Trump Haters Hate Hydroxychloroquine Too

Hate is the gift which keeps on giving to haters, and the worst it gets, the more they thrive.

It’s telling that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) has become a political issue. Hatred has grown so much that one is considered a stupid pro-Trump racist, if one falls for HCQ. Everyday, the New York Times comes out with a new anti-Trump article accusing him of promoting hydroxychloroquine (he has “promoted” all plausible and potential COVID treatments)…. But the anti-Trump plutocrats have a good reason to hate the cheap HCQ. And it has nothing they want to crow about.

There are many other anti-Trump articles, from all sorts of angles, but the  anti-Trump-anti-HCQ article of the day is a tradition, at the New York Times. Like Goebbels they keep repeating the same lie: there is no evidence that HCQ, etc… Aldous Huxley — ‘Sixty-two thousand four hundred repetitions make one truth.

Most of the plutocratically owned press (sorry about the pleonasm) the one which hates Trump, has made that drug, HCQ, a political issue by observing that it was “promoted by President Trump and others”… Then they add that there is no evidence that it can prevent or treat Covid-19. It reminds one of priests singing the same song everyday. 

Actually there is plenty of evidence that HCQ works, the only question is how well… for no less than three classes of reasons:

a) Hydroxychloroquine is an immune moderator, that’s how it works against Lupus. The worst problem with COVID is a crazed immune system, overreacting.

b) for other reasons, HCQ hinders the virus. The effects are modest, but strong enough to be used in comparison to developing therapeutics in the world’s largest study in vitro… Stanford, part of this study published that some drugs “worked twenty times better than HCQ”. A difference between these potential drugs and HCQ, is that HCQ has been used by more than two billion people (I, and Raoult, both from Senegal, used it for years. The NYT no doubt will tell me that’s why I insist to be fair and balanced about Trump… For relaxation, they will censor ten of my pro-HCQ comments…)

c) HCQ has been demonstrated to reduce viral loads. d) In countries (Russia, India, Turkey) where HCQ is used massively, the death rates are spectacularly lower.

In Turkey Hydroxychloroquine plus AZT, the Raoult treatment, is used massively at the first symptoms. The results are spectacular. Turkey has 170,000 cases of coronavirus, for a population of 82 millions. By comparison, Great Britain has had more than 40,000 DEAD (actually final government counting turns out 40% higher after a few weeks… So expect 50K soon). The Indian research body, ICMR uses it for the healthcare workers (HCWs) who are at an elevated risk of contracting Covid-19.

The ICMR study indicates that “simply initiating HCQ prophylaxis did not reduce the odds of acquiring Covid-19 infection among HCWs. However, with the intake of four or more maintenance doses of HCQ, the protective effect started emerging. A significant reduction of about 80 per cent in the odds of Covid-19 infection in the HCWs was identified with the intake of six or more doses of HCQ prophylaxis. This dose-response relationship added strength to the study outcomes.

It goes without saying that, if HCQ plus a macrolide (antiviral) antibiotic mitigates COVID, the biotech stocks are worth much less, and they trade indeed according to fake studies on HCQ.

Many of the great priests of the Demo-Plutocratic Party are wheelers and dealers. They want those biotech stocks to go ever higher. So down with the twenty dollar treatment removing most of the problem! And Trump fixing it! They want Trump to lose so that all jobs can be sent to China again!

In the last few weeks one doctor made a BILLION dollars from investing in Biotech (yes, 10^9 dollars). I don’t doubt the august doctor hates Trump, who is all what’s between him and another billion. After he turned out that The Lancet and NEJM authors were at best greedy monkeys (the self-dealing of the study was obvious) and their anti-HCQ “study” collapsed, biotech stocks collapsed in turn 15%! (I’m tracking very closely, don’t ask…)

So the Lancet just published a “study” which was grotesquely self-dealing… But the French government full of corrupt manslaughtering idiots, immediately forbid HCQ. France has become a very fascist country recently, with even going on beaches, parks and mountains outlawed, even if they were out of your door. Everyday is about the mood and caprices of the ex-banker of M&A, the young king, Macron I.

Meanwhile, Germany, next door, by reacting intelligently and locally rather than by being led by a corrupt young fascist banker-Fuhrer, had a death rate 20% of that of France. See, the Germans have become five times more intelligent than the French, as measured by COVID! It took a while, but there is hope! The German situation is a consequence of being led by a physicist, and local democracy (regional governments took the best decisions).

Meanwhile, the New York Times will keep on wishing with all its might that as many US citizens as possible die from COVID, as long as Trump goes down too… That’s because they want the return of their gilded age, with all jobs in the Chinese dictatorship… That’s why they support the New Jim Crow laws author that much (those laws date from 1994, when Senator Biden led the charge… Black Lives Matter is officially against them, so I don’t see how they could support their author).

People go around and ponder human nature. How come? Lincoln! Definition of goodness! Killed only a million Americans! OK, not his fault! Better Angels, come around! Let’s celebrate the intrinsic goodness of man, and of its butchers in particular, as long as they are our butchers! And what of the worst angels? When do they come around? What if hatred was an exponential phenomenon? Last night a 22 year old white youth was killed in Vallejo, California. He was unarmed, kneeling, hands up, a youth advocate from San Francisco. When the looting is alleged, the shooting starts (that statement is viewed as racist by the haters, by the way, that’s why I use it). The police officer shot five times, through his windshield: death can’t wait. Black lives matter! Do white lives matter too? Or do people have to be painted particular to be worth of racial considerations?

Hate is the gift which keeps on giving, and the worst it gets, the happier the haters.

Patrice Ayme

P/S: There has been a whole slew of anti-HCQ papers. Those I read were grossly incompetent, violating blatantly the “scientific method”. For example by comparing HCQ patients with non-HCQ patients… For just two days. After these two days, the non-HCQ were switched to HCQ, and the conclusion was that HCQ had no advantage… The data of two enormous studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet, came from a private company called Surgisphere, which claims to have granular patient-level information shared by 1,200 hospitals and health facilities on six continents (list not available). The founder and chief executive of Surgisphere, Dr. Sapan Desai, was listed as an author on both papers… Oops.

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8 Responses to “Trump Haters Hate Hydroxychloroquine Too”

  1. Patrice Ayme Says:

    @Patrice Ayme the ICMR study was done a very small amount of subjects and they have not released their underlying data. You also jump right to a conspiracy theory about stock prices. Your comment is not credible.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      @jeffk Maybe it’s not credible by you, but The Lancet study was the latest example of a grotesque conflict of interest. And there were several cases like that, of gross conflicts of interest, earlier, even in France (where HCQ has been forbidden so that the friend of banker Macron can keep on making mucho dinero). It is clear that, if a $20 treatment (HCQ + antiviral antibiotic) mitigates the situation by 90%. The biotech stocks would run much less. It’s not a conspiracy theory, but a verified observational investing strategy. But perhaps because you are not an active investor (I am), you believe stocks are the closest thing to sainthood? In any case, instead of disparaging an entire comment, just because you are not familiar with financial markets, I would advise you to learn not to throw the baby with the bath.

      My several other points were ignored by you, but they were violently tarred with a global lack of “credibility”. It’s exactly this sort of brutal, arrogant, dismissive attitude exhibiting rote learning and ill-informed fragmentary logic from the elite that so many young people are rising against right now, and rightly so. That sort of low quality thinking, at the helm of this country, is why President Eisenhower, a Republican, rightly taxed the wealthiest at 93%, while many of today’s billionaires pay no tax (you are probably going to think that’s “not credible” too).


      • ronaldscheckelhoff Says:

        “Most of the plutocratically owned press (sorry about the pleonasm) … ” LOL,

        So it seems that my mild tonic taking habits will not be enough to make a difference with Covid – by evidence coming from one of the studies you mentions.

        OTOH, I’ve still not had a cold, cough, or flu for over a dozen years. In my youth I had them all the time (at least 2-3 times per year). Suddenly, about a dozen years ago, the ailments ceased. My regular intake of small amounts of tonic started sometime in that time frame, although I’d had it at younger ages on infrequent occasions.

        The prophylaxis effect I’ve experienced could be caused by anything I suppose. My father never had the flu in his life, and he had very close to zero problems with the common cold.

        Could it be some aspect of heredity that just “kicked in” a dozen years ago? I taught myself to “not touch my face” – around ten or fifteen years ago. So – that could be a factor. It’s a surprisingly difficult habit to break. I became a body watcher after I kicked my habit, in order to notice the sub-conscious face rubbing that people do all the time. You tell them they did it – and sometimes they don’t remember – because it’s subconsciously programmed behavior. But – that’s a subject for another thread post …

        I gave you mention on a recent QM post I made (all good, hope you don’t mind) :-).


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Hi Ronald!
          Could you provide me with a name for the quinine water you drink. I try to find some without sugar or pseudo-sugar… Unsuccessful so far. There is no doubt social and corporation habits favored infection… In the average, after two plane flights, I would get some disease… even pneumonia…although I don’t travel cattle class, it’s hard to escape being compressed among people at some point… Moreover intra European flights have often only cattle class. There used to be roughly as much space in coach, as there is now in premium… For years, I thought cattle class should be unlawful…
          I will go to you site… 😉


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Where is your QM post?


          • ronaldscheckelhoff Says:

            Hi Patrice,

            I just buy whatever is convenient at the pharmacy or grocery typically. So, there’s Fever Tree, Schweppes, Polar, 365, Q (Q mixers), etc. Nothing fancy or expensive – and unfortunately all sugared. Guess they figure they have to mask the bitterness a little at least. Actually, it’s the bitter part I like! I think I’m addicted. Lately have been just using the little one-off 7.5 oz Schweppes (cheap habit). LOL

            Here’s the QM post (don’t laugh too hard at amateur musings of physics) –


            I have 13 blogs – so you wouldn’t necessarily be able to track from one to the other or from the main one (under my name). I try to cross link everything, but not every one of them has the links. Most of them have nothing to do with physics.

            – Ron


  2. John Holzmann Says:

    John Holzmann

    Patrice Ayme continues to attract my attention. A number of typos, and I wish she provided additional references (to the Lancet article and its flaws, for example, and the source of her Turkey data, and her source concerning the “one doctor” she says has a billion dollars or more riding on knocking out quinine and hydroxychloroquine . . . .


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi John, sorry I didn’t react sooner to your comment, I saw it just now. I boosted the essay in the meantime, and NYT provided an article on the flawed studies… So I linked to it. The Turkey data is official, you can find it on:

      I have only that much time, so I can’t provide with links each time. Differently from the New York Times propagandists, I am not paid to write lies.

      One way to check some of what I say is to cut and paste in a search engine (GOOGLE), not my blatant enemy MFST… All I can say is that I provide all the most significant truths I know of. The guy who made a billion recently from biotech I noticed… because I am actually invested in biotech stocks…

      That particular doctor made his money, it’s a done deal… But there are thousands more like him whose future riches heavily depend upon NOT using HCQ + AZT… I am not even saying I am against it… as I say, I am riding that wave… plus there is another aspect is that we need more, much more, much much more research in biotech, I am all for it… But the truth is that many of the stridently anti HCQ + AZT types that I know of, have a conflict of interest….


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