Britain Surrenders To Napoleon

So British Brexit King Boris I was elected with a crushing majority, as I expected. In other words, Britain surrenders To Napoleon. let me explain.

Napoleon, down to the bitter end, presented himself, to the French army, as a man of the People and the Revolution (that explains is enduring appeal). So he was a plutocrat (look at all the evil power he gathered for himself and his family), masquerading as a populist. (And much more so as say, Caesar, the original populist, as head of the Populares, who had much better populist reasons to have done what he did…)

England was captured by the Netherlands plutocracy to make it a war machine against France (that was understandable as France was then led by that famous criminal against humanity, Louis XIV, and Dutch hatred was plenty justified, precisely because France had crucially helped create the Netherlands during the “80 Year War”). However, when the frog (Netherlands) tries to swallow the (English) lion, the opposite ends up happening: a reformed Britain (so-called “Glorious Revolution”) was made in an anti-French war machine, and, within 145 years, won… With a little help from its friends (British sponsored racist, ultra militaristic Prussia), and lunatic enemies (Madame de Pompadour, who was the official Prime Minister of France for six crucial years, from 1745 to 1751).

By 1815, France, pretty much the foremost European power for 13 centuries, was diminished and Britain more glorious than ever (although revolutionary France had succeeded to reproduce herself with the USA… By “revolutionary”, I mean starting with Clovis, bathilde, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, not just 1789, when France and the USA co-revolutionized…)    

Ironically enough, with Brexit, Napoleon won his long struggle posthumously. It was Napoleon’s dream to unite continental Europe. He failed because of Britain. Prussia had long been on British payroll, the Tsar chose Britain, and Britain could finance an army, a war and Portugal in the Iberian peninsula. Moreover the British Navy ruled all over, including the Mediterranean.In other words, Napoleon failed because of Britain. It was not really Napoleon’s fault: Britain had attacked revolutionary France, even when revolutionary France was still a Republic headed by Louis XVI…


These days of an immensely wealthy Britain, making war around the world, are over: Britain, no longer a world empire, has little financial power left. Prussian mentality, making war against all odds, and its attendant racism, has been annihilated. European powers know inter European war was mistaken and many European countries are grateful for the European Union to have enforced democracy. Many know that Britain was an obstacle to further European integration.  

Great Britain will find out, soon enough, that it is not Singapore. First Singapore had an immense immigration (proportionally to its population), and secondly Singapore is tiny, in several ways. The UK needs the EU for roughly everything. Under a hard Brexit scenario, England would find itself besieged, all around, by an adversary 15 times its size.

That’s not Boris’ plan. He will try to facilitate a system where Britain will keep its UN Security Council seat, while its long term parent France leads Europe in close cooperation (Macron hinted that, while helping Boris). 

It may work. And maybe an imitation Singapore Britain will help those, like France, who want more populism in Europe, for Europe to project more force (as Trump also wants).


Boris The First and Last was asked about the fears of some business leaders over Brexit and replied: “fuck business.” (When he was foreign secretary.) Business and plutocracy are different notions, and they were strikingly different during the European Middle Ages towards which Brexiters seem keen to return…

The despicable Corbyn, head of Labor, was an anti-European politician, before the original referendum to join the EC, more than four decades ago. So, campaigning against Boris Johnson, he campaigned against himself. He tried to dissimulate this, so sounded like a weasel. 

Pro-Brexit forces were the tools of the global plutocracy. On December 31, 2019, the sort of tax free regime many of the wealthiest in Britain profit from is becoming illegal in the EU (at then end of a long process, and final votes by the European Parliament). This was the real motivation behind Brexit. It is no accident that Farage is a (lesser) member of the financial plutocracy.

Because the global plutocracy controls completely the British media, the lower mental classes were manipulated into further submission. Plutocratic media succeeded to make the lower classes believe that all their problems came from not from the global plutocracy controlling Britain, but from the European Union, which was described as a fascist, undemocratic empire, enabling unwashed masses to invade Britain. The opposite is true: the EU is highly democratic (complete with Parliament controlling all initiatives), the immigration was caused by British plutocracy, not the EU, and the British economic miracle of the last 40 years was mostly caused by the help from, and the opening to, the European Union. 

It will require much intelligence for Boris Johnson to make Britain great without Europe. So far, he hit the right notes: science, ever more science!  

We will see…

Patrice Ayme

3 Responses to “Britain Surrenders To Napoleon”

  1. Gmax Says:

    All pretty sad, IMHO. Do you think it will work? What are they going to do? WTO trade rules? No deal?
    I think they will get punished


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, since they entered the European Community, the British have sabotaged Europe, and now they outright want all the money from the cake, after eating it, all by themselves. The EU is aware of the danger, giving a free ride to the UK, after giving it a nearly free ride for decades. It will not happen. It’s not because Britain claims to have brexited that it did. True total ejection from Europe will devastate Britain.


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to NYT Roger Cohen]

    The cases of Trump and Boris look similar. They are, and they aren’t. Both are so-called “populists”: that’s a strength… and a virtue. When Boris wants to sell British made thermonuclear reactors, that’s correct and grandiose… Nevermind that he got that launch by EU money. When Trump decry plutocratic globalization and renegotiate NAFTA into the USMCA with $16 an hour minimum wage, that’s correct and a great help to… civilization. Just as when Apple and carmakers deploy factories to the USA.

    But there are fundamental differences: one is for making England into an Asian tiger (“Singapore”)… while the other want Asian tigers to play fair, and pay what they owe (a lot). The USA is a continent size country, with enormous natural resources, 21 million square kilometers of land and sea under direct economic control, and a real republic with lots of local control (California is greatly locally governed, as Trump will testify on Twitter…)

    Since they entered the European Community, the British have sabotaged Europe, and now they outright want all the money from the cake, after eating it, all by themselves. The EU is aware of the danger, giving a free ride to the UK. Won’t happen.

    Brexit will not happen, except in delusional minds, because Europe surrounds little England, with 15 times the population. After centuries of war, and Europe successful promotion of democracy, Europeans won’t follow the delusional 44% of the UK who voted against Europe. Only Napoleon is happy


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