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Evil Power From Progressive Habituation: The Case Of Fascist Racist Germany

January 9, 2020

Germany had many thousands of “camps” were extermination, known under the euphemism of “final solution” was conducted. There hated “races” (Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, half-breeds, half-Africans, etc.) and hated enemies (“Communists”, Resistance fighters, etc.) were exterminated.

First, they had been caged, as soon as 1933.

Still the strongest democracy, the US, didn’t do anything. Worse: the USA did all too little when her two parents, France and Britain went to war against infamy. And, in any case, many people around the war, and in particular the Germans, thought they were the most civilized people in the world… and actually they were the world’s most literate people. The problem? They were reading the Nazi equivalent of Facebook, world edition, and it had started as early as Martin Luther…

“Reichsleiter [Philipp] Bouhler and Dr. med. [Karl] Brandt are charged with responsibility to broaden the authority of certain doctors to the extent that [persons] suffering from illnesses judged to be incurable may, after a humane, most careful assessment of their condition, be granted a mercy death. [signed] Adolf Hitler.”
1939 September 01
Berlin, [Berlin] Germany

It is important to understand that Nazi Germany proceeded with “little” steps, trying to engineer habituation in the rest of the world for its mass murdering ways. Nazi euthanasia through psychiatry killed 300,000 [1].

Hitler wanted killed those whom he judged to be lebensunwertes Leben (Life unworthy of life). Starting that way, he grew into it, total war helping, as Goering proved unable to stop devastating British bombing raids over Berlin [2].

That was part of a much more general extermination program.  

The first mass test killings were actually in Poland. First there was the monstrosity of the cold blooded, well planified assault on Poland, by millions of German soldiers, on September 1, 1939. Then Polish hospitals and flour mills were systematically destroyed, to cause death by illness and starvation. Hitler also ordered that the Polish leadership and intelligentsia be destroyed.

The USA let the Nazis get away with it, refusing to come to the help of its democratic parents, France and Britain. This is the crux of what made the Holocaust of World War Two possible.

It had all happened before. Germany had proceeded with systematic murders and crimes against humanity in its deliberate attack on the world in August 1914. After the war, the french Republic and Britain wanted justice. The democratic allies wanted the Kaiser (among other criminals) to be arrested and judged. They took refuge in the Netherlands (which got appropriately punished in 1940-45). 

The mad murderous racist fascism of Germany was in full view in the beginning of the Twentieth Century, when imperial Germany mass-killed the original population of Namibia. Goering, father of Goering, was the governor.

Very influential and wealthy US actors, friendly to racism, and, or, invested in Germany prevented the entry of the USA into the war against Nazism when it should have, side by side with Britain and France, when the mass-killing nature of the Nazis got clear. Ultimately, Hitler declared war to the USA on December 11, 1941. 

Let the lesson not be forgotten: there are no two sides of the argument, the pros, and the cons, when humanity is a stake.

Patrice Ayme



[1] The Nazi friendly number of 70,000 killed by the euthanasia Nazi program is often brandished. It is erroneous and obsolete. The true number is at least 300,000. The program was so extensive that

In 1939, Dr. Viktor Brack, head of Hitler’s Euthanasia Department, oversaw the creation of the T.4 program, which began as the systematic killing of children deemed “mentally defective”… and that included… being Jewish. The program was later extended to adults.


[2] Goering had declared that, if a single British bomber dropped bombs on Berlin, Berliners could call him “Meyer”. The first bombing raid on Berlin was conducted by French naval aviation, June 7, 1940 (the Nazis, always ready to contradict themselves condemned the French fliers to death for crime against humanity!)

In August 1940, constant warfare against British airfields brought the Royal Air Force close to collapse (in spite of its Polish and other Allied pilots, the RAF had only 1,000 experienced pilots). The first RAF raid on Berlin took place on the night of 25 August 1940; 95 large bombers were dispatched to bomb Berlin. The Nazis were so enraged, they switched to the bombing of enormously spread London, which had very little military effect. So the Blitz on London, in September 1940, was paradoxically psychologically engineered by the crafty British leadership manipulating the stupid racist, fascist leadership.