Impeaching The Impeachment, To Impeach The Impeachers: Are Pelosi and Trump Collaborating In A Machiavellian Way?

Maybe what Nancy Pelosi is doing, impeaching, then impeaching the impeachment, is not what she is really doing. Maybe, maybe, let’s keep our fingers crossed, she is in a conspiracy of two with… Donald Trump. What, Why, How? First the why: because this way, she can pass a lot of progressive legislation, much of them originating from The Donald (long a Democrat, and a rare one who was angry at Reagan and globalization… in the 1980s…) 

We have got a deal, dear friend! Let’s do as if we hated and despised each other, this is going to be fun! No more of this Obama self-befuddlement, it’s our turn, and we are smarter… Let’s confuse them all! (Guy irrelevant to Non-Racist History behind.)

Nancy can pass that legislation, because The Donald has accused Democrats to be “Do-Nothings”. So they have to do some things, lest they want to lose the next elections, and pass the only sort of legislation which can survive the the Republican controlled Senate… Precisely laws originated, or tolerated, by The Donald. Because of the latter fact, the Democratically controlled Congress would never pass them.

Nancy Pelosi is thus capable of co-sponsoring (with her frenemy The Donald) much progressive legislation, which otherwise she couldn’t pass (without being accused by the pseudo-liberal, pseudo-leftist crowd of betrayal). 

The Donald is in a somewhat symmetrical situation with the Republican Party: he can get Republican support for lots of laws because the Democrats are furious about, as they originated from The Donald…. This enables Trump to argue they have got to be “Republican” laws, as they render “Democrats” furious. Conservative, pro-globalization, pro-plutocracy of the worldwide type, Republicans, who hate treaties such as the USMCA, are now tolerant of them, and will vote for them. Confused and bleating, they decide that, after all, all they know for sure, is that their taxes went down… So this is all good.

This, if this interpretation is correct, this is a classical case of Machiavellianism: one appearance implements its opposite

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump ripped into Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday for withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate, stating that she was engaged in a “quid pro quo” and suggesting that she should be impeached.

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

Nancy Pelosi is looking for a Quid Pro Quo with the Senate. Why aren’t we Impeaching her?


Some may say that the complicity and smarts of Pelosi and Trump could not be possibly so great as to think of such a devious plot. However, I believe both are very smart… and they have known of each other, forever. Also, a plot can be subconscious, or, a fortiori, sub-vocal. It’s also possible that Trump did much of the heavy lift… The fact Trump did everything to be impeached seems to indicate he could see the benefits of impeachment for him. To believe he did this to turn around the establishment is an easy conclusion.

Leaks have shown that, months before Obama got elected, the “Fix” was in: the usual financial mafia, led by Goldman Sachs (Rubin, Summers, etc) would lead, and the nation, and even Europe, would Transfer Assets to Rich Persons (TARP).

That was the same crowd which had managed Clinton. With Trump, none of this: Trump knew well these financial mafiosi, already 50 years ago. New York is their capital, and real estate their abode, after all. So now we have the USMCA, with $16 an hour minimum wage (twice today’s US average, and a tad higher than the highest in the US presently, in Emeryville, California).

The satisfaction of US voters with the US Congress has been as low as 9%. Why? Because as the USA collapsed, or at least the US middle and (blue) working class collapsed, the US Congress, rotten to the core and on the payroll of plutocracy, was paid to do nothing. Under Trump and now Trump and Nancy, things have been changing in a hurry, and in depth (NAFTA was proposed and criticized, accurately and fiercely, for 30 years, see Ross Perot… Still it was legislated, enacted, and then proceeded to gut the US working class…)

To break the logjam, something sneaky and underhanded was needed.

I would be very surprised if the Nancy-Donald duo was not a plot of at least one of the two, and, probably, both. So, ladies and gentlemen, don’t bother studying Machiavel: you have better artists below your eyes…

Patrice Ayme



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8 Responses to “Impeaching The Impeachment, To Impeach The Impeachers: Are Pelosi and Trump Collaborating In A Machiavellian Way?”

  1. Gary Sullivan Says:

    They work together like two wheels of an ox cart, they got the voters pulling them along over pot holes and bumps.

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  2. SDM Says:

    There is little evidence of Pelosi having any agenda not endorsed by her pluto donors.

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, this is what I used to deeply believe until she authorized the USMCA vote, an our after the impeachment vote. Passing the USMCA is momentous because, among other things, it asks:’why didn’t “democrats” pass something like that in the last 30 years?’
      In the perspective you brandish, she has been cornered by Trump. Notice that Pelosi, like Feinstein, is a full blown plutocrat on her own. She doesn’t need sponsors at this point really. Taking care of her family is enough: it’s full of little hunter bidens…. Hunted bidens?


      • SDM Says:

        Democrats didn’t pass anything like USMCA most likely because a majority of them were financed by those who were against it. There may be more at play here with USMCA than is apparent but certainly Trump has gotten most of what he wanted from Dem majority house which is just evidence that when it comes to establishment pluto demands (bloated military budget) most Dems will gladly oblige yet blather on about impeachment over their boy Biden.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Indeed. I talked this morning to a very intelligent Democrat, a man of experience (and a manager of no small importance). He told me that, in his opinion the conspiracy between Donald and Nancy I advocated is probably exactly what is happening.
          I was also surprised by AOC alignment with the Trump tax bill (she voted against the Dems)… I am going to have to change punching balls… The Muslim Wahhabist, head scarf covered somewhat rabid Somali refugee-plutocrat/serial espousing also surprised me by making recent sense… I guess those two are smarter than others, and keen for re-election…


  3. MaxCornise Washington Heights Says:

    @Patrice Ayme Really like Twilight Zone palaver here. Next time say it with flowers!

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Why don’t you go all the way and suggest to say it with… snowflakes? You seem to be of this naive persuasion.

      The incapacity for Machiavellian imagination by the plebs is the royal road for manipulation by the plutocrats who rule over them. History is full of these. Nietzsche actually insisted that the entire Christian ideology was such a vast manipulation. As it was instituted by an emperor, Constantine, the evidence is strong.


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