To Stop COVID, Only One Way: Find & Tell All, Who Is COVID. And Their Contacts, Then Lock Them Up

Confinement will not stop the epidemic. It will just slow it down, it will go from a mad rush, to an irresistible jog, aggravated by the slow-down of semi-essential parts of the economy (like electric cars, which foster better lungs).

Yes find out all these COVIDs or at least, where they are located and whether they come around, and then confine them pitilessly. This is how smart countries do it. Stupid countries die, or enter a depression, etc. When facing death, forgetting freedom is wise. 


148,471 Cases which had an outcome (March 26):

124,378 (84%) Recovered / Discharged

24,093 (16%) DEATHS

Yes, sixteen percent deaths among the official COVIDs. Those COVIDs make our lives difficult, threatening us, even, and especially, post mortem. Let’s reciprocate. 

After seeing the number of cases relentlessly climb, and stupid countries such as France, Italy, Spain, the USA, and the UK get hopelessly confused about what to do, although it was obvious, I sent this to the US President (he was awake, and tweeting as a happy birdie at 2 am!)

@realDonaldTrump Want to stop the pandemic? Only one way: find, and tell, where all the COVIDS, and their contacts, are. Then confine them pitilessly. This is how smart countries do it. Stupid countries die, or enter a depression, or both, etc. When facing death, forgetting freedom is wise.

When facing a furious lion, and, a fortiori a new virus, one does not invoke human rights. That was tried with Hitler, didn’t work. One fights totally, and that means no holds barred.

Everybody should be tested, and the information should get in one’s Smartphone (cheap smart phones should be distributed to some or then simple systems involving bracelets could be used, as in China). One should be able to tell, one one’s phone, if a COVID passed by, or is behind the counter. 

Some say: Oh, but we are the free, we can’t be ordered around! Yes, but you can be dead. Also, actually you think you are free, but actually a plutocracy is leading you by the nose. Right, your (pseudo-) “Democracy” is not as coercitive as in China, BUT it is less performing.

How do I know this? Well look at the pandemic. The leading Western countries are literally dying, or at least their economies are. The People Republic of China, and several other Chinese polities (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore), and also Korea and Japan, are doing much better.

More than half a dozen Asian nations have the epidemic under control… But the West doesn’t… and it is a mental problem!

Why? The intellectual leadership of the world has gone back east. It happened before: as Rome got bogged down in plutocracy, it opted for the fascist god… while China chose a mandate of Heavens resting on a solid Mandarin class of scholars [1]. Many centuries later, the situation would slowly invert: the Franks outlawed slavery, becoming more democratic, while the Central State (China) engaged in large scale strife, and the elite became detached from We The People. As a result China stagnated in many ways, and then was invaded and occupied durably twice (by the Jurchen first and then Mongols).

We know very little about this virus: can one have it twice? (Some cases say yes.) The pandemic could develop very adversely. China is restarting its economy, but is nervous about restarting the virus too. 

Protecting medical anonymity has no value when all, and the economy, could die. A lawyer told me the US president could lift at will medical anonymity (I will know more later) 

Interestingly, Germany has been testing much more. That enabled the country to catch the cases earlier and manage them better: Germany has 50% more cases than France… but while Germany suffers 267 dead, France has 1696: the French hospital system is getting overwhelmed. Moreover, under the idiotic guidance of its monarch (who insisted to hold an election in the midst of the epidemy), France, like Britain, guided by (criminal) idiots opted, during a few weeks, for “herd immunity”… Something applying to diseases our bodies are evolutionary selected to know, like the flu, and for which we have often some sort of immunity… In truth France and Britain could not test enough (some say because they depended upon China too much, although the basic tech is PCR invented by a Californian surfer…), so they said testing was not wise. 

What’s not wise is for entire gigantic countries to be guided by a few idiots instead of being enlightened by an intelligent public debate among the most superior minds.

Absence of this debate, guidance by idiots, is how & why we got in COVID that bad.

COVID: the livid proof of the West’s increasing mental retardation.  

If, facing death, you cling to freedom, as to a talisman, you will get neither. That was the problem of the Jews facing Hitler. They had to choose sacrifice, too many prefered to cling to the talisman.

Patrice Ayme



[1]: Mandarin was meant to mean “thinking counselor“, when the Portuguese met the Chinese. For the Chine they were just “kwan”, public servants… So the Portuguese viewed Chinese public servants as pretty deep…


P/S: Fate punished British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his hare brained, ill-informed attempted “herd Immunity” strategy which he imposed upon the UK for a few weeks: he has COVID, fever, cough. Same for his health secretary. Germany has found 2/3 of COVIDs lose taste and smell first. Red eyes frequent too.


5 Responses to “To Stop COVID, Only One Way: Find & Tell All, Who Is COVID. And Their Contacts, Then Lock Them Up”

  1. Gmax Says:

    This is highly non PC what you wrote. Didn’t you hear the epidemics will peak soon? Just so that Trump can restart the economy for Easter? It will be a beautiful thing


  2. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Good luck making the idiotic leaders of global capitalism understand this. They don’t get it. They can’t think


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to NYT]
    When facing a raging, lethal beast, here a virus, there is one human right which counts more than others: survival. Knowing who is infected is, at this point, the only sure way for humanity to win over the virus. Thus, withdrawing that knowledge is to side with the virus, against humanity. It’s worse than terrorism, it’s being a criminal against humanity.


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