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Humans Prefer To Be Tribal Rather Than Right… And That’s Wrong

February 15, 2020

This is about a seaside hill, one of the last refuge of the Western Monarch butterfly, a large orange and black long range migratory butterfly on the verge of extinction. Plutocrats, the power (kratia) of evil (Pluto) want to dynamite the hill to build four million dollar mansions facing the Golden Gate. Of course they were able to recruit a critical mass of local PC “Democratic” politicians to do so (I was told it involved a kick-back scheme). To save Albany Hill, please sign the online petition. All the people of the planet can sign it, even if they live in Wuhan, Hubei, China. This is just one small planet, we need to save the oxygen!


Here they were, the volunteers, maybe 100 high school students, raking tree bark from the ground, gathering it, putting it in huge plastic bags. Fallen bark was the enemy, it needed to be gathered, cleaned up, plastic bags were friends in which to stuff the enemy. Other volunteers were planting tiny blades of grass… were giant trees used to be, a few months ago, before being cut then bulldozed out. They used six bulldozers. For six months. How ecological is that? Thirty tons trees, replaced with lumps of three grams of grass? With public funds? Is it how we are going to absorb CO2? With a few blades of grass, where towering, growing trees used to be? Trees which can live two millennia? Recent research has shown that large trees are the greatest absorbers of CO2. A sequoia, native to the area, can absorb tons of CO2…. year after year.

What was the occasion of this ridiculous, however well-meaning, meeting? Taking care of a cherished hill! Ah, why were the trees cut? One pretext was the installation of an ADA (American disability Act) path… a path all made in concrete (the top of that hill was perfectly ADA accessible before; I was myself handicapped for a year and could get there; any wheelchair could have). Many trees had to be cut for that, between the new ADA path, opened by bulldozers, and the 30 to 40 foot wide forest road, parallel to it, twenty feet away. Why was not the ADA path installed on the top, slightly to the side of the forest road? 

Prominent Tree in front: Monterey Pine, Pinus Radiata, native to a few spots in California, including SF Bay Area. Discernible a bit in the back, left, and right: Monterey Cypress, with same exact native range. Both endangered trees were systematically destroyed on Albany Hill, to give room for four million dollar mansions…. All of it disguised as a PC ecological program… I was told it was all about multimillion dollar kickbacks…

Why were so many trees cut? Why did none of the youth know that half of the hill was going to be dynamited to build dozens of four million dollars mansions? When the five million dollars contributed by the public for the park, were used for unrelated activities?

Isn’t it ridiculous to rack tree debris, after the City had ravaged the hill top for months with no less than six bulldozers? And all the wild animals, many endangered, had to flee? I asked, again and again:”Are you aware that the hill is going to be dynamited?” The youth’s many heads, feeling insecure, swivelled around with bovine interest: who was disturbing the tribal peace? The main adult who had organized the blade of grass planting retorted:”Not here!” She meant no destruction where she was standing… the destruction of the hill would indeed start, just one hundred meters to the south. This is not a new approach to holocausts:’Oh, it’s not happening under my feet! Why should I care?” 

Endangered Monterey Cypresses grow naturally on a narrow strip of Northern California (the outrageous claim that Monterey Cypresses are only native to the 17 miles drive and Point Lobos, is probably just multimillionaire self-glorifying propaganda; I know for a fact immensely dwarfed old Monterey Cypresses, 100 kilometers north…) In any case some were unlawfully secretly cut for 48 multimillionaire mansions on Albany Hill, in violation of various laws…

I pointed out to the enormous destruction of trees, which devastated so many species, including endangered owls. Finally the responsible miscreant, who had harangued the youth prior, to instill the correctness of her ways, a city employee, snapped:  “Yes, I had the trees cut. Yes, i did it, I have the conifers cut. They are not native! They are a fire danger!” I retorted: “But these were endangered species! East Bay Junipers! Monterey Cypresses! Monterey Pines! Brewer Spruces! All native to Northern California and the coast ranges!” Margot C. got all inflamed: “I want only chaparral and poison oak on the West Side of the Hill! With a few oak on the north-east side!” Me:”Look at old pictures! It’s all conifers! Go around by the sea, on similar hills, it’s all conifers, typically Monterey Cypresses and Pines” Margot, apparently fully oblivious to reality retorted:”You are wrong!

Well, at least lunacy in person is more thrilling than on the Internet. Uncharacteristically for me, I left. I felt as if I had just been told that it was mars, not the Moon, which orbited the Earth.

Against insanity, the wise content in vain, and at the risk of exciting the injurious ardor of the mob. Obviously a rethink of the lunacy of a project to develop 48 four million dollar mansions… while presenting them to the State of California as “AFFORDABLE HOUSING”…. was in order. So much money at stake has addled the minds. Two days prior, I was walking in the dark, when a tall senior gentleman I had never seen before came to me. He started not by saying hello, but:”Do you want to be educated?”. Then he told me an amazing story of corruption and kick backs…. meanwhile, one hundred youth were planting one hundred blades of grass, where a forest used to be, thinking they were saving the planet… I went around, trying to tell them they were being had…

A few of the youth approved of my ways enthusiastically, others were condemning, most were baffled. They were here to do a job, to be together, a mutually bounding society, they were not gathered to hear what was going on, or hear that their esteemed leaders were not right… if it endangered the establishment, it was not what they were supposed to hear. Of that, they were sure.

Look at CORVID 19, at Antarctica melting ever faster, etc… Realize the futility of much of the world organization, and even of the work many people do, nowadays. Even Trump just had the USA join the worldwide “One trillion trees initiative” [1]. But then all too many PC people hate trees.  

We are living in times when we have to learn quickly to suppress the tribal urge and replace it by the more elevated, more human, Will to Truth… 

Yes, our distant ancestors were monkeys, and tribalism is what kept them alive. Now it’s what is killing us.

Patrice Ayme 



[1] September 2015 estimates of the number of trees on Earth show a figure of approximately 3 trillion subsequent determination has ascertained that 1.2 trillion trees would counteract 10 years of CO2 emissions (anthropogenic).

Even the cordially despised  World Economic Forum during 2020, held in Davos, feeling the heat, announced the creation of the One Trillion Tree Initiative platform made for governments, businesses, and civil society to provide support to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2020-2030), led by UNEP and FAO. Forum participant Donald Trump, president of the United States, made an announcement that the government of the U.S. will be committing to the initiative.

13 billion trees, more exactly: 13,629,563,106+ trees have been planted as of the 4th of February 2020. In the PC San Francisco Bay Area, a lot of clear-cutting, of entire hillside meanwhile proceeded… As usual, many SF values are upside down…



February 15, 2020

Present Day Quantum Physics Is Entangled With Photon Awareness, While Contradicting Free Will, In A Most Peculiar Way…

Abstract: The Axiomatics of the Copenhagen Interpretation of the Quantum is written as if photons were aware of slits-at-a-distance… And as if photons acted accordingly (as if photons cared about slits!)… But the Copenhagen Interpretation of the Quantum provides NO mechanism for photons to take care of slits. This is absurd in two ways. It’s as if an anthropomorphic Mr. Photon was supposed to be telepathetic. Another problem with the Copenhagen Interpretation of the Quantum (“CIQ”) is that CIQ Quantum Physics, being deterministic, denies Free Will.

Conclusion: Quantum Theory is not the final story. Guiding Wave theories with delayed causality, such as SQPR, are necessary to reduce the nonsense.


We act, we decide, we initiate actions. Can we insert this faculty for action of our own Free Will, this human agency, into the general picture of nature (“physics”) that we presently have? No! Because physics as we know it is deterministic… And we are not! (Quantum Physics, contrarily to its repute, is deterministic… as long as its nonlocal effects are not considered…) 

Thus the humanity-as-an-independent-agent question leads to the depths of the human mind and its relationship with physical reality, throwing up profound connections to the mysteries of entropy (disorder augments… something biology violates) and the arrow of time (time flowing one way… although fundamental physics flow both ways, contradicting even entropy as fundamental). Even reality gets questioned (what is it?) and consciousness (what could it be?) Surprising answers are readily discernible. 

Quantum fields don’t have any agency. Atoms don’t, do bacteria?” asks physicist Sean Carroll from the California Institute of Technology. “I don’t know, but human beings do. Somewhere along that continuum it sneaked in.

Quantum Determinism a la Copenhagen Means We Have No Freedom Of Choice

Well, it is not even as simple as believing “agency” sprouts between things more complicated than atoms and human beings. Let me make a ridiculously simple observation. 

Take the 2 slit exp. This phenomenon is the conceptual heart of Quantum Physics. If we take the Copenhagen Interpretation of the Quantum (CIQ, pronounced “SICK”), at face value, something astounding occurs: it looks as if an electron, or a photon, has AWARENESS. 

Indeed, according to Einstein, a photon in flight is a localized concentrated “quantum” (Einstein wrote about “Lichtquanten”, light quanta; they got named “photons” 20 years later). 

The following is exactly what Albert wrote, in his otherwise beautiful Nobel Prize winning paper on the photoelectric effect, and has been viewed as definitive truth ever since: “Energy, during the propagation of a ray of light, is not continuously distributed over steadily increasing spaces, but it consists of a finite number of energy quanta LOCALIZED AT POINTS IN SPACE, MOVING WITHOUT DIVIDING…” (I view this Einstein unsupported opinion as a grave error which the herd has made ever since… But I am going to proceed, for the sake of argument, as if this ridiculous idea were true, in the next few lines!)

When one cuts two slits in a screen, a photon (going through just one slit, according to Einstein) somehow knows about the other slit. How? Certainly not by having Mr. Photon look over at the other slit. So, then, what is the root, the nature of this photon “awareness”, Einstein and his followers want us to believe in? 

A photon is aware of the other slit: could such an elementary particle’s awareness at a distance be the fundamental “element of consciousness“? (I am sarcastically parroting terminology of Einstein in 1935, introducing the notion of “elements of reality”) 

A shallow philosopher could chuckle that all consciousness comes from sensation, which comes from senses… And obviously the photon has no senses… Except, somehow, according to Einstein and CIQ, the photon (or any fundamental particle) senses the other slit at a distance (always under Einstein’s locality-of-the-quantum hypothesis, which permeates modern physics, a pervading poison gas)… So, according to them, the photon has a sense, somehow. 

Experiments With Bouncing Droplets such as these three above, were started in Paris in the Twenty-First Century. They provide with the first analogy to guide De Broglie’s Pilot Wave Theory of 1927 and the much more sophisticated SQPR… A problem for the Pilot Wave Theories being that we have NO mathematical models… As mathematicians prefer often to focus on silly problems posed by infinities, the modern analogue of the worry an infinite number of sitting angels on pinheads posed to Middle Age Catholic bishops….

The surface waves generated by the silicon oil droplets above are analogous to quantum mechanical waves that guide the dynamics of quantum particles. While the droplets move like quantum particles, they behave like quantum waves.”… says award winning photographer and physicist Dr Aleks Labuda, who took the picture above.

Guiding Wave (GW) partisans, such as yours truly, don’t have the problem of the telepathic, all aware photon endowed with Free Will: the Guiding Waves go through both slits of the 2 slit experiment, and thereafter “guides” the photon accordingly to the presence of these two slits. (The experimental models of the 2 slits, with bouncing liquid balls, exists… and thus have attracted great hatred from partisans of the Copenhagen Interpretation, such as from the grandson of Niels Bohr, himself a physicist. I will not put links, so as not to confuse readers…)

So, basically, if one rejects a strange photon “awareness”, implicitly assumed by CIQ, one is immediately led to Guiding Waves theories. To this people familiar with the Foundations of Quantum Physics may retort that a GW theory such as De Broglie-Bohm is indistinguishable from CIQ. Right. But I don’t think De Broglie-Bohm Guiding Wave can withstand the EPR 1935. Moreover, my own theory, SQPR, is distinguishable from CIQ: SQPR produces Dark Matter… CIQ doesn’t.

In any case, a GW theory is a mechanical, non local, field of awareness (Bohm makes it into a Quantum Potential). [1]


With Quantum Physics, we find ourselves back into the ultra-deterministic setting of the Eighteenth Century… But now with a theory which claims to understand everything (whereas in the 18C-19C, some pieces were missing, and not just the two clouds on the horizon  Lord Kelvin saw in the distance…) So the Quantum should explain Consciousness, Free Will… As it explains the universe. But, clearly, it contradicts Free Will… EXCEPT, if one considers nonlocal effects. Nonlocal effects violate local determinism.

The preceding essay stands as a testimony of the usefulness of the philosophical approach to dig deeper into what physics should become in the (hopefully) near future [2]. Not that it was ever different each time physics jumped ahead. All revolutions in physics have been revolutions in philosophy… and the most general revolutions in philosophy often preceded revolutions in physics and science in general [3]. For example, the Renaissance of the Eleventh Century preceded the Buridan (and his schools!) astronomical, physical and mathematical revolution after 1350 CE. In turn it may have accelerated the Fifteenth-Sixteenth Century philosophical Renaissance which clearly led to the Seventeenth Century scientific and technological revolutions, an ambitious protest against more modest understanding.

Patrice Ayme



[1] One thing that makes SQPR different from De Broglie-Bohm (DBB), is that SQPR supposes the Guiding Field proceeds, expanding or collapsing, at an extremely fast… but NOT infinite… speed. Another is that the Guiding Field carries minute, but non zero mass-energy. Both effects together predict the Dark Matter effect… Also SQPR makes Quantum Entanglement a mass-energy conveyor, hence non-magical, another deviation from both CIQ and DBB…


[2] Quantum Computers exploit the Foundations of the Quantum… but not through the brute force of Quantum Field Theory and its (glaringly very incomplete and haphazard) “Standard Model” ….the one with no model for Dark Matter or Dark Energy. So Quantum Computers bring the foundations, such as Quantum Entanglement, crucial for their operations, into focus… Hence expect foundations to become ever more crucial in the common Zeitgeist…


[3] This is particularly blatant reading Descartes, who justified his enormous advances in mathematics with a cocktail of philosophical and psychological observations of the most judicious types. Just as I question infinity, Descartes questioned the sort of proofs mathematicians had been satisfied with for two millennia… and did something about it (by inventing Algebraic Geometry)….