


This was a comment of mine to the NYT (which claims they read them all, so I am clinging to the ridiculous hope that they will understand what I am alluding to, from the pinnacle of civilization’s pterosaurian eye view). A reader sort of disagreed:

O, MD, @Patrice Ayme:

“OK, I can actually agree with some of this. Especially the part of no more billionaires, the export of jobs, etc. 

But Trump is most definitely not the answer, and he is anything but someone who wants to destroy the plutocracy. How could he be, if he signed a 1.5 trillion dollar tax bill that was aimed toward the rich?

How could be that, if he selects craven billionaires as part of his cabinet?

The fact is that he campaigned on, and then re-enforced with this inaugural address, that he was the champion of the lower classes. And then proceeded to govern in exactly the opposite way. 

And I most certainly cannot agree with the comment “…US states still proceed towards a green economy.” Did you miss the headline last week that the administration is seeking to revoke the California exemption?

I fully understand how a certain percentage of people who express the ideas you have expressed above voted for Trump in 2016, but I cannot understand how all of them do now not understand that they were tricked.”


Answer @O:

The war between Trump and California is interesting: both sides are correct, and hopefully, both will win, where they are correct. The piles of excrement and squalor in San Francisco Bay Area streets, which the EPA condemned are facts. I live there, and also observe that excrement and squalor are not found where the millionaire “Democratic” loud mouths live. This has got to stop, even the WHO said so. Now California is proceeding with green energy: starting January 1, 2020, all new homes have to have solar. Trump and California can even concur: the administration found the hydrogen fuel cell buses operating around Berkeley-Albany worked beyond all expectations (Obama had killed hydrogen fuel cell research… a US tech which got Apollo to the Moon [1]). The main problem California is having with green energy now is how to store it (34% of the electricity is green now, ahead of schedule). Trump of course is a billionaire, and was made so by US banks, part of a corrupt system lending to the wealthy. His cabinet, like Obama’s is full of extremely wealthy people and even more pull the strings, as under Obama. Depressing: that was supposed to a “Democratic” administration. But Trump is different. He is more like a viper one can make good anti-venom with. Global plutocracy escapes local laws: this is how Rome fell. If Warren becomes president (which I wish), she will be able (Congress willing) to tax US billionaires. Global wealth is more of a problem… which Trump is mitigating now.

Patrice Ayme



[1] Why Obama killed hydrogen can only be explained by corruption: it would prevent storage of sustainable energy. I had vicious exchanges with plutocrats who stood shoulder to shoulder with French or US presidents about that. And I was actually retaliated against! (My lawyer would probably prevent me to say more)

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2 Responses to “Trump, Globalization & The Fall Of The Roman Republic”

  1. O Says:

    MDSept. 27
    @Patrice Ayme

    I think you are the only person on the planet that has provided me with the ability to agree that Trump might have some kind of use – and I never thought it would be snake-related, although I should have! Just kidding .. I actually love snakes.

    I appreciate and respect your laser focus on what is perhaps the most important part and perhaps source of all political strife – inequality.

    I don’t believe that it is realistically possible to actually use Trump in any way, though, and I also think that he is, in fact, being used to better effect at the moment, by those who are precisely on the other side of our argument.

    But we can certainly disagree on this point.

    I do agree that Obama’s legacy is disappointing when it comes to this issue, as it was for Clinton – like when Clinton more or less forced out or at least created a reason to leave for Robert Reich, who I believe is by far the most skillful communicator/educator delivering information about inequality these days

    If Obama had surrounded himself with people like Reich and attacked inequality like he meant it, I’m pretty sure we would not have Trump. I refuse to believe (or perhaps I’m in denial) that the racist vote would have still propelled Trump to office.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments and focus on inequality. It really is an enormous and intractable problem.


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