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What Mishandling Ontology Of The Quantum Tells Us About The Coronavirus Catastrophe

March 10, 2020

Coronavirus and Ontology Of The Quantum: what could they possibly have in common? A failure to think deep and correct:

Many tales about the Quantum, most of them putting the cart before the horse. Same with COVID 19, and other biological problems we face: as I pointed out in a preceding essay, so far the COVID 19 mortality rate is 6% (ignoring cases we don’t know about)… And that rate varies dramatically according to states: for instance, Singapore was able to avoid any death and jugulate the disease, so far. Drastic logical failures are a characteristic of today’s governance… while the freedom to err is part of the learning process, i shouldn’t be part of the governing process. New diseases were predicted, and were seen. There was not enough publicly (hence deep) financed research.

Einstein’s fans want us to believe that we are watching the multiverse, when looking at this diffraction pattern from a single slit, as above. How dumb can one be, and still have a PhD? What I see, observing them, those multiversists, is the arrogance of stupidity of clerks whom the establishment bought. Similar arrogance has been in evidence from the idiotic leadership of the planet; it was obvious major pandemics were around the corner. Research in biology (and attending fields serving biology, such as computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry) had to be massively boosted.

Errance in governance drove the Coronavirus pandemic: one can’t argue that catastrophic pandemic is a big surprise, there were many spooky and very lethal alerts before that: SARS 1, MERS, Ebola, H1N1, Zika, Influenza A subtype H5N1, etc. One of the Ebola epidemics killed around half of those infected, 11,500 people, dead. H5N1 had an even higher death rate. Each of these preceding epidemic was contained with drastic measures. In the case of Zika, containment nearly failed (France, Brazil were affected). In the case of COVID19, containment completely failed. Israel’s decision to put under two weeks observation any newcomer was the right one. 

Thinking is an art which needs to be improved. Thinking about the Quantum has been a laboratory of thought… and the rats have not exercised well, they have been lazy. Hence a general lack of performance in a situation which demands ever more deep and bold, truth-seeking. 

So out there, axiomatics for the Quantum have been rolled out. Generally they assume what one would want to prove from first principles. So what would be a fundamental axiomatics for the Quantum? That Quantum Processes are described by waves. That was actually De Broglie’s axiom of 1924. The other fundamental axiom is that energy is emitted in lumps (aka quanta), Planck established that one, through a tour de force. The logical consequence is that energy should arrive in lumps (quanta). Einstein got that idea, beautiful and obvious… and got the Nobel for it, because it explained the photoelectric effect. Then Einstein made what I view as a mistake: he deduced Quantum Processes were about lumps flying around (I call this Einstein’s Error, all the parrots have repeated that Error since, without any proof except for the presumably harmonious chorus of all parrots) [1]. 

How do we know this, that Quantum Processes are waves? From the one slit experiment: light passes through one slit expands after the slit, and creates a wavy pattern, characteristic of, well, waves…

Pretty obvious, isn’it?

Copenhagen physicists instead claim Quantum Processes just computes like waves… but are not waves but, instead, are lumps, like Einstein said (no objective proof of either of these two affirmations, which are instead founded, unfortunately for them, on a traditional haughtiness of the elite, the sort of mood an age can be pervaded with).

Similarly, it is pretty obvious that some fashionable mass behaviors akin to collective madness had to be terminated: such as flying all over the world like sardines in cans, just because we could go to an exotic beach for ten days. Or going on giant cruise ships which, when they idle in ports, pollute as much as two million cars. Or all these “businessmen”, or academics being busy flying around the globe to meet and greet, furthering their plots… When much of the activities they claimed to be engaging in could be done at a distance. In cases like that, the argument is made:’Oh, this is private!’ No, it’s not private, it’s tax supported, hence public. When the GAFA act private, it’s to pocket the public subsidies they profit from (watch: GAFA pay no significant tax). “Business” jets make 100% of the CO2 of the US, and, as all other planes, but worse, are massively publicly financed (no tax on jet fuel; usage of public air traffic control; tax deduction of the activity, etc.) 

But mostly what has to cease is under-financing research. Under-financing research, especially in fundamental biology, creates a lost opportunity in improving the human condition, that’s one thing. But the other thing which has developed is that we have altered the biosphere, and so doing, made it hostile to us more than it used to. So fundamental research in all fundamental aspects of all fields where we have altered the status quo, like the viral and bacteriological, or parasitic environment, but also the chemical environment, or the atmospheric or oceanic environment, has to be tremendously boosted… just to maintain the status quo ante… 

Quantum ontology is the logic of existence of the Quantum. The most fundamental, because most obvious, observation of the Quantum is that it makes waves, and waves direct where it tends to appear. By learning to focus on what is the most important, we learn to think.

A completely unrelated example: today Obama was all over the waves, crowing about “Obamacare”. All the Obama fans were probably ecstatic: they have been trained that way. However the fundamentals of Obamacare are clear: US spending on health has augmented relative to GDP, profits of the privates have augmented, and US life expectancy has gone down more years in a row than ever before. All of these were established trends before Trump came to power… and “Obamacare” is still the law of the land. But Obama can talk with that arrogance, because he knows those he addresses have been trained to think tribally, not critically, those his audience cannot focus on the biggest features of the big picture.

The faster we make the flow of history, the more we have to run to just stay where we used to be. And the run is mental. And if we want to run away mentally the right way, we have to learn to think right, and pondering that single slit will help.

Civilizations perish, when they can’t think at the speed of their environment.

Patrice Ayme  



[1] Technical aside: My Einstein Error is serious. It is not the usual Einstein Error, which is frivolous. Einstein, in a crafty self-serving way, called his “biggest blunder”, something which was neither here nor there. Einstein had invented the Cosmological Constant (CC), to make the universe of local spacetimes described by gravity static (otherwise it would expand or collapse). Then a few years latter, when it was discovered that, for sure, the universe expanded, Einstein called that CC his worst error… Because not having invented CC would have led him to predict expansion (he self-servingly said; instead Lemaitre and Friedman did it…) But actually, this “biggest blunder” is all pretty asinine, as all this was pretty obvious in classical gravitation (which is the first order of the modern, present, gravitation theory, traditionally attributed to Einstein, although many others contributed, from Riemann, to Poincare, Hilbert, and all the inventors of differential geometry…). A classical universe would either expand or collapse, under gravitation, no? (MOND theories, which I don’t believe in would throw the entire Einsteinian gravitation threw the window, of course…)