What If Obama Were On Trial? Well, He Should Be! On Obama-Biden Firing Ukraine Prosecutor

I used as (first part of the) title, the title of an editorial of the New York Times January 26, 2020. Consider Trump’s impeachment from some other angles, says Nicholas Kristof, Opinion Columnist. I usually like Kristof, but here it’s open season on him after he refused to post my comment (or will publish it in 2 days, which comes down to the same). After some padding over 30 lines or so, Kristof grandly declares: 

In practical terms, this amounts to: What if it were Obama who had been caught in this Ukraine scandal?…. Progressives may be scoffing that this exercise is unrealistic: Obama was meticulous in avoiding scandal and ethical conflicts.

Thus Kristof makes clear that it is NOT something which happened… As a matter of course. This is high level disinformation on Kristof’s part: there is plenty of evidence to the contrary, but it is found in (some) foreign media (“Consortium News”), and it’s hidden from the US public. To keep it hidden from those reading NYT comments, my comment, a comment from a fanatical progressive, but also fair, balanced and clever, was censored.

To go on imprinting on such a grotesque lie, the grandiosity of Saint Obama, the New York Times in its plutocratic wisdom decided NOT to publish my comment. Indeed, Obama is little more than a stooge for plutocracy, including the literally dirtiest sort, the financial and fossil fuel/fracking plutocracy (fracking is Wall Street burning planet for profit). Obama is going to be rolled out if the old stooge Biden, or the new stooge Buttigieg, falter. The latter possible development would mean that Sanders (probably) or Warren (possibly) is going to be candidate. That’s when the biggest stooge of them all would be rolled out.

Most of the plutocrats don’t pay taxes. One could even view this as their definition: plutocrats have so much power that the laws are arranged to serve them. Consider subsidies on private jets, making 1% of US CO2… Of course the establishment is not just terrified of a Sanders presidency. It fears even more every day that Sanders keeps on advertising and explaining his “Democratic Socialism”. So it’s important, for the established plutocracy, that Obama damages Sanders… thus that Obama’s astounding aura remains intact. 

Well, maybe one didn’t look at what was impeachable in Obama’s actions. Obama apparently ordered personally drone strikes (instead of leaving the decisions to professionals themselves part of a hierarchy in oversight position). The president directly ordered the killing of US citizens without trial for Islamist propaganda (rather than murder). At least one of these US citizens was not adult, but 16 years old.

(Analogy to the decay of the Roman Republic: Cicero, self-proclaimed defender of the Republic, seemed to consider that extra-judicial execution were the way to go. He used them as Consul during the “Conspiracy of Catiline”. Much later, more stupidly, and dangerously, he tried to use such a denial of justice against Marcus Antonius…)

Second and more importantly, there is the interference in Ukraine. VP Joe Biden said loud and clear for all to hear, that he didn’t interfere in other countries policies. However, more recently he was on tape boasting of the exact opposite… in connection with the Burisma Holdings investigation.

Here is my terrible anti-plutocratic comment, which the New York Times depicts as lacking “civility”:

Vice President Joe Biden warned Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that, if he did not fire the very experienced Procuror General Viktor MykolayovychShokin, the Obama administration was prepared to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees. Biden: “I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ They said:”Son of a bitch” He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid.” 

The Ukrainian Parliament refused initially to accept the resignation of the procuror general Viktor Mykolayovych Shokin. The “solid” man was Yuriy Lutsenko a Ukrainian MP who was forced to resign in 2010, and condemned to 4 years in jail for corruption. Lutsenko has no law degree. Considering the later point, a special law was passed. Biden claimed, on tape, that he was following Obama’s orders.


For skeptics, here is Biden on tape, bragging about firing the prosecutor who was inquiring about the embezzlement (at least 40 million dollars) of Hunter Biden’s company, Burisma Holdings:



It’s incredible to know that journalists and editorialists at the New York Times can look at themselves in a mirror, and not blush. What do they think they do as they foster plutocracy, using the basest method, that of the Big Lie? On the same Sunday edition (26 Jan 2020) where my comment was censored, there were interviews of whom the NYT views as the most important six Democratic candidates. Two were very wealthy multimillionaires, many times over. Two other were multibillionaires. The latter two, Bloomberg and Styer, have already spent, together eight times the total spending war chest of Trump. Yes they spent eight times, already, what Trump will spend in the future. Plus they get free advertising in the New York Times. Bernie Sanders in all this? He gets scathing editorial after scathing editorial, while Bloomberg gets lauded…

Patrice Ayme



I got the electronic version of Kristof editorial, early on, Saturday. It had a long section explaining all the bad things Trump did NOT do. I sent my comment, it was censored. Then the NYT went on publishing more than 1,000 comments…. But also modifying Kristof’s editorial before it went to print by removing the section explaining all what Trump didn’t do (but has been accused of doing by the lying anti-Trumpists)

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12 Responses to “What If Obama Were On Trial? Well, He Should Be! On Obama-Biden Firing Ukraine Prosecutor”

  1. SDM Says:

    Bernie is the candidate needed to force these issues. He needs Gabbard along with him as she is fearless.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Great idea! She is indeed fearless.. Feels much more military to me than Pete the Weasel…
      However, many of the brainless Dems, the most frequent Dem species, view her as a Russian agent from Samoa…


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Reason]

    In some aspects, the president (in the USA or France) is the ultimate magistrate. Thus, Obama ordered the execution by drone of US citizens without trial. For example 16-year-old Abdulrahman Al-Aulaqi (and five of his teenage friends). So the president can legitimately ask a country at war where the US is sending anti-tank rockets, to abate on corruption.

    Biden boasted, knowing he was recorded on tape, in 2018, to blackmailing Ukraine about firing Viktor Shokin, the Procuror General of Ukraine… who was inquiring on embezzlement at Burisma Holdings: a 40 million embezzlement was proven, while Biden was director. Biden Senior forced Ukraine to chose as procuror general Lutsenko, who had been condemned for corruption in 2011 to four years in jail.

    Biden called Lutsenko “solid”. However the Ukrainian Parliament initially refused the resignation of Shokin forced by Biden… and had to pass a special law to make Lutsenko Procuror General… because Lutsenko, the “solid” of Biden, doesn’t even have a law degree… Lutsenko was fired in August 2019 by the new Ukrainian president… In October 2019, Ukraine started a criminal investigation of Lutsenko.

    What else? Biden helped pass the New Jim Crow laws in the 1990s. In 2002, as chair of Senate Foreign Relation Committee, he authorized the invasion of Iraq (in collaboration with Pelosi from the “Gang of 4”). But I digress… Democrats (I am one of them) have a serious problem here, if they keep on refusing to see what is going on.

    Obama refused to send weapons to Ukraine to fight off Russia. Trump sent (secretly) Javelins anti-tank missiles, early in 2018. When that got to be known, the republican Congress authorized the sending of more Javelins. Democrats were mostly opposed to sending weapons to Ukraine… and now they condemn Trump for suspending his own weapon policy they used to oppose? Is this the “Twilight Zone”, or just the dusk of reason?


  3. John Holzmann Says:

    Oh my!

    I thought my diverse audience might find this “outsider’s” perspective rather interesting.

    Patrice Ayme, the author of the linked article, is a blogger I follow. I find her bracing, challenging, sometimes offensive, but thoughtful. And–whether you or I agree with her or not–she DOES HER HOMEWORK. She is an equal opportunity offender. Here, she takes on Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times. NO HOLDS BARRED.

    And in case you wonder: By everything I have seen, she is a “Progressives’ Progressive.” Perhaps “socialist” is a better term. She is adamantly opposed to the “plutocrats” and “plutocracy.”

    From what I can tell, she is a major fan of Elizabeth Warren. (As she wrote back on 5/29/19 [https://patriceayme.wordpress.com/…/warren-progress-surviv…/], “Warren’s suggested heavy taxation of extreme wealth follows logic and history: otherwise the republic will die. So Warren’s candidacy is not just a matter of getting an experienced woman in power, it’s a matter of survival.”)

    I don’t know if Patrice can vote in the U.S. She was, at one time, a professor at Stanford. But she lives in France and, by all indications, she comes from France. So I expect she is a French citizen. But she is deeply concerned about U.S. politics and the impact of the United States in the world at large. .


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for the kudos and appreciation, John! (I usually like Kristof, but the way the NYT treats comments these days is with zero ethics… Plus, they modified the editorial AFTER I sent my comment they censored…)
      BTW, due to the recent different between Warren and Sanders, I switched to the latter my voter’s preference for the CA primary… 😉


  4. John Holzmann Says:

    Patrice: I continue appreciating, so much, your outspoken, incisive thought!

    I am seriously grateful I can listen to people like you. You (pl) help me to think better.

    Yesterday, I received an email from another person I find thought-provoking. I imagine you have heard of him. Perhaps you have already determined you tend to agree or disagree with his views. Either way, I wonder if you might find the following commentary USEFUL in some manner.

    ****FROM Doug Casey’s “International Man” 29 Jan 2020*****

    Doug Casey on What the Elites at Davos Are Really Up To

    International Man (Interviewer): It’s that time of the year when a bunch of out-of-touch, self-anointed elites gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

    It’s where they discuss the big issues of the day. The most influential world leaders attend, as do the CEOs of the largest companies, leaders in the mainstream media, and top academics. Central bankers attend too, along with a wide assortment of celebrities.

    What do you make of Davos and the people who attend it?

    Doug Casey: Davos is an “invitation only” event for the “elite.” The usual suspects, and almost uniformly horrible people. These people form a subculture. They’re all members, or hangers-on, of various Deep States. They prefer to associate with other people they consider to be peers. If it turns out you don’t share their worldview, you won’t get invited back.
    It’s basically a love fest for the
    international ruling class. They like to get together, hang out, and schmooze, because they all know about each other, even if they don’t know each other personally. Talking about “important” issues with other “important” people gives meaning to their lives. That’s the essence of what goes on at Davos and similar conclaves.

    Now, I know the conspiracy types say, “These people have gotten together to conspire against all of us little people.” And some of that undoubtedly happens. That’s nothing new. In The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith pointed out that whenever people in the same business get together, they always conspire against the public. Of course. That’s human nature. It’s normal. What do you expect?

    But it’s not a conspiracy. The fact is that people with the same education, worldview, and economic status tend to think alike. And tend to help one another. It’s not some kind of conspiracy, any more than is a meeting of a local Lion’s Club.

    A couple of years ago, I was mistakenly invited to attend a similar very elitist and globalist conference event in New York (https://internationalman.com/articles/doug-caseys-two-days-with-the-real-and-wannabee-elite/). It was made up of exactly the same people who show up at Davos and conferences like it.

    I found that I didn’t like them. And I strongly suspect they didn’t like me, even though I was on my best behavior. But that’s nothing new. I occasionally get invited to dinner parties in Aspen, with the same kind of people. But usually not more than once. Why might that be? Well, as you know, I say what I think. And that’s usually at odds with what the Masters of the Universe think.

    International Man: In previous years, we’ve seen the people at Davos promote various themes that later became policy.

    For example, negative interest rates, the abolition of cash, and promoting mass migration were all hot topics at Davos before governments around the world started implementing them.

    What is going on here?

    Doug Casey: These people are the self-righteous epitome of the Establishment. They’re absolutely opposed to free minds and free markets. They are, however, in a position to influence the policies of the governments that control much of the world’s economy. And they do. It doesn’t matter how much money and power they have; humans are genetically wired to want more. Now that, in itself, is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good thing. It’s responsible for taking humanity from beating on earth with sticks to sending rockets to the other planets.

    The problem is that these people are not just willing, but anxious, to use coercion—the State—to get what they want. They camouflage their intentions with massive virtue signaling. For some time, they’ve directed their attention to fixing the planet.

    In fact, the bigshots at Davos aren’t going to fix anything, except maybe a few elections. They don’t even understand the problems. But it’s not hard to understand their motives. Everybody, including the African goatherder with flies buzzing around his face, wants to be a bigshot. That’s true even if you only hang out at the local bar or the local Rotary Club. If you’re running with the big dogs, however, you probably want to be a bigshot at Davos.
    Not the migration of Europeans to the Americas in the 19th century, however. Those were mobile, aggressive, opportunity-seeking people who wanted to leave stagnant and repressive cultures for personal freedom. They had zero in the way of state support.

    Very unlike the migrants coming to Europe today, who aren’t being attracted by opportunity so much as welfare benefits and the soft life. They know Western Europe is a massive welfare state that provides free food, housing, medical care, schooling, and living expenses to all comers.

    Today’s migrants are mostly unskilled, poorly educated, and many have a bad attitude. They—justifiably—hold their new host countries in contempt. The question arises why—since they’re almost all Muslims—they aren’t being welcomed by places like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, or Brunei, which are wealthy Muslim countries.

    There was a massive surge of migrants to Europe in 2015. But that was, I believe, just an overture to what’s coming. What we’re talking about here is the migration of millions of people of different languages, different races, different religions, different cultures, and different modes of living. If you’re an alien and you’re 1 out of 100, or 1,000, or even 10,000, you’re a curiosity, an interesting outsider. And you’d have to integrate into the new society. But an influx of millions of migrants can only destroy the old culture. And guarantee antagonism—especially when the locals are forced to pay for it.

    It’s comparable to what happened 1,600 years ago with the migration of the Germanic barbarians into the Roman Empire. But potentially much more serious. The migration policies popular with the Davos crowd are creating minor chaos now, but world-class chaos is in the wings over the next decade. The population of Africa is growing by tens of millions per year while the population of Europe is collapsing. It will be interesting to watch London transform into Lagos North, as Paris starts looking like Kinshasa.

    Another item that’s always on their agenda is central bank monetary policies. I’ll make a bet that Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is very much in the cards. MMT amounts to the basically unlimited creation of currency units to finance whatever governments want. It’s essentially Keynesianism on steroids. It seems inevitable because all the major governments are actually bankrupt. And the Deep State—Davos types—would far prefer to see things financed with inflation than taxes, because that could take stock markets much higher. And make corporate bailouts much easier.


  5. Kevin Berger Says:

    “Well, actually, the USMCA authored and signed by Trump today, is the right type of globalization we need.”

    Kevin Berger Do you mean taking the old globalization, renaming it into a media stunt-type new acronym, tinkering it at the edges to justify it being “new globalization”, and claiming victory?


  6. Don Kemerling Says:

    There are supposed to be a lot of benefits for farmers from USMCA too. I can never read or understand the whole thing. They make those agreements too complicated, IMO. They kind of give us bullet points, and leave a lot of details unknown. I tried to look up tariff rates once, and I seemed to get nowhere. Even the internet doesn’t do us much good for transparency on some things


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