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Did Obamacare Virus Make Biden Funny In The Head?

March 3, 2020

Granted US policy is nuts, and quickly sinking to Constantinople like level, circa 550 CE… When politics was all about “colors” (green or yellow, now it’s red or blue). So it would seem to be a bit unworthy of examination by elevated thinking. However, it’s precisely because intellectuals had failed to take a stance (did they even exist?), in the Second Century (when there was a vague chance to do so, during the Antonine emperors) that the Roman State degenerated into centuries of ever growing savagery. So here we go again.

Beauty of Obamacare: Testing for Coronavirus Could Cost You $5,000+:

From The Hill, March 3, 2020:

“Millions of Americans are uninsured — 27.5 million at last count in 2018. For them, even going to the hospital to get tested can come at a steep cost. Business Insider estimated that the average visit to the doctor could cost anywhere between $149 to $1,151, not including the cost of any testing.  

Even those who are insured face tough numbers. In Miami, a man who returned to the U.S. from a work trip in China went to the hospital fearing he may be infected with COVID-19. Osmel Martinez Azcue told the Miami Herald he would normally have gone to CVS for over-the-counter medicine to treat his symptoms, but felt he had a responsibility to get tested amid fears of a coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. Azcue tested positive for the flu and went home with a bill for $3,270, which cost him $1,400 after insurance. 

Dr. Karan Chhabra, a surgical resident at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, said on Twitter these steep costs are hazardous, especially in the midst of such an outbreak.”

By comparison, a “Confederal” law just passed in Switzerland makes Coronavirus testing free of any charge (even in private clinics, a growing part of Swiss healthcare). It goes without saying it’s the same all over civilized Europe.

In my family, our largest cost is healthcare. Around $40,000. I have pulmonary (!) problems, picked up a prescribed respiratory drug last week, and, even after deduction from my two health insurances, still I had to pay $55. I can easily afford this, what about the rest of the population? 

Well, some die. Especially among the poorest. 

Now who is the most popular politician in the USA? Obama. What is his greatest achievement? Obamacare. Does it work? No. Does this juxtaposition make sense? No. Still, Joe Biden is leveraging his Obama connection.

By the rich, for the rich

Voting Sanders here. I wouldn’t like to be a “moderate” “Democrat”. Choice of “moderates”? Bloomberg or Biden. Biden as head of Senate Foreign Com. gave green light to invade Iraq in 2002

International organizations against War crimes officially view Pelosi as a war criminal, as she ordered as ranking member of US Congress Intelligence Com. the usage of TORTURE by US Army in 2002

Iraq invading Joe Biden is also a war criminal, as head of the Senate Com. which authorized the Iraq war. Now of course, Biden was the main author of laws criminalizing drugs in such a way that blacks shouldn’t vote for him (but they do!)

Then some surfaced, and accused me to be a war monger, just because I love war, etc…

I have grown-up and lived in many countries and civilizations. My family is very small, because so many have died in wars, and I lost the country where my father was born, and where I initially grew up… From war again. So it’s not surprising I do not advocate war, except in the Muslim sense of Jihad…

That is, as a war-like effort (which is the general sense of “Jihad”). The point being that we will not get any optimal, or better outcome, if we do not commit to war-like efforts.

My main point was that most advertised pacifism was, and is, actually a way to protect the establishment. 

Bertrand Russell’s pro-Kaiser philosophy is a textbook example. Similarly inspired, the Kaiser himself made peace with Lenin, who paid him back with more peace of his own (Brest-Litovsk)… enabling the fascist German plutocratic tyranny to try another all-out effort to destroy the French Republic. 

Another example of “pacifism” as cover to atrocity was US “isolationism”. It covered up the extremely lucrative pro-Hitlerian activities of most of US plutocracy, and enabled the killing of 5% of humanity… An effort that the USA was very careful to sustain in the beginning, as it had during World War One. Thus “pacifism” brought prosperity to the USA, and the “American Century”.

By the way, young people and Bernie have understood this perfectly, that, to change matters in this society, an all-out, war-like effort, a Jihad, is necessary against the plutocratic establishment…

Make no mistake, as Obama would say, a Biden presidency would be funny in the extreme: recently he thought he was running for the Senate, he didn’t know why he stopped talking because no one else does, and he believe Super Tuesday (today) was on Thursday… I am not age discriminating: all the other candidates are in their 70s…

Show me a philosopher, I will show you a love of war in a generalized manner… Except maybe for some of these “Stoic” philosophers so loved by Roman tyrants…

Patrice Ayme