The War Against The Female (Nipple)

Why do the Silicon valley monopolists censor the female nipple? Ah, I forgot they own us, and do whatever they want. According to an idiotically naive New York Times: Will Instagram Ever ‘Free the Nipple’?

For years, artists have put pressure on Facebook and Instagram to treat female and male nipples equally, but such a change may be too radical for Silicon Valley.”

Too radical? You mean too close to the roots, such as humanity freed from billionaire criminals, telling it how to dress? What’s obscene, what’s not? Like their immense wealth, the huge power they exert on us, directly or through their attack dogs, those politicos in their employ, is not obscene, but what was evolved over billions of years is?

Gabrielle d’Estrées, Henry IV’s mistress makes nipple comparison… 1594…New York Times about Instagram censorship: “It’s a cat-and-mouse game that the cat usually wins, since the cat has access to artificial intelligence and 15,000 people working around the world to review posts and look for banned material.

Facebook (which own Instagram) has entire rooms full of censors, around the world. Dozens of thousands of them. They banned (some of) my posts on Warren in a crafty way: I or my friends, could see them… but not the public…

Charles VII was the (illegal) king of France propped up by Joan of Arc, the pupett of the Queen of the Four Kingdoms (long unofficial story, by yours truly…)

Jean Juvénal des Ursins, the archbishop of Reims, counseled the king Charles VII to correct such fashions as “front openings through which one sees the teats, nipples, and breasts of women” (ouvertures de par devant, par lesquelles on voit les tetins, tettes et seing des femmes).

Silicon Valley tycoons are, clearly, in future, if not existing, law, criminals. The EU condemned some to pay fines: they scoff, while politicians lick their boots. 

The Holy Obama was in Silicon Valley last week, ten million Californians kissed the ground, so honored they were by his presence: some individuals paid $350,000 to be with the president. This sort of bribe is not for free. 

A monopolist is a criminal. A spy is a criminal, especially when it’s for money.  preventing inventors to benefit and develop their inventions is another type of crime, which, moreover, threatens civilization by strangling the invention flow civilization depends upon to survive the ravages it itself causes, and the unavoidable ecological devastation which fuels it. 

Worst of all, SV tycoons regulate art, thoughts and emotions according to their whims. Several of the most famous ones are not even college educated. Yet, they are received in presidential palaces. The tycoons are just greed educated, and they want humanity to justify the greed which fostered them. That’s why they block you if you show a painting commanditated by a Pope in the Middle Age, on the ground that it is obscene. 

The abuse they indulge in were fostered by the naivety that incited us to allow them to develop the criminal niches they fester in, and try to control the world from. 

What do criminals do to cover their tracks? Well, they just scream louder, using their media and political control, and accuse the innocent and upright to be themselves criminals. A traditional way to do that is prudery, criminalizing what is natural. Another way is to enforce sexism, itself a crime against nature, and then criminalize it. This is what the war against the female nipple accomplishes   

Konrad von Vechta; German, The Flogging of St. Barbara; 1420

When I see the uneducated faces of those brutes, going from president to palace, to still another president or legislator, to order us what to think, and what to feel, I experience revulsion. It is high time to rise the general educational level so that all feel the same.

Zuck sucks with his sexism. Why doesn’t he get arrested? Apple paid no, or not enough. taxes, forever: why didn’t anybody get arrested? Because the politicians are on the take? Why don’t they get arrested too? Isn’t $350,000 to see a mighty guy, a bribe? OK, it went to a particular party you say? Stalin’s Communist Party? Oh, no, in the USA they make with two now, two aspects of the same… Actually $55 billion Bloomberg, a financial media conspirator was both “Republican” and “Democrat”….

Sexism is another particularism imposed on us, just so we can be made hospitable to generalized racism. And racism is there to teach us to believe without proper thinking, marching brainlessly with the hating crowd, serving the army of the Man, the Plutocrat, Pluto, Hades, the Enemy (=”Satan”).

Patrice Ayme


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