Stephen King’s Real Horror: He Can’t Face Reality

Stephen King is a famous author of horror stories like “The Shining”. “The Shining” is a well made movie, as most Kubrick movies are, I have seen it a few times (but never voluntarily: I was socially forced). I saw it many times, and I hate the message of that movie. What is elevating and instructive seeing a guy break doors with an axe in a state of rage, trying to kill his family, a weak woman with a child? It would be good, if the maniac had a real reason to be enraged, but he doesn’t. it’s all in his head… As it is, “The Shinning” is a depiction of insanity. If one loves that, to watch senseless, unmotivated insanity, one is ready to watch CNN tell us, for days on end, that the president said the virus was a hoax, suggested to drink Lysol, and aquarium disinfectant (the proof being that a man died this way in Arizona, chuckles CNN). The worst? People swallows that elixir of fake truth as if it were to bring them eternal life.

So here was Stephen King in the New York Times telling to no end how incredibly stupid Trump was, Trump’s lack of writing and speech ability, Trump immense immorality… but never pointing out at specific, reasoned details (thus violating his own protocols for a proper discourse). King made a fortune with his horrible books and atrocious movies’ rights, he is part of the treacherous establishment 100%.

Stephen King: Part of the problem is that Biden hasn’t had a chance to tell his story… He has been effectively muzzled. But the story that he has to tell is: Do you want somebody who’s capable of dealing with a situation like coronavirus or do you want somebody who’s so focused on his self-image that he’s not able to do that?”

Ironical that King would say this: anybody who has listened carefully to Biden, knows that Biden has some neurological problems…

But all these people of the elite sleep together: Obama gave a medal to Stephen King, just as he gave some to many in the elite, including the Gates to whom he had given a supervisory role for all of US education (although Gates dropped out of the first year of college).

People admire authors of stories about people wanting to kill their family with an axe. Then same author rages against Trump as most immoral and stupid. Wait? Making money out of writing on killing one’s family with an axe makes you a puritanical authority on what is immoral, stupid and debasing?Stephen King thinks Biden had no chance to tell his story?

What’s Biden real story? Hey King, you of the elite, you of the medal from Obama, you of the countless Hollywood movie contracts, you told us in the New York Times that Biden was this super brain. Really?  You know what? I sent a little abstract of Biden’s real story, as a comment to your self-interested diatribe (from the tribe which gives you medals, revenues, etc.). The New York Times to publish it, and, of course they censored it (that should be illegal). Because it was the truth, never fit to print ever since the New York Times, a century ago, thought there were no problem with German racism and Chancellor Hitler (that was the price for the considerable augmentation of the American Empire State building… centered on New York City, as the name indicates…).

This sort of censorship should disqualify the New York Times as official press. A law needs to be passed where de facto distributors of information can’t censor truth. So not just the official press, but also “social networks”… or search engines: all should have to be capable to justify why they censored, under the penalty of law (I have been censored even by Facebook recently for telling the truth about Christianism creating Roman emperors…)

I disjointed my essay in two pieces, and will publish separately the Biden story, uncensored, short, and to the point.

Of all the possible candidates to the US presidency, for a whole number of reasons, Biden is the worst, considering his past achievements, as my Biden Real Story will abstract. The fact Sanders refused to corner Biden about the Iraq invasion which Biden crucially enabled in two ways, proved that the fix was in. In general, the progressive candidates were too progressive by half… As if they were anxious to lose and end up with Biden.

Merchants of nightmares we don’t need anymore: the present pandemics, with its nightmarish return to the methods of the Middle Ages, was greatly due to the connivence between the leadership of the democracies and the Chinese dictatorship.

Patrice Ayme



5 Responses to “Stephen King’s Real Horror: He Can’t Face Reality”

  1. SDM Says:

    Biden is no doubt a terrible choice as a candidate and I suspect his candidacy may not survive the convention. Problem was that Sanders never really had the fight in him to take on the party establishment – in fact it appears he allowed himself to be used again to subvert any progressive agenda.

    What was the connivance with the Chinese dictatorship?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi SDM. I just got out the larger essay same Biden subject.

      BTW, when I advised Obama, I commanded Biden. That was not that I am an hypocrite, but I hoped that would divide the pro-plutocratic Democrats. But plutocrat Nancy, she is herself a plutocrat, kept a firm grip on Obama, and the whole enterprise went down the drain. I was more focused on getting a child at the time, so I didn’t move to Washington (nothing like direct face to face). Obama was left alone with the wolves.

      The result was Obamacare, which kills people (including one in my family). Most Americans don’t see that because their insurance is connected to their employment (oopsss…) But I saw it very clearly after my spouse got fired…

      I do agree with you that I can’t see how the Dems would go on with Biden (I am a registered Dem, BTW…) It’s sheer insanity. And I am more than angry with Sanders, I think he, and Warren, contrived to have the progressive agenda lose (what was that thing to welcome all illegal immigrants and give them free healthcare?

      When in France we paid 10K plus for Cesarean delivery baby… But the illegal Albanian woman next room paid nothing… OK, however last year I took the bus into france from the high speed train. At the last bus stop, the African woman bursting at the seams got into the bus, she could barely stand up. Three minutes later, the heavily armed French gendarmes evacuated her, called the ambulance and she was sent, sirens howling to the Briancon hospital to give birth to a brand new French citizen (the illegals destroy their papers). Then one goes through the forests, next to immense cliffs, and all sorts of clothing hang from the trees, put at the disposal of illegals by (well.meaning) “leftists”, or “humanitarians”… As an African, what I want is revolutions in Africa, and justice there, not nine months pregnant women from the jungle swimming in the snow in the mountains…

      Cuomo, who was a disaster with COVID in New York early on, would be a much better candidate than Biden… Although he is authoritarian (see his confrontations with fellow Democrat de Blasio), at least he is intelligent and can reflect. His charming brother, with his show at CNN, is a big time liar, though… But lying seems to be a requirement at CNN. I watch an hour or two of CNN to see how it’s done, from time to time (I used to watch CNN all the time, long ago…). Younger Cuomo claimed he was coming out of his quarantine from his basement… However ha had had a collision with a cyclist, 5 days earlier…


      • SDM Says:

        Just read BIden essay, quite accurate u=in all respects- he is a threat to the general public with his corruption. And now he is slipping into dementia. Thus he is kept out of sight most days. The Democratic establishment need to be taken to task but Sanders has no spine or has made a deal with the devil, probably a bit of both. AOC etc appar to have been coopted as well falling into line behind the evil Pelosi. It is hard to watch.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          It’s even worse than that. A (rather ex) friend of mine works in New York in the media. He is joking he regrets that he can’t vote against Sanders again, as New York cancelled the election, the Democratic Primary… these people in the biased media will do anything to please their owners… (who actually check the social networks to see if they toe the line…)


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Thanks for approving… 🙂
          I agree it’s hard to watch… But that was worse for me after the Obama election when agents of the Dems called to tell me we couldn’t be trusted around Obama, because they couldn’t predict what we were going to say (that’s exactly how they put it; as if Obama were a toddler… And we couldn’t be trusted around children…) All this the work of Erskine, a Pluto who pulls strings at the Dems…


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