Iraq US Crime Against Humanity: Why No Inquiry?

Pelosi said she had to impeach Trump for his crimes, namely talking to the Ukrainian president about corruption and going to Court instead of obeying Congress right away (all presidents have always gone to Court when ordered by Congress, it’s part of check and balances, as the Legislative branch can’t order around the Executive branch without arbitration by the Judicial Branch). Pelosi said “Our democracy is what is at stake, the president leaves us no choice but to act.“ 

But the crimes in Iraq were much higher and greater than those alleged from Trump: millions died. And the war there is still going on. How come no inquiry? Could that be because Pelosi and Biden were principals in that iraq invasion abomination?

Could it be that Democrats impeach Trump, following the strategy pure religious types, such as the Puritans, always followed, impeaching others for crimes they themselves committed, on a far greater scale? The greatest US crime committed in the last 30 years was the war against Iraq. Among other gifts, it brought us the Islamist State.

Pelosi and Bush are now among those politicians world history will forever spite. Differently from Nero, whose culpability was sometimes unclear, Pelosi has admitted to crimes against humanity and conspiring to implement them. With Bush. Just listen to the tape. The CNN tape. All Americans who thinks that’s all right have sunk to the level of Germans thinking it was alright to invade Poland in 1939.

Right now the US is reviled in Iraq. New York Times itself, a shill for the US establishment, and a proponent of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, makes that assessment (see footnotes for quotes). How come there was no inquiry? How come there is still no inquiry? Because the guy, the criminal suspect, more exactly, who authorized the Iraq War is running for president? And has the highest probability, at this point, to succeed Trump?  

US policy under Bush I, Clinton (extensive blockade, including of medical drugs), Bush II, arguably resulted in the death of at least one million Iraqis… Even before 2003

But then in 2002 the US government accused Iraq, in blatant contradiction with evidence, to be an allied of Al Qaeda (which had destroyed the World Trade Center in New York, but was also initially created and sustained by US agents (CIA) and their pawns (SIS), for many years, committing atrocity after atrocity in Afghanistan to expel Russian and French influence, in the hope of mastering Afghan mineral wealth, and preventing others to rise).

As this was not enough, the US disingenuously accused Iraq of having Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMD), including sci fi biological weapons developed inside trucks, as demonstrated with kiddie drawing by Sec of State Powell at the UN. The lies were horrendous and insulted the world community’s intelligence. Oil man Bush was more motivated by oil and personal vengeance (because his dad had cut short the first Iraq war, and may have been targeted by Iraqis later))

The number of casualties in the Iraq War remains disputed, however a recent estimate, using the best information available, shows a catastrophic estimate of 2.4 million deaths since the 2003 invasion, including more than 5,000 dead US soldiers… and countless numbers of US soldiers reduced to suffering vegetable status (I know one US marine personally who goes from painful brain operation, to the next; he may as well be living nailed on a cross. The only clear thing is that he will die from it soon…) 

In the end it prevented durably Iraq to export oil. In turn, that, and shorting out Iran for oil exports too, enabled the US to  develop fracking on an enormous scale under Obama (who called US fracking the “fuel bridge to the future”).

Where is the inquiry in all this? How come US policy makers, some candidates for supreme office right now, were not asked formally the proper questions? Ever? War of aggression as Bush II engaged in, without proper UN mandate (and strong opposition by France) is a crime against humanity. However, as there was bipartisan support to devastate Iraq, here we are. This is no way for a democracy to operate. Foreign war should be engaged only when it seems there is no alternative, and the decisions leading to the engagement should be systematically examined later, to make sure no crime was committed, and to become an example, not just to the world, but to history and to create templates for progress and civilization. 

Unpunished crimes only encourage further corruption, not just in other countries, but in the US themselves, where power of money has never been stronger. We just learned that the Shah of Iran was able to flee to the USA, escaping Iranian justice, thanks to the influence of a major bank on the Carter administration. Never any official inquiry on this, perpetrators went on as influencers. 

Patrice Ayme



New York Times:How a Chase Bank Chairman Helped the Deposed Shah of Iran Enter the U.S.
The fateful decision in 1979 to admit Mohammed Reza Pahlavi prompted the seizure of the American Embassy in Tehran and helped doom the Carter presidency.

….“as the jet touched down, the only one waiting to receive the deposed monarch was a senior executive of Chase Manhattan Bank, which had not only lobbied the White House to admit the former shah but had arranged visas for his entourage, searched out private schools and mansions for his family and helped arrange the Gulfstream to deliver him.

“The Eagle has landed,” Joseph V. Reed Jr., the chief of staff to the bank’s chairman, David Rockefeller, declared in a celebratory meeting at the bank the next morning.

Less than two weeks later, on Nov. 4, 1979, vowing revenge for the admission of the shah to the United States, revolutionary Iranian students seized the American Embassy in Tehran and then held more than 50 Americans — and Washington — hostage for 444 days.”


Joe Biden Is A Perpetually Lying War Criminal Lying About His Crimes Against Humanity From 2002 To 2019:

There are two sorts of war criminals; those who deny they did anything wrong, and the others. Biden aspires to be of the first sort. However, like Pelosi, he has a videotape problem. As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when the authorization vote was cast, Joe Biden was at the forefront of the machine to destroy Iraq (which profited to US frackers, their Wall Street backers, and fossil fuel plutocrats, all over the world, especially the USA). Biden could have blocked in 2002 the use of war against Iraq. Instead he authorized it.

The day the Iraq war was launched by Bush II, Biden told CNN: “There’s a lot of us who voted for giving the president the authority to take down Saddam Hussein if he didn’t disarm. And there are those who believe, at the end of the day, even though it wasn’t handled all that well, we still have to take him down.

Many Iraqis feel that it is the USA which has to be taken down. (The Biden quotes about Iraq are many; he tried to lie about them in 2019… then admitting he “misspoke”…)

Further on Biden said: ….”what you are sensing from some Democrats, as well as Republicans, is a frustration relating to the lost opportunities of maybe being able to do this with others, maybe, if we had others with us, not even having to go to war. So I don’t think it’s anything other than a frustration.

But I think it’s time we stop all that. We have one single focus. And that is, we’re about to send our women and men to war. The president is the commander in chief. We voted to give him the authority to wage that war. We should step back and be supportive.”


New York Times, December 31, 2019. in “Protesters Attack U.S. Embassy in Iraq, Chanting ‘Death to America’: “The United States has about 5,200 troops in Iraq — down from a peak of 170,000 in 2007 —  in addition to an unclear number of civilian contractors. The troops — stationed primarily at a base in Al Anbar Province, northwest of Baghdad, and at another in the Kurdish-controlled north of country — are tasked with training Iraqi security forces and helping to prevent a resurgence of the Islamic State.

After years of military and political investment in Iraq, the United States finds itself in a position where few powerful Iraqis are willing to stand up for it and its role in the country.

Condemnation of the recent airstrikes continued on Tuesday. Mr. Mahdi, the Iraqi prime minister, announced an official three-day mourning period for the men killed in the strikes, which he called an “outrageous attack.”


Iraq war Carnage:

Officially admitted on the US side, more than half a million Iraqis died during the Iraq War. So did 5,000 American troops. The war strengthened the radical extremism it was supposed to fight while costing American taxpayers more than $2.4 trillion, much of which went to defense contractors like then-Vice President Dick Cheney’s former company Halliburton. And George W. Bush started the war based on the lies that Saddam Hussein was helping Al Qaeda, and sitting on an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

But Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think that was impeachable. Right Nancy voted against the Iraq war then and September 2004, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi called the war in Iraq a “grotesque mistake”. However, she could have done more.  

In a CNN video, Nancy Pelosi says that she knew George W Bush was lying to the public to start a war, but she did not feel this was an impeachable offense.

Nancy Pelosi: I Knew Bush Jr Was Lying About WMD To Start War, But Didn’t See It As Impeachable

Incredible. In footage from a CNN Town Hall, Pelosi said she knew that the infamous WMD-narrative created by the Bush administration wasn’t real. She was one of four on the Intelligence Committee, as the “Ranking Member”, and she knew there was none of what the elected officials of the Bush administration claimed there was. But ‘they had made a representation”, and “they were elected”. So be it. 

Actually, only Bush II had been elected. All the other officials, including Cheney the Vice, were on his coattails. Nancy just had to impeach Bush… And Cheney. Interestingly, then she would have become president:

So lying to We The People of the World is OK, and it’s cool (even if one doesn’t become president in the process, although one could have been). That should be unsettling on its own, and Nancy should be prosecuted on this ground alone. 

There is no expiration date for crimes against humanity, and complicity therewith. So Bush, Cheney, Biden (the authorizer of the 2003 Iraq war), and accomplice Pelosi should be prosecuted for lying to We the People, and killing 2.4 million.

But the candor and casualness with which the Speaker reveals her crimes is astounding. This poorly educated girl has no moral backbone whatsoever. Even on live television in 2019, it doesn’t occur to Pelosi just how bad her high crimes against humanity sound. In an orgasm of wanton hypocrisy, she chalks up her passiveness in pursuing Bush’s impeachment to “not wanting to make [impeachment] a way of life” for Americans. Her decision to allow the president to continue an illegal war (started because of a lie she was aware of) was therefore rational because it spared us another impeachment debacle.

Pelosi’s reasoning doesn’t make sense—starting a war based on a coordinated conspiracy by dozens of the highest elected officials to imprint upon the public a Hitler sized lie is illegal. It is more than enough grounds for impeachment. The total number of Iraqis killed by US policy since 1990 may be as high as 3.4 million, and Pelosi as a top US political operator and influencer is fully responsible. So is Biden. 


Bush, Oct. 7, 2002: “After eleven years during which we have tried containment, sanctions, inspections, even selected military action, the end result is that Saddam Hussein still has chemical and biological weapons and is increasing his capabilities to make more. And he is moving ever closer to developing a nuclear weapon.”

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10 Responses to “Iraq US Crime Against Humanity: Why No Inquiry?”

  1. SDM Says:

    But of course Pelosi was complicit with war crimes including torture so no impeachment of W over that. Biden likewise. Obama fell into the same pattern with his drone campaign. US government lies on the regular to we the people. Afghanistan papers reveal it is on the highest level and with limitless funding when it comes to empire. Nearly 1 trillion dollars in Afghanistan and we the people get zero and worse for it. But no one dare question it or suffer the smears of treason.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Here in the so-called “Silicon Valley” (rather a Silicon Bay), the conversations can be sheer lunacy. Interlocutors often hate Trump to a visceral level, and they are all happy about it. Then they hate all and any solution of the homeless crisis. They even deny it is really a problem (because the deciders and influencers don’t live where it is). They vote sanctuaries and then retreat in their fortified neighborhoods to drive their fleet of state subsidized electric cars (whereas I talk to the homeless and go through camps, my Castillan very handy…)

      Really, the Pluto who threw my daughter out of her school, heir to an immense fortune, third generation, boasted he got a 20K subsidies on his electric cars. He is personal ecology adviser to the French Monkey In Chief… And very influential in the USA in ecology (ecology of the companies he is invested in, that is… So Obama got completely misled about what sectors and companies to advantage…)


  2. SDM Says:

    It is quite astounding how well the propaganda machine has worked with many if not perhaps most Americans. We the people appear to have accepted whatever lies are told when it comes to the military industrial congressional complex. Anyone who questions it is variously labeled as unpatriotic, conspiracy theorist, communist, un- American, subversive, radical, socialist, crackpot, etc. Make enough noise and the FBI and CIA will become involved.
    Media conglomerates continue to squeeze out any dissenters and independent journalism is at a dangerously low point. The level of lies fed to we the people is staggering and even when some stories get out there appears to be few who even bother to read them. Manufactured BS like “Russiagate” gets non-stop coverage of course and people believe it!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes. I am around pretty educated people (PhDs, lawyers, Inventors, VCs, etc,) And then here I am and people tell me with a straight face Trump caused the mess in the Middle East, and even the Iranian regime. All was fine, until he showed up.

      You tell them, not so, they reply you are watching Fox News, and Breihart (or however it’s spelled: I never do). I know Roman history around the end of the Republic pretty well, and I am increasingly worried about the quickly converging analogy… For example, the Absolute Wealth Limit of Roma was violated by globalization (we have the exact analogue as tax evasion by going overseas). When the Gracchi and their allies (Flaucus, etc.) tried to rectify this they were vehemently opposed, accused to go unconstitutional (direct analogy with Trump dislocating globalization, and then being accused of exactly what the prior administrations did).

      In Rome, things turned suddenly bloody (after 350 years without blood), and then from bad to incredibly worse.

      The astounding part is that the “Optimates” (the plutocrats) found popular support… with their massive lies… And again and again… Until the reinstauration of Gaius Marius, and again, even more, after the assassination of Iulius Caesar… Then We The People got outright short circuited (Sulla, Marius’ second in command during wars, and then enemy had started this), and it all became a joust between army and Plutos… concluded with sheep religion conquering all, from a mix of ressentiment of the slave-like Plebs and imposition by the masters (Constantine, etc.)

      It’s funny to see the Pluto media (self-described as “Democratic”) cherry picking the Pelosi interview…


  3. glouconx Says:

    The USA has two plutocratic parties, or as Gore Vidal once said, one party with two right wings. Our situation is even more hopeless than Britain’s.

    Trump could have appointed presidential commissions to investigate the Iraq war, Hunter Biden, Hillary (in the debate he promised to investigate her, and put her in jail!), anything. He could have used his rallies to publicize the findings. Why didn’t he? Because the investigations would have no support from Republicans who supported the war with even more vigor than the Dems and have engaged in their share of corruption. This is why it’s pointless to take sides between the two plutocrat parties.

    Americans are hopelessly stuck, like Prometheus, pushing the plutocratic weight to one side or the other every four or eight years.
    A true anti-plutocratic party would have to be a new party formed by the people behind Sanders. It would not win, but it would be worth having as a permanent presence.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. I plan to vote Sanders in 90 days, in the CA primary, and if not him Warren (although she started as a Republican while Trump started as a Democrat!!!!!)
      I will try to post the incredible transcript of the even more incredible interview Pelosi did on CNN.
      Fact is some people told me it was fake news… because it was on Counterpunch…. So CNN, when watched through Counterpunch becomes fake… Some readers told me when I put some links through media they didn’t like, just to go around subscription fees, that they would not read me anymore… We live in the age of stupid, but it’s exactly what happen under plutocracy…

      I agree that to have a permanent anti-Pluto party is of the essence…


      • John Michael Gartland Says:

        “We live in the age of stupid, but it’s exactly what happens under plutocracy…”
        It’s designed that way.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Indeed. There is equivalence: Plutocracy = Stupidity
          It’s stupid for a society to become a plutocracy. To sustain the plutocracy, the stupidity has got to be sustained.
          Plutocracy has to mold minds. Easiest way to do that is controlling the media through which information comes (once, the Bible, Qur’an Eightfold Way, Confucius). Right now around 6 corporations control the US media, but they are under the influence, not of the average shareholder, but under the influence of the wealthiest ones, the billionaires, such as Redstone, Murdochs, Turner, etc.

          Most in view, NYT is controlled by same Plutos since 19th century. Wash Po is owned by Bezos, another Pluto, etc

          NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and Telemundo are under NBC Universal and owned by Comcast, America’s most gouging and hated company.
          ABC is owned by The Walt Disney Corporation. They also own ESPN, Marvel, Disney Studios, and A&E networks.
          CNN is owned by Turner Broadcasting which is owned by Time Warner. They also own HBO and Warner Brothers.
          Fox News is under 21st Century Fox (renamed from News Corp) and controlled by Rupert Murdoch, initially an Australian tycoon, creator of Thatcher… and his family. They also own Sky News, WSJ and National Geographic Partners, and much Brexit press in Britain
          CBS is owned by the CBS Corporation but the majority control is owned by National Amusements under owner billionaire Sumner Redstone.


  4. Gmax Says:

    Could you please post the Pelosi transcript? I find this hard to belive, that she would boast of knowing from inside W Bush lied


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Will do. But I need to add a few comments, and I’m busy today. It’s a clear case of Crimes Against Humanity, though. I mean this; take Xi or Kim, dictators of PRC and N Korea. They look like potential criminals (especially Kim). However, it remains to be proven. Innocent until proven guilty. However, the guilt of Pelosi is nothing to establish: she says it. She KNEW. She recognizes she knew.

      Xi, for example, if confronted to Chinese gov crimes (already to be exhibited and proven, no easy feat as China has an enormous government, with police, detectives, prosecutors, judges, etc.)) could always deny that he was personally responsible.

      But Pelosi BOASTS that she was responsible (in several ways)…. So, in her case, she self-indicts. And it’s nothing like the Ukrainian talk about inquiring on corruption. In the Pelosi affair, MILLIONS DIED.


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