Biden: If You Have To Decide Between Me And Trump, “You Ain’t Black”… But “I will Beat Joe Biden”!

By selecting Biden, the quintessential plant for the plutocracy, not too bright, but very greedy, the so-called “Democrats” have provided us with serious comedy. (BTW, I am a registered Dem, so I have a bias towards comedy.) Very greedy? His son Hunter flew with him as vice President to China, in Air Force Two… and walked out with a billion and a half deal. This is not corruption but business as the Romans used to say in the Late Empire. Ah, and how come the Democratic voters are so corrupt? Because they have been programmed by the plutocratic media. The New York Times in particular has been controlled by the same (originally Jewish) family since the Nineteenth Century.

Arthur Hays Sulzberger (September 12, 1891 – December 11, 1968) was the publisher of The New York Times from 1935 to 1961.  His parents were Cyrus Leopold Sulzberger, a cotton-goods merchant, and Rachel Peixotto Hays. They came from old Jewish families, Ashkenazi and Sephardic, respectively His great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Seixas,brother of the famous rabbi and American Revolutionary Gershom Mendes Seixas of Congregation Shearith Israel, was one of the founders of the New York Stock Exchange. His great-grandfather, Dr. Daniel Levy Maduro Peixotto, was a prominent physician, director of Columbia University’s Medical College and a member of the Philolexian Society. His great granduncle was Jacob Hays, the High Constable of New York from 1801 to 1850.

NYT Arthur Hays Sulzberger Hitler’s Friend and Collaborator. Some will say: Oh, just a publisher… but most influential, and of Nazi propaganda.

You would think that with so much Jewishness piled up, the NYT would be very keen to save the lives of Jews. Well, think again. Greed beats breed.

AHS became publisher when his father-in-law, Adolph Ochs, the previous Times publisher, died in 1935. In 1929, AHS founded Columbia’s original Jewish Advisory Board and served on the board of what became Columbia-Barnard Hillel for many years. He served as a University trustee from 1944 to 1959 and is honored with a floor at the journalism school. He also served as a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1939 to 1957

All of this to say that, when the Nazis, financed by the likes of Henry Ford, JP Morgan’s agents, etc. appeared, and started to kill Jews, Arthur Hays Sulzberger had his newspaper publish only lies on the most important subject: because lies are greedy, and so was the US plutocratic society engaged with Hitler… In many ways comparable to the present US plutocratic society engaged with Chinese dictator Xi. Actually plutocracy 2020 is mostly a direct descendant of plutocracy 1940.

Make no mistake: many were screaming the truth, including the French and Polish governments (what was left of them, anyway), and various Jewish organizations. bu the New York Times didn’t tolerate discordant voices. Just as now, when they censor a long time subscriber such as yours truly… as they did it during the Pelosi-Biden driven Iraq war invasion preparation. In other words, they did not learn the most important lesson: harmony comes from dissordance mastered, not from discordance, ignored.  

So Biden said he had 40 years of experience, enough to beat… Joe Biden. Right, very deep, for once, but… didn’t sound very good. Hence the New York Times immediately published an article certifying that Biden had said he was going to “be” Joe Biden. Biden did not say he would “beat” Joe Biden. Get it? It’s in the NYT, it has got to be true, this side of Hitler.

But then, well, reality intruded grossly and the NYT had to print: Mr. Biden also made clear that he felt there was no reason black Americans would consider voting for Mr. Trump.“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump then you ain’t black,” Mr. Biden said.”

I sent a little comment right away, which was not published, or then maybe published next week, when nobody reads it (so the weasels can feel they are tolerant of the smirky mouse). Imagine thousands of censor beavers, all over the US media, trying to make the Biden-Xi system look good, never mind Hong Kong being enslaved 27 years early…. Here is my censored comment:

It’s clear that Joe Biden is going to “beat” Joe Biden. In any case, when people realize that, among other things, in 2002, being the chair of the Senate Foreign Relation Committee, Biden invented the Weapon of Mass Destruction argument to justify the invasion of Iraq… which was, after a few months, adopted by Bush, who had just as disingenuously claimed Hussein supported Al Qaeda. The Bush Al Qaeda argument to invade Iraq got no traction, but the Biden WMD argument worked… because Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who was then the Ranking Member of the Congress Intelligence Committee did not reveal that she was explained in great detail that the argument was a complete lie, and just a fake reason to go to war.

4,500 US troops died in Iraq, 32,000 were wounded, and up to 2.4 million Iraqis killed… Once this, just this little Iraq adventure is known, and meditated upon, being Joe Biden will smell very differently… 

Some will ask what the motivation could be for invading and destroying Iraq? Well, Iraq’s oil reserves, the second largest in the world, were then removed from the market (and have mostly stayed this way). That made fracking in the USA, which was financed by Wall Street, very profitable. (Only if oil was above $60/barrel.) Fracking was developed massively under the Obama-Biden administration. 

It’s not just the dignity and intelligence of blacks which is demeaned, but of the whole population.


As far as the game with Xi is concerned, just watch Bill Gates going all around for Xi. Precedent? Watson, the head of IBM, going all out for Hitler. Watson managed Nazi IBM from New York, throughout the war, because IBM had a monopoly on computation and Hitler couldn’t have done anything without IBM. Meanwhile, the NYT had spent the crucial first nine years of Hitler’s Reich denying that the Jews were getting killed by the minions of US plutocracy.

Oh, and how did Billy boy, the college drop-out make his money? Well, he got the contract from IBM to use the operating system called DOS (Disk Operating System) basically stolen from universities (that is, whether private or not publicly financed institutions [1]). And who was on IBM’s board? His mom! of course, the world’s most generous person. Plutocracy is hereditary, or is not.

Hitler repeating itself? Not really: we have nukes now. They work faster than ovens.

Patrice Ayme




Ooopsss… turns out the guy who wrote the preceding article was paid by Microsoft, and IEEE didn’t know about that until well after publishing it.

Microsoft stole the “86-DOS” operating system, owned by Seattle Computer Products, and written by Tim Paterson. Bill Gates conned Tim Paterson into signing over all the rights to 86-DOS for only $5,000, without telling him that it was for what would become the most famous operating system in the world. Plutocrats, those with Evil-Power, are tricky, that’s why the devil is called “le Malin” in French, the crafty one, who is… malignant…


P/S: I didn’t say I would vote for Trump, BTW…


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8 Responses to “Biden: If You Have To Decide Between Me And Trump, “You Ain’t Black”… But “I will Beat Joe Biden”!”

  1. Mr Pete Says:

    According to your own reference, MS bought QDOS for 75k, not 5k. And they hired the author.

    Hardly stealing. I guess you enjoy pumping up reality?

    Historical accuracy would be much better.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hello Mr. Pete. Instead of going for “historical accuracy” according to an article which I said was fraught, as it was stealthily paid by Gates, as its own publisher warned us of, please look at the big picture: what looks honest (the IEEE article) was actually corrupt: the author hid the payment.
      BTW, methinks that Gates control around 200 billion dollars plus the hearts and souls of the like of Obama (who gave the Gates the Medal of Freedom, etc… presumably for all the good vaccine work, consider Corochinavirus…)
      So do you think 75 K is commensurate to 200 billions?

      Frankly, confronted to a venomous snake, historical accuracy is not paramount. If the snake is dangerous and aggressive, as Gates was with yours truly (got blocked from some major media)… I know what to do. I confess to vipericide…


  2. nigel southway Says:

    Biden …. ???? .. Trump must be so happy… I can hardly wait for the debates to enjoy the entertainment.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, pretty sad. even worse, he is going to select Kamala Harris… Who demolished Biden for busing… Unfortunately for her, I know intimately the area and even the schools she was living and was bused to. She was actually very high class 9her father was a professor at UC Berkeley), living in a very high class area (prices of houses average around two million dollars)… And she had the impudence to present it as something it was NOT, AT ALL.


  3. John Holzmann Says:

    Whew! Patrice Ayme has several axes to grind. Sometimes her words trip over themselves. (English is not her first language, but her language, by and large, is astonishingly powerful and precise.) I’ve been following her for a year or two because she offers a plethora of historical insights I have seen and heard nowhere else.

    A disturbing article important for Democrats AND Republicans to read.


  4. Pete Holzmann Says:

    Pete Holzmann: Maybe you see and hear nowhere else… because she plays fast and loose with history?
    Her latest, on MS supposedly stealing MS-DOS, misquotes her own source! And having met young BIll Gates myself back in the day, I know a little about the topic. (MS didn’t steal it. They bought QDOS for $75k and later hired the author. Hardly stealing.)
    As for her claims about Biden… how quickly we forget. Do you not remember that it was Saddam Hussein himself who convinced not only his enemies, but many of his own people, that he had WMD?!
    Here’s an old article on the subject:


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Pete and John: thanks for the compliments… I just noticed this… I am busy writing a MASSIVE essay of Corruption… In Rome. As I also use the state of Qin for comparison with Rome and Francia, I have to play fast over more than a millennium of history spanning 12 time zones… ANY essay, by definition, as any piece of logic, is incomplete, it’s, at best, like a light beam, and it penetrates deeper when it’s a laser beam.. All I can say is that I wrote millions of words, and, sometimes, I am wrong. I was wrong about Obama and SpaceX/Musk. For example. Obama did good by supporting Musk…


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    John Holzmann Hi, Pete. Interesting question about remembering. No. I don’t remember. Indeed, I have no memory of forgetting. Probably, first, because, I wasn’t “paying attention” or watching or listening to the details. Or, possibly, it may be because the view espoused in the article you quoted was the author’s own, unique—and uniquely unappreciated and discredited—perspective. (???)

    Or, possibly, Ms. Ayme, herself, as a French woman, may be flamboozled. (I note that Mr. Woolsey [the CBS News commentator) says the French government was working with the Russian government in advising Saddam; perhaps she has had the wool pulled over her eyes?) I don’t know.

    From a meta perspective: Fascinating how we (people) create narratives that “work” for us partially through ignorance of certain data points or by deliberately ignoring or downplaying them. And the further we go along a particular line, the deeper our furrows become. (What’s it called with water courses when drops of rainwater or melting snow begin to trickle together and flow in almost invisible rivulets . . . which, in turn, join together to form thin streams . . . which cut small channels in sand or soil and form bigger streams . . . and so on and so forth . . . until we have roaring cataracts of water rushing to the sea?)

    It seems that something like that happens so often in human thinking. Once we form opinions, anything that stands in our way gets pushed back by the force of our pre-existing opinions. Of course, we don’t want to be paralyzed by “analysis paralysis“; but I do enjoy challenging my thinking by listening to people of different persuasions: might Ms. Ayme’s theory of plutocratic manipulation be worthy of consideration? I’m hearing you say, “No.”


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