“Democratic” Plutocracy On A Roll

We have a problem with worldwide global plutocracy. Kim, Xi, Putin, the dictators of Iran, and the late Suleimani are all plutocrats. Leading “representative democracies” have been, and are, stuffed with plutocrats. It didn’t start yesterday. The two rounds of the obsolete German plutocracy to try to save itself, by conquering the world, failed, causing durable damage to Europe, and thus civilization (Europe had been leading the world civilizationally; since then physical leadership has gone to the USA… while Europe got decerebrated.)

We have a dangerous precedent: Rome. For military reasons. We The People got armed. 16 million young men in the USA got trained to kill. Similarly in France and the UK. The result was a lot of democracy and equality, from 1945 to 1975. By then, though, the fossil fuel plutocrats and their sponsors, world financial plutocracy, made it so to increase their power. 

Obama meant well, sort of, relatively speaking, but, ultimately, he served The Man, Pluto.

The first thing to do is to limit wealth absolutely:



More From Plutocracy Central:

Two “Democratic” Pluto candidates, Bloomberg and Styer, spent already, 400 million dollars of their money, around eight times what Trump gathered.

Rachel was kind enough to answer. Now I must confess I have listened to lots of CNN, MSNBC, and I am a New York Times subscriber (all of this since deep into last century). I view all these media as much more biased than Fox News. My hatred for their propagandistic behavior started in 2002, in the built-up for the invasion of Iraq. The NYT finally banned me for more than ten years. Initially, I spited Fox News, as it was created by Murdoch, whom I then called Murderoch, who wanted so badly to invade Iraq. However, during the Trump presidency, Fox, to my amazement, has turned more fair and balanced than the others (OK, not saying much!) 

So because I am submitted (by own making) to lots of anti-Trump propaganda of the asinine type, I recognize it for what it is: drivel fostered by the world’s most powerful plutocrats, who are terrified of what they call “populism”… because they literally don’t know what “Demos-Kratia” means…

This is in constant dollars

Rachel Laudenslager Hunt As I said, Pelosi is not my favorite, but this is not about her.

Trump does whatever the most powerful people he knows want him to do. So yes, rich people and the military/industrial complex are happy. Energy companies are happy. They desperately want you to think that what’s good for oil companies is good for you. It’s not true.

The low unemployment rate is covering stagnant wages and declining financial security of the working class. Export businesses are suffering under the reactionary and short sighted tariffs. He’s gutted the State department, making war the only foreign policy choice available in every situation. He’s basically pissing off all our allies and giving the farm away to our enemies. Climate change is being ignored. Education is being privatized. I could go on and on.

And no, I don’t think Obama was perfect, but Trump has taken the worst executive power grabs that Obama was guilty of and quadrupled them.”


Well, Trump didn’t officially execute US citizens without trial, some children. Ah, yes, i forgot, as a “Democrat” and friend of Barry, i am not supposed to have noticed his direct order. Being a “Democrat” means wearing blinds…

A lot of “democrats” (self-declared) smoke too much pot… So they didn’t notice that Obama is the one who pushed and installed the FRACKING industry, well financed by Wall Street. Obama, in an act of supreme hypocrisy called it “bridge fuel to the future”. 

So US supremacy in fossil fuels IS Obama’s greatest achievement. Obama even tried to get US coal exported to China from Oregon (failed because Oregon objected). Right, Trump is persuading everybody that fracking is his work, so he can get more votes. But it was actually Obama. 

Another great achievement of Obama was to send all the money to the banks, and achieve a greater inequality (as measured by Gini index) as ever before.

Actually real wages are going up under Trump and more so for lower wages, before and after taxes. This can be read all over, the graphs are clear. That can’t be contested. This is how Trump is achieving this that is a matter of debate.

Short sighted tariffs? Plutocratic globalization literally emptied the US and Europe. I have explained in many superbly deep essays of great historical value, that global plutocracy followed exactly the tricks used by Roman plutocrats in the Second Century BCE. Basically, plutocrats fear revolutions of We The People. A way out of this is to make We The People Impotent. 

Impotence is first achieved by making We The People incapable of well paid, important jobs. This is why Smart Phones were made in China. When the Trump administration is putting an halt to this, it doesn’t do just smart economics and smart sociology, it does indispensable security. 

In France the de-industrialization is so acute, the French are unable to make the basic technology for advanced nuclear reactors. Because French leaders are sold to global plutocrats, they gave China the plan of their advanced nuclear reactor, the EPR. In Europe those EPR have been under construction forever, in Finland, France, Great Britain. But they don’t know how to weld anymore (France and Japan used to have the best welding for nuclear reactors, 30 years ago). Guess what? The Chinese EPR has been connected to the grid nearly a year ago, it’s working splendidly. Meanwhile the Chinese are selling worldwide nuclear reactors made according to older French nuclear tech. Isn’t that great? Meanwhile, France is getting impoverished, and has been in a recession for 11 years… so is Germany (Italy, for much longer and deeper than that). Ah, and France has 9% unemployment and it’s much higher in Spain, Italy. 

At the core of the European recession is the departure of quality jobs to China. China got there through a lot of stolen IP (the fast trains are stolen French IP; the coming Maglev line between Beijing and Shanghai is also stolen German IP). I am not reproaching the Chinese for stealing what was offered to them. I was involved in a startup working for the Pentagon (and the Jap army)… using Chinese seed money. Then all the IP (from a top US university) was secretly transferred to China. The company lawyer informed the CEO that was all illegal in spirit. She was fired. Now, such behavior is becoming illegal in practice, under Trump. Obama tolerated it.  IP theft is why the US blocked, long ago, Chinese access to the ISS.

To say that climate annihilation is ignored under Trump is, once again, confusing headlines and reality. Differently from Obama, Trump is financing nuclear handsomely. Nuclear is where the power is, to mitigate the climate catastrophe. Obama talked big on climate, but did a lot of bad things, such as not supporting fusion power research. 

On his first day my friend Barry killed hydrogen research in the USA. However, as I have explained in many essays, renewables, especially solar can’t work as total replacement, without hydrogen ,,, So Barry talked the talk, while discreetly killing the renewable goose, so he could deploy fracking. 

Although Lithium has worked better than I expected… The EU is building its first Li-Ion mega battery plant (in Poland) …on this, lithium batteries Obama did pretty well: his best discovery was Elon Musk… against whom I used to smirk, but I have changed my tune on this one… Musk is doing an amazing job…

Democrats with Trump Derangement Syndrome are just doing the usual American lynch thing, they satisfy their hatred against humanity, an old American emotional tradition. Trump is the new Black. Yeah, “Orange”. 

The claim of the Pluto media that wages are going down under Trump is counterfactual

Real progressives would work with Trump where progress can be made… and has been proposed by Trump. In the 1980s, most “democrats” (O’Neil, Biden) worked with Reagan (who was way worse than Trump). Democrat Donald Trump raged against Reagan, his globalization, and his “Democratic” enablers. Real progressives didn’t want NAFTA as proposed, they wanted something like the USMCA… which Trump bullied through (to the great screaming of the pseudo-left paid by Bloomberg and his ilk). 

Yes, I would prefer heart attack Sanders or lying Warren as president. But if my choice is between Trump and one of the greatest war criminals in world history for president, I know who I will not vote for, and whom I will denounce from every rooftop.


For the Democratic Party to be led by confirmed war criminals is an astounding situation. Ah, but nobody noticed. I am the one who is supposed to be deranged, because i insist on sticking to reality: Biden war authorization of 2002, and Bush “loving” Pelosi’s complicity in hiding “George” lies about Iraq. Although, right now, for the first time, The Guardian (UK left) noticed that “Biden is corrupt”

‘Middle Class’ Joe Biden has a corruption problem – it makes him a weak candidate. By Zephyr Teachout

We don’t have to choose Biden’s way, which would give Trump a perfect foil. Mon 20 Jan 2020 

Biden has a big corruption problem and it makes him a weak candidate… a lot of the voters we need – independents and people who might stay home – will look at Biden and Trump and say: “They’re all dirty.”

It looks like “Middle Class” Joe has perfected the art of taking big contributions, then representing his corporate donors at the cost of middle- and working-class Americans. Converting campaign contributions into legislative favors and policy positions isn’t being “moderate”. It is the kind of transactional politics Americans have come to loathe.

There are three clear examples.

First, Biden’s support for finance over working-class Americans. His career was bankrolled by the credit card industry. He delivered for it by spearheading a bankruptcy bill that made it harder for Americans to reduce their debts and helped cause the financial crisis. He not only authored and voted for that bill, he split with Barack Obama and led the battle to vote down Democratic amendments.

… At a fundraiser last year, Biden promised his Wall Street donors that “nothing would fundamentally change” for them if he became president. Now the financial world is raising huge money for his campaign. It clearly thinks he’s going to be its friend if elected. Most Americans, who get ripped off by the financial sector on a daily basis, aren’t looking for a candidate who has made their life harder.

Second, healthcare. … Biden went straight to a fundraiser co-hosted by the chief executive of a major health insurance corporation. He refuses to sign a pledge to reject money from insurance and pharma execs and continues to raise money from healthcare industry donors. His campaign is being bankrolled by a super Pac run by healthcare lobbyists.

What did all these donors get? A healthcare proposal that preserves the power of the insurance industry and leaves 10 million Americans uninsured.

Third, climate change. Biden signed a pledge not to take money from the fossil fuel industry, then broke his promise. Right after a CNN town hall on climate change, he held a fundraiser hosted by the founder of a fossil fuel conglomerate…

There are plenty of other examples that raise questions, like housing and social security. Big real estate moguls are playing a major role in Biden’s campaign. Unlike his rivals, he has no comprehensive housing plan. When he pushed for cuts to Social Security, was he serving donors or his constituents?


I can already hear the howls: But look at Trump! Trump is 1,000 times worse!


You don’t need to convince me. I have spent my life writing about and fighting against corruption… there is no doubt [Biden’s] record represents the transactional, grossly corrupt culture in Washington that long precedes Trump. We cannot allow Trump to so lower our standards that we aren’t even allowed to call out that culture, which has not only stymied progress but also harmed the Democratic party.


The good news is that we still have time to break with this culture of corruption. We don’t have to choose Biden’s way… The 2020 election should be about a crystal clear contrast between truth and lies, corruption and integrity, compassion and cruelty.


We have a rare opportunity to end a larger culture of corruption and we should take it – we will regret it if we don’t.”

Well, arresting the war criminals, the criminals against humanity, Biden, Pelosi, Bush, and other liars who launched the Iraq invasion to make US fracking profitable, would be a good start. 



It’s interesting to exchange with those who know less, and actually miss altogether on some basic axioms, thus dimensions: they always come back to what they know, and thus stay squashed, lower dimensional beings. 


The real question is how do we unsquash them? To acquire dimensionality, only strong emotions work. To show to the Germans that their notion of superior race was erroneous, one had to destroy them on the battlefields like cockroaches, eradicating about 20% of the population (and killing or gravely wounding one male out of two). This is also why it’s so hard to extirpate racism from the USA: a lot of hate-Trump, “cancel”, “woke” “culture” is just more of the same (which ironically enough, is correctly reproached to many Trump supporters…)


What’s not in question here, contrarily to repute, is not Trump’s sanity, but the sanity of the Democratic Party. For example, why don’t “Democrats” worry about LOW, Launch On Warning… They don’t even know what it is. Instead they insist Trump doesn’t know what he is doing… while the evidence is the exact opposite.

Patrice Ayme


6 Responses to ““Democratic” Plutocracy On A Roll”

  1. SDM Says:

    Sanders is for limiting wealth; Warren as well but much less so-if you can believe anything she says. Trump shows no interest to do so.

    So are you advocating war as the best means to eliminate plutocratic rule and promote democracy? Or merely to prosecute the war criminals? Trump has shown no interest in this either as he pardons war criminals most recently.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I agree with what you hint: Warren seems to be too prone to lying. OK, the Pocahontas posture was funny, but I used to hold that against her: after all she is obviously NOT a Native American (half of my family is Pacific Islander… and it shows).In the end, I found the whole thing funny and didn’t hold it against her. However, when she claimed Sanders would idiotically assert that a women couldn’t become president, I just couldn’t believe it: as Bernie said, videos of him, 30 years old are out there, saying the opposite…

      I think the war criminals should be prosecuted, and especially those politically active at this point, Biden and Pelosi. Bush and Cheney too, of course. And also Powell, etc. Just play Nuremberg again, same problem.

      “War against plutos” has to be mental first. As the incredibly dirty tricks they are pulling using the “impeachment” show, they think they can get away with anything… True Sanders and Warren were not smart, calling for impeachment, not realizing what dirty Nancy, the 2.4 million dead Iraqi girl, is capable of…


  2. Gmax Says:

    Did you hear Clinton attack Sanders? Unbelievable She even refuse to say if she would vote for him against Trump
    And she stole nomination from Sanders last time. Also Sanders insisted he doesn’t view Biden to be corrupt. Dems are going nuts trying to please the wealthy


    • SDM Says:

      Yes HRC is shameless after stealing nomination – yet Sanders went on to pitch for HRC after she robbed him! Now Warren and HRC are going after him.
      Sanders needs to get tough with Warren Biden and HRC if he wants to win. He is getting terrible campaign advice- people would love for him to call out establishment owned Dems.


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