Obama: Behave Like The Slave Masters Who Founded the USA Wanted You To

Obama: Do Politics, by the rich, for the rich, As Defined By Slave Masters Of America


The establishment has rolled out the Trojan Horse known as Obama. Hey, it worked before, again and again, and now even Biden, the most compromised politician in America, if not the world, has been rolled out again: Biden was been elected for the first time 50 years ago… 50 years on a measly politician’s official income, and living the life now…

Obama: …”let’s not excuse violence, or rationalize it, or participate in it. If we want our criminal justice system, and American society at large, to operate on a higher ethical code, then we have to model that code ourselves.”

Code? Obama believes we are programmed with a “code” as the plutophile robot he is… He knows what he is, and revels in it. Fact: No violence no change. [This should not be constructed as support for attack against police or innocents.[1]]

I am not going to cry because Rolex, Dior, Channel boutiques are ransacked. Dior makes good perfume (I have bought them many times)… But Rolex? $20,000 watches? The Roman Republic and greek democracies had anti-extravagant-luxury taxes   

Is there racism in the USA? Yes, but two, out of four, of the murdering officers were “non-whites”. And now the state of Minnesota has formally filed a human right complaint against the Minneapolis Police Department. 

We came from volcanoes and lightning, and learned to emulate them, as we generate explosions and death rays… But employing them well is where the human angels work.

So the focus on “racism” has to be rendered seriously more subtle. OK, none of the murderers were “black”. So police brutality against “blacks” seems more like the problem, and then the next question is:’why so brutal?’ The explanation may have to do with the fact that the blacks were there first, and they culturally don’t like what they have been submitted to. Let me explain: massive quantities of slaves in chains were forcefully imported in the Eighteenth Century, well before Asians and Hispanics were allowed in the USA. The ancestors of most Americans wanted to come here, many of the ancestors of “blacks” were dragged in chains, and stayed in chains, generally for many generations.

This makes the “blacks” less friendly to a socioeconomic order they were enslaved to serve. Thus natural enemies thereof. 

Fundamentally the brutal police and the brutal justice system is at the beck and call of the politicians serving the established self-serving oligarchy [2].

Obama, Watchdog of the established order: “So the bottom line is this: if we want to bring about real change, then the choice isn’t between protest and politics. We have to do both. We have to mobilize to raise awareness, and we have to organize and cast our ballots to make sure that we elect candidates who will act on reform.

Yeah, let’s elect more extremely high priced prostitutes, and everything will work out! Obama believes it will all be solved when we elect the right persons. Like him. Or like Biden with his 170 k salary. all his life, and now living in three mansions… That is Obama’s REDUCTIVE definition of politics: something elaborated by the SLAVE OWNING “Founding Fathers” of the USA. 

Think And this is exactly why people like yours truly worked so hard to get him elected. And this is why his presidency was so depressing. Indeed they show up, those PC candidates, once they are promoted by the “right” people, that means by the hyper wealthy, and the Political Action Committees (PACs), and the media they won, and, or, control.

Obama wants to “raise awareness”: awareness of what exactly? And which sort of “reform”? Awareness that he leveraged the political system to make one hundred million dollars? Obama, the 100 million dollars prostitute? When Obama was president, he facilitated the growth of monopolies not just by doing nothing against them, but also by changing the Patent System in a way which left small individual US inventors with even less rights than they have in… The People Republic of China. So Obama reformed the system, yes, he did… to advantage further Amazon/Bezos/Washington Post, Google, Facebook, Apple, General Electric, etc…


Meanwhile the globalization, namely the exportations of jobs to China, was pursued at a torrid pace. When all jobs are in China, but for police and judges, what kind of country is that? And guess for championed this? All the tenors of the Democratic party and their evil supports (Gates, Buffet, etc.)


There can be no peace with a system penetrated with extreme, calm and irresistible violence, top to bottom. One needs to deploy enormous mental power, with a completely different sort of “awareness”. When Obama came to power, there was injustice and extreme economic inequality. So what happened? Obama’s elder daughter is at Harvard, dating the son of an international banker. And the Obama family is set to get 60 million dollars. Otherwise, economic inequality became even greater under Obama than it was under Bush. Also, remarkably, US life expectancy went down, several years in a row, something that had not happened before. Moreover, healthcare was more profitable than ever for wealthy investors, and their wealthy children can all go to Harvard too. 


Obama wrote, as his top highlight: …”the elected officials who matter most in reforming police departments and the criminal justice system work at the state and local levels.”

Right, however, this is like wanting to impose laws to the grain of sand on the beach, while tides come and go. It’s completely besides the point. The police and justice systems in the USA are there to insure the perpetuation of the existing socioeconomic system. This is why their powers and rewards are so much greater than in comparable democracies (Britain, France, Germany, etc.)

In the USA, somebody such as Jack Dorsey, the multibillionaire controlling head of Twitter, is viewed as perfectly justified to have extraordinary prerogatives. However, up to a few months ago, his company always lost money. So who, what, made Mr. Dorsey a billionaire?  Well, extremely wealthy people gave Mr. Dorsey’s company money. Thus extremely wealthy people decided that Mr. Dorsey was best to control which microblogging and microbloggers should be published. So who, and what is the Deep State of the USA? Well those who pull the strings, including of these candidates Obama wants us to vote for. And then police officers and judges are paid very well to claim this is the fairer of all systems, all the way to deadly choke holds… 


Want little specifics to start with? What about making choke holds, sitting on prisoners, and high speed chases unlawful?




[1] Another senior black police officer was killed, Joseph Dorn, and his shooting and death was streamed live on Facebook. Yes, he didn’t die right away and one can see him moving on the recording.


[2]. So, on the face of it, yes, there is anti-black racism: one can roll out the statistics: only 5 “black” billionaires out of 607… Only 44% “black” homeownership (national average: 67%), poor outcomes when dealing with police, or “justice”, etc. But what I say is that this is only an indirect effect of the plutocratic system… It’s not as if there were one hundred millions Nazis in control of the USA trying to kill blacks.


4 Responses to “Obama: Behave Like The Slave Masters Who Founded the USA Wanted You To”

  1. nigel southway Says:

    About your point 2 above… the low scores on wealth and position and ownership is more to do with the low IQ and low interest in education aptitude of the black population and the stats on contact with the police is that they do more bad stuff.. OK may be due to lower prosperity but i suspect its more a total lack of self respect in thier culture


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It’s complex but it starts with bad preschools and bad schools, and bad healthcare. All this guarantees a bias to lack of mental performance, Rome demonstrated it under the fascist tyranny.

      A massive plan even larger than the GI Bill is needed. Calls to fight “systemic racism” are silly. What there is systemic plutocracy: evil-rule. Police brutality is part of evil rule. Most cities (exception LA and NYC) authorize to compress a handcuffed prisoner on his belly, smothering him/her. Two of the officers killing Floyd were non-whites…
      Lack of self-respect is a natural consequence of not being a success, in a society which values success most, because success guarantees survival, and the way to get there is Obama’s navigation, which he extolled…


  2. SDM Says:

    Blacks here before Hispanics or Asians? Hispanics are part Native American who were here first. And Native Americans are genetically close to Northeast Asian populations whose ancestors crossed Bering Strait into present day Alaska.
    Otherwise, pretty much on target. The problem is police brutality and it is used on lower classes more or less indiscriminately but most egregiously against black citizens. National Guard is also notorious for this- shooting peaceful protesters on college campus.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi SDM: In my defense, I was not making a genetic analysis. I often extoll the Spaniards and Mexicans who protected the magnificent redwood forests in the SF Bay Area… and their grizzlies. They made parcs, and had their ranches further afield… The genetic origin of American Real Natives is a (still) obscure subject… They were long isolated in Beringia before getting in the Americas proper. There are all sorts of rumors, from Altai origin to even more drastic proposals…
      Most contemporary American Asians or Pacific Islanders (my spouse one of them) came over more recently. Chinese were heavily discriminated against in California, for decades, with gross human rights violations…

      BTW, I am thoroughly familiar with police abuse, some egregious. Here is just one small example out of a dozen or so I have: Let me, hmmm, put it this way: I have seen a towering white police officer threaten another white, for not putting hands on wheel in an unwarranted traffic stop (going 35 in a 35 mph zone, which he claimed was 25). I mean that was nothing conceivable: the driver, who had done (turns out) nothing was threatened with his life, while his baby was in the back of the car… just because the officer didn’t like how his victim moved, or was it the accent?… BTW, a formal complaint through an attorney was made in that case (although the fake offense was paid). But it didn’t stop there: the officer, who was motorcycle mounted, then kept on harassing said white driver, by often following him with his motorcycle two feet behind, in the apparent hope something bad would happen… The white driver then avoided that city for a while… and then the harassing officer was ultimately removed …but notice the use of an attorney, which is not something all can afford: so this is the point, justice for the wealthy…

      Another problem is the question of weapons: the nurse in Louisville was killed after her boyfriend, who had a gun permit fired at intruders, who were officers on a no-knock warrant. Had he no gun, his girlfriend would have survived. So that’s not so much a black vs white problem…

      BTW, the example above was not the most egregious I know of, as a direct witness, there was way worse, and the worst of them all perhaps, was in… Europe.


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