Magnificence of Mind, Kindness, Cosmically Enlightening


A one way stream. 

Is that bitter? Is there better?

Why? What? The greedy will smart.

What’s left of it, if not returned? And they smirk.

Maybe, some will mock, as Caesar, forgiving his lethal enemies?

Forgetting, deliberately overlooking their enmity?

Burning, without looking at it, the damning written evidence,

Of stealthy traitors, lurking in their dark minds,

Pretending to be what they were not,

Documents seized in Pompey’s tent after his defeat,

And ignored…

Magnificence of mind, Plutarch observed,

Who condemned Cicero, Caesar’s plutocratic enemy, for not having it.

10 year old Athena A’s work. Life is a ultimate magnificence enlightening the universe, and it does as it wishes, not as it is

Some will sneer,

What’s the point of magnificence of mind?

How did that work for Caesar? How does it work for us?

Reading and writing, while at the games? Really?

Instead of demonstrating that Caesar was entertained by the vilest human suffering?

Rome couldn’t learn the lesson,

The magnificence Caesar bestowed on it, 

Thus lost everything.


You gave and wasn’t the gift enough of a gift, by making it?

For you, who gave it?

Love onto others as they won’t love onto you?

Kindness, a one way stream, knows no other way,

But to give,

Ignoring whether the kindness will be returned or not, 

Yes it can be bitter,

But bitter is the way, bitter is good, it’s a mature, acquired taste,

The cross one has to bear, 

And not because one expects some eternal reward.

Life is a murder most foul, 

Humbling it by creating it better than it really is,

Not just a sweet vengeance. 

Innocents get crushed by large, blind masses,

Yet sometimes luck will come some way,

Neither of which outcomes anybody controls. 

But if kindness you do, 

As a companion with you it will forever stay.

Not much, you say?

What else?


There too, you can give it,

But if genuine, it’s never an equation,

It’s not that the love you gave, will equal to the one you get,

As the Beatles put it, silly and avaricious.

Learn to give, never to receive,

Learn to be,

What is to be admired. And first by yourself.

Make you that gift,

To be a giver of kindness and love.


Even if Caesar never could have his kindness,

For greedy, passionately irrational Cicero, ever returned,

He had the satisfaction of giving to others,

Thus to himself, what they couldn’t return.

The more he gave them, the greater he became,

And the more vile his opponents.


Kindness becomes the beholder,

Blossoming magnificence,

In a universe otherwise deprived of it.

Kindness is best,

As a one way stream.

Only then does magnificence

Brings the pleasure,

Of making the universe into artwork,

And the artist is thankful,

Not just for what was given to all,

And the immensity of space,

But also for what the artist became,

And there had never been anything like it.

Bestow kindness,

Not just for what it will give,

But for what it makes you blossom into.


Patrice Ayme


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2 Responses to “Magnificence of Mind, Kindness, Cosmically Enlightening”

  1. Kathleen Watkins Says:

    Beautiful. “…Making the universe into artwork” … (thankful) “… for what the artist became”.


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