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Are Billionaires Criminals? Is A Wealth Tax Needed To Save Civilization?

November 16, 2019

Jesus, the Christian superhero, is very clear: “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God…” Matthew 19:23-26 Just to make sure, it’s repeated in Mark and Luke. 

More can be very different: excess in anything, even good things, like water or oxygen, kill. Those who drive with grams of alcohol in their blood are criminal. So are those who drive countries with billions in their blood. It’s high time to understand the emotion underlying this. In the first century of the American Republic of United States, there were no billionaires.

What’s money? Power. A quiproquo of power. Once in the mountains south of the Caspian, I gave money to a baker I had just met, after a long run in the jungle, and he gave me in exchange a hot delicious nān. I got the life sustaining energy of his oven, skill and bread preparation in exchange for pieces of paper representing worth. The problem with billionaires is that there is no more quiproquo: they have it all, we have it none. There is none of the minimum equality necessary to constitute a human society. Our interaction with billionaires is fundamentally inhuman.


The Power of Plutocrats Can’t Be Measured by Wealth Alone: they control the media, hence minds:      

Plutos control the media, hence minds. As they control all the media, they control all the minds. Minds so controlled, they don’t believe they are controlled. In the last week, each time I tried to publish a comment on public media, I was blocked (I am not even sure my own Twitter and Facebook account work, as posts get individually blocked, unbeknownst to me: I think my post are posted, but only me see them!) That censorship includes my 30+ year old subscription at the New York Times (which, like Facebook, the NYT doesn’t like Elizabeth Warren at all, and has run extensive articles on how good plutocrats are; my comments were blocked; the NYT ignored my protests). Search engines also get controlled: Google. according to the Wall Street Journal, controls even inflammatory titles. The title of this essay could get the site blacklisted, according to the WSJ:

How Google Interferes With Its Search Algorithms and Changes Your Results
The internet giant uses blacklists, algorithm tweaks and an army of contractors to shape what you see
By Kirsten Grind, Sam Schechner, Robert McMillan and John West
Nov. 15, 2019 8:15 am ET.

More on this in another essay. I have been saying as much for many years, from personal experience with personal banning, personal sudden disappearance from search engines, etc. Gates of Hell’s search engine has completely blocked me off, long ago. Hey but those are great, remember, they get the Medal of Freedom (for caging us all?):

One of whose who caged us all, rewarded for caging us all. Is a bribe a bribe, when it has not been received yet? Gates of Hell rewarded for being thieves who made it so that thousands of tons of carcinogen were spread in Africa? That would be business as usual. (Gates financed Monsanto, the glyphosate/roundup maker, and used their foundation for leverage.) In a future, more ethical society, this will be viewed as a criminal act. And also as bribery. Plutocrats get honored for stealing ideas, conspiring to own the world, investing in industrial biocide carcinogenic production (glyphosate), and being friend with whom they sponsor, will provide for, and for giving their non-college educated advice in matter of national education…

All these MSM media are owned by plutocrats, and they exert their power. The old retort plutocrats have trained their little dogs to bark back, is that I can subscribe to something else. Not so: all the Main Stream Media (and its alter ego on the Internet) is owned by plutocrats. All of it. Even PBS and NPR are under Pluto influence and financing (they crowe about it).

Now the ownership of the media by plutocrats doesn’t contribute much to their financial wealth. So why do plutocrats own media, MSM or Internet? Because plutocracy is not just about wealth. Plutocracy is about power. Pluto-Kratia: Evil-Power. Because, like Satan of old, what interests Pluto-Krats is the satanic power they exert on minds. By owning media, plutocrats infantilize humans, mold their minds, whichever way they want, make them engage even in self-hurt, and  thus, they own minds, as others owned pets, before animals had rights. When the Gates (of Hell) and their Pluto peers pay for Project Syndicate, a pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-rebellious Internet media company, it enables them to control a FAKE OPPOSITION founded on fake news, fake opinions, fake emotions. Thus they such all the oxygen.  

PARIS, FRANCE – DECEMBER 12: Bill Gates (R) and Richard Branson leave after a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron as he receives the One Planet Summit’s international philanthropists at Elysee Palace on December 12, 2017 in Paris, France. Macron is hosting the One ClimateSummit, which gathers world leaders, so-called philantropists (actually the executioners of planet and civilization)and other committed private individuals to discuss climate change. (Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images). One of my personal enemies was there, he intervened to kick my daughter (successfully) out of school, since. When Obama finished his presidency, he climbed with his wife into a persoanl jet of Branson (to the left). Then the two corrupt ones spent weeks on the private island of Branson… Said tax free island enables Branson, owner of Virgin, to pay very little taxes. It’s cool with Obama, Obama, like Biden, is a cool guy, no billionaire he doesn’t love. Love makes the cash go around… The US economy loves these two guys. No tax loophole is big enough…

Our elected leaders favor the hyper wealthy, and honor them, and get them to lead, or go tax free, or present tax loopholes which will enrich them and their descendants, for ages to come. 

Look at Gates getting their medals: identical scenes are found all over the planet. Facebook guy, another NON college educated Pluto has been received in presidential palaces all over, including the French one. A hyper powerful man decorates another. What are they congratulating themselves about? The state of the planet? Think of it: computer science professors consider Gates hijacked a software developed in universities (that is with public money, public power), and then “developed” it for IBM because his influential mother, daughter of a banker was sitting pretty on the IBM board (a company which should be most famous for helping Hitler be all he could be).  


Rome collapsed because it became stupid, whereas degraded ecological, economic and military circumstances required it to become smarter. That stupidity was imposed from the top: emperor Domitian, for example, tolerated only stoic philosophers, because those teach the sheep how to be kicked everyday and take it with fortitude. The Roman Republic fell into chain reaction plutocracy from a failure of its wealth tax caused by globalization, which enabled the wealthy to escape the (now) local wealth tax [1]. 

Sharp thinking became the enemy in Rome, it’s all too often the enemy now: when I say something real intelligent and uncommon in the New York Times, it censors me (I am a long term subscriber and use the paper as a lab on Demoncracy).

The New York Times is of course opposed to Warren’s program… Her program is very similar to what I have proposed for more than 12 years…(Although I viewed the imposition of Medicare For All a mistake made to make the program fail; instead, I believe in the “Public Option” which is M4A by choice, operating as zero cost… it will kill for profit basic health care).

So the New York Times came up with a flurry of studies pretending that the wealth tax will reduce economic activity as it will be used to reduce the national debt. And to accuse Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman, two economists at the University of California, Berkeley, who advise Warren, to not have considered how it would affect growth. 

Now, of course, the whole idea of the wealth tax is to augment growth. As Rome fell into plutocracy, ever deeper, it shrank intellectually, sociologically, economically, politically and finally collapsed demographically. All this, from no wealth tax…

And the worst is that recent detailed studies show that Rome was no more of a plutocracy than the modern USA… The present situation of course is worse: in Rome, plutocrats didn’t own media, and thus didn’t forge minds. Now they do.

Rome collapsed from plutocracy, because plutocracy is entangled with the stupidity which enables it to exist. Too much stupidity, and civilization dies. Also, this time, the biosphere is dying too.

So yes, we need a wealth tax to save civilization. And behaviors of our elected representatives pandering to whom are arguably the world’s most powerful criminals and destroyers of the biosphere is bribery, at an apocalyptic level. Jesus would not have been amused and history shall be even less forgiving.

Patrice Ayme