Garage Plutocrats Mind Us, As Self-Appointed Ministers Of Truth

“Inequality illusions” screams The Economist in a cover article. 

The Economist let it known that it heard of economists who claim that inequality is not as bad as some make it sound: they work in deepest shadows and have no names… “The Economist” presented the idea of rising top margin rate to 90% as a proof of mental derangement. Not a word about presumably mentally deranged Republican president Eisenhower who had brought up the margin to 93%… This is part of a concerted, very effective campaign against a wealth tax in the USA.

Economist Inequality illuaions

Minds are held by media owned by plutocrats. Worldwide, all over, even when public, especially when public.

High taxes on wealthy income enabled Eisenhower to build the enormous Interstate freeway system (in pseudo-social France, freeways are not free, but private and they cost an arm and a leg, literally as non wealthy people are forced to take the small roads instead; so who is more socialist? Eisenhower’s USA or Macron’s France?) Eisenhower had enough financial power to send the National Guard force the desegregation of public schools in racist states. Yes, financial power: the National Guard cost money.  

Eisenhower? A Republican in name only: he did more for the left than many a US right wing president. By the way, Kennedy, an idol of the left, collapsed the top margin tax rate, thus profiting the wealthy…

Big Brother Minister of Truth CEO Susan Wojcicki is even uglier than Orwell expected in 1984. She doesn’t want you to learn about Nazism, and will censor history, because you may spot the resemblance with her organization… Or the resemblance between the sponsors of her organization, and the sponsors of Nazism


Garage Lady As Minister Of Truth Views History As Something To Censor: 

“60 minutes”: “Is Youtube doing enough to fight hate speech and conspiracy theories?” News for you, CBS: History is the history of conspiracies. They interviewed the Google woman who is CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, a self-described Garage Lady Minister of Truth:

How did the garage lady achieve that haughty position? Of course she went to Harvard in college to study humanities, as this is where the notions of humanity and “leadership” are forged to serve plutocracy. Susan was the daughter of a Stanford physics professor who had a garage (her sister is CEO, and founder of 23andMe, in which Google invested many millions, BTW…). Susan’s garage story is the little usual disinformation, it was only about a garage, that the plutocratic manipulators love to tell… No conspiracy there, just a garage. It masks the gigantic reality of the huge and variegated conspiracy machine down there (hey,  didn’t say I was 100% against it… I may even be living off it…)

Those two, Brin and Page, in turn, were financed by Sequoia Capital and similar Venture Capitalists (I have known some of these, and believe the entire Face Goo thing got facilitated at the highest level of the US government: the top commerce guy under Clinton and Obama, Larry Summers had his sidekick  Sherryl Sandberg, an ex-student of his, with whom he toured the globe, sent to Google, then Facebook, as they were formed… As spy agencies, of course! Sandberg promptly made a billion…)


Plutocrats Hate You To Learn About Nazis, Or History, Lest You Get To Understand Too Much of How They Can Make People Insane; 14-18:

Allegedly Simple Woman Susan Wojcicki: “I owned a garage. And I was worried about covering the mortgage. So I was willing to rent my garage to any student. But then two students appeared. One was named Sergey Brin. The other was named Larry Page. They are the founders of Google.”

CBS Lesley Stahl, bleating her approval: Yes, they are. 

[Like Google was not founded by a conspiracy, but by two simple garage guys… Not a word about whom financed them… who I personally have known]

Susan Wojcicki: But at the time they were just students. They looked like any other students.

[They didn’t look like conspiracy theorists…]

Larry and Sergey ended up hiring her as their first marketing manager: garage woman became Google employee 16 (Silicon Types are obsessed with their rank in companies, because that means beaucoup bucks, prestige, career, power…). I give all these details to show how vulgar those (now) hyper mighty individuals are. So visualize this: three happenstance garage people… suddenly given giant spying opportunities, onto the entire planet, thanks to Bushobama (famous two headed presidential hydra). (Please no pretense that, being students at Stanford, the Google founders were automatically geniuses: I was student at Stanford and can certify not all students there are geniuses).

Then “60 minutes” showed us this World War II video: Hitler, the Nazi army goose stepping in massive numbers. CBS reporter Lesley Stahl (voice over):I mean it’s totally historical footage that you would see on the History Channel. But she [the garage woman Susan Wojcicki] took it down.Lesley Stahl: “Why?

 Susan Wojcicki, minister of truth and heavens: There is this word down here that you’ll see, 1418. 1418 is code used by white supremacists to identify one another.”

Oh, yeah, conspiracy theory specialist Susan Wojcicki has spoken. Funny that she decries “conspiracy theorists” to tell us that she is conspiring with an army of “experts” to find out about conspiracies. 

So Susan Wojcicki, what conspiracy theory is 1418? In France “1418”, 14-18, is the preferred term to qualify World War One, when the German plutocrats conspired in 1912 (and with the US presidency in 1914) and attacked, deliberately launching a world war. Since the Germans were then badly defeated by the French, six weeks later (First Battle of the Marne), it’s nothing to be very proud of. Actually Hitler dynamited symbols of that defeat in 1940. 

But for the deranged conspiracy maniacs at Youtube, Susan W and her accomplices, “14-18” this French victory in which the racists were defeated, is a “White Supremacy” signal. That’s just as clever as believing that the Star Spangled Banner is a racist symbol because of its association with 1860-1865… 


Susan the ignorant garage woman doesn’t know that 1418 CE is an extremely important year in the history of Western civilization. It was marked by multiple simultaneous popes, the resolution of this, the Concordat with the Vatican with the mighty kingdom of France and its sidekick, the Roman-German empire, three years after the treacherous assassination of Jan Hus, burned alive by the Catholic church.  


The Youtube channel the garage billionaire woman censored was just some war documentary channel. Is Susan in over her head and doesn’t even know what she’s doing anymore? No. Plutocrats hate too much study of the Nazi concept, because plutocrats were behind the Nazis (although Nazis proclaimed all over they were anti-plutocrats… and yes, Hitler and his followers used the word “plutocrat”)

The same 60 minutes” told us that “Black Lives Matter” is anti-racist, whereas “White Lives Matter” is racist. “Anti-racism” is all a question of skin color, according to “60 minutes” (journalist studies don’t include logic).


I have written many essays highly critical of Google monopoly position, and its tweaking of search.

OK, not just Google: Bing, the Microsoft Search Engine actually banned me. I have been too tough on the Bill and Melinda monkey show…

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote a gigantic article on how Google tweaked search to profit from it.

Business monopolies are intrinsically criminal.  Not just my opinion, it’s the law.

Patrice Ayme




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