Is Plutocratic Violence Hiding Behind Racism?

So three police officers sit on a man for nine minutes. He dies. This is interpreted as, first of all, a problem with racism. Ex-officer Chauvin is white, but the officer watching nervously the smothering, is Asian. 

This is a hint that racism may not be the main problem. Racism is just an assumption which is rolled out as a motivation all the time, by manichean self-described “liberals” (they are supposed to be pure, like the puritan of old). Such a traditional assumption, that everything has to do with evil, obvious racism is so traditional, precisely because of racism. 

Federal Security Guard killed by deliberate automatic gunfire at the Oakland federal Court House, May 30, 2020. His colleague was grievously wounded. Dave Patrick Underwood was a Bay Area native from Pinole. The US Department of Justice determined the assassination was “Domestic Terrorism”

Assuming other people are racist, is metaracism. This is compounded by holier than thou attitude, namely, I am so good, I can tell you you are bad, even if I don’t know you, because, you see, I know you, based on the color of your skin. This sounds as an attitude is straight out of a comedy, but it’s not, it kills. It’s the same attitude which enables a white woman in finance to threaten a law abiding citizen (when she is not), by telling the police he is threatening her life, when all he is doing is asking her to abide by the law.

The most effective adaptation of racism over time,DiAngelo claims, “is the idea that racism is conscious bias held by mean people.This “good/bad binary,” positing a world of evil racists and compassionate non-racists, is itself a racist construct, eliding systemic injustice and imbuing racism with such shattering moral meaning that white people, especially progressives, cannot bear to face their collusion in it. (Pause on that, white reader. You may have subconsciously developed your strong negative feelings about racism in order to escape having to help dismantle it.) 

What DiAngelo is saying is the penultimate step before what I am saying, which goes much further. Racism from the police is not as much the problem as outright violence by the police and justice system to buttress the established order.

Police, in the USA is very well treated as far as salary and total compensation is concerned. Here is San Francisco, for basic police officers: 

Salary $89,856 – $135,096/year

A Police Officer works 40 hours per week on different shifts and overtime may be required. San Francisco offers excellent benefits and the current starting salary is $89,856 per year. After seven years of service a Police Officer may earn up to $135,096 per year. You will receive comprehensive training, at your full starting salary.

After age 58, an officer can retire on 90% of last salary.

The police chief of San Francisco is a very black African-American, by the way. In the same city, Mayor Breed, who is also “African-American” earns a base salary of more than $338,000…

Thus the servants of the establishment are well paid… So well paid that, like the Bidens, Obamas and Clintons, they do little more than pay lip service to justice. Biden was actually the author of extremely de facto racist laws in the 1990s. But such is the control of the establishment through perverse media that older “blacks” are persuaded of the opposite… 

So there is racism, but as Di Angelo said, it’s camouflaged, hidden as its opposite. Very few US families, outside of multiracial areas, and even then, are genuinely multiracial…  

Both the killer and the victim worked as “bouncers” in the same nightclub. The owner said that Chauvin, the killer, had been violent in the past, and that she told him she will not tolerate it anymore. A violent occupation, fitting well in a violent society. Racism is enabled by violence… which takes many aspects, one of them consisting in having to pay for basic rights, be it habeas corpus, or health care, or the right to an education. 

Thus racism may only be a fig leaf hiding the plutocratic phenomenon. There is a precedent: Rome. Rome had many emperors who were not Italian. A dynasty was even from Africa. An emperor was an Arab (Philip the Arab). Rome was not racist, but declined and died from plutocratism gone rabid.

Evil Power (Pluto Kratia) is more subtle than goodness, this makes it invisible to the vast mass of the gullible, and how it rules. Obsessing about racism is a shiny object which enables to forget what is worse about the order of things, and thus core to said source of most evil.

Divide et imperare: divide and rule, the Romans used to say. Divide with racism, rule with plutocracy. What could go wrong? A thousands infernos, this is what could go wrong…

Patrice Ayme

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6 Responses to “Is Plutocratic Violence Hiding Behind Racism?”

  1. benign Says:

    Indeed. And to me the most blatant proof of plutocracy’s murderousness is the treatment of the most marginal workers, who don’t qualify for unemployment insurance, and who have been given (if they were lucky enough to receive it) a $600 check to live on for two or more months. These are the working poor, who can’t handle a $500 emergency, who in blue states are being told to stay home from their jobs and get their food from a food bank, while contemplating the likelihood that they will be evicted and homeless when forbearance on their unpaid rent expires.

    There are millions being murdered in this way, many who are children, but they don’t get the press, except for a 13-second shot of long lines of cars at the food banks. I estimate there are over 10 million people in this category.

    BTW, it appears itinerant CIA/Soros/Antifa provocateurs are doing most of the rioting, not locals, in all cities. If COVID doesn’t work, try race war! Get rid of Trump at all costs! Just my humble take on things …



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. 15% of arrests in Minnesota are out of state… This said it’s nearly impossible to arrest the professionals. In France they installed systematic control on the roads, and all those with paraphernalia for mayhem got arrested… That worked in combination with the method of extremely mobile intervention… And a very heavy judicial hand: no bail…


  2. brodix Says:

    Though it does seem the wheels are really coming off the train. Even parasites need a reasonably healthy host and they are killing the host. Smells like the Soviet Union, circa1989.
    This is only the start of the summer. What will the situation be by November?


  3. nigel southway Says:

    Patrice…I Iove the subjects you focus on…. but I struggle with grabbing your points as you keep using some kind of historical references… and I lose the thread, plus you use words that are not in common use… can you try in plain english ..or is it some kind of elitist code so I cannot participate?. :-)..

    My take on the topic is that its not about racism in any way .(we are inherently racist… its in the DNA) . its about a loss of respect for the common citizen… we have forgotten that this is the real customer…. so we lack tolerance and understanding…. Its about loss of citizen power and if that is your point then I agree..


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Nigel, thanks for the appreciation. Yes, this is supposed to be the ultimate elitist site. It’s revolutionary and at the edge with wanton disregard for the Commons…. and the established elite, viewed as monkeys all… OK, seriously, you can search for words with my frenemy GOOGLE… It takes seconds… All the words I uses, except for rare neologisms, are very official words…
      Also I published already millions of words in preceding essays, and that’s what they are, they are written to last (a few have turned wrong, such as when Obama looked like a hope and Musk only like a showman… But that’s a few out of 2,000+…)
      I don’t think racism is in the DNA, it’s more like tribalism which is… To get citizen power we need Direct Democracy


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