Trump Dissonance Syndrome Affects All Too Many Ignorant, Self-Obsessed Hypocrites

Just because I am civil and rational with Trump, many hypocrites called me a Trumpist. When in truth I am often the opposite!) Why? Because they are worse than Trump, covering their tracks. Agreeing with DeGeneres I am (although she likes her good friend W Bush, and that’s going way too far for me… I hate formally all war criminals. Somebody has to! At least “George” is not in power anymore, whereas his self-declared lover Nancy is!)

I do listen and read a lot of the Trump hate media. Much is driven by billionaires such as Bloomberg and Styer. The latter spent 200 millions promoting himself and his ecology (he founded his fortune on coal trading). The former overspent other candidates five to ne, and got elected mayor of New York. Now he has already spent four times more than Trump to get elected president.

“Support”, “Believe”… For most people opinion seems to be a sort of religion they tribally join… Such people are either for or against Trump, Climate, etc. They embrace thinking as religion. Such is the royal road to unfathomable stupidity. Pathetic to see young people supposedly condemning racism… in the name of tribalism.

Because I exhibit hot facts, snowflakes call me names, and then they melt down, crying. They are inside just what they condemn, for show, outside: their barely crystalized thoughts have little substance.

Those who take for granted that Pelosi didn’t betray humanity when plotting to destroy Iraq have much in common with those Germans for whom Hitler was morally elevating: they suffer terminal moral-cognitive disorder, refusing absolutely to inquire about a catastrophe they caused.

However I get messages such as this:

Rachel Laudenslager Hunt: I agree that many people criticize Trump in out of bounds ways such as making fun of his appearance and his family and they often focus on superficial things or use unnecessarily crude language.
I disagree with this because there is so much substance on which Trump deserves serious legitimate criticism.
His policies are a disaster, he displays worrying symptoms of serious mental illness, and he has publicly admitted to doing things that are clear violations of federal law including key clauses in the Constitution.
This should be made clear in a sober and careful conversation, not in apoplectic displays of outrage.
Read the Mueller Report, watch the Congressional hearings. Pay attention to the number of criminal trials surrounding his associates.
Enough said.”


Well, not enough has been said, because most of these are lies, or fake universes.

The Mueller report was whether Trump was a Russian agent. However, Trump was saying the same things, in the 1980s, when he was one of the rare Democrats to oppose Reagan (then Warren was a Republican). What Trump was saying in the 1980s, he incorporated in his actions as president. It’s difficult for me to listen to the Speaker, who wants to impeach Trump and Pence, while being the only Iraq war criminal still in position of enormous power. And what power! Third in succession to the throne!

dear Rachel Laudenslager Hunt: Which policies of Trump are a disaster? USMCA? New trade accord with China? Executing the three greatest terrorists in activity? Obamacare? Facebook? GAFA paying no taxes? Executing US citizens with drones, even when they are just propagandists or children thereof? I would respectfully suggest to impeach the woman who killed 2.4 million Iraqis, deliberately, instead of listening to the plutocrat who spent 5 times more than all his rivals combined to become Mayor of New York, shuttling between NYC and Bermuda where he has so much wealth, tax free… Those plutocrats pull the strings against Trump… And they are worse.…/is-nancy-pelosi-a…/

As long as no excrement spoil the war criminal’s expensive shoes, Nancy will be OK, and keep on pretending she is a “good Catholic”… now that she helped kill 2.4 million Iraqi, and no “Democrat” in good standing noticed…

The last fight between pseudo-progressives and Trump confirms an inversion of most values. In the San Francisco Bay Area, with perhaps the world’s great homeless crisis, worse than anything in Mexico, said the UN and the NYT… Most of the hang up is from NIMBYs and regulations. Hundreds of thousands of affordable housing units have been held up for decades. Contrarily to Pelosi, I have known some homeless for decades (they are friends). Now Trump wants to break through the administrative blockages… and the pseudo-left, including real multimillionaires who are also friends and live in Atherton (everybody is a multimillionaire there)  is screaming to high heavens that Trump is a fascist…

The numbers are in: SF homeless population rose 30% since 2017

There is plenty of evidence that the loud anti-Trump (pseudo) left is actually a new type of fascism… worse that Trump. The eviction of the four mothers in Oakland from a long empty house is revealing. (I am pushing for a local initiative to give a right of pre-emption to city halls when houses are repossessed by banks, BTW…)

Here is a little taste, from the SF Chronicle I subscribe to:

“Thydour Coleman shook her head as she spoke about the four mothers evicted from a West Oakland house bought by a real estate investment company planning to flip it.

The McClymonds High School graduate was born and raised in the community, leaving for four decades before returning two years ago. It was unrecognizable, she said.

“The neighborhood has changed completely since I was a little kid,” Coleman said as she walked her dog a block away from the Moms 4 Housing eviction. “I’ve never seen so many homeless people in my life, and they keep building these expensive … houses. They only care about the rich and the famous.”

On Tuesday morning, Alameda County sheriff’s deputies evicted four mothers from a two-story home on Magnolia Street after they had occupied the house, without the owner’s permission, for nearly two months. The episode turned the spotlight on the Bay Area’s exorbitant housing prices — but also on the practice of home flipping and what role it plays in people being priced out of neighborhoods.

For the past nine years, Wedgewood Properties, the Southern California firm that owns the Magnolia Street house, has been one of Oakland’s most prolific house flippers, rehabbing and selling 160 homes. The company says it has spent an average of $57,000 per home, about $9.1 million in total, using all local labor to do the work. Most of the homes were owned by banks, having gone into foreclosure during and after the financial crisis of 2008. They include homes like 2753 67th Ave., which the company bought at auction for $367,000 and sold six months later for $573,000.

I am presently fighting against a plan to ravage a unique wildlife preserve, destroying half of it to build homes for people in the 1%.  This hyper wealthy crowd is all what the pseudo-left in command in the Bay Area cares about. If they don’t belong to it, or are not paid by it, they dream to join it… which may be even worse.

And Trump in all this? They say to each other how terrible Trump is, a bit like Nazis saying high Hitler. Well, they don’t generally live among the human feces and have never talked to the homeless. I do, and notice more and more don’t speak a lick of English…

Racist right wing fascists put on their anti-Trump coat, same as the white coat of the Polar bear: a trick to look as white and innocent as the driven snow… Meanwhile, they frantically block affordable housing… Anything to persuade themselves they are not what truly they are…

Patrice Ayme


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