Why Idiocy Is An Exponential. Truth: So Far, TEN PERCENT, 10% Death On Closed Cases

We live in the age of lies and mental mediocrity, all over: corrupt idiots, so-called “influencers” becoming immensely wealthy on the Internet, precisely because they are popular, being idiotic… as more and more people are also idiotic, and they love to associate with their kind, all over. Idiocy is thus an exponential: the more idiots, the more you will be left out if you are not an idiot too. y it’s the easy way out of otherwise more difficult looking life.

These considerations of mine may sound a bit… exponential, but, actually idiocy is what plutocracy brings and how it sustainably rule. In the late Roman Empire, idiocy was strong and respected. All what people cared about was bread, god, and chariot races. This was clear during the Nika Riots.

The Late Roman empire had well-developed associations, known as demes, which supported the different factions (or teams) under which competitors in certain sporting events took part; it was particularly true for chariot racing. There were initially four major sport teams of chariot racing, differentiated by the colour of their uniforms. Just as in modern “sports”  the colours were worn by their supporters. These were the Blues, the Greens, the Reds, and the Whites. Emperor Justinian I was a supporter of the Blues. Idle minds could only emerge through the demes.

The team associations had become a focus for various social and political issues for which the general Byzantine population lacked other forms of outlet. Hence the Nika revolt or Nika sedition against Emperor Justinian I over the course of a week in 532 CE. They were the most violent riots in the city’s history, with nearly half of Constantinople being burned or destroyed and tens of thousands of people killed. It was extinguished by an extraordinarily bloody way, killing many thousands. Constantinople was all about locking minds down with stupidity, focused on… chariots and god.

We are not just in the age of fake news, but corrupt news, corrupt leaders. Watch how much the Clintons and Obamas were paid, for their good service to the plutocracy!… The Bush family was corrupt too, but that family tradition started big in the 1920s, and it had to do with financing, and then managing, Nazis. Yes, Nazis, no less. President Bush Senior (an authentic was hero, by the way; humans can be complex), son of his Nazi collaborating father, would head the CIA, among other things. Bush Senior could afford (literally) to be less greedy: his dad had made the fortune in wealth and influence.

So back to our harbor, truth. I know papers have floated around, saying we saw just a fraction of the infections of SARS 2. They use sophisticated models, and then let their computers churn. I am highly skeptical, because this sort of “truth” is exactly what all too many authorities, worldwide, want to hear. Here is the truth, as of March 19, 2020:

Cases which had an outcome:

87,407 (90%)

Recovered / Discharged

10,024 (10%)

As you can see the death rate of SARS 2/COVID 19 is more in line with SARS 1: 10% TEN PERCENT!

SARS 1 created huge alarm and was stopped right away. This time the imbeciles in power, confronted to SARS 2 didn’t panic, so here we are: no world panic, but a world pandemic. Notice that China, culprit as all hell in this epidemic, did finally panic on January 22, ordering confinement. Trump ordered to confine China the 31… But European leaders didn’t move, because they were not mentally apt.

In New Jersey, three members of one family died. They had been infected during a family dinner by a super spreader exterior to the family, who came to dinner.

There are seven coronaviruses known to infect people. Four of them—229E, NL63, OC43, and HKU1—typically cause a cold and rarely resulting in death. The other three—MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV 1, and the new SARS-CoV-2—have varying degrees of lethality. In the 2003 SARS 1 outbreak, 10 percent of infected people died. Between 2012 and 2019, MERS killed 23 percent of infected people. COVID-19 has already killed more people than the other two outbreaks combined… because it was not contained, in great part, but not only, Chinese Closed Society.

Antibody drugs developed for SARS 1 are adapted for SARS 2. The gene for the ACE-2 receptor, which is used by both SARS-CoV-2 and the SARS CoV-1 virus to enter host cells, is found on the X chromosome. If it’s a particular variant of the protein that makes people more susceptible to the virus, then females could compensate for that one bad variant because they’d have two copies of the X chromosome, whereas men would be stuck with only one copy.

As I said in the preceding essay, a big factor in older people dying more than the young, is triage. This is not reassuring: the virus is not just a health and economic catastrophe, it’s also an ethical catastrophe.

But keep on paying those people who don’t deserve all this money, give them medals, and take advice from them, as Obama, the revered figure, did!


This epidemic was not just caused by biology, but despicable leadership (by ignorant individuals and errant values).

Patrice Ayme

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2 Responses to “Why Idiocy Is An Exponential. Truth: So Far, TEN PERCENT, 10% Death On Closed Cases”

  1. ronaldscheckelhoff Says:

    Yeah, about the whole Instagram generation thing … I used to think people (like the median folks) were just plain dumb. But, really, now I think that on many levels they are hypnotized. Just an opinion. They’re probably a lot smarter than they act.


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