Treatment For SARS 2/COVID 19?… & Don’t Take Ibuprofen/NSAID!

Crowned Creation against the Crown of Creation:

A drug used to treat influenza seems to be effective at treating the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, according to news reports from Japan and China. This are among the news today. Another news is my own reinterpretation of the data available, and it shows that younger people are much more hit than what has been said.

The antiviral drug, called Favipiravir or Avigan, showed positive outcomes in clinical trials involving 340 individuals in Wuhan and Shenzhen, said Zhang Xinmin, of China’s science and technology ministry, The Guardian reported.: “It has a high degree of safety and is clearly effective in treatment,” Zhang said Tuesday (March 17).

Developed by Fujifilm Toyama Chemical, the antiviral drug is being manufactured by Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical for treating influenza viruses. It received approval as an experimental treatment for COVID-19 infections, Pharmaceutical Technology reported.

Patients in Shenzhen who had tested positive for COVID-19 and who were given the drug got a negative virus test back with a median time of four days later. That compares with a negative test about 11 days later, as a median, for patients not on the drug. In that same trial, lung conditions (as shown in X-rays) improved in about 91% of patients taking Favipiravir, compared with just 62% who weren’t taking the antiviral drug.

In the Wuhan trial, the drug also seemed to shorten the duration of a patient’s fever from an average of 4.2 days to 2.5 days, according to Pharmaceutical Technology. When it reproduces itself, influenza lacks the ability to errors, because it is an RNA virus. RNA, unlike DNA, lacks a self-correcting mechanism. Unlike double-stranded DNA, RNA is a singlestranded molecule in many of its biological roles and consists of much shorter chains of nucleotides. As a result, influenza, and other RNA viruses tend to not be genetically stable.

Favipiravir is specifically made to treat RNA viruses like SARS-CoV-2; these are viruses whose main genetic material is RNA, not DNA. The drug stops some viruses from replicating by crippling the ubiquitous enzyme (a substance that gets chemical reactions going) called RNA polymerase, which builds RNA. Without that enzyme intact, the virus can’t duplicate its genetic material efficiently once inside a host cell, according to an article describing the drug that was published in 2017 in the journal Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Ser. B, Physical and Biological Sciences.

Naturally, the drug seems less effective in patients with severe symptoms. By then secondary infections and over-powerful immune reactions causing inflammation have set in. “We’ve given Avigan to 70 to 80 people, but it doesn’t seem to work that well when the virus has already multiplied,” a source from the Japanese Health Ministry told the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper.

Doctors are using the same drug in Japan to treat coronavirus patients with mild to moderate symptoms. Results from these trials have not been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Public enemy number one: Crowned Creation against the Crown of Creation

A number of other drugs should, or may work: chloroquine was demonstrated to have strong in vitro and in vivo antiviral activities against coronaviruses (as it should). Chloroquine treated HCoV-OC43, a coronavirus closely related to SARS-CoV, which infects mice (mice seem immune against SARS-Cov2). Moreover, treatment with daily doses of chloroquine has a long-lasting protective effect against lethal coronavirus OC43 infection in newborn mice. (Notice in passing that the research was financially supported by the European Union, a decade ago; private companies were not interested, of course, as quinine has been known to work for centuries…)

Remdesivir, made by Gilead Pharma, should also work, it specifically targets reproduction of such viruses. Lopinavir and ritonavir are also in WHO mandated trials.

To date, there is no officially approved or officially known drug to treat SARS-CoV-2. However, antiviral drugs developed to treat other illnesses are being tested for their use in treating the coronavirus. For instance, Remdesivir was developed to treat Ebola but it has shown promise in treating monkeys infected with another coronavirus, the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS); that drug is currently being tested in China and the U.S.. The company is rushing to build a factory to produce the drug industrially.

A problem with finding out what worked in China is that doctors there have given many drugs at the same time to save patients. Some patients were talking more than 30 pills a day (and lived!) They also used Tamiflu…

One important warning is this (aside from the fact the virus apparently can live for days on surfaces).

WHO, World Health Organization Now Officially Recommends to Avoid Taking Ibuprofen For COVID-19 Symptoms, 17 March 2020
The World Health Organization recommended Tuesday that people suffering COVID-19 symptoms avoid taking ibuprofen, and other NSAID (Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs) after French officials warned that anti-inflammatory drugs could worsen effects of the virus. Basically, they lower immune defenses…

The warning by French Health Minister Olivier Véran (the doctor who presides over triage, see below) followed a recent study in The Lancet medical journal that hypothesised that an enzyme boosted by anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen could facilitate and worsen COVID-19 infections. WHO says: “In the meantime, we recommend using rather paracetamol, and do not use ibuprofen as a self-medication. That’s important,”

We need more research. Unlimited funds should be provided for companies and research institutions. According to the latest observations from France and Italy, young patients are also very affected. Moreover, the French health minister Olivier Véran admitted on TV, in a fast and garbled sentence, which he covered with his hand, that young patients were given maximum treatment (extra-corporal oxygenation) not given to older patients (from lack of machines, and, or personnel). Such TRIAGE strategy automatically will make it so that more young patients will survive. Even then many surviving young patients have scarred lungs (the bane of pneumonia). It’s not Nazism, but it’s certainly part of it: eugenism (eu-gene: provides creation to what’s better).

This should cause pause in several ways. Let’s put aside the ethical, eugenics, Nazi style considerations. Another is that this may explain the high death rate of the old, at least in part: if they are not treated, sure they will die. But then statistics will lie by showing the youth to be more resistant. In truth, they are simply treated better...

This is war, the whole economy has to be mobilized, as France and Britain did in 1939, and the USA in 1942. Patents, granted government monopolies, can be suspended to make medications or machines. That the morally upright has to be willing, able and even enthusiastic to make war, is one of the most fundamental principles of humanity:

I knew this truth to be eternal, I shuddered to ever see it come alive. But it did. This pandemic should create a better world for survivors, if we learn from it to not be so superficial anymore. It’s just a warning, even though millions may die.

Patrice Ayme


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