Fascism, Civilization, Plutocracy, Globalization: Recurring Perversion, Eternal Vigilance

How did we get in the pickle of purchasing everything from the Chinese strongman, despicable, vicious and hyper dangerous Virusman Xi, this parody of a human being? Even Attila is starting to look good in comparison. 

It seems clear that, by opening infected Wuhan to the world, while closing Wuhan to China, Xi and his goons, lying about the danger the virus represented, did to the world what some vicious invaders did to the Native Americans, when they distributed smallpox infected blankets.

But why was the clownish dictator endowed with so much power by our media controlling “Western” plutocracy? Why did our plutocracy love the guy so much? Well, for the exact same reason as the leaders of a degenerating Rome falling in love with… the Huns. Yes, because the Romans did, even conducting military campaigns together as allies with the Huns… Attila came later.

We fell for virusman Xi the same reason as we fell in for Hitler. Or more exactly our self-interested elites such as the insufferable Gates, fell for it… Because they are very much that way. For the same reason as the insufferable Feudal system was able to impose itself on civilization. For the same reason the self-described “Bests” (“Optimates”) caused the death of the Roman Republic. 

Civilization, by definition, harnesses the multitude, thus the enormous might of fascism and the Dark Side, combined. Civilization also leverages various exponentials. This leaves civilization vulnerable to exponentiating oligarchies. Taxation has often been viewed, and should be viewed, first, as a way to prevent such oligarchic exponentiations. 

The Roman republic lasted five centuries, in full, because it had understood this and limited absolutely wealth and power. However, ultimately oligarchies we able to wrestle the state from We The People. They called themselves the “Optimates” or “Aristocrats” and have poisoned public life with their tyrannical propaganda (and attending “Lord” religion) ever since. 


The Roman Forum in 2008, looking east toward the Arch of Titus, with the remains of the Temple of Saturn (right), the Temple of Castor and Pollux (center, with three columns), and the Temple of Vespasian (foreground); the Palatine Hill, seat of the imperial palace, rises to the right…

Here is my general thinking on this, abstracted:

Civilization Instrumentalizes Fascism: 

Civilization is living in cities, and organization thereof. One gets economies of scale in matters such as agriculture, trade and the tech systems to support them. A dozen people can’t build an aqueduct, but a few thousands can establish an entire state resting on irrigation by canals, such as the ancient Tiwanaku state in South America.

But one can’t have a state if one doesn’t have the law, law enforcement and defense. In other words, force.

All advanced animals know that a mob can handle great threats: many passerine birds will cooperate and attack a bird of prey… It’s not just social animals, like crows, who are using the strategy. Now that’s the essence of the method that came to be known as fascism, because the Republican Romans represented it by fasces. 

Basically, for its defense, civilization harnesses fascism on an industrial scale. “Fascism” is not an insult, it’s just out of many, one, so the axe of justice can cut through whatever opposes We The People (hence the representation by the Roman Republic with fasces bound around an axe, symbolizing the majesty and power of high magistrates).

Civilizations needs to harness all sorts of fascisms, some mild and necessary, such as “Dura Lex. Sed Lex”. Some hard, like what the Romans called decimation, the act of taking one soldier out of ten and to execute him, whether individually innocent or not, just because their cohort had collectively disobeyed orders (decimation was last practiced by the French REPUBLIC during 1917 in World War One; the US and French Republics have fasces in their most prominent symbolics; in particular in the Congress and National Assembly). 

The force of the fascist instinct is that it makes the many acts like one huge body, with one mind, so, basically it’s an instinct, with mob mania, scapegoating, etc as corollaries .The drawback is that this instinct can be harnessed nefariously by initially tiny, granular oligarchies which then cosmically inflate..  

Plutocracy is a clear and present danger in civilization.

What’s plutocracy? The conventional, narrow notion is the rule of wealth. But of course humongous relative wealth, hence power, differences are not human: they didn’t exist in the last billion years of our evolution. So that “rule of wealth” can only be enforced by using the most vicious methods, those of the Dark Side, of the divinity of evil, Pluto, also known as Hades, Satan, the Devil, etc. 

Hence the real meaning of Pluto-kratia is exactly what the word says it is: Evil-Power, there to enforce the unnatural state of affairs where some have it all and others, none. .

As Galaxies, Stars and Planets Go, so do plutocracies: exponential growth of self-attracting stuff (might of evil in the case of plutocracies): 

Why would concentration of power happen in any society? For the same reason as stars happen from a dust cloud. A fluctuation of density causes an attractor. It’s the concentration of power. It grows exponentially.

Hence power concentrations have to be fought relentlessly. It’s one thing if they are needed, say as with generals and admirals (and one doesn’t want to fall in Athens’ excesses… nor the Roman ones, there). For optimal (pun intended; except it’s not really a pun) functioning, a society, a civilization needs some, a modicum, or sufficient fascism. Yes, it was fascism at its best to lock down the planet for the Coronavirus infection… But it was necessary.


Excesses of Plutocracy:

Generally plutocracies run out of control and capture the entire civilizations which have given birth to them. That leads to a government of the many by the few, the intelligence of the civilization then collapses. Before he destroyed Baghdad, the head of the joint Mongol-Christian army said as much to the Calife he was going to kill.  

When a plutocracy grows it allies itself with other plutocracies, typically described as “dictatorships” or “tyrannies”. This is why Gates of Hell are allied with Xi, and why so many US plutocrats and their corporations and banks were allied with Hitler….

If a civilization wants to keep on going, it has absolutely to destroy all and any plutocracies growing in its breast. Taxation and redistribution of great wealth can work: it did in Republican Rome, for centuries….   

Back to the future!

Patrice Ayme


P/S: Globalization with world legislation is possible. For example if some GMO practices, or insecticides, or herbicides, or antibiotic feed are outlawed, one can check at the source. The European Union is doing this already. The reason globalizing world plutocrats stuffed more and more of the whole industrial process in China has been, precisely, to evade world legislation and its spirit. Now this has become extremely dangerous, for all to see. And it’s not just the distribution of the virus by virusman, as if we were native Americans happy with our smallpox blankets… Just watch the South China sea islands… where China never was: what is the meaning of this? Forcing us to get used to bow to sheer threat of force?


P/S 2: The frightening point is that what we got, prior to this obvious, clear, yet foreseeable disaster, is the best case for the international, global elite. The global plutocracy loves its co-dependency upon mighty dictators. Yesterday Hitler, Mussolini, even Stalin… Now Xi.
The entire “Democratic” leadership and master singers such as Roubini are perfect examples… Longing for fellow dictators to dictate to us all with…


12 Responses to “Fascism, Civilization, Plutocracy, Globalization: Recurring Perversion, Eternal Vigilance”

  1. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Germany has at least 7,000 (seven thousand) dead from the virus, and Singapore only 18 (eighteen), so to represent Merkel as highly successful relative to Singapore, as many media are suddenly wont to do, is… strange.

    In my humble opinion, one shouldn’t have too restricted a view of what fascism is. Certainly Mao and Stalin were fascist… And indubitably, fasces figure prominently in the symbols of Republican Rome, and the two first modern, and long only, republics: France and the USA. There is an excellent reason for this: fascism is the prominent defense mechanism of the collective. No wonder it appears with the Coronavirus.


  2. Gmax Says:

    Masterful theory. One day to be taught all over


  3. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Tough language but i guess justified because they allowed international flights. Considering your general theory, i guess it’s also justified to be real tough


  4. nigel southway Says:

    The biggest problem we have is a total lack of a mission for the human race..


  5. pshakkottai Says:

    The power of plutocracy comes from fractional reserve money allowed by “We the people” to be created by private owners who support plutocrats (or become plutocrats). Any function necessary for democracy should not be outsourced. At least, the creation of money must belong to “We the people.” I would add natural resources too.


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