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COVID: Enough With Middle Age Treatments

April 2, 2020

It is a sad commentary on the degeneracy of reason in Europe and its colonies that we had to return to the same method as for the Black Plague in 1347 CE to cure an epidemic… Seven centuries later. Resorting to quarantines to fight epidemics should be restricted to picturesque history. We knew enough biology to find a direct way to cure COVID19/SARS-CoV2… if we had deployed it in a timely manner.

Right, much of the violence and death toll of the epidemic has to do with China cheating, preventing the world to know about the severity of the epidemic in a timely manner… China whose derelict, irresponsible, hare brained authorities even claimed, at the highest level, in mid-January, that the virus was not transmissible, human to human… When they knew better. When high authorities lie, and human beings die en mass as a result, it’s known as a crime against Humanity.

The more general problem: pandemics, or would-be new pandemics have struck many times in the last twenty years, and it was just a matter of time before a catastrophe would happen. A change of mentality was needed, taking fundamental biology more seriously, while anthropocene ECOLOGICAL CHANGE was wrecking the biosphere. Change of mentality had to include fighting disease in a modern way, not just with “quarantines” (40 days) or “quatorzaines” (14 days)… As professor Didier Raoult pointed out, a “cure” means lowering viral loads… enough to leave time to the immune system to strongly react (but not by burning the house in a “cytokine storm“, as tends to happen in the gravest cases).

Here is the real death rate: twenty percent!

Cases which had an outcome:
211,879 (80%) Recovered / Discharged


Consider this below:
Coronavirus attacking cells. Chloroquine, for example, and a related compound hydroxychloroquine, modify characteristics of compartments in the host’s cell membranes to make it more difficult for the virus to enter.

The macrolide antibiotic Azithromycin blocks viral reproduction and also has a calming effect on the immune system. Famous MD Raoult, who, prior to 2020 had prescribed hydroxychloroquine more than 4,000 times (!) is using it in combination with azithromycin. It is the combination which is most effective, PhD Raoult showed. Instead of looking at how good patients seem to be doing, Raoult looks at viral loads, measured directly. That’s much more scientific. Raoult is a very serious scientist: he discovered the MIMI giant virus, perhaps a new form of life, 69 species of bacteria, some named after him, and elucidated the cause of several well-known diseases.

There is a second Raoult study, on 80 patients, out two days ago, using Raoult’s combination of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin. It was found that the viral load, objectively measured, disappears in ten days. Here the control measure is that large Chinese studies showed that, for patients who recovered, it took a median twenty days for their viral load, objectively measured, to disappear. The first Raoult study of 24 patients had two large control groups. By the way, there are other existing drugs which are known to have antiviral effects (including against ebola and the flu). In particular, statins, especially simvastatin. The statins interfere with the fat metabolism. SARS-CoV2 is made with two lipid layers. If it can’t make them, it can’t reproduce.

This pandemic definitively is a call to get out of the Middle Ages. That means install a mentality promoting progress, and progress has to be real: progress in how to think better (no more TDS, please!), progress in science and technology (not just green, but also biological, basic physics, material science and nuclear).

The old record of unemployment in the USA was 695,000, decades ago. Last week, it was 3.3 million, something like 5 times more. Today, six millions. The employment seems to have jumped from 3.5% to 9.6%… in two weeks.

We don’t get back to normal here. It will not happen, we will not forget, we get back to a new normal.” … said New York governor Cuomo today. Right. All the childish stuff has to get out of the window… like “Sanctuary Cities”… Or thinking that there is no superior civilization. Yes. All the degenerate pseudo-intellectuals out there, learn this, if you can learn: if a civilization is not superior enough, it dies… So the notions of superior and inferior civilization exist, whatever all too many pseudo-intellectuals tried to claim in the last 70 years….

Our insane economy of the fast, futile and furious engineered a deadly virus. We need a survival economy. Not just just because of what this virus brought. But also because of what we, humanity, are doing to the biosphere (and this virus is just one consequence)… We played apprentice sorcerers, unwittingly preparing even greater problems, imminently. It’s time to get way smarter, and master the sorcery.

This crisis was brought not just by the Chinese dictatorship, and by the lack of enough research in the fundamentals in biology. It was brought by an idiotic economy, too active in non essentials, serving an all-too brainless society. 

Time to brain-up! 

Patrice Ayme



P/S The San Francisco Bay Area just banned reusable bags: the green economy takes a backstage to the survival economy, as it should.