Obama Gave America Fracking. So Obama Is Holy. Trump Evil, For Revelling In Revealing Evil

We live in the age of fake everything. Pseudo leftist beauty queen selected as actresses are, famed 29 year old US representative, and Trump impeacher, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, calls herself anti-Wall Street… but she is against a financial transaction tax.

Bernie Sanders is ecological, and I probably will vote for him. But suddenly, he doesn’t want a transaction tax. Some self-declared “Communists”, are for billionaires!

The Saudis guard Mecca, from all those dangerous atheists, but then they destroy Muhammad’s house, and anything having to do with the real Prophet. Democrats, for a while, were against several progressive legislations and action engineered by Trump (USMCA, medical drugs cheaper, breaking the Facebook monopoly thought control)… Because Trump is… evil. But, well, if one believes Trump is evil, what about the others? That perspective is slowly taking shape at the New York Times (which, naturally censored my comment) …

New York Times’ Maureen Dowd in “Trump’s Bad. Sadly, He’s Not Alone.

“The Report,” streaming on Amazon, the heroic saga of Daniel Jones… Jones is working for Dianne Feinstein on the Senate Intelligence Committee and spends years compiling a report documenting the C.I.A.’s use of waterboarding and other forms of torture in secret prisons, a barbaric, un-American and ineffective system designed by two creepy psychologists who were paid about $81 million by the C.I.A.

The movie is not kind to Barack Obama… suggesting [he] protected the C.I.A. and tried to bury grisly details from the report... It is also a harsh portrayal of Brennan, MSNBC’s Voice-of-Morality, who, as C.I.A. director, fought the Senate inquiry so hard that his operatives even clandestinely hacked into the computer network of committee staff members to figure out how they were getting their information.

Obama spinned the world into believing he was an ecologists, when, actually, he was the greatest fossil fuelist who ever was, frucking us all…

If this weren’t enough institutional perfidy for one week, we had the Boeing hearing in Congress: An F.A.A. analysis done after the first deadly crash off the coast of Indonesia showed that the agency knew that if it did not act, the Boeing 737 Max was likely to crash 115 times in the 45 years it was expected to fly, theoretically killing more than 2,900 people. But that wasn’t enough to immediately ground it. The government is supposed to protect us from the greedy capitalists, not the other way around.

I sent an ultra polite and civil version the following comment, which was censored (the lying NYT pretends it censors only for “civility”, another fakery in action, dozens of my comments got censored in the last month alone). So here is a truer, much more muscular version for the fornicators at the NYT… they fornicate with the powers that be, thus getting their essence… (Yes the words “masturbation”. “fakers” were not used, in the mild version I sent I just pointed out that Obama was the fracking president (not in this term!)… But that was too much for the liars at the NYT, who are busy steering the world public opinion, same as the Soviet press under Stalin!)


How do you dare criticizing the most-sacred Obama? Who cares, if Obama showed a US president could disintegrate weddings in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, and other countries the US was not even at war with, and be lauded for it? Weddings invited the famous Obama “signature strikes”! 

Obama is holy to Americans: he gave them fracking, while pretending that fracking as most ecological, a “bridge to the future” he said. Obama was the greatest ecologist president who ever was, in his discourse. While delivering Obama made the USA the world’s most dominant fossil fuel nation! What glory! What masturbation! We have never felt better, about ourselves, thank you Obama! 

Now the USA produces more fossil fuels and CO2 than ever, and fossil fuel Americans can afford all these big trucks, SUV, gas guzzling individuals houses, while US became a net exporter of fossil fuels. All of this Obama fossil fuel production with the best good conscience US ever had, thanks to Obama! American fakers in good standing express their gratitude for this… by hating Trump.

And the largest Middle East lethal mess ever… but disguised as something that Obama, hence America, had nothing to do with it… How comfortable! To reinforce our good conscience, let’s condemn Trump 24/7 for making us feel bad about ourselves, by depicting all too many things the US profits from, just the way they are. Imagine! How dare Trump ask plutocrats to bring back jobs and profits, all the way back from China, or Mexico, and he has the effrontery of using extortion all over to do that! How are plutocrats and billionaires going to keep on making the profits they used to make?

Biden:”You couldn’t have heard it on MSNBC, that’s impossible. I know exactly what is on MSNBC…”


In other news Biden brutalized an 83 year old voter with “you are a damn liar man“, while charging him intimidatingly for daring to suggest he “sold access” to the vice presidency to a company in Ukraine by having his son earn at least $50,000 a month for being on the Board Of Burisma. Biden challenged the baffled voter to a push-ups contest. However the voter insisted he was not a liar, he heard it on TV, on MSNBC. A furious Biden retorted: “MSNBC? That’s impossible! I know MSNBC, they will never say such a thing! Not MSNBC!” So now, we have it from Biden himself: the forces behind Biden also have MSNBC in their pocket…

A Polish ex-president, also on the same Board of Burisma, declared Biden Junior was there to provide access to the Vice President of the USA “unfortunately, that’s how the world works“.

Well, the world is not going to work much longer that way…

Patrice Ayme

3 Responses to “Obama Gave America Fracking. So Obama Is Holy. Trump Evil, For Revelling In Revealing Evil”

  1. SDM Says:

    Biden has a horrible record and still leads many polls. Make sense of that. The propaganda spewed by corporate media is effective.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, indeed.

      Brexit is the best proof of that, the power of corporate media. Nearly all arguments FOR Brexit were completely opposed to reality. Never mind… The plutocratically owned media succeeded to make the Brits believe 100% lies…

      Notice I am not against Boris Johnson: that bull has left the barn, anyway. Sure, Boris is a horrendous liar, and actually the #2 liar of Brexit (Farage, a money changer, being #1)… But all Boris, a populist, wanted was to be PM. He may actually turn to be a good PM. But it’s going to be a fun ride. Differently from Trump, he can’t de-globalize and win: Britain is way too small, way too weak, way too degenerate to do that… The only one which could do that would be the EU… Imitating Trump’s MAGA (and that’s what Trump wants a bit too, but also not, as he got all enraged when France hits his GAFAM…)

      So we will see… Macron and Boris could decide to operate together, as I already said, and force Europe to go the way of Trump (actually, in all justice, with his fracking, SpaceX, etc. Obama paved the way to Trump…) I don’t know if it will happen, but that’s the only way forward for the EU and Brexit… Time for France and its vassal Britain to give orders to Germany (which has been pushing research and development…)

      I hope they do that.

      Also I will never vote for Biden… My primary vote will go for Sanders (he is more teflon than Warren, as she has been demolished by the anti-wealth tax propaganda…)


  2. Gmax Says:

    Biden Biden o Biden, completely nuts


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