Wars, Peace, Love And Hate: Not So Easy. Ignorance is the Real Enemy.

Masters of war, you can buy all, but a soul!… So say the Masters of Peace, and Love.

They admonish, puff their chests.

Their goodness is obvious to see,

Their glory immense: they, and their sponsors, make sure of that.
Nobels are given to them, universal applause,
And they crisscross the globe,
In their private jets, five star hotels, they are celebrities

Lauded by the powers that be,

Who also from the peace of established order not just profit…

But Thrive…

Too much peace, has allowed those Masters of Hypocrisy to prosper.

Should they even exist?
We hear them all, and we sneer at their self-flagellating admirers.
We sneer at the hypocrisy,
Of the Masters of Peace, Love…

But that’s how they live, why they live, how they earn their prerogatives.

Their main job is to lie about how they arose.
Or should we sneer more at the ignorance of their followers?
Where was Peace, when the Nazis prepared to kill millions? In plain sight, for all to see? The US plutocratic media, the famed New York Times, didn’t peep a word all could see. They deliberately hid what their “peace” profited from.
What was pacifism doing, When infamy was sharpening the laws it uses as claws?
Where would the Masters of Peace and Love be,
Without the wars,
Which made their present wanton exploitation of resources possible?
Where would the Masters of Ignorance rule?
Certainly not in the Americas, Wealthiest in the world.
Certainly not in Australia, or the Pacific.
And, if they are Jews, Jewish,
Descendants thereof, however secular,
They would not even exist,
If ten million Germans had not been killed.
Because France took measures to forcefully oppose Hitler,
As early as 1933,
And opposed Hitler’s ally Stalin, and fascist Mussolini, Hirohito,
So one hundred million died:
It was too little, too late, because the USA perfidiously,
Stayed out, until after the longest time,

Knowing all too well, that only thus the American Century would come.
Thanks to the Masters of Peace.
France went to war, alone, with a little help from Britain,
To spare billions of lives, and civilization.

Britain didn’t surrender, the fascists mistrusted each other,

And finally the US consented to lend, lease, then kidnap victory.
Yet, war for civilization doesn’t always win.
Theodosius Thessalonica decree, 380-381 CE: from then on, Apostates could be killed at will,

The mass murderous Catholic Inquisition was born, the State would die from it.
We still live with Theodosius, it’s called Sharia,
A direct descendant,
And civilization nearly collapsed,
When the Roman State deflated, so did demography.
Arbogast, the Franks, the Western Army,
Secularism, were destroyed at the Frigidus Battle,
which threw the spell, the hurricane, divine wind of the evil sort,
Of killing in the name of “God”,
To this day, more than 16 centuries later.

The valor of blonde Franks was not enough to destroy Theodosius’ Goths, Huns, and Alans, when the divine wind blew in their face. When the world turned wrong, the wind rose as a hurricane, the forces of secularism lost to the barbarian army of the mass murdering Catholic tyrant [1].

War is good. Sometimes.

Sometimes it is even crucial. And no cruciality was ever won without war. There are many types of war, but the attitude and neurohormones don’t change.

This is what the Masters of Peace don’t want you to remember: 

No war-like effort, no real progress.

Even Islam knows this: Jihad, a war-like effort, is a moral command.

No Revolution, No Evolution.

And no evolution doesn’t just mean no progress, it means global death.

Love is good. Most of the time. Yet, not always. Come on, you Masters of Peace. What is this peace you rest on, but for the product of war?The product of countless wars? Wars of most determined good against the most absolute evil. Don’t deny the heroes who built the ground you stand on, and the furious angels who cleared the air.

Newer and better values always replaced or threatened old oligarchies which were not compatible with them, and rested on their opposite. Newer and better peace was always born out of war. Yes, now we have to fight a virus which looks like a crown. Another war. 

Come on you, Masters of Stasis. You want to stay still, while the universe moves below your feet, you claim.

The world will always move below our feet. It always did, and always will. The world moved when Rome was at her apex, and move away, until Rome collapsed, from mot having moved with it.

The world will move under your own weight, if for no other reason that you are so incredibly heavy, and the heavier, the more you gorge yourself with the planet. You look at the planet, you arrogant monkeys, go play some music on exotic islands where the natives serve you, and they don’t even wear chains, so anxious they are to debase themselves for you: they are perfectly tame from Peace and Love. Here is the president, he is brown, and he serves the pharmaceuticals, the health industry mafia, as Kenyan boys of old did with the white masters. Shameful, wan’t it? And you loved him, because he made you feel so right, overlooking reality, while gorging yourself more than ever, amazed by your “liberalism” (something supposed to mean you are good).

Come on, Masters of Love. You speak of peace, because that addiction to nothingness prevents you from making war on ignorance. Come on, Masters of Woke! What are you waking up to exactly? More drugs for your addicted minds? The war worth most fighting for, is also the love most worth having, the war against ignorance. As from it alone can genuine love spring forth. 

War and love you shan’t condone or condemn, just on the color of their skin. One needs to dig deeper. Instead, of their origin and future descendants, portends and moods, true lovers shall enquire. And hope what you may, more than ever. Wisdom from contemplation always, is the only peace worth having, on which tomorrow’s wars, peace and loves will be refined. 

Masters of creation out of volition, warring and loving, over the Earth, and soon across the Galaxy, forces that shall go, and always justify, multiverses of better hopes, we shall forge more of what we were born for, and with: limitless appreciation for expanding cognition, especially when they combine to satisfy the most basic wants, which the wise have long learned to corral, and ignore the rest. 

Patrice Ayme



[1] The bishop of Milan excommunicated Roman emperor Theodosius for mass murder… Rather ironical… Considering nobody did as much for Catholic terror than Theodosius I…

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4 Responses to “Wars, Peace, Love And Hate: Not So Easy. Ignorance is the Real Enemy.”

  1. Harry Hirsh Says:

    Harry Hirsh While I understand where you’re coming from, and I can see why history would look that way to you, there are certain ways that the current situation is historically unprecedented and therefore one should think long and hard about how to solve it before resorting to war as their be all end all solution.

    For one thing, mass media/social media didn’t exist in the old days, didn’t exist for most of human history.
    Humans have better access to global communications than ever before, even though we tend to have lost some access to local communications.

    What this means is that large scale communication and organizing is easier. And we can see our society in the mirror more clearly than ever before–this opens up opportunities for effective cooperative problem solving that didn’t exist for most of human history.

    I suspect the reason that violence has usually been the answer to tyranny historically is because people didn’t have other effective tools available back then. I know it might sound crazy, but Alex Weissenfels and I are currently working on a nonviolent plan to bring power back to the people and help save the planet or at least the human species, and it shouldn’t take any longer than two years to implement.

    The law of the jungle, Nature’s endless war for dominance that humans have blindly continued for thousands of years, it can be broken. But doing so will be difficult and will require us to be creative and look at the situation from other angles than we’re used to. The current situation is just another challenge for humankind to overcome, another problem to be solved.

    I will note that since the elites essentially have centuries of an advantage over everyone else in terms of technology infrastructure and military force, if it comes to a second revolutionary war, the common people will have already lost. This isn’t like the middle ages where anyone could just pick up a sword and shield. Bringing non-automatic hunting rifles up against tanks and bombs is orders of magnitude worse than bringing a knife to a gun fight.


    • Stephen Jones Says:

      Harry Hirsh an objective and less USA-centric history textbook would help.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You understand where I am coming from? I didn’t know we knew each other! 😉


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I have grown-up and lived in many countries and civilizations. My family is very small, because so many have died in wars, and I lost the country where my father was born, and where I initially grew up… From war again. So it’s not surprising I do not advocate war, except in the Muslim sense of Jihad…

      That is, as a war-like effort (which is the general sense of “Jihad”). The point being that we will not get any optimal, or better outcome, if we do not commit to war-like efforts.

      My main point was that most advertised pacifism was, and is, actually a way to protect the establishment.

      Bertrand Russell’s pro-Kaiser philosophy is a textbook example. Similarly inspired, the Kaiser himself made peace with Lenin, who paid him back with more peace of his own (Brest-Litovsk)… enabling the fascist German plutocratic tyranny to try another all-out effort to destroy the French Republic.

      Another example of “pacifism” as cover to atrocity was US “isolationism”. It covered up the extremely lucrative pro-Hitlerian activities of most of US plutocracy, and enabled the killing of 5% of humanity… An effort that the USA was very careful to sustain in the beginning, as it had during World War One. Thus “pacifism” brought prosperity to the USA, and the “American Century”.

      By the way, young people and Bernie have understood this perfectly, that, to change matters in this society, an all-out, war-like effort, a Jihad, is necessary against the plutocratic establishment…

      Make no mistake, as Obama would say, a Biden presidency would be funny in the extreme: recently he thought he was running for the Senate, he didn’t know why he stopped talking because no one else does, and he believe Super Tuesday (today) was on Thursday… I am not age discriminating: all the other candidates are in their 70s…

      Show me a philosopher, I will show you a love of war in a generalized manner… Except maybe for some of these “Stoic” philosophers so loved by Roman tyrants…


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