Love Rests On Discrimination

We told you it was complicated. In the linked video, a man attacks a python who is smothering an antelope… to eat it, of course. The question is: is it right to intervene? Some will say no, and keep on filming, just as when retired, 78 year old, police captain David Dorn bled to death, shot multiple times, and passerbys just watched him wallop in his blood, instead of applying pressure on his wounds (that limits bleeding).

The present indignation has been selective. Whereas the Minneapolis PD is clearly rotten, several other horrendous murders have occured, potentially more telling. The guy on the left is now charged with FIRST degree murder of David Dorn, right, an innocent respected grandfather…

So here is a mammal, a human, feeling for another mammal, against a predator genetically alien for at least 350 million years… If we don’t encourage others to love our fellow beast, don’t we discourage the apparition of love? So yes, at some point, we have to discriminate between us and them. Mammals are more human than snakes!  


It matters where in the affinity scale we are. It matters what is out topology of ideas and feelings. What’s close, what’s far. Yes, Black Lives matter, but if you have to say it, what’s the matter with you? Yes, there is police violence, but it responds to general social violence, some of it even venerated by the likes of Bernie Sanders. And “defunding” the police? Why don’t you defund your brain first?

Patrice Ayme

2 Responses to “Love Rests On Discrimination”

  1. pshakkottai Says:

    Mammal supports mammal, a nature’s law! Also monkeys hate snakes, also nature’s law.


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