Did Xi’s Great Reich Have World Criminal Intent? 

Other title, to sound more serious:

All dictatorships  are criminal, in peacetime. But it is one thing, to be criminal inside one’s own country, and it is another, to project one’s criminality onto the world. At first sight, Xi’s regime did the modern equivalent of distributing smallpox blankets to the savages. And we are the savages. So we have been savaged.

At the very least, the West should be able to find out what happened. But Xi’s dictatorship has blocked inquiries. 

My old position on the subject was that the pandemic was made possible by the closed nature of the People Republic of China. But that position turns out to be too moderate. At some point, at the latest around January 7, 2020, Xi and his goons were aware of the danger posed by the new Coronavirus. Why the 7th of January? Because Xi then gave a discourse about the virus to his top goons. By January 23, the enormous city of Wuhan (bigger population than Sweden), and the province of Hubei (as populous as Turkey or Germany) were lockdowned. In particular, all flights were grounded. All land communications were cut out of Hubei, or within Hubei, between cities and villages.

[Vice-President Biden and Virusman Xi, 2013.] US Plutocracy made Hitler, to propel its own greed and empire, in the guise of good business, and jettisoned the German fascist states, when it became useful to do so… twice… US plutocracy also helped to make Xi, same idea. Xi changed the Chinese constitution after being encouraged in his way by Obama goons and US plutocrats, for years. But jettisoning the “Central State” (China) may prove harder… Lest we act now: Xi inherited his power from his dad, but he is still relatively weak, with enemies inside. To wait means a Chinese Kim style family. Virusman is still not as virulent as he will get, now is the time.

Meanwhile the WHO and its head, pushed and installed by Xi and his friends, kept on saying the virus couldn’t be transmitted human to human. Now this head of the WHO is the first who is not a physician, and comes from a country (Ethiopia) with tortured politics (the present leader of Ethiopia got a Nobel Peace Prize but is involved in a nasty civil war now). 

At the very least Xi’s dictatorship is guilty of CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE; they committed acts, such as authorizing flights from Wuhan to the rest of the world, or claiming there was no human to human transmission, while knowing very well that such positioning endangered the rest of the world. And the result was hundreds of thousands dead worldwide, millions sick, and economic damage commensurate, so far with China’s entire yearly GDP.

When it arose after 1948, the Cold War with Russia was NOT caused by Stalin’s USSR being criminally negligent and bringing the death of hundreds of thousands of citizens of NATO countries [1]. In other words, the Cold War got launched, although there was no act of war (Casus Belli: Case Of War).

Xi and his goons knew, by early January, that there was human to human transmission. Had there been free press, free media in China, it would have been obvious there was a vicious SARS epidemic going on, at least a month earlier. Here is the problem of having a Closed Society. But, when the leadership of the Xi Reich decided to act decisively one way, to save massively lives inside China, while it and its agent (the WHO) decided to act the opposite for lives OUTSIDE China, one can only conclude there was a deliberate policy to inflict a pandemic onto the rest of the world.

Did Xi’s Dictatorship have criminal intent? Looks like it. Plutocratic sycophants go around and say a new cold war, this time with a Chinese dictatorship, would be a terrible mistake. Methinks that it would be a worse mistake to do nothing. The casual disregard of most of humanity by Xi is a warning. Let’s not forget his dad was from a regime which didn’t mind to kill dozens of millions to get its way.

What to do?


Ideally, overthrow the dictatorship… But remember what happened with Sparta, Athens and Persia: 

The situation we have with Xi’s Great Reich is similar with the Direct Democracy of Athens facing the fascist Persian plutocracy. What happened then is that Persia attacked and was defeated in two separate wars it launched. Then Athens tried to free Egypt, its ancient trading partner, in a long war it lost. Persia gained time, and then Sparta attacked Athens, and after thirty years, won, thanks to massive Persian financial intervention (Persia paid and made a Spartan fleet which was the proximal cause of Spartan victory).

What is the exact analogy? China as Persia, Russia as Persia, and the rather more than less degenerated West as Athens. Now Russia is getting hit hard by the Corochinavirus. And, differently from Sparta which was a fascist, racist, lethally murderous regime, Russia, is, nominally, a Republic with a permanent feature, strongman Putin, reminiscent of Pericles. Pericles had an excellent second wife, the philosopher Aspasia, but, he was, overall, a small-man fool (long story involving Pericles’ war plans conducive to a devastating epidemic, as happened; and also self-contradicting, self-destroying, and Athens’ destroying xenophobia). Now Putin has no Aspasia, a state-of the art thinker, instead he goes to talk with monks, who are state-of-the-middle-ages thinkers…

Thus, it’s important to not drive too much of a wedge between Russia and the rest of the West… (I am an old enemy of Putin, who couldn’t resist capturing Putin, land occupied by the Ancient Greeks for a millennium before the Huns came from Mongolia, causing invasions all over).


Shutting down Xi should be easy:

Bring back as much of the essential economic activities of the West presently conducted inside China until such a level that full war can be conducted the next day. Yes, full war. That means, for example, that the countless drugs presently made in China including the active principles of many antibiotics, and even hydroxychloroquine, should be brought back (even the hydroxychloroquine “made” in India uses an active principle from China). All dual purposes technologies should be exported to China when and only when they are militarily obsolete. 

This will require a refoundation of the US patent system, devastated by Obama and his China friendly plutocratic monopolistic goons… many of them billionaires giving the appearance of a soul to the “Democratic” Party.

As far as a global trading system is concerned, doing without the Chinese dictatorship would not just be salutary, it would be easy. First we can collaborate with India, a giant democracy, soon even larger in population than China… And historically, India was a crucial part of the Middle Earth supercivilization, the Indo-Euro-African ensemble. There is all of South America, all of Africa, to trade with. Trading to the obsessive extent we have been doing, with the Chinese dictatorship has only encouraged the rise of a more malignant form, the Xi regime. The Xi regime is the most aggressive regime based in Beijing since the Mongols ruled China (and tried to invade Japan and Indonesia…)


The kindness towards dictator Xi went in parallel with the kindness towards our own plutocrats

… which the Obama puppet regime displayed. Admiring a big strongman is conducive to admiring the smaller monopolists collaborating with him. Reminder; this is what happened with Hitler: without his US plutocrats to feed him, finance him and arm him, Hitler would have been nothing. IBM having the entire monopoly of computing inside Hitler’s Reich is enough of a proof. The same. Or similar happened with hundreds of other major US-Nazi industries. We have a similar situation with Xi Reich. It should be discontinued. 

As the Romans used to say: Si vis pacem, para bellum! If want peace, prepare war. Time to prepare war with Xi. After all, war with us is what he has been conducting (with much help from his friends the Western plutocrats). Not true? Prove it. We will soon have millions of corpses to point at, and the king of China has to explain to us why it’s not his fault, when everything points to the contrary. 

Do we want the world to live, threatened by such a lunatic?

Patrice Ayme   


[1] If the Cold War was launched without Casus Belli, one may ask if the Cold War was not an over reaction. No, as far as the US plutocracy was concerned, for three reasons:

  1. The Cold War was designed to cover the tracks of the US leadership (FDR + Deep State + US plutocracy behind both)… which had given half of Europe to Stalin.
  2. The aim of giving half of Europe to a stupid dictatorship was tantamount to keeping the other half of Europe, the old main center of civilization, hence creativity, under watch by the Stalin watchdog. Hence, instead of focusing on the problem of plutocracy and exactly what just happened within Europe (crafty promotion of German fascism and Nazism by US plutocracy), the European intellectual class launched itself in idle pursuits.
  3. It launched a kabuki theater of fighting pseudo problems (like the Vietnam War: the US and Vietnam are now allies)… instead of the real problem, namely who is pulling the strings in the West.  

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16 Responses to “Did Xi’s Great Reich Have World Criminal Intent? ”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So Xi intended to let the disease spread outside China so that the rest of the world would suffer the same damage as China. This leads to question as to what the rest of the world either knew or did not know about the magnitude of the damage caused by the virus. The plutocratic entanglement with China being quite evident (but somehow misunderstood by those who claim “China stole our jobs” crowd) yet were those corporations complicit with this entanglement not aware of the seriousness of the outbreak? Flights from China should have been halted entirely immediately. This pandemic should expose all the plutocratic evil involved with sending production to China. But the pluto establishment is working overtime to confuse the populace. All the straw men and red baiting tactics are in full flower. What is needed it to pull production and capital from China on a large scale and soon. The US funding of worldwide military tussles for corporate interests needs to be redirected to the economic good of the people not just a chosen few.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It gets even more sinister when one realizes that US scientists worked in the WUHAN virology lab of the Chinese “Bat lady”, on bat coronaviruses, for “increase of function” (making the viruses more deadly). Meanwhile, another US scientists mission last year found the P4 lab next door, 10 meters away had lax procedures…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Rest of the world knew nothing. When a french viral expert heard of the virus in January, he immediately said that this virus had been spreading for at least a year… Turns out he was probably right.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Xi intended to let the rest of the world suffer the same damage so as to not have China at a disadvantage. That this could occur also exposes the fecklessness of the plutocratic establishment in that they failed to see what was happening while yet having such a large presence in China. But will the truth be told? Unlikely, as it will be dumbed down for the masses to confuse and manipulate the narrative.


  3. SDM Says:

    Xi let it spread outside China so that the rest of the world could suffer the same damage. Yet the plutocratic establishment so present in China failed to recognize the severity of the situation and now it is everywhere. Will they be blamed? So far they have managed to muddy the waters enough to escape the wrath of the US population. The whole shift of production to China should now be a top priority but corporate plutocrats will fight it tooth and nail in the media. People still believe China stole jobs not that the multinational corporations gave them away to China for the sake of obscene profits.


  4. Dom Says:

    “But, when the leadership of the Xi Reich decided to act decisively one way, to save massively lives inside China, while it and its agent (the WHO) decided to act the opposite for lives inside China”

    Correction required. Change last “inside” to ‘outside’


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Right, thanks Dom! I will correct it right away… Typos are a problem, some essays are full of them… The worst being when I forget a “NOT”… which has happened all too many times! Thanks again! 😉


  5. Paul Lee Says:

    Paul Lee, Responsible Choice, Universal Justice, Compassionate Citizen

    Through Chinese State Security, CCP has maintained deep and wide alliance with mostly Chinese criminal syndicates and sponsored many criminal enterprises across the World. Deng Hsiao Ping had publicly declared that Triads are patriots. What more can I say?


  6. Peter Kvint Says:

    Yes, it is their plan to take from the rich and give to the poor, just like Robin Hood.


  7. Patrice Ayme Says:

    QUORA “EDITED” and CENSORED the question, within three minutes:

    Quora Content Review15h ago
    We edited this question
    Did Xi’s Great Reich have a world criminal intent?

    Quora Moderation17h ago
    Please edit this question to get answers
    Did Xi’s Great Reich have a world criminal intent?
    The post was de facto blocked, and can’t be edited (I tried, wasting time-energy…)


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