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What’s Auschwitz? What Happens When Dark Side Is Ignored Too Long!

January 23, 2020

What happened in 1914-1945, when Germany went berserk? When Germany went for World Empire (as if tiny mentally reduced Germany were the USA?) It has not been answered well yet. All the lessons have not yet been drawn… At least by intellectuals… paradoxically.

The truth about 1914-1945 is very simple: an entire nation thought that following orders was where morality was… Instead of following the human hearts they should have had (but didn’t!)

Hearts and minds had been killed by obedience. 

Who invented that philosophy obedience Uber Alles? In truth, Prussia, a military miracle, became such a miracle through militarization of its entire society. It was not the first human society to do this: Sparta and Assyria had tried before, and ended as Prussia would: annihilated. For German intellectuals, and leaders of the German people and army, an idiot, named Immanuel Kant was the dark light shining on their obscure minds… Kant, a partisan of slavery, great priest of morality through blind obedience, used by Eichman in his defense…



Hitler Criminally Insane Women Volunteers parading, smiling and proud, in Paris, 1940. Nobody forced them to volunteer. They couldn’t wait to kill all these Jews, torture all these French terrorists. grow and multiply the triumphant German race. I have seen, in German houses, pictures of family members in Nazi uniform hidden behind family photographs….

Some intellectuals brandish big words, obfuscating:”Auschwitz is a negation of humanity by itself!”Actually, such statements are more a negation of humanity by weakling logic.


What should one have done? The answer isn’t clear, say those who have understood nothing, or so they claim. But some have understood: look at Israel.


Suppose, just for fun, that Israel suddenly existed, as it is today, transported to January 1942. Of course, Israel, population seven million, couldn’t have invaded Nazi Germany, population 90 million, and controlling another 120 million Europeans. But Israel could have asked for the unconditional surrender of the Nazis, starting with the annihilation of one german city after another, using thermonuclear weapons. 

Any questions? 

Indeed I know some clear answers: when confronted to infamy, one needs to have the rage to fight it. Good feelings aren’t enough. This is why, after the (innocent) elderly Callas was broken on the wheel, because he was a Protestant, Voltaire spent a large part of his fortune re-establishing his honor and justice. Peace is not enough. 

My credential for expertise in the way of injustice and Nazism, are impeccable: one half of may family saved more than 100 Jews (to the risk of summary execution, torture and or finishing in a death camp). The other half fought in World War Two, and saw combat. One uncle, an officer, fought 6 years in uniform. Another uncle was married to the daughter of Von Moltke.

The Talmud is famous for a debate between two schools

One school held that it would have been better if humanity had never been created. It won the vote which replaced the debate. Horror: this proved the Nazis (yet to come in the future), right. Nazism was little more than a death machine

Hannah Arendt came up with her banality of evil, or, at least, with her banality of reasoning:”Eichmann forgot to think about his acts”. That’s hogwash. Eichman knew very well what he was doing, and he explained it perfectly, Arendt didn’t listen, or didn’t understand. 

Arendt forgot the Dark Side. All the stupid pacifists out there forget the Dark Side… and that’s why we got Hitler, the Kaiser, their goons, and an abysmal German mentality which spawned Hitler, the Kaiser and their ilk. If you don’t believe me, read all of Nietzsche, and report. 

The Dark Side characterizes supreme intelligence… because intelligence protects intelligence, and has to protect intelligence, and, in particular, its brood (this is not a new theme, it’s all over science fiction, all the way to the recent and Chinese, “Three Body Problem” trilogy. It turns out that the galaxy is a “Dark Forest”, because all civilizations are keen not to be detected. Those which reveal themselves get annihilated. Even elephants have the Dark Side: they don’t forget, and will punish their enemies.  

A Jewish girl born in Romania, now living in Israel, Helena Hirsch, a 91 year old in 2020, with the tattoo number A 20982 survived. Because the day she was brought to the gas chamber, the Zyklon B didn’t work. She philosophizes correctly: “One should have been heroes, heroes don’t die.”

The truth about humanity is simple: it’s a knife made to cut to the truth (de-cide). A knife can be good, or can be bad. It has a good way to be used, and a bad one… depending upon circumstances. Sometimes, it’s good to muster the Dark Side, and plunge the knife in the heart of evil. It’s not enough to have better angels: sometimes they need to muster overwhelming force… As Lincoln did.

Indeed, to be a hero, one needs to master at least some of the Dark Side. Not just to know how to get it going, but how t get it going, just right.

Patrice Ayme

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