Coronavirus, Or When European Lack Of Democracy Kills From Sheer Idiocy

The way local democracy manages government better is illustrated by comparing the US response to the virus with the European response at face value. However, the US Federal Government also behaved better. Those smarts, per se, are actually a consequence of its constant competition, Armageddon in mind, of the central government with said local governments. The comparison of the US with the EU and Switzerland are illuminative. The more war like mentality of the USA, plus its stronger local democracy, should give a much better outcome to the coronavirus pandemic in the US than in Europe. Yes, I know, here resurfaces the Jihad/War like effort, so unpalatable to the sheep. But even Macron, French president, criticized below, just said it was war…

Anyway, let me explain how local democracy comes into play. Before I go into a fuller picture, let me point out that local governments have huge local powers in the USA: To battle the virus, 6 California Counties ORDERED everyone to stay home. On Monday, six counties around Silicon Valley announced residents should not go out for three weeks except to meet “essential needs.” Across California, as the coronavirus marches through communities, life as everyone understands it in the Golden State is changing dramatically, hour by hour, minute by minute.

The state has begun enacting extreme measures to halt the coronavirus outbreak. On Monday, six counties around Silicon Valley, one of the hardest-hit areas in the nation, announced a shelter-at-home order that begins Monday March 16 at midnight. Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose said that was the strongest directive yet in the United States. Residents, including those living in San Francisco, were told not to go out for three weeks except to meet “essential needs.” Going to a park in a car is forbidden*.

[*That policy seems to have been rescinded after this essay was published, as “exercising” seems to have been redefined as “essential”… The Bay Area is surrounded and penetrated by massive parks, including a national park, all of them full of giant sequoias, coyotes, deer, elks, mountain lions, even condors…]

On January 22, 2020, the Chinese government, having realized that the COVID 19/SARS 2 epidemic was out of control, decided to crush the contagion with confinement of all of Hubei. On January 31, Trump blocked all incoming travel from China (except returning US Residents & relatives; effective February 2). What did the Europeans do? Nothing. Everybody welcome. The first Coronavirus death in France was a visiting Chinese tourist. What did the French government think about that? Nothing. 

You see people who are in power are not in power so that the best be done. They are in power because power, auctoritas as the Romans said, is all what matters to them. Assuming power is all about compromise. This is why Sanders didn’t press Biden much about the Iraq War: a deal was made (so that a war criminal can run for the presidency, as long as Sanders’ issues are given lip service). Power onto other people is intrinsically unfair, so those profiting from this unfair advantage are always compromising with each other. 

On the day of maximum death in China, February 12, 254 patients died from COVID 19. On March 15, 2020, Spain had more deaths than that, and the next day the death toll climbed to 309. A week prior, lunatics in the Spanish government had claimed they didn’t need to prevent crowds. Italy got 368 deaths on March 15, 349 the next day (is confinement finally working?) On March 16, Europe, by then the core of the pandemic, started to talk about blocking entry to the EU… That’s 6 weeks after Trump… Supposedly an idiot according to most pseudo-intellectuals and Europeans with intellectual pretense. If Trump is an idiot, what are European leaders?  

This virus is contagious even when victims are asymptomatic. And some asymptomatic individuals are extremely contagious. Moreover, it is known from Chinese studies that recovered patients can still shed viruses… for weeks. In a case in Singapore, a Diamond Princess patient, who had fully recovered in Japan, and who tested negative several times, flew back. After several days, he complained of chest pains, and was put in a cardiac unit, as he had cardiac problems. After several days of aggravated conditions, he was re-tested for COVID19… and came out positive! (Pandemonium in the hospital resulted as many were exposed, from healthcare professionals to other patients.) Here is the EXPONENTIAL AT WORK:

Exponentials galore: The speed of increase of the number of viruses vectors grows proportionally to the number of virus vectors, multiplied by 3 or 4…

Why European mishandling of COVID 19? Little kinglets, like Macron or Johnson, who never studied exponentials, the most important function in modern mathematics, seriously… decide the fate of entire nations. Who should decide instead? A healthy debate, no holds barred!The fact is those two clowns are just nothing: yes, they can get themselves elected, but somebody would have been elected anyway. Even idiots such as Hitler and Mussolini got elected. Johnson was a newspaper hack and Macron a finance inspector turned plutocratic enabler in bank Rothschild (famous for financing wars around 1800, among other similar activities… and crowing about it). Make no mistake: Johnson and Macron, like Obama are superficially intelligent, it’s all the art they learned to master (Trump made a point not to bother, so he looks authentic).

If there had been a debate about COVID19, a really harsh debate, the obvious conclusion would have been that one to do exactly what China did. In particular, China blocked travel out of Hubei… And Trump duplicated this. European monkeys in charge, didn’t. 

What is at work here is the “Democratic Index”, roughly the quotient of (Number of Independent Leaders)/(Population). In France, or Britain, one guy is in charge. In the USA, the president has limited powers, local governors, quite a bit. For example, the California governor ordered ski resorts closed (same day as France, much more affected by the virus, did).

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Sunday announcement effectively shutting down bars, nightclubs, wineries and breweries in the state and cutting restaurant occupancy by half, caught local businesses off-guard. The state’s restaurant industry normally serves about 10 million meals per day…  

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut governors, all “Democrats” forced the closure of restaurants, bars and cinemas… followed within minutes, belatedly, by Washington State (2% of US population, 20% of the cases, as the governor pointed out). 

US local democracy means local empowerment. For example, on March 13, Santa Clara County authorities ordered no more gathering of 35 people (except where absolutely necessary, like airports or hospitals). Yes, just a County. Right it’s two million people and also known as “Silicon Valley”. The decision was taken under advice of the medical authorities of the County. The USA has 3142 Counties (Charlemagne set-up 300 counties throughout Europe).  

All African countries, fully conscious of the fast exponential nature of the epidemic, are barricading themselves (the first cases there were imported from Europe… not China). It is a message of hope to see the Africans being smarter and more civilized than the ex-colonial masters…

Local Democracy at work in US cities and counties: compare with Europe, which had, and has, to wait until heads of central governments take the same decision… two weeks too late!

London Breed, 45th Mayor, San Francisco:

“Effective at midnight, San Francisco will require people to stay home except for essential needs. Necessary government functions & essential stores will remain open. These steps are based on the advice of public health experts to slow the spread of #COVID19.”

All this local democracy puts various potentates in competition with each other. Two years back, the mayor of Oakland (another woman) warned illegal immigrants (some of whom no doubt should be legal residents) of impending raids ordered by the Trump administration. That made Trump quite angry, and noises were made of taking legal action against the mayor… But nothing came of it. Hundreds of cities, so-called sanctuary cities, disobey the Federal government about immigration law. All this competition among US potentates, Federal against Local, States against Federal, or corporations, etc. force all the potentates to be smarter than they otherwise would be. 

Skeptics could point out to Switzerland, which has been doing poorly in the epidemic… Although Cantons took measures, they took them too slowly, and the Swiss Federal government was even slower. How come? First, the Cantons led: that’s the local democracy effect. Why so slow? Because it’s a war. Switzerland is not war-minded, the USA, just like China, is.  The lack of bellicose spirit also reflect the slow European defense in general. Just as Europe has been desperately slow waking up to Fundamental Islam, so it was under attack by SARS 2…

This local US governance also reflects the way the Roman empire was governed: the all-powerful Roman central (=federal) government, mostly commanded the army… Local governance by cities and their elected officials did the rest (it was not a perfect system, and it was too money dependent… hence the “Curiales” crisis of the Late Empire, when no one could afford to be a local official…)

Coronavirus will force a healthy readjustment of all values. No doubt, because of more intelligent leadership, the US will do better than Europe. 

Local democracy, and there is no other, is not just a higher, or wiser, way of life. It’s also the best way to survive better. 

Patrice Ayme



P/S: Practically, serious containment should work, as it did in China… Within three (3) weeks or so, depending how effective containment is made to be at starving the virus of new bodies, the curve of cases should reach a maximum… Two and a half weeks seems to be the average time from getting the virus (typically from an asymptomatic subject) to getting a confirmed diagnostic…. It seems that Hubei went into severe lockdown when it had around real 2,000 people carrying the virus.. And still the number of patients there went up to 70,000… More exactly, by January 23, lockdowns had started in 6 Hubei cities, including Wuhan. By then the total number of SARS 2 was no more than 500, worldwide. Still, by February 12, Hubei had around 70,000 cases…


P/S: I met an old foggy who was hysterical about what he called the Coronavirus hysteria and compared it to the Y2K hoax (when computers were supposed to stop in 2000 CE). Then he insisted the flu kills 80,000 in the USA. What the deluded gentleman didn’t understand is that SARS 2 is more contagious than the flu, and creates much more critical cases. In an overwhelmed healthcare systems, those cases will convert into deaths. Another point: of four other known Coronaviruses which cause colds in humans, the immunity doesn’t seem to work as well as with flu (see the case above in Singapore when a thoroughly cured patient relapsed… And cured patients keep on releasing viruses…)


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  1. ianmillerblog Says:

    China seems to be handling this reasonably well, other than at the beginning, but there is not a lot of democracy there


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