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Iraq US Crime Against Humanity: Why No Inquiry?

December 31, 2019

Pelosi said she had to impeach Trump for his crimes, namely talking to the Ukrainian president about corruption and going to Court instead of obeying Congress right away (all presidents have always gone to Court when ordered by Congress, it’s part of check and balances, as the Legislative branch can’t order around the Executive branch without arbitration by the Judicial Branch). Pelosi said “Our democracy is what is at stake, the president leaves us no choice but to act.“ 

But the crimes in Iraq were much higher and greater than those alleged from Trump: millions died. And the war there is still going on. How come no inquiry? Could that be because Pelosi and Biden were principals in that iraq invasion abomination?

Could it be that Democrats impeach Trump, following the strategy pure religious types, such as the Puritans, always followed, impeaching others for crimes they themselves committed, on a far greater scale? The greatest US crime committed in the last 30 years was the war against Iraq. Among other gifts, it brought us the Islamist State.

Pelosi and Bush are now among those politicians world history will forever spite. Differently from Nero, whose culpability was sometimes unclear, Pelosi has admitted to crimes against humanity and conspiring to implement them. With Bush. Just listen to the tape. The CNN tape. All Americans who thinks that’s all right have sunk to the level of Germans thinking it was alright to invade Poland in 1939.

Right now the US is reviled in Iraq. New York Times itself, a shill for the US establishment, and a proponent of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, makes that assessment (see footnotes for quotes). How come there was no inquiry? How come there is still no inquiry? Because the guy, the criminal suspect, more exactly, who authorized the Iraq War is running for president? And has the highest probability, at this point, to succeed Trump?  

US policy under Bush I, Clinton (extensive blockade, including of medical drugs), Bush II, arguably resulted in the death of at least one million Iraqis… Even before 2003

But then in 2002 the US government accused Iraq, in blatant contradiction with evidence, to be an allied of Al Qaeda (which had destroyed the World Trade Center in New York, but was also initially created and sustained by US agents (CIA) and their pawns (SIS), for many years, committing atrocity after atrocity in Afghanistan to expel Russian and French influence, in the hope of mastering Afghan mineral wealth, and preventing others to rise).

As this was not enough, the US disingenuously accused Iraq of having Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMD), including sci fi biological weapons developed inside trucks, as demonstrated with kiddie drawing by Sec of State Powell at the UN. The lies were horrendous and insulted the world community’s intelligence. Oil man Bush was more motivated by oil and personal vengeance (because his dad had cut short the first Iraq war, and may have been targeted by Iraqis later))

The number of casualties in the Iraq War remains disputed, however a recent estimate, using the best information available, shows a catastrophic estimate of 2.4 million deaths since the 2003 invasion, including more than 5,000 dead US soldiers… and countless numbers of US soldiers reduced to suffering vegetable status (I know one US marine personally who goes from painful brain operation, to the next; he may as well be living nailed on a cross. The only clear thing is that he will die from it soon…) 

In the end it prevented durably Iraq to export oil. In turn, that, and shorting out Iran for oil exports too, enabled the US to  develop fracking on an enormous scale under Obama (who called US fracking the “fuel bridge to the future”).

Where is the inquiry in all this? How come US policy makers, some candidates for supreme office right now, were not asked formally the proper questions? Ever? War of aggression as Bush II engaged in, without proper UN mandate (and strong opposition by France) is a crime against humanity. However, as there was bipartisan support to devastate Iraq, here we are. This is no way for a democracy to operate. Foreign war should be engaged only when it seems there is no alternative, and the decisions leading to the engagement should be systematically examined later, to make sure no crime was committed, and to become an example, not just to the world, but to history and to create templates for progress and civilization. 

Unpunished crimes only encourage further corruption, not just in other countries, but in the US themselves, where power of money has never been stronger. We just learned that the Shah of Iran was able to flee to the USA, escaping Iranian justice, thanks to the influence of a major bank on the Carter administration. Never any official inquiry on this, perpetrators went on as influencers. 

Patrice Ayme



New York Times:How a Chase Bank Chairman Helped the Deposed Shah of Iran Enter the U.S.
The fateful decision in 1979 to admit Mohammed Reza Pahlavi prompted the seizure of the American Embassy in Tehran and helped doom the Carter presidency.

….“as the jet touched down, the only one waiting to receive the deposed monarch was a senior executive of Chase Manhattan Bank, which had not only lobbied the White House to admit the former shah but had arranged visas for his entourage, searched out private schools and mansions for his family and helped arrange the Gulfstream to deliver him.

“The Eagle has landed,” Joseph V. Reed Jr., the chief of staff to the bank’s chairman, David Rockefeller, declared in a celebratory meeting at the bank the next morning.

Less than two weeks later, on Nov. 4, 1979, vowing revenge for the admission of the shah to the United States, revolutionary Iranian students seized the American Embassy in Tehran and then held more than 50 Americans — and Washington — hostage for 444 days.”


Joe Biden Is A Perpetually Lying War Criminal Lying About His Crimes Against Humanity From 2002 To 2019:

There are two sorts of war criminals; those who deny they did anything wrong, and the others. Biden aspires to be of the first sort. However, like Pelosi, he has a videotape problem. As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when the authorization vote was cast, Joe Biden was at the forefront of the machine to destroy Iraq (which profited to US frackers, their Wall Street backers, and fossil fuel plutocrats, all over the world, especially the USA). Biden could have blocked in 2002 the use of war against Iraq. Instead he authorized it.

The day the Iraq war was launched by Bush II, Biden told CNN: “There’s a lot of us who voted for giving the president the authority to take down Saddam Hussein if he didn’t disarm. And there are those who believe, at the end of the day, even though it wasn’t handled all that well, we still have to take him down.

Many Iraqis feel that it is the USA which has to be taken down. (The Biden quotes about Iraq are many; he tried to lie about them in 2019… then admitting he “misspoke”…)

Further on Biden said: ….”what you are sensing from some Democrats, as well as Republicans, is a frustration relating to the lost opportunities of maybe being able to do this with others, maybe, if we had others with us, not even having to go to war. So I don’t think it’s anything other than a frustration.

But I think it’s time we stop all that. We have one single focus. And that is, we’re about to send our women and men to war. The president is the commander in chief. We voted to give him the authority to wage that war. We should step back and be supportive.”


New York Times, December 31, 2019. in “Protesters Attack U.S. Embassy in Iraq, Chanting ‘Death to America’: “The United States has about 5,200 troops in Iraq — down from a peak of 170,000 in 2007 —  in addition to an unclear number of civilian contractors. The troops — stationed primarily at a base in Al Anbar Province, northwest of Baghdad, and at another in the Kurdish-controlled north of country — are tasked with training Iraqi security forces and helping to prevent a resurgence of the Islamic State.

After years of military and political investment in Iraq, the United States finds itself in a position where few powerful Iraqis are willing to stand up for it and its role in the country.

Condemnation of the recent airstrikes continued on Tuesday. Mr. Mahdi, the Iraqi prime minister, announced an official three-day mourning period for the men killed in the strikes, which he called an “outrageous attack.”


Iraq war Carnage:

Officially admitted on the US side, more than half a million Iraqis died during the Iraq War. So did 5,000 American troops. The war strengthened the radical extremism it was supposed to fight while costing American taxpayers more than $2.4 trillion, much of which went to defense contractors like then-Vice President Dick Cheney’s former company Halliburton. And George W. Bush started the war based on the lies that Saddam Hussein was helping Al Qaeda, and sitting on an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

But Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think that was impeachable. Right Nancy voted against the Iraq war then and September 2004, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi called the war in Iraq a “grotesque mistake”. However, she could have done more.  

In a CNN video, Nancy Pelosi says that she knew George W Bush was lying to the public to start a war, but she did not feel this was an impeachable offense.

Nancy Pelosi: I Knew Bush Jr Was Lying About WMD To Start War, But Didn’t See It As Impeachable

Incredible. In footage from a CNN Town Hall, Pelosi said she knew that the infamous WMD-narrative created by the Bush administration wasn’t real. She was one of four on the Intelligence Committee, as the “Ranking Member”, and she knew there was none of what the elected officials of the Bush administration claimed there was. But ‘they had made a representation”, and “they were elected”. So be it. 

Actually, only Bush II had been elected. All the other officials, including Cheney the Vice, were on his coattails. Nancy just had to impeach Bush… And Cheney. Interestingly, then she would have become president:

So lying to We The People of the World is OK, and it’s cool (even if one doesn’t become president in the process, although one could have been). That should be unsettling on its own, and Nancy should be prosecuted on this ground alone. 

There is no expiration date for crimes against humanity, and complicity therewith. So Bush, Cheney, Biden (the authorizer of the 2003 Iraq war), and accomplice Pelosi should be prosecuted for lying to We the People, and killing 2.4 million.

But the candor and casualness with which the Speaker reveals her crimes is astounding. This poorly educated girl has no moral backbone whatsoever. Even on live television in 2019, it doesn’t occur to Pelosi just how bad her high crimes against humanity sound. In an orgasm of wanton hypocrisy, she chalks up her passiveness in pursuing Bush’s impeachment to “not wanting to make [impeachment] a way of life” for Americans. Her decision to allow the president to continue an illegal war (started because of a lie she was aware of) was therefore rational because it spared us another impeachment debacle.

Pelosi’s reasoning doesn’t make sense—starting a war based on a coordinated conspiracy by dozens of the highest elected officials to imprint upon the public a Hitler sized lie is illegal. It is more than enough grounds for impeachment. The total number of Iraqis killed by US policy since 1990 may be as high as 3.4 million, and Pelosi as a top US political operator and influencer is fully responsible. So is Biden. 


Bush, Oct. 7, 2002: “After eleven years during which we have tried containment, sanctions, inspections, even selected military action, the end result is that Saddam Hussein still has chemical and biological weapons and is increasing his capabilities to make more. And he is moving ever closer to developing a nuclear weapon.”

Trump Hatred, A Fig Leaf For Racist Hypocrites Right-Wingers In Disguise

December 27, 2019

Supposedly educated people have established a new religion fostering the pleasure of expressing dark feelings while professing goodness. It’s no different from Salem Witch Hunting, really. So they learn to judge, not just books by their covers, but to judge the means (of inquiry) from the ends they want to see, hear and hate with

In recent decades, an entire industry of NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) has arisen. That was well before Trump, Obama, Bush and even Clinton. They boosted this with fake progressivism or leftism in many dimensions; so they were enthusiastic for Clinton and his games with interns… while ignoring the dismantlement, by the same Clinton, of the banking work of plutocrat president Franklin Roosevelt… who was himself viewed as too much left by the financial plutocrats pulling Clinton’s strings. 

Truth is that the US Congress, even the Democratic Controlled Congress, has been extremely right-wing, and anti-progressive, for decades. Or why Obama did nothing much, but deplorable results (fracking, lowering life expectancy). Obama wanted to do the right (that is, left) thing but Pelosi and company opposed him. Now Pelosi may have started to realize she better promotes progressive legislation. Probably a deal with the deal maker… including the impeachment hoax, a bright and shiny objects for simpletons to look at.

I am very familiar with Berkeley, California (one could say I incarnate what its true spirit should be). It’s full of Politically Correct “Democratic”, loudly Trump hating and Wahhabist loving (women with headscarves are the feminine ideal) voters. Protests against Trump and his camps are plastered in front of multi-million dollars homes. There are no protests, and no constructive action, against the hundreds of camps in the area were US refugees live in the most total squalor: efficient police action keep the US homeless refugees next, or below, freeways.   

For example, I would be curious to see how many of the loudly Fox News hating crowd has really watched Fox News extensively (and I just don’t mean Hannity and Tucker Carlson). Probably not too many and not too much, because they would not be as strident. I watch plenty of the Trump-hating channels, just to study propaganda, and I am astounded that supposedly intelligent individuals do not see such channels brimming with at least as much bias as Fox News (which has several permanent Democratically leaning stars).

Several of my anti-Trump friends rage against the president’s (lack of) ecology. They own several hyper costly electric cars, and large fossil fuel SUVs (to go the distance in winter to ski). Such hypocrisy is thick on the ground in Silicon Valley, is why California has a homeless squalor crisis. When I tell them it’s Obama who made it so that the US became the world’s top fossil fuel producer, and that under Obama life expectancy in the US started to go down, they reply it’s because of Trump that Iran and North Korea are building nukes.

In truth, huge horrors are ignored by Trump hating simpletons, such as “Launch On Warning”. Bet is that most self-described “anti-fascists” don’t even know what it is. Hating Trump is just a fig leaf for people often way right of him. 

Right of him? Well Trump used subsidies for housing in New York, while Manhattan NIMBYs screamed they hated him to hell. Towers, in New York and San Francisco, are the profitable part of Trump empire. However, San Francisco Bay NIMBYs were proud to demolish affordable housing towers, in San Francisco, decades ago. The towers for low lives were replaced by a few multimillion dollar mansions. I am sure Trump would deplore that. But SF Bay Area “liberals” love they mansions… And hate low lives (they will never say this, that they hate low lives, of course; instead they order Law Enforcement to chase low lives off from their cities, the cities with the best schools; low lives haters are now in violation of California law, doing so… Their refuge is be epistemologically ignorant of what they are doing, and accusing those who doubt them of being Trumpists…) 

New York Times reader TDD from Florida replied to me: “I try to consume news from varying sources including Fox News and Fox News online… The fact you refer to basically every other source as “Trump-hating” shows your own bias and exposes the cult of personality that is Trump. I often roll my eyes at the more liberal news sources opinions, but I have yet to see one of them proffer opinions and conjecture as ‘fact’ the way Fox often does.”


@TDD I did NOT “refer to basically every other source as “Trump hating””. You made that up It doesn’t expose “the cult of personality that is Trump”… I have been harshly critical of Trump and especially the banking industry behind Trump long before he became famous.

I exposed my own bias, you pontificate, knowing absolutely nothing about me, except what you made up in your mind. Actually I am extremely progressive and I have criticized my good friend Obama from the left, long ago. My spouse knew Obama when they were ten years old, and Obama spoke like I wrote… But acted the opposite. His presidency was a gift to the same financial plutocracy as Clinton’s was. 

Reagan, Obama, Clinton, Bush make a cortege of the truly deplorable. 

From the extremely progressive bias (my only bias), Trump is a gift, because he is dismantling the global plutocracy, or, at least, hitting it hard. I have written an essay where I explained that he may well be conspiring with Nancy Pelosi at this point, to pass the most progressive legislation this side of Nixon.

Some clueless New York Times readers replied with insults, because subtlety is not their abode. Instead their true abode is the sort of lynch mentality characteristic of the “Pure” who founded the English colony (their cities bought Indian scalps, and they reintroduced slavery, unlawful in Europe, and used the slaves to grow tobacco extremely profitably). 

Behind Trump Derangement Syndrome is a particular type of Moral Derangement Syndrome, where hatred displaces self-examination.

The criminal patterns of those having TDS have to do with their habits (living in mansions, gigantic fossil fuel spending, fleets of electric cars, flying around the globe and all over syndrome, etc.), or their work (working for The Man, Pluto, namely the tech monopolies or the plutocratically owned media, or the financial world plutocracy, etc.) Or the cognition of the TDS lynch mob is deeply awry: knowing only what pleases The Man, Pluto His Name… for example when they think there is just one problem in the world, Trump, when actually the main problem in the world is themselves… They hide all of this, especially to themselves.

…When they interact with me, they explode all over: is it satanic to out-Pluto Plutos?

Evil in the name of goodness, is evil.

Evil, for the good of goodness, is good, even indispensable.

Such is the fundamental human quandary: when to go evil, for the sake of goodness.

A hint is that one should think twice, when going evil means to violate the truth. That’s where the TDS crowd goes wrong.

Progress was not served by law and tax eschewing globalization, an abyss. Plutocratic globalization is the real mechanism which destroyed the Roman Republic, and transformed it into this democracy devouring monster which subjugated the Greek democracies, before weakening them, and their progressive spirit, fatally.

Patrice Ayme

Impeaching The Impeachment, To Impeach The Impeachers: Are Pelosi and Trump Collaborating In A Machiavellian Way?

December 25, 2019

Maybe what Nancy Pelosi is doing, impeaching, then impeaching the impeachment, is not what she is really doing. Maybe, maybe, let’s keep our fingers crossed, she is in a conspiracy of two with… Donald Trump. What, Why, How? First the why: because this way, she can pass a lot of progressive legislation, much of them originating from The Donald (long a Democrat, and a rare one who was angry at Reagan and globalization… in the 1980s…) 

We have got a deal, dear friend! Let’s do as if we hated and despised each other, this is going to be fun! No more of this Obama self-befuddlement, it’s our turn, and we are smarter… Let’s confuse them all! (Guy irrelevant to Non-Racist History behind.)

Nancy can pass that legislation, because The Donald has accused Democrats to be “Do-Nothings”. So they have to do some things, lest they want to lose the next elections, and pass the only sort of legislation which can survive the the Republican controlled Senate… Precisely laws originated, or tolerated, by The Donald. Because of the latter fact, the Democratically controlled Congress would never pass them.

Nancy Pelosi is thus capable of co-sponsoring (with her frenemy The Donald) much progressive legislation, which otherwise she couldn’t pass (without being accused by the pseudo-liberal, pseudo-leftist crowd of betrayal). 

The Donald is in a somewhat symmetrical situation with the Republican Party: he can get Republican support for lots of laws because the Democrats are furious about, as they originated from The Donald…. This enables Trump to argue they have got to be “Republican” laws, as they render “Democrats” furious. Conservative, pro-globalization, pro-plutocracy of the worldwide type, Republicans, who hate treaties such as the USMCA, are now tolerant of them, and will vote for them. Confused and bleating, they decide that, after all, all they know for sure, is that their taxes went down… So this is all good.

This, if this interpretation is correct, this is a classical case of Machiavellianism: one appearance implements its opposite

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump ripped into Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday for withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate, stating that she was engaged in a “quid pro quo” and suggesting that she should be impeached.

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

Nancy Pelosi is looking for a Quid Pro Quo with the Senate. Why aren’t we Impeaching her?


Some may say that the complicity and smarts of Pelosi and Trump could not be possibly so great as to think of such a devious plot. However, I believe both are very smart… and they have known of each other, forever. Also, a plot can be subconscious, or, a fortiori, sub-vocal. It’s also possible that Trump did much of the heavy lift… The fact Trump did everything to be impeached seems to indicate he could see the benefits of impeachment for him. To believe he did this to turn around the establishment is an easy conclusion.

Leaks have shown that, months before Obama got elected, the “Fix” was in: the usual financial mafia, led by Goldman Sachs (Rubin, Summers, etc) would lead, and the nation, and even Europe, would Transfer Assets to Rich Persons (TARP).

That was the same crowd which had managed Clinton. With Trump, none of this: Trump knew well these financial mafiosi, already 50 years ago. New York is their capital, and real estate their abode, after all. So now we have the USMCA, with $16 an hour minimum wage (twice today’s US average, and a tad higher than the highest in the US presently, in Emeryville, California).

The satisfaction of US voters with the US Congress has been as low as 9%. Why? Because as the USA collapsed, or at least the US middle and (blue) working class collapsed, the US Congress, rotten to the core and on the payroll of plutocracy, was paid to do nothing. Under Trump and now Trump and Nancy, things have been changing in a hurry, and in depth (NAFTA was proposed and criticized, accurately and fiercely, for 30 years, see Ross Perot… Still it was legislated, enacted, and then proceeded to gut the US working class…)

To break the logjam, something sneaky and underhanded was needed.

I would be very surprised if the Nancy-Donald duo was not a plot of at least one of the two, and, probably, both. So, ladies and gentlemen, don’t bother studying Machiavel: you have better artists below your eyes…

Patrice Ayme



Maximum Enlightenment From Struggling For Life

December 23, 2019

Metanoia, Self Enlightenment At Most Basic Mental, From Going Survivalist Primitive. To get reacquainted with rigorous thinking, nothing like rigorous conditions:

The healthy can get to metanoia in a hurry by running across a mountain range full of wild beasts and rushing streams, alone, nearly naked, unsupported, living off the land. Works every time.

Paul DeFatta I guess our not-so-distant ancestors were a hell of a lot more enlightened than we are, at least by this reckoning.

Metanoia: change in one’s way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion.

what he demanded of people was metanoia, repentance, a complete change of heart“. Meta, beyond, here indicating “change” plus noein “to have mental perception,” from noos “mind, thought”. 

Our “primitive” ancestors were forced to spend much of the day chasing after prey, or running away from predators, day in, day out. They are to think hard about which plants to ingest, for which disease, and how to prepare poison for the warheads. Our ancestors’ lives were full of strong emotions, the roots of the sturdiest thoughts. 

Akeley an official taxidermist for US universities and great fighter of ferocious animals. He found himself in a bare hand fight with a superficially wounded small female leopard he had accidentally hurt. The resentful beast missed his throat, and got his arm instead. He succeeded to stuff his right hand in her throat while preventing her clawing (circa 1900, colorized picture)

Modern humans, by contrast, and especially their leaders and leading classes, live sheltered lives, where nothing much happens ever, fostering sheltered, snowflake thinking: melting under the harsh light of truth is the best which can happen to such meek hallucinations, which their masters are keen to have them embrace wholeheartedly. Said masters are even more sheltered, protected from authentic thinking, and it’s this very lack of authenticity and veracity which enable them to rule We The People… by infusing common people by these absurdities. They even call this philosophy of denial of reality “Absurdism”, and from this “Absurdism”, they have mightily profited… 

Some of them, intellectual leaders much appreciated by the ruling elite, whined that life was absurd: yes, right, when not used as per the owner’s manual, the correct, natural modus vitae. But the philosophy of “The Absurd”, absurdly went on, because the masters indulged… thanks to it.

Modern life is about not thinking, because that’s what please the masters most. Where is all what the human brain is made to solve? Are we reduced to playing with boards, pushing colored pieces, as if we were 2 years old? Where is the fighting off lions, torn limbs, excruciating pain, the glory of tearing enemies apart, and the exhaustion after the savage struggle, finding water in a far-away oasis?

The archetype of the thinker nowadays is sitting, chin on a fist, Rodin style. As if thinking were what happens when nothing is going on. But prehistoric men had to think ultra fast and perfectly, standing on their legs, or even flying through the air. Dearth of instantaneous precision meant ingestion by enemies.

Civilization has reached a stage, a tottering over the abyss, when shallow thinking, protected thinking, is over, one way or another. The masses are vaguely conscious of this, so they tolerate Great Thunberg. Snowflake thinking, or is that SNOWFAKE THINKING, has indeed culminated in those snowflakes, the ultimate expression of Politically Correct thinking.

Unreal thinking has led self-described “liberal”, “progressive”, American citizens to laud Obama… for making the US the greatest producer of fossil fuels, ever… while the biosphere is dying from it. (Obama is a personal friend, I don’t hate him, he is just thoroughly confused by gred and opportunity.);

The United Nations’ refugee agency has found that the dozens of camps in Oakland, California, a mile across from Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco fortress, are worse than the worst in Mexico City. Even the pro-plutocratic New York Times concurred and wrote a large article on this nightmare.

While the quasi billionaire “representative” (all too much!) Nancy Pelosi, head of the US Congress, is busy impeaching the impeachment she brought against The One she pretends to hate, shallow thinking is forcing US mothers living under tarps in the rain, in the mud, among rats, while the glorious Politically Correct NIMBYs in the hills, next door are busy howling their hatred against the president. They are just covering up, with pseudo-leftism, their interdiction they enforced, for decades, to build affordable housing. Instead, covering up some more their desire for slaves, they proclaim the abominable refugee camps to be “sanctuary cities”. Meanwhile all of them are half an hour away from nuclear annihilation, due to a potential short circuit in the nuclear doomsday machines which they forgot to disconnect.

And the sea are rising and the Sixth Mass Extinction gathering momentum, with 500 ppm of CO2 equivalent human generated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  

All this happened, because We The People don’t know how to think anymore. 

Time for Metanoia! All should strip, deny themselves modern comforts, run across mountain ranges to fend off snow, mosquitoes, bears, lions, thirst, hunger and high waters… to find what they are really about, who they are, and what civilization means.  

Patrice Ayme



P/S 1: Aside from sheer greed (making money out of it), this is why extreme sports have an enduring appeal: they foster the most radical enlightenment. 


P/S 2: Those driving the planet, those taking the decisions, or influencing them, from influencers on Youtube to “French Theory” (Sartre, Camus, etc…) to racist philosophers such as Saint Louis, Luther, Herder, Hegel, Marx, and countless lesser ones, even more influential, were the ones thinking they were so wise, and are still all too often viewed that way, while being so removed from reality, that the biosphere is at stake… And this is why, precisely, they have been so influential: they submit us to evil power (pluto-kratia)…


Sexist, Racist, Ageist Obama Doesn’t A Reality Make

December 21, 2019

Obama just said that white old men were the problem, worldwide. That’s sexist, ageist, and racist, Moreover, it is completely stupid. But no surprise from the fracking, droning, do nothing, but decrease US lifespan, US president…

Obama, revered by the pseudo-left addicted to hating Trump, because hatred feels so good, and because Obama gave them cheap oil, for their big SUVs and dispensious, energy wasting mansions… and Obama gave them a fig leaf, as he was brown, 24/7, and spoke splendidly, sounding like yours truly, of things he did the exact opposite of…

On the Internet, at best, sarcasm has replaced reality: who needs facts when you got the power of nasty under the guise of fake courtesy?

Rachel Laudenslager Hunt retorted sarcastically: “You’re right. The people who have been the predominant power brokers of the world for the last 2 centuries are the real problem. Now let’s see.. who were they….?”

Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour, may be best known as King Louis XV’s Chief Mistress. But she was also a highly educated tastemaker, a patron of the arts, and an artist in her own right. As Louis XV’s Prime Minister, she stood on its head all of French diplomacy, reverting alliances, launching the Seven Year World War, which lost North America for France, turned Prussia into a juggernaut, leading to Nazism, also brought the creation of the USA, and was a catastrophe for France and Europe… A splendid woman of influence, indeed, but not for the best.

Thanks for the comment. That gives me the occasion to make an important point tribal minds have recently decided to ignore. 


Women should have equal access to all. But that doesn’t mean there will be an automatic improvement of the character of the human race. Right, who should be the most famous politician, or ruler ever, was a woman. Amusingly few know her name, and for what she should be famous. So much for those who make noise without knowing.

Several women reached maximal authority in Rome: Agrippina, Galla Placidia, and Theodora. Galla Placidia, officially a ruling Augusta of Rome, was a very positive influence, in very troubled times. Agrippina the Younger ruled Rome for a few years, assassin extraordinaire and Augusta, after assassinating, or executing many, including probably Claudius, but was herself executed on the second attempt, on the order of her son. Theodora (500-548 CE) repressed the one serious attempt at a revolution against the Roman dictatorship, all by herself. 

Ironically enough, in the Eighteenth century, the two persons who exerted the most catastrophic influence on the leading superpower of the time were both women: Madame de Pompadour, and Marie Antoinette. Whereas indeed it’s Saint Queen Bathilde who outlawed slavery in 655 CE. Slavery was not outlawed thanks to sarcasm, which doesn’t a reality make. 

By pointing out that exterior appearances which have nothing to do with the life of ideas and correct emotions, such as age, gender and skin color are the dominant parameter, Obama is implicitly deflecting away blame from himself: after all, he has been brown 24/7 since birth, so he is white as the driven snow in the world of morality.

Obama couldn’t possibly have bombed out, on his personal order, entire weddings, killing up to 200 people in countries the USA was not even at war with: see, he is brown, 24/7. Obama, being brown 24/7 is an ecologist, and couldn’t possibly have organized the greatest fracking of shale rocks ever, making even the pale Trump paler than usual with enraged jealousy… Obama, brown 24/7 could not have engineered the greatest transfer of riches to the wealthiest, ever, making inequality in the USA, greater than ever.

Obama, being brown, thus pure, couldn’t have organized the greatest transfer of riches to the healthcare industry, which even The Economist just called, a “racket”. Just like somebody as brown as that could not have presided over the greatest decrease of US life expectancy ever… even including the two world wars…

Ah, in case you wonder, my closest family friends are as brown as Obama, and the latter is a personal friend. Qui aime bien, chatie bien

But the truth is neither young, nor old, it does not have color, nor gender. Only racists, ageists and sexists have those. 


Marie Antoinette led France into war against her own country, Austria (according to the devious plot of engaging France in a war she couldn’t win… this ended with her execution for the highest crime of highest treason imaginable: launching a war to lose it…).

Madame de Pompadour, once the king’s overpowering mistress, became his Prime Minister, for seven years, bringing a reversal of alliances and a world war (which lasted seven years). The North America portion of that war is known in the USA as the “French and Indian War”. Thanks partly to Pompadour, Britain propped up racist Prussia as an attack dog against Austria and France, leading, ultimately, to the disappearance of Poland, and a racist Germany in the 19th century which treated Slavs and Jews as subhumans. Thus, out of Pompadour’s folly, would ultimately grow Nazism.

Meanwhile, having killed her husband, among other self promoting activities, empress Catherine the Great swallowed Ukraine, the Baltics, most of Poland…

Human beings are according to the ideas, not according to some outward parameters. Unfortunately, not only Hitler believed the latter… 

Sarcasm doesn’t a reality make. At best, it makes for fake communications.


Obama had spoken well a few weeks ago, of the ways of not thinking revered by lazy idiots, he implied. Those are called the “woke” culture (culture in the sense of monkeys having “culture”), and the “cancel” culture (in practice lynch mobs).

So I hope Obama can read this and use his neurons more creatively… Sarcasm, woke and cancel are all fake ways of thinking. Beyond fake news, they make up fake minds. Exactly what we do not need if we want to stop the Sixth Mass Extinction, the one caused by that crashing comet known as humanity.




Nota Bene: Speaking at a private plutocratic event on leadership in Singapore, a financial conspiracy center, Mr Obama, financial conspirator extraordinaire, said while in office he had mused what a world run by women would look like.

“Now women, I just want you to know; you are not perfect, but what I can say pretty indisputably is that you’re better than us [men].

“I’m absolutely confident that for two years if every nation on earth was run by women, you would see a significant improvement across the board on just about everything… living standards and outcomes… If you look at the world and look at the problems it’s usually old people, usually old men, not getting out of the way,”


Position EPR: Simplest Case of Non Locality

December 19, 2019

When a Quantum Interaction has happened, the Quantum Process (aka “Quantum Mechanics/Wave Mechanics”) occurs: a wave W spreads out. Non locality arises, because said wave W can spread out, in some circumstances to large, even cosmic distances. Let say it involves two particles, P1. P2. So we have: W = W(P1, P2).

Now W determines all the positions, momentum, energy, quantum numbers of both P1 and P2.

EPR Position-Momentum. Superluminal signal sent

If W evolves in real space, finding out P1 determines P2. Now the key is that there are complementary variables. For example determining position x pretty well makes momentum p vastly uncertain: x p > h. 

But say we have x(P1) + x (P2) = 0 and p(P1) + p(P2) = 0.

Hence determining x(P1) with arbitrary accuracy makes p(P2) arbitrarily wild… even if it’s a parsec away!

Einstein and company (with hidden Popper!) had a milder version of this, and concluded Quantum Mechanics was uncertain.

I conclude Quantum Physics is SUPERLUMINAL… And why not?


Asteroid Not Dinosaur Killer Obvious On Temperature Graph?

December 18, 2019

I believe in the Big Obvious.

For example it is obvious that Representative Democracy is neither.

Here is another example of the Big Obvious: the temperature jump UP after the end of the Cretaceous, (roughly) 66 million years ago. Refined series concur: there was a significant cooling before the K-T (Cretaceous-Tertiary)… now the “Tertiary” is known for obscure reason (all species generated?), as the Paleogene.

With the dinosaurs disappeared huge marine reptiles such as the mosasaursichthyosaurs, and plesiosaurs, as well as all the gigantic flying reptiles known as pterosaurs. While some mammals, birds, small reptiles, fish, and amphibians survived, diversity among the remaining life-forms dropped precipitously. In total, this mass extinction seems to have claimed three quarters of known species on Earth.

If this is true, the mass extinction was not caused by impact

Indeed, notice the jump in temperatures at the K-Pal boundary: dinosaurs were mesotherms, temperature sensitive… They couldn’t take brutal cooling… Especially with highly endothermic (temperature producing) avian dinosaurs (birds) and mammals around. I have argued the exact extinction mechanism from competition in:

Mathematics extinguished, mostly, Neanderthals and absolutely 3/4 of species at the K-Pal boundary (from competition with more competitive species)

As dinosaurs evolved in times when temperatures were higher, it made no sense to have strong body temperature control: a large mass was plenty enough. Especially if covered with feathers…

So what happened? The Deccan Traps could have caused nuclear winter style cooling interspaced with strong CO2 warming, while the CO2 poisoned the oceans. Having a celestial body come at that point was extremely unlikely bad luck, and may have been the straw which broke the dying camelback….

In any case the warming came too late..


Not All Colonization Models Thrived From Holocaust: French Difference

December 17, 2019

It’s not true that as soon as Europeans arrived in the Americas, so did massacres. It did happen in connection with the conquest of the Caribbean (but Caribs eliminated the contingent Colomb left behind, first).

It is not true, but it is taken for a fundamental truth… In truth, it’s a fundamental lie.

Equating colonization and deliberate devastation is a pathetic lie to justify the Anglo-Saxon massacring colonization model… which indeed used that equation. This is of great importance, as the Anglo-Saxon devastation model is still in power today… through arcane logico-emotional mental and institutional structures, and a carefully rehashed partial vision of history. 

One of these mental structure is precisely the lie that colonization entails devastation. So we may as well have devastation (as colonization is unavoidable).

The French arrived much earlier than the Anglo-Saxons: 1534 Cartier, and Verrazano, and others, arrived much earlier,commandeered by the French government of Francois I, who discovered Nouvelle Angouleme, aka New York… they reported that the Natives told them that trading was OK, but not colonizing.  Thus the French had a trading, civilizing model which eschewed massacres. When Champlain showed up exactly at the same spot as the Pilgrims of the Mayflower, he reported that there were too many Natives already installed to enable settlement of the French.

Fifteenth Century French had Extensive Talks about colonization with the Natives. Mutual respect came out. Too much of it, it turned out.

The English colony was founded in a military-capitalist venture founded by the “West Country men”. Those plutocrats had made a fortune by over-exploiting Ireland. The governor there had alleys lined with Irish skulls.

But America was certainly much more interesting than Ireland.

Slavery had been made unlawful in 655 CE by Queen Bathilde of the Franks (truly an empress). In 1066 CE, the Franks outlawed slavery in England. Yet, the Anglo-Saxons colonists reintroduced slavery in 1619 CE. Shortly after, after the holocaust of the Pequot war, New England cities paid for Indian scalps.   

Another venue was simply to enslave American Natives and send them far away, for example in the Caribbean.

The Anglo-Saxon colonies made a fortune by growing tobacco, thanks to armies of slaves (at some point, more than 90% of some states were just slaves). 

Tobacco was an important factor in the survival of the English colony. However, probably not as much as the expedient of killing the Natives to free up land for more intensive European style farming.

The violence and brutality of the Anglo-Saxon colonizing model made it highly successful. This moral abyss showed itself to be a mountainous triumph. That is an opinion much adverse to the Politically Correct view of history. By the way this shows why Political Correctness is so useful to the established order. Political Correctness enables to claim that wishful thinking is actually not just real, but what happened. 

Devastation enabled the Anglo-Saxons investors to beat the French and the Spanish.

By being much friendlier to the Natives, and breeding with them, the French and Spanish created human bonds less propitious to the instauration of massacres.

Meanwhile, in the Anglo-Saxon invasion model, the more the top, wealthy investors devastated, the more this fascist model looked correct and was held in awe by the colons. Hence the feeling nowadays that the wealthiest US citizens, the billionaires, are the pillars upon which abundance and progress of the commonwealth rest.

The massacres and holocausts were justified by the Bible…which is a text which justifies colonizing the promised land after killing all the Natives: that’s how “God” orders it to be… If one obeys Him well….

All this mentality forms a coherent mental body. It may well be most appropriate to conquer the Solar System.

The bottom line is that morality is what works. The French were too kind to the Natives in America, and, ultimately that was good neither for them, nor the Natives.

Patrice Ayme

Obama Gave America Fracking. So Obama Is Holy. Trump Evil, For Revelling In Revealing Evil

December 16, 2019

We live in the age of fake everything. Pseudo leftist beauty queen selected as actresses are, famed 29 year old US representative, and Trump impeacher, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, calls herself anti-Wall Street… but she is against a financial transaction tax.

Bernie Sanders is ecological, and I probably will vote for him. But suddenly, he doesn’t want a transaction tax. Some self-declared “Communists”, are for billionaires!

The Saudis guard Mecca, from all those dangerous atheists, but then they destroy Muhammad’s house, and anything having to do with the real Prophet. Democrats, for a while, were against several progressive legislations and action engineered by Trump (USMCA, medical drugs cheaper, breaking the Facebook monopoly thought control)… Because Trump is… evil. But, well, if one believes Trump is evil, what about the others? That perspective is slowly taking shape at the New York Times (which, naturally censored my comment) …

New York Times’ Maureen Dowd in “Trump’s Bad. Sadly, He’s Not Alone.

“The Report,” streaming on Amazon, the heroic saga of Daniel Jones… Jones is working for Dianne Feinstein on the Senate Intelligence Committee and spends years compiling a report documenting the C.I.A.’s use of waterboarding and other forms of torture in secret prisons, a barbaric, un-American and ineffective system designed by two creepy psychologists who were paid about $81 million by the C.I.A.

The movie is not kind to Barack Obama… suggesting [he] protected the C.I.A. and tried to bury grisly details from the report... It is also a harsh portrayal of Brennan, MSNBC’s Voice-of-Morality, who, as C.I.A. director, fought the Senate inquiry so hard that his operatives even clandestinely hacked into the computer network of committee staff members to figure out how they were getting their information.

Obama spinned the world into believing he was an ecologists, when, actually, he was the greatest fossil fuelist who ever was, frucking us all…

If this weren’t enough institutional perfidy for one week, we had the Boeing hearing in Congress: An F.A.A. analysis done after the first deadly crash off the coast of Indonesia showed that the agency knew that if it did not act, the Boeing 737 Max was likely to crash 115 times in the 45 years it was expected to fly, theoretically killing more than 2,900 people. But that wasn’t enough to immediately ground it. The government is supposed to protect us from the greedy capitalists, not the other way around.

I sent an ultra polite and civil version the following comment, which was censored (the lying NYT pretends it censors only for “civility”, another fakery in action, dozens of my comments got censored in the last month alone). So here is a truer, much more muscular version for the fornicators at the NYT… they fornicate with the powers that be, thus getting their essence… (Yes the words “masturbation”. “fakers” were not used, in the mild version I sent I just pointed out that Obama was the fracking president (not in this term!)… But that was too much for the liars at the NYT, who are busy steering the world public opinion, same as the Soviet press under Stalin!)


How do you dare criticizing the most-sacred Obama? Who cares, if Obama showed a US president could disintegrate weddings in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, and other countries the US was not even at war with, and be lauded for it? Weddings invited the famous Obama “signature strikes”! 

Obama is holy to Americans: he gave them fracking, while pretending that fracking as most ecological, a “bridge to the future” he said. Obama was the greatest ecologist president who ever was, in his discourse. While delivering Obama made the USA the world’s most dominant fossil fuel nation! What glory! What masturbation! We have never felt better, about ourselves, thank you Obama! 

Now the USA produces more fossil fuels and CO2 than ever, and fossil fuel Americans can afford all these big trucks, SUV, gas guzzling individuals houses, while US became a net exporter of fossil fuels. All of this Obama fossil fuel production with the best good conscience US ever had, thanks to Obama! American fakers in good standing express their gratitude for this… by hating Trump.

And the largest Middle East lethal mess ever… but disguised as something that Obama, hence America, had nothing to do with it… How comfortable! To reinforce our good conscience, let’s condemn Trump 24/7 for making us feel bad about ourselves, by depicting all too many things the US profits from, just the way they are. Imagine! How dare Trump ask plutocrats to bring back jobs and profits, all the way back from China, or Mexico, and he has the effrontery of using extortion all over to do that! How are plutocrats and billionaires going to keep on making the profits they used to make?

Biden:”You couldn’t have heard it on MSNBC, that’s impossible. I know exactly what is on MSNBC…”


In other news Biden brutalized an 83 year old voter with “you are a damn liar man“, while charging him intimidatingly for daring to suggest he “sold access” to the vice presidency to a company in Ukraine by having his son earn at least $50,000 a month for being on the Board Of Burisma. Biden challenged the baffled voter to a push-ups contest. However the voter insisted he was not a liar, he heard it on TV, on MSNBC. A furious Biden retorted: “MSNBC? That’s impossible! I know MSNBC, they will never say such a thing! Not MSNBC!” So now, we have it from Biden himself: the forces behind Biden also have MSNBC in their pocket…

A Polish ex-president, also on the same Board of Burisma, declared Biden Junior was there to provide access to the Vice President of the USA “unfortunately, that’s how the world works“.

Well, the world is not going to work much longer that way…

Patrice Ayme

Britain Surrenders To Napoleon

December 14, 2019

So British Brexit King Boris I was elected with a crushing majority, as I expected. In other words, Britain surrenders To Napoleon. let me explain.

Napoleon, down to the bitter end, presented himself, to the French army, as a man of the People and the Revolution (that explains is enduring appeal). So he was a plutocrat (look at all the evil power he gathered for himself and his family), masquerading as a populist. (And much more so as say, Caesar, the original populist, as head of the Populares, who had much better populist reasons to have done what he did…)

England was captured by the Netherlands plutocracy to make it a war machine against France (that was understandable as France was then led by that famous criminal against humanity, Louis XIV, and Dutch hatred was plenty justified, precisely because France had crucially helped create the Netherlands during the “80 Year War”). However, when the frog (Netherlands) tries to swallow the (English) lion, the opposite ends up happening: a reformed Britain (so-called “Glorious Revolution”) was made in an anti-French war machine, and, within 145 years, won… With a little help from its friends (British sponsored racist, ultra militaristic Prussia), and lunatic enemies (Madame de Pompadour, who was the official Prime Minister of France for six crucial years, from 1745 to 1751).

By 1815, France, pretty much the foremost European power for 13 centuries, was diminished and Britain more glorious than ever (although revolutionary France had succeeded to reproduce herself with the USA… By “revolutionary”, I mean starting with Clovis, bathilde, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, not just 1789, when France and the USA co-revolutionized…)    

Ironically enough, with Brexit, Napoleon won his long struggle posthumously. It was Napoleon’s dream to unite continental Europe. He failed because of Britain. Prussia had long been on British payroll, the Tsar chose Britain, and Britain could finance an army, a war and Portugal in the Iberian peninsula. Moreover the British Navy ruled all over, including the Mediterranean.In other words, Napoleon failed because of Britain. It was not really Napoleon’s fault: Britain had attacked revolutionary France, even when revolutionary France was still a Republic headed by Louis XVI…


These days of an immensely wealthy Britain, making war around the world, are over: Britain, no longer a world empire, has little financial power left. Prussian mentality, making war against all odds, and its attendant racism, has been annihilated. European powers know inter European war was mistaken and many European countries are grateful for the European Union to have enforced democracy. Many know that Britain was an obstacle to further European integration.  

Great Britain will find out, soon enough, that it is not Singapore. First Singapore had an immense immigration (proportionally to its population), and secondly Singapore is tiny, in several ways. The UK needs the EU for roughly everything. Under a hard Brexit scenario, England would find itself besieged, all around, by an adversary 15 times its size.

That’s not Boris’ plan. He will try to facilitate a system where Britain will keep its UN Security Council seat, while its long term parent France leads Europe in close cooperation (Macron hinted that, while helping Boris). 

It may work. And maybe an imitation Singapore Britain will help those, like France, who want more populism in Europe, for Europe to project more force (as Trump also wants).


Boris The First and Last was asked about the fears of some business leaders over Brexit and replied: “fuck business.” (When he was foreign secretary.) Business and plutocracy are different notions, and they were strikingly different during the European Middle Ages towards which Brexiters seem keen to return…

The despicable Corbyn, head of Labor, was an anti-European politician, before the original referendum to join the EC, more than four decades ago. So, campaigning against Boris Johnson, he campaigned against himself. He tried to dissimulate this, so sounded like a weasel. 

Pro-Brexit forces were the tools of the global plutocracy. On December 31, 2019, the sort of tax free regime many of the wealthiest in Britain profit from is becoming illegal in the EU (at then end of a long process, and final votes by the European Parliament). This was the real motivation behind Brexit. It is no accident that Farage is a (lesser) member of the financial plutocracy.

Because the global plutocracy controls completely the British media, the lower mental classes were manipulated into further submission. Plutocratic media succeeded to make the lower classes believe that all their problems came from not from the global plutocracy controlling Britain, but from the European Union, which was described as a fascist, undemocratic empire, enabling unwashed masses to invade Britain. The opposite is true: the EU is highly democratic (complete with Parliament controlling all initiatives), the immigration was caused by British plutocracy, not the EU, and the British economic miracle of the last 40 years was mostly caused by the help from, and the opening to, the European Union. 

It will require much intelligence for Boris Johnson to make Britain great without Europe. So far, he hit the right notes: science, ever more science!  

We will see…

Patrice Ayme

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