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Big Tech, Big Thieves! Demolition of Patent Law By Big Tech Thieves

July 31, 2020

One could call me a technology fanatic: I believe that only the most advanced technology will save humanity, the planet, not to say the cosmos (from its otherwise boring state). High education is the greatest wealth there is… after love. In my case, much of this cognitive wealth is the fruit of a mood I inherited from generations of my ancestors, on both sides of the Mediterranean.

I am fully aware that science and philosophy is nothing without tech. We have enslaved the planet, so we don’t need to put Homo on the menu on a regular basis. 

Higher education is never the fruit of greed, because it costs too much. Many of the titans of Big Tech are rather uneducated, they tend to be like leeches, critters which think barely enough to be experts at bloodsucking.  Tech titans tend to be rather uneducated, because they were conferred by the big imperial US racist government huge powers to spy on, and manipulate the minds of We The People, worldwide.

An illustration of the brutish force of plutocracy, is Bill Gates; born wealthy, this college drop-out got his big breakthrough from his mom, an IBM director, and doubles his power with the Gates Foundation, a deceiving and defeating outfit which demonstrated its nocivity during the recent pandemic: while Bill Gates was getting love letter from his collaborator, Xi, the Chinese dictator, millions got sick and brain damaged. Gates Foundation steals tax dollars not going to serious biomedical research, instead it interferes with government and serves Gates (be it just by investing in Gates’ investments).
Gates extends his power all over media, propagandizing for China’s dictator. He is evil-power (pluto-kratia) personified. NBC loves Gates: it is controlled by Comcast, itself controlled by the Roberts plutocratic family, small potatoes relative to Gates, thus anxious to please him.

Big Tech, in a coordinated action, censored Medical Doctors on 7/27/2020 (the videos were “removed for violating community guidelines”). The presentation of some treatments used massively in countries where the ratio of deaths relative to the number of COVID cases is very low was blocked as “unscientific” (Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc.). Donald Trump Junior and the lawyer of Flynn (a former Federal Prosecutor) were also banned from Twitter… For having mentioned Hydroxychloroquine. There is direct evidence that Big Tech hates Trump and will do anything to not get him re-elected. 

The following was also censored by Big Tech: the (scientifically established, and scientifically understood) fact that children are little at risk to get or transmit the disease when they are in elementary school (this is due to the low density of ACE2 receptors in little children). 

This is a dramatic demonstration of the Big Power of so-called Big Tech: although many of its leaders have not even a college degree, it can decide what medical science is. 

Things are not what common people think they are. By attacking Trump in the most grotesque and racist fashion, corrupt democrats (not all democrats are corrupt), prevented Trump to destroy the tech monopolies. In that picture, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey (a billionaire made up by Wall Street, not profits), and receiver of the Medal of Freedom Gates are missing… More than 80 giant US multinationals are suspected of using Chinese slave labor

Zuckerberg, Mr. Sugar (Zucker) mountain (Berg), said he employs 35,000 censors (“content moderators”), or maybe more… plus 70 “fact checker” companies around the world.  Sugar Mountain also claims that there is no bias. However, Google employs a “fringe ranking”, and censors the fringe automatically. That is tantamount to censoring progress, as all and any progress starts as “fringe”.

On July 29, 2020, Congressman Gaetz brought up Google’s “fringe ranking”: “Who gets to decide what’s ‘fringe?’” Gaetz posited. “You said, ‘We don’t manually intervene on any particular search result,‘” Gaetz said in reference to a Dec. 11 hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee. “But leaked memos obtained by the Daily Caller show that that isn’t true. In fact, those memos were altered Dec. 3 just a week before your testimony and they describe a ‘deceptive news blacklist.’” Gaetz was talking to Pichai, the CEO of Google/Alphabet… who has Pichai’s compensation for 2019 was more than $280 million, topping the $200 million he received in 2016.

Some of my ideas about racism, now made mainstream by Black Lives Matter, were considered as “fringe”, or even “unique”, and censored accordingly (I actually exchanged with censors… more than a decade ago!). 


Under the preceding two US administrations, Big Tech was able to modify Patent Law to its advantage. Now plaintiffs have to demonstrate first they suffered economically before asking for legal relief, when Big Tech steals their inventions; thus new inventions have little economic value for individuals in the US nowadays. Obama was so ill informed, he thought he was helping “practicing entities” when he righteously pushed for that.

These plutocratic corporations led by plutocrats know only one thing: power. They use an armada of tax avoiding “foundations”, “initiatives”, “not-for-profits”, to increase their power. And they leverage their power with politicians anxious for future income. Who needs money when one can have absolute power?

Pluto-kratia is evil-power. Big tech has been violating the spirit, if not the letter, many laws. It can keep on doing this only by exercising its power in even more evil ways. That’s a vicious circle. Rockefeller controlled too much oil, so his company was broken up. Today’s plutocrats do not control oil, but minds. It’s worse. 


The first thing to do to fight Big Tech’s ever increasing monopoly powers, is to revert Patent Law to what it is supposed to be: a monopoly granted by the state in exchange for making one’s invention available to the world. As it is, US Patent Law has been changed, in a process started in 2006, but expanded under Obama, in something where the inventor has to show “economic injury” if her invention is stolen (that is, the invention is used, while not compensating the inventor for usage). Big Tech can immediately argue that no “economic injury” has been sustained by its usage of others’ inventions… as the inventor didn’t make money from it… since Big Tech did. So no inventor can go see a lawyer to ask for remedy: both the inventor and the lawyer would lose time and energy, to no avail: they were not previously injured economically. This has enabled Big Tech to steal others’ invention with complete impunity… especially when an invention has been patented, that is, published with full explanations on how to make the invention (patenting is itself a long and costly process involving specialized agents and, or attorneys).  



Who can resist five million dollars? Well, I personally know the case of a federal judge who did not resist…

Indeed, another strategy Big Tech uses is to systematically sue into extinction small companies and inventors who don’t submit. I know of the case of a tiny company who was sued frivolously by a large tech company (it was basically sued for using its own inventions!) The tiny company won a jury trial, but the (Federal) magistrate did not force the tech giant to pay for the lawyers’ fees. That was a Friday morning. Friday afternoon, the ex-judge, who had just resigned, accepted a five million dollar compensation package from another tech giant. 

The highly innovative electronic CPU engineering company was pushed into bankruptcy. To this day its engineers, who were ruined, have been unable to invent as they used to. They live in Colorado, but fed crucial electronic know-how to Silicon Valley (the federal magistrate who got bought was in San Jose). Such engineers are not greedy college drop-outs such as Gates of Hell and the Sugar Mountain: they have done years of studies after college, they have Masters, PhDs… The judge’s corruption reduced many professionals crucial for the survival of civilization to destitution. They suffered, and are still suffering: some have still basically no income, and reduced savings. But even more, civilization suffered, because innovation got struck to the core (full disclosure: I was directly involved, that’s why I know the case so well; I did not write any names yet, but I remember them well; the five million dollar bribe was given by one of the companies dragged to the US Congress, 7/30/2020… But Congress has no idea that US judges can be bought, and have been bought… Hopefully this writing will help it get on the radar…)


The last way Big Tech rules, is simply by swallowing small companies whole… after various threats… That was covered in Congress 7/30/2020… But common people go to jail for much less than that: remember George Floyd, and his fake twenty dollar bill? So how come the Tech titans, having stolen billions are not arrested and stomped on too? Systemic plutocracy!   

Mind control by Big Tech monopolies is proceeding apace. 

Plutocratic monopolization is how civilizations get destroyed: look at Rome… In the end Rome was unable to think out of the oligarchic box it was stuck into. And the oligarchs prefer to negotiate with the barbarian invaders rather than doing the right thing, and restore the powers of the Roman Republic.

Patrice Ayme

Covering Up Susan Rice’s Congenital Deep State Connections

July 30, 2020

Considering that dozens of millions of mail-in ballots will be sent before the first presidential debate (supposing there is one), there is a high probability that Biden will be elected [1]. As Biden indicated he would serve just one term, his VP has a high probability to become president. Kamala Harris is anti-progressive, a will-to-power machine. But Susan Rice is a global plutocratic, that is, satanic pawn, a living depiction of what is wrong with the world Davos oligarchy… Yes at least five million died in Congo, and Rice has everything to do with it.

Biden claims to embrace the progressive agenda, instead of China and plutocracy, as he used to. Wonderful. Only the naive and, or, senile will believe this. It will be all smoke and mirrors… Not to say it will not be an improvement over Trump, especially with green energy. But the great danger is that global plutocracy, headed by the Big Tech Thieves, goes back to the status quo ante, as found under Obama.

Hopefully, Biden will embrace the disingenuous, power hungry Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris is no Obama: she wants power, for herself, she is not pushed into it by CIA (like) operatives (as Obama was). She does what she wants. She is no progressive. Anything to reach the top. She was girl friend to who was long the most powerful politician in California, Willie Brown (who is indeed brown verging on black). Kamala will do anything for power (including uttering pseudo-progressives inanities such as all illegal immigrants getting free health care… while US born citizens are ruined by it…) She lied about busing (Kamala was bused from wealthy are to wealthy area; my own daughter, not bused, is schooled in the dirt poor area two miles west…)

Wall Street and the like are scared of Kamala: from their point of view she is a loose cannon, and she will make sure she becomes president… somebody who thinks by herself, that makes her dangerous: what if Black Lives Matter and its dangerous radical halo, including “Bernie Bros” are still kicking around when she is president, and she decides to go with the flow… instead of doing discreetly what is necessary (as was dine with Occupy Wall Street)?

Clown Clinton and war criminal Kagame (left). Rise served in Clinton’s National Security Council (NSC) from 1993 to 1997 (as director for international organizations and peacekeeping from 1993 to 1995, and as special assistant to the president and senior director for African affairs from 1995 to 1997); and as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs from 1997 to 2001

What the establishment wants is Ms Rice. Because she knows that the establishment knows where the bodies are buried and she buried them herself. Never elected, always empowered, she has been groomed to be a (global) plutocratic operator from birth. Arguably both war criminals, Biden, co-invader of Iraq, and Rice, co-invader of Congo, have deep afinities…

Ms Rice wrote an email to herself in the last few minutes of the Obama administration. The email memorialized the meeting about Russia and Trump two weeks after it happened, claiming Obama wanted to be sure “every aspect of this issue is handled by the Intelligence and law enforcement communities ‘by the book.’” “The president stressed that he is not asking about, initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective,” the email continued. “He reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would by the book.” She was told to write that email, it turns out.

Recent articles in the self-declared “liberal” press (truly a tool of international kleptocracy) scrupulously forget Susan Rice’s work for, and with, an impressive panoply of dictators. … To insure the procurement of precious minerals for the high tech industry… Articles in the new York Times fail to mention that Ms. Rice is a power structure heir: her father sat on the Federal Reserve board. Hence the high responsibilities jobs she was offered at a very young age. Nor do the articles mention the deep, affectionate and numerous ties of Ms. Rice with several African dictators [2]. Ms. Rice was on the payroll of the Rwandan dictator Kagame, for many years, acting as his publicist. Finally her investment in companies bringing Canadian tar sand oil to the US, in the millions of dollars, is not mentioned, either. This happened while she served in the Obama administration.

Patrice Ayme



[1] Sending mail-in ballots more than a month before the election should be illegal, unconstitutional…


[2] Rice refused to ask the US trained pet and dictator Paul Kagame of Rwanda to stop his war in Congo. This was thoroughly documented by the NYT even nearly a decade ago. The NYT also let an Ethiopian activist criticize Rice’s adoration of the late Meles Zenawi, dictator of Ethiopia.

Rice, an Africa manipulation specialist, invested in young, progressive-seeming operatives such as Kagame, Zenawi and Yoweri Museveni in Uganda. And kept on sticking with them when they turned out to be not so progressive after all… but instead bloody, war mongering tyrants.Even the NYT reported that Rice watered down a United Nations resolution condemning Kagame’s support for Congo’s M23 rebels, whose recent invasion of Goma, the major eastern Congo city, was internationally condemned. Even the so-called “liberal” press had to admit that Kagame had been a personal client of hers at Intellibridge, a Washington consultancy Rice worked for during George W Bush’s presidency.

Islamism Stole Sacred Wisdom (Hagia Sophia)

July 26, 2020

The only thing that makes sense is that the universe makes no sense, hence we have to impose one. So far, so good. The Devil is in what’s exactly getting imposed, and whom it serves.

Much has been done that two related mass hallucinations, Christianism and its later spawn, Islamism, have contributed much to civilization.

Yours truly, and common sense, beg to differ. Secularism, and its attached progressive philosophy and science,  would have done much better. Both the Christian and Islamic superstitions have hindered mental activity. When, and if, in the extreme forms they ruled with, sometimes for centuries, freedom of thought and expression was rewarded with the death penalty.

Those superstitions punished civilization to the point that it was incapable, in many places so terrorized by the sword brandishing fanatics, to sustain itself. For illustration, contemplate Yemen, which, for millennia, was one the wealthiest, happiest place. Now the two most major Islamist sects are tearing it apart.

Hagia Sophia’s history began in the sixth century when Constantinople was the heart of the Oriental Part of the Roman Empire. It was built in six years, and inaugurated in 537 CE, a century before islam became a dot on the map. It was an architectural marvel, unequalled until the rise of the cathedrals. After the siege and sacking of Constantinople in 1453 CE, by the Turkish army and its Christian mercenaries and engineers. Pursuing its rampage, with non neglectable help from all too Catholic France, the Turkish army would try to destroy the Germanic Roman empire for another two centuries, before being decisively defeated at Vienna, which it was besieging… in 1683.  hey, why not? Armed with a superstition which says that if one dies in battle fighting for it, one is going to be buddy with Allah, himself, one is rather motivated. 

Erdogan (Center) Occupying Sacred Wisdom With Obdurate Islamist Superstition. The gory Islamist banners cover priceless Roman paintings, older than Islam. Common, yet fundamentalist, perverse, and erroneous interpretations of Islam believe that painting insults god… because it puts god to shame, apparently, by doing much better… July 2020. It is reassuring for anti-Fundamentalist Islamists to know that, armed with a brush, they can put the Islamist god to flight…

The Turkish strongman Erdogan converted a museum into a mosque. But that museum, 15 centuries old, older than the invention of Islam by many generations, started as the greatest Roman cathedral, Hagia Sophia, Sacred Wisdom. 

It sounds like a parody, but it’s literally true: Islam Stole Sacred Wisdom (Hagia Sophia).

Islamism, following Christianism, is fundamentally a theft: the religion of the Jews stolen for other purposes. Islamism is just an aftershock of Christianism, adapted for the desert: so, if you don’t have a desert, islam will make one for you.

Islamism is Christianism adapted to the warring nomads of Arabia, and there is no doubt that Islamism was, for those nomads, an ethical progress. Mahomet for example ordered (transmitting the message of Allah) to treat little girls better: don’t kill them, and when their are enslaved, have sex with them so they can breed lots of strong Muslim warriors, instead of treating them just like material goods. 

However this official incorporation, glorification and instrumentalization of slavery in the Qur’an legitimized slavery, and slavery was ubiquitous in Islam. In my book on the rise and fall of Rome, slavery is viewed as one of the main cause of Rome’s intellectual stagnation, which led to its demise. So no wonder that many of the lands preyed on by Fundamentalist Islam broke their own traditions of intellectually superiority and became mentally retarded. 

Ataturk, the father of the Turks, understood this very well. He beat the Europeans at Gallipoli and after WWI, precisely because he was modern and secular, and that’;s why he turned Sacred Wisdom into a monument to modernism and secularism.


The original theft from Judaism was Christianism. It was organized by a handful of shady characters in plain sight, all leading Roman citizens, including Saint Paul, two emperors, Vespasian and his son Titus, and his adoptive son Josephus, the top Jewish general they had vanquished, and a fabulous historian. In a span of five years, the mythological deed was done: from something which appeared in Saint Paul’s head (they Saint Paul himself), a superstition highly convenient to Roman tyrants was born: “give to Caesar what belongs to him!”

Small variants on the general theme, gave a superstition very convenient to Arabic speaking tyrants. As Christianism fit in a highly fascist militarized society, it didn’t need to insist on those aspects. Islam insisted more on war being the best path of God, because that was the deal with the Nomads and it was how to unify. Rome had an army, and that army chose Christ, whereas Islam created an army, and was created in turn, by the successes of that army. 

Not all is bad with Sultan Erdogan. First, his mother was not a captured  slave. Second, this ex-soccer player works his party hard, and they find solutions.

Third, and most impressively, Erdogan led Turkey through the COVID epidemic after doing his homework; families were ordered to make masks; the vulnerable, including the old and children, were confined, workers kept on working. Patients sick with COVID were immediately given the Didier Raoult treatment (HCQ + AZT + Zinc), which is now known to reduce mortality from COVID 19, by more than 50% (from US massive double blind study).

Those who hate Trump have been conditioned like pavlov dogs, and will say I am just following Trump… But, I said this before trump, so it’s Trump which is following me and we are all following Raoult, a great scientist… actually I am a subscriber to several scientific journals (Nature, Science, etc…) and I read them during my long baths… Raoult is whom explicited and cured Q fever (with HCQ), etc…

The point here is that Erdogan’s Islamist Party, and a Turkish soccer player, are smarter than the US pseudo-left of anti-Trump haters, foaming at the mouth, and goose stepping behind Xifinity: by attacking Trump as non scientific on the Raoult treatment, they caused the death of at least 100,000 US citizens... And counting… just so that a few could make beaucoup bucks in biotechs?

Erdogan is also involved in several wars (the bellicose involvements are not all of his own making)… hence the Hagia Sophia distraction… And this is the way it’s perceived in Turkey. (Hagia Sophia can be visited out of Muslim service, which is better than the average mosque, which cannot be so visited by agnostic fiends such as yours truly…)

But watch it: when the (mostly) secular Roman empire fell into the deadly and ultimately fatal Christian superstition, it fell into apparently innocuous symbolism first… So Erdogan’s state superstitious symbolism, also apparently innocuous, is also potentially fatal

Patrice Ayme



Historical Motivation For Xi’s Uighur Genocide

July 25, 2020

China’s Xi dictatorship has caged a large part of the Uyghur population. Uyghurشىنجاڭ‎… Some of the prisoners work for US plutocratic corporations, which, to cover their tracks, then handsomely finance protests against slavery in the USA. Why are Beijing’s leaders so paranoiac about Uighurs? Well, it’s complicated: China has a long history of being defeated by Islam Fundamentalists, and even more by Turkic tribes…

China Han empire 100 CE, a fullest extent, as seen by the Chinese… It sometimes feel that Xi can’t wait to do this again… He should calm down.

The first inhabitants of present-day West China came from the west. The oldest Tarim mummies, found in the Tarim Basin, are dated to the 2nd millennium BCE, when the Indo-European Tocharians inhabited the Tarim Basin. In the first millennium BCE the Tarim Basin was inhabited by the Indo-European Yuezhi nomads. In the second century BCE the region became part of the Xiongnu empire, a confederation of nomads centered on present-day Mongolia.

The Tarim Basin was first referred to as “Xiyu” (Chinese: 西域) under the Han dynasty. The Han pushed the Xiongnu out of the Tarim Basin in 60 BCE (Han–Xiongnu War) in an effort to grab the profitable Silk Roads, which were sending silk to those arrogant Roman ladies. The Han maintained a variable military presence until the early 3rd century CE. From the 2nd to the 5th century local rulers were allowed to control the region. In the 6th century, the First Turkic Khaganate was established. In the 7th-8th century Tang, Turks and Tibetans warred for control, and the Tang dynasty established the Anxi Protectorate of Xinjiang and Central Asia.

In 660 – 663 AD the Tang dynasty reached Korea by defeating Goguryeo and Baekye. It reached Siberia by defeating Tujue (the Turks) and Xueyantuo tribes. It also reached modern-day Afghanistan and accepted whatever the conquering Arabs had left of  Persia as a Protectorate. However, the Islamized Arabs kept on advancing and in the 700s, the Tang’s border retreated a lot until the reign of empress Wu Zetian. The Umayyad Caliphate then conquered local rulers who asked China to intervene, which it did successfully…

The Battle of Talas or Battle of Artlakh,
(Chinese: 怛羅斯戰役; pinyin: dáluósī zhànyì; Arabic: معركة نهر طلاس‎) in July 751 CE engaged the Abbasid Caliphate along with its ally, the Tibetan Empire, against the Chinese Tang dynasty. Tang and Abbasid forces met in the valley of the Talas River to vie for control over the Syr Darya region of central Asia. After several days of stalemate, the Karluk Turks, most of the Tang force, originally allied to the Tang, defected to the Abbasids, catching the severely outnumbered Tang forces from an unexpected direction, resulting in a Tang rout. 80% of the Chinese army was annihilated.


Clearly, the picture above is something Chinese leaders have in the back of their minds: after defeat to the left of the picture, a defeat that was completely avoidable, had the Tang empire directed enough military resources to prevent it, a collapse of the Tang ensued, and a gigantic Uyghur Muslim state got established in the north, while Tibet grew out of control…

Interestingly, and ominously, the defeat was followed by the seizure of the Tang capital by rebels. Thus one could guess that ignominious defeat thousands of miles to the west, led to the rebellion. We have many examples of this sort of occurrences: hostiles forces could conspire to act in concert with surprising efficiency, even in the distant past (the invasion of the “Sea People” is an example given by Ramses III himself). For example, I have personally advanced the thesis that the three spectacular Umayyad defeats during the attempted invasions of Francia brought the collapse of the Umayyad caliphate (except precisely in the place where most of the remaining Umayyad army was, namely, Spain!)

Hence one may deduce that the present Chinese leadership, if it were smart, may ponder those things with a feeling of déjà vu all over again

The defeat of Talas marked the end of the Tang westward expansion: a counterattack was prevented by the rebellion in the Tang capital. It resulted in Muslim control of Transoxiana for the next 400 years. Control of the region was economically beneficial for the Abbasids because it was on the Silk Roads.

Xinjiang, officially the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), is an autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China, occupying the west of the PRC. It is the largest province of China. Xinjiang spans over 1.6 million km2, centered on the gigantic Tarim Basin, making it the twelfth or so largest country in the world, ahead of Iran.

The Chinese Han inferiority complex to  this west country is deep: the Tocharian mummies have been found there by the thousands, and they have Turkic or European, even West European, genes. To further the horror, there is plenty of evidence that those Westerners introduced several advanced, crucial, typically “Chinese” technologies, to… China. Now the Uighurs naturally revendicate that ancestry… to which I will reply that those distant, valorous ancestors didn’t subscribe to Islam… So they aren’t cultural ancestors… And, from what I can see, they don’t look much like genetic ancestors either…

Considering Islam’s toxicity to progress, I can understand the nervousness of Chinese Communist authorities. Modern China is in the oldest tradition of Chinese governmentalism and intellectualism, with an injection of slightly crazed, in a typical European way, We The People progressivism at all costs…

Ottoman Empire in 1683. All over it, printing was rewarded by the death penalty. The Turks had adopted the war religion of Islam six centuries earlier, and… coming from Turkic speaking lands, to the north-east, conquered ALL the green above. Now some of the anti-history idiots may smirk that this is history and that I am history too. However, Chinese administration had extended at some point all the way to the north-east corner of the map above, AND that some Uighur or sympathizers call Chinese Xixiang “East Turkestan”. Also, several times in the past, and most recently during the Long March, some Chinese top military commanders were… Turks. Considering these facts gives a new complexity to Xi’s apparent genocide against the Uighurs… Which is ongoing…

The Ottoman empire took more than 300 years to start to print in Turkic. So much for progress…

Meanwhile a Chinese rocket, following by two days a Japanese-United ARAB Emirates rocket, headed for Mars, with a rover on board. Historical, literal Islam, is a great enemy of progress. So great is the intellectual fascism generated by literal Islam, that the intellectual terror and dearth of mental activity it generates stopped printing for (in practice) four centuries, and keeping Turkic and Arabic populations illiterate… without having to go to the grotesque condemnation of printers to death, as the ridiculous ally of the Sultan, Francois I of France did, for a while. No less than 869 authors and printers were executed in France during 3 centuries… Atrocious, and despicable, yes… But at least a battle was engaged… The skeptics can read: “God Here, Dog There“…

So I can see why Xi does to the Uyghurs what he does. But there are better ways. As far as we know, under the Franks, Muslim populations were reabsorbed into the fold without a problem. Islam can be ultra-modernized, I have seen and lived in it… as long as it is not interpreted literally… Hence the launch of an orbiter to Mars by the UAE is a very good thing. Let’s observe in passing that the Japanese, the Emirates, the Chinese, and the Americans have maintained their missions to Mars, in spite of COVID 19. Whereas Europe chickened out.

Times they are changing…

Patrice Ayme

Meet Your Plutocratic Owners: Xi-Finity Comcast NBC Universal, Courtesy Roberts Billionaires

July 24, 2020

I sent hundreds of dollars to Comcast every month. Who is Comcast owned by?

Total Market Capitalization of Comcast is around US$ 200 billion in July 2020.

Comcast has around 200,000 employees.

Some of its divisions: Xfinity, NBC Universal, Sky Group.

The latter two are major influencers.

Universal Beijing Resort, a joint venture between Beijing government and Universal Parks & Resorts, a business unit of Comcast NBCUniversal is planned to be the world’s largest amusement park. Comcast plans to spend around 5 billion building it. Built since 2014, it is supposed to be finished in 2021.

The close business and investment collaboration with the Chinese government shows that Comcast is actually a propaganda arm of the Xi dictatorship, in the grand tradition of plutocrats helping collaborating dictators be all what they can be. Comcast owns Xi-finity, and Xfinity is a convenient abbreviation.

US plutocrats, led by the hyper racist Henry Ford, basically created Hitler. The White House was involved, mightily, but discreetly. Both president Wilson and Roosevelt promoted German fascism, but they were crafty, deceitful, and very efficient about it. 

However, in the last decade, the promotion of the racist, fascist dictator Xi by US plutocrats and its attached Kenyan fathered commission boy, was in no way discreet.  

In the Plutocratic White House… Comcast contraptions, power monsters sucking world dry : Meet a Trump hater. Hereditary billionaire Brian Roberts, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Comcast Corp., right, and his wife Aileen Roberts arrive at a state dinner in honor of Chinese President Xi Jinping at the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Friday, Sept. 25, 2015. Aileen+Roberts+President+Obama+Hosts+Chinese+98IjCJvW9Fal

 Xifinity? Plutocrats create and then leverage fascist racist dictators… such should be the main lesson drawn from the history of Hitler, the Nazis, and their sponsors. The same story is being repeated under our eyes, with the fascist, racist Xi dictatorship.

Roberts, who is this Roberts? Comcast has a main owner, the Roberts family (1% equity interest, 33% voting power). Brian Roberts is the son of Ralph Roberts himself the son of Bob Roberts, all immensely wealthy.

The same trick is used all over so-called “capitalism”, and therein its neo-feudal nature. Common folks buy common shares, plutocrats buy “preferred” shares. This way they achieve control. They become the captain, common folks are not even bugs, they are just part of the machinery, 

So the little minds are all listening to the billionaires propaganda, while a host of companies working with Xi in China, where they use Xi’s slaves and race prisoners, such as Nike, Microsoft, etc… contributed 2.7 billion dollars to Black Lives Matter in the USA… while screaming about the racist Trump and his virus…

Divide minds and conquer…

Patrice Ayme

Why Is Relativity Useful? Because Elementary Particles Tend To Be Relativistic

July 23, 2020

When one learns Relativity, one discovers that the physics of fast moving frames is different (slower). But then turns out that the speeds involved are enormous. How practical is this? Very. It turns out elementary particles move very fast. The speed of the electron in the fundamental atom, the hydrogen atom, can be readily evaluated, using conventional kinetic energy, equating it to potential energy from the Coulomb force and then estimating the size of the electron “orbital” from the Uncertainty Principle. One gets 2,200 kilometers per second, c/137. The speed of light divided by the “Fine Structure Constant”…

Nice little mix between Kinetic Energy a la Emilie du Chatelet plus Uncertainty principle, gives 2,200 km/s in hydrogen… Now, of course, in my own SQPR, the electron gets somewhat delocalized, so it all has to be taken with a grain of salt…

Now a “wild” electron will move much faster. How do we know that? Dirac contrived the simplest relativistic wave equation he could imagine an electron to satisfy. That Dirac equation predicted several (then) weird phenomena, soon observed. Even more strangely, that fit the work of the geometer Elie Cartan (15 years earlier). Now we sort of understand or more generally guess, that it has to do with taking the square root of space (don’t ask).

In any case, the success of the relativistic equation shows that, around another electron (say) electrons will zoom in and out close to the speed of light. It’s sort of proof by theory: build a theory predicting unexpected results, find those experimentally, then go back… to prove the “axioms” that way. Inducto-deducto-experimental-logical approach?

Inside nuclei, quarks move at relativistic speeds (that is, close to the speed of light…) CERN can actually measure those.


Modern Relativity theory caused an initial stir because it revealed that time was local. There was no universal time: clocks ran slow in a fast frame. 

A statement like this has plenty of hidden theory behind it, so it could cause perplexity to some… “Fast” could cause a problem: does not Relativity say that all reference frames in uniform motion relative to each other have the same physics? So many expositions of Relativity simply say there is no problem, they sweep that “problem” under the rug. 

I love intellectual combat, so I will not. 

A little bit of history for motivation here. Albert Einstein was impressed by Mach, and his Principle. That’s why he said he tried to develop General Relativity. Mach’s Conjecture is that “local physical laws are determined by the large-scale structure of the universe“. That remains a Graal, but I see the EPR, taken the way Einstein hated it, as a ray of hope.

Einstein described the Mach conjecture in 1913, in a letter to Mach: …”inertia originates in a kind of interaction between bodies”…

Einstein may have realized that all he was trying to do was to integrate, in the mathematical sense, the extremely local Poincare Relativity. So the theoretical effort of General Relativity was going from infinitesimally local to less local… But that said nothing global. So the quest should have looked hopeless, but that was all what anybody could think of. (In my opinion Quantum Physics and the Popper-Einstein EPR provides us with completely new conceptology… enabling us to start to hope globally)

Patrice Ayme

USA: Bezosed And Besotted. Bezos makes $13 Billion In ONE Day.

July 22, 2020

… And pays no tax. As with sucking Zuck, paying no tax is of the essence. This week, in one day, Jeff Bezos made 13 billion dollars. Yes, in just one day. Considering the average US family makes 60 K, in a year, that’s more than fifty million US families made that day.  Considering total US yearly income in 2018 was 17 trillion dollars, that means Bezos, in one day, made 1/1,000 of that. Too bad Obama is not president: he could give Bezos the Medal of Freedom…

Jeff Bezos is the owner of the Washington Post (“WaPo”). The WaPo is a prominent member of the anti-Trump propaganda machine. Trump is president of the USA… But not just this. Trump started a career in electoral politics by running for president. Like Kanye West, he ran against Reagan in the 1980s. At the time Trump, a major Democrat and Democratic donor ran against the Democratic mainstream, which was supporting Reagan’s reforms. Reagan was an ex-actor, ex-governor of California, whose most telling exploit had been to introduce tuition to the University of California, a public institution. Reagan embraced with enthusiasm the globalization movement, according to which US multinationals became global multinationals taxed where there was little or no tax.

White Face Extreme Multibillionaire Zuck electrically surfing in front of his Hawaiian property. Will sucking Zuck succeed to buy his own Hawaiian island, as billionaire Ellison did? Security detail is very close by on a big boat, and pro-electronic surfers are accompanying him. All these monopolist leeches are riding technology they didn’t invent, and couldn’t have invented because most of their knowledge is concentrated around greed, and how to satisfy it… Zuckerberg owns a 700-acre plot of land on the north shore of Kauai, and has apparently paid others to buy land, so that they will sell it to them…

Billionaires developed strategies to pay little or no tax. One trick used by the one who bought one of the main Hawaiian island, the boss of Oracle, is to borrow with his billions of stock as collateral: no tax on loans. The Zuck who sucks gives shares… to a tax free institution he created for himself, and which he 100% controls…. Zuck was just following the strategy of the Gates of Hell, to whom Obama, their pet president-boy, gave, supreme irony, the Medal of Freedom.

Make no mistake: I am a tech fanatic. Moreover, I am a scientist, and none of these vultures are so endowed. Their tech monopolies actually kill technological innovation and progress, because they had their pet-boy president pass a law destroying the Patent System so as to serve them. So now the real inventors can’t be rewarded anymore… and innovation is stagnating in its main engine, the USA.

The Patent Law was supposed to be changed last Fall. Fortunately for the tech monopolies, the impeachment of Trump for confronting with weapons the Russian in Ukraine (or so it looks to me) intervened just in time…

Bezos announced a ten billion dollar “charity” for climate change. As with Gates and sucking Zuck, this all means their POWER escapes taxation. In a healthy democracy, the world’s richest people wouldn’t be able to painlessly make a $10 billion donation to “initiatives” they control like the tyrants they are. Their fortunes would be mitigated by tax collectors; antitrust laws would constrain the growth of their encroaching POWER. Instead of relying on a tycoon to bankroll the national response to existential crises there would be national responses, International we the People initiatives..

Billionaires will emerge from the pandemic with a major surge in their wealth….. And not just because their overall tax burden as a percentage of their wealth plummeted by 79 percent from 1980 to 2018 (in 1980 it had already plummeted from the 93% on top margin rate, Eisenhower, a Republican who desegregated schools, introduced).

The very structure of the banking system directs money at the wealthiest… And the more wealthy, the more money. That’s how Jack Dorsey, another Trump hater, made many billions with out having his company earn any money through earnings…

If the hating of Trump triumphs in November, one can be sure that the Patent System hostile to small inventors will persist… And inequality will keep on jumping ahead [1]. It’s crucial that inventivity keeps on going up, to avoid falling in the ROMAN TRAP… That is, so much Intellectual Fascism that necessary inventions were not made.

Bezos has replied that Blue Origin, his self-financed rocket company, is his most important work. Fair enough, and he has got a point there… somewhat reminiscent to that Elon Musk has made. However, one man cannot replace millions of small inventors…

In the case of COVID, Bill Gates has unwillingly demonstrated that his Tax Free Foundation extends his power… But not our prospects. Gates may be thanked by his client Xi, but all of Gates’ power is as much that was drained away from proper foundational government programs, be it in research or cure…

Patrice Ayme



[1] By looking at the indicators carefully, one can argue that elements of inequality, such as the employment number, went in the sense of a decrease of inequality under Trump; inequality certainly went up under Obama… Only thing that







July 21, 2020

Did Hawking “Lie” About Black Holes, As The Strident And Shallow Want Us To Believe? Or Was Hawking Honest and Deep?

Ethan Siegel, an astrophysicist who does a lot to disseminate physics to the masses, thinks valorous handicapped Hawking was a liar. Siegel, on fire, wrote:

Yes, Stephen Hawking Lied To Us All About How Black Holes Decay
The biggest error from ‘A Brief History of Time’ continues to misinform generations of aspiring physicists. Ethan Siegel wrote:


The biggest error from ‘A Brief History of Time’ continues to misinform generations of aspiring physicists. Ethan Siegel.”

Why is Siegel so insulting and furious? Is his daily bread threatened by the long dead Hawking? Well, maybe… I looked down on a quite a bit of Hawking physics, for reasons escaping common theoretical physicists, but I appreciated his courage. It was astonishing to see him zooming around, at jogging speed, along an extremely busy street full of indifferent American drivers. His physical condition was dreadful, truly horrible, and I never had much tolerance for those who were angry with him.    

Present day’s most advanced view of the material world (physics) is a mismatch of half baked theories, which is supposed to make sense and be experimentally confirmed, the Standard Model (SM). A more general framework is called QFT, Quantum Field Theory, Hawking’s crime? He broke ranks with the gravitas of the establishment, which prefer obscure computations full of hidden hypotheses, to bold conjectures.

…the funny part is that I always viewed Hawking as part of the establishment. So it is amusing to see Siegel furious at Hawking… for disrupting the establishment. Siegel wrote:

”in his landmark 1988 book, A Brief History Of Time, Hawking paints a picture of this radiation — of spontaneously created particle-antiparticle pairs where one member falls in and the other escapes — that’s egregiously incorrect. For 32 years, it’s misinformed physics students, laypersons, and even professionals alike.


Why so much alarm, not to say hysteria? What is at stake? The ultimate picture of reality that we have, no less. Or more exactly the fact that we are supposed to respect the physics establishment for having figured out the nature of reality. In truth, they do not, they just want us to believe they did, because their way of life depends upon that. Hawking’s cavalier attitude is unbearable: it endangers an entire intellectual class of mandarins. 

An even funnier part of the whole thing is that the deus ex machina may turn out to have been no less than… yours truly. Yes, as far as I know, I originated the stupid idea which enrages Siegel so much. I generated the idea, not out of super-smartness necessarily, but because I couldn’t understand the more sophisticated mathematics and physics Hawking had originally used to demonstrate Hawking radiation… Moreover I like explicit mechanisms. Somehow, my stupid idea caught Hawking’s fancy (sorry to be that old…)

The alleged crime from yours truly, publicized by Hawking, villipended by Siegel: physics beyond the usual SM/QFT. (DEREK B. LEINWEBER)

The allegedly stupid idea is that, next to the Black Hole boundary, pairs of virtual particles may see one particle fall into the Black Hole, and the other escape to infinity. To this Siegel objects that: virtual particles are not real, so one of them can’t suddenly become real and escape. Even if that happened, as much anti-matter as matter would be emitted. 

The second point is silly: because of matter dominance, an antiparticle would quickly be neutralized by matter and turn to photons.


I sent the following to Siegel (which alludes to  metamathematics and (history of) mathematics most physicists are not familiar with):

Very interesting… And humbling. I may actually have been an originator of the problem, around 1980 (I knew very little QFT, but I thought that picture of the virtual pairs was cute at the time; I actually gave a Black Hole/Quantum seminar in Stanford then which Hawking and other world famous mathematicians and physicists whom I knew, attended; I presented that picture, nobody contradicted it, I didn’t think of some of the obvious objections above, nor did any of the prestigious assistance; on some other registers, I was accused of “meditating” too much when i presented some Quantum difficulties usually put under the carpet. The pair dividing “argument” gives an explicit mechanism… the curvature argument is more general… and vague, reminding me of Godel numbers; there are Gödel numbers, Gödel showed… but they can’t be computed. Only their existence can be demonstrated… Using the Axiom of Choice…)

As far as “virtual” particles are concerned, it’s not correct that they have no observable effects: Quantum Field Theory is all about those effects. Now people brandish “Green functions” and say, well, that’s what virtual particles are, that’s it. As laymen have no idea what “Green functions” are, that’s the triumph of the mystification. What I say is that, if it flies like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s got to be a duck.

The (real) central question in physics right now is related: whether wave functions are real, and, if so, in what sense (De Broglie’s theories, or something else).

If wavefunctions are real in the sense they can carry a tiny bit of mass-energy, they are not just “computational aids”, then all of physics will change. Big time (Dark Matter pops out immediately).

Many concepts once viewed as magical are now so much better understood that they are fully real. Remember that, for example, “imaginary” numbers (now “complex” numbers) were introduced in the 16C to solve some equations (by a surgeon, Cardano). Now, clearly they can be viewed as directly physical, since they depict so well basic… wavefunctions.

Anyway, thanks for the spirited, and informative essay…


The points I made are rather subtle (and require advanced knowledge, few mathematicians-physicists span the entire panorama). I suspect they may have motivated Hawking too. Because he obviously took great risks by contradicting the establishment. (A friend of mine, a Fields Medal, and expert in self-interested navigation, was all too ready to call Hawking a charlatan, I had to calm him down once.)


Black Hole 60 million light years away, as seen by the Earth spanning Event Horizon telescope. The radiation one sees in this picture is caused by classical, very well understood physics… The dotted line gives an idea of the size of this galactic size Black Hole…

Let’s quote the honorable Professor Siegel because he describes the situation well (even the non-fully enlightened have their uses…): 

“What Hawking would have had us imagine is a relatively simple picture. Start with a black hole: a region of space where so much mass has been concentrated into such a small volume that, within it, not even light can escape. Everything that ventures too close to it will inevitably be drawn into the central singularity, with the border between the escapable and inescapable regions known as the event horizon.

Now, let’s add in quantum physics. Space, at a fundamental level, can never be completely empty. Instead, there are entities inherent to the fabric of the Universe itself — quantum fields — that are always omnipresent. And, just like all quantum entities, there are uncertainties inherent to them: the energy of each field at any location will fluctuate with time. These field fluctuations are very real, and occur even in the absence of any particles.

A visualization of QCD illustrates how particle/antiparticle pairs pop out of the quantum vacuum for very small amounts of time as a consequence of Heisenberg uncertainty. The quantum vacuum is interesting because it demands that empty space itself isn’t so empty, but is filled with all the particles, antiparticles and fields in various states that are demanded by the quantum field theory that describes our Universe. Put this all together, and you find that empty space has a zero-point energy that’s actually greater than zero. 

In the context of quantum field theory, the lowest-energy state of a quantum field corresponds to no particles existing. But excited states, or states that correspond to higher-energies, correspond to either particles or antiparticles. One visualization that’s commonly used is to think about empty space as being truly empty, but populated by particle-antiparticle pairs (because of conservation laws) that briefly pop into existence, only to annihilate away back into the vacuum of nothingness after a short while.

It’s here that Hawking’s famous picture — his grossly incorrect picture — comes into play. All throughout space, he asserts, these particle-antiparticle pairs are popping in and out of existence. Inside the black hole, both members stay there, annihilate, and nothing happens. Far outside of the black hole, it’s the same deal. But right near the event horizon, one member can fall in while the other escapes, carrying real energy away. And that, he proclaims, is why black holes lose mass, decay, and where Hawking radiation comes from.”

Now for little Ethan Siegel’s hurt feelings:

That was the first explanation that I, myself a theoretical astrophysicist, ever heard for how black holes decay. If that explanation were true, then that would mean:

Hawking radiation was composed of a 50/50 mix of particles and antiparticles, since which member falls and which one escapes will be random,

that all of the Hawking radiation, which causes black holes to decay, will be emitted from the event horizon itself, and that every quantum of emitted radiation must have a tremendous amount of energy: enough to escape from almost, but not quite, being swallowed by the black hole.

Of course, all three of those points are not true. Hawking radiation is made almost exclusively of photons, not a mix of particles and antiparticles. It gets emitted from a large region outside the event horizon, not right at the surface. And the individual quanta emitted have tiny energies over quite a large range.”


When I first read this fulminating discourse from Siegel, I was taken aback that I had been that stupid for so long, by not seeing the splendid objections Siegel brandished. However, on second thoughts, there is nothing “of course” about any of these objections. Each of Siegel’s screams can be countered by cool rationality. And I had thought about them at the time, I had just forgotten them, as physicists and mathematicians seemed very uninterested by them at the time (I was surprised when Hawking used the argument). So here are my counter-arguments:

  1. Particles emitted at the event horizon, would be right away interacting with fields outside  of the event horizon, and soon half would turn into photons from antimatter annihilation, as I said already. Much of the rest of the energy would do the same, as most particles would stay gravitational prisoners… whereas photons, however shifted towards the red, would escape at the speed of light.
  2. The rest would have to climb out of the tremendous gravitational well, so would lose most of their energy… over quite a range, according to whatever collisions they experience. 

Another point is that the mechanism would become more prominent the smaller the Black Hole gets. So I stand by my cute idea, and command Hawking for his courage… To have presented it (implicitly) as his, at the risk of earning the contempt of his obscurantist peers. 

Patrice Ayme



P/S: I will develop this in other essays, but it’s no coincidence Einstein couldn’t learn Quantum Field Theory. The whole thing probably just looked to him like incantations with magic formulas. He tried for three weeks, taught by ehrenfest… Then gave up. Albert was smart enough to find the whole thing extremely fishy, with extremely deep errors hidden inside. Make no mistake: I am not saying QFT makes no sense. Neither to do I pretend Einstein was right in all ways. Far from it: QFT treats particles as extended, so does SQPR, and Einstein had made the error of believing otherwise

Large pieces of QFT make total sense, are glorious, obviously correct… Actually the whole point of my particle pairs-Black Hole imagery is to take some of QFT more seriously than the QFTists themselves take it…  Hey!


P/S 2: Sub Quantum Physical Reality SQPR fleshes out QFT. The spurious distinctions between virtual and non-virtual particles disappear… So does much of the over-inflated metaphysics of Relativity, and QFT.


Lives Matter, So Plutocrat Zuckerberg Stole A Public Hospital

July 20, 2020

Lives Matter, So Plutocrat Zuckerberg uses his capture of a hospital to depict himself as a good person. Hey, won’t he give 99% of his Facebook stock (to himself, without paying any taxes…) 

Some “Black Lives Matter” throw down statues of those who won the Slavery War. How clever is that? Maybe more than it looks. If those they throw down the statues of had not existed, many “Black Lives”  would still wear chains, and a little whip would have to be occasionally applied to encourage them. So when they destroy the memory of Ulysse Grant, the general who won the slavery war, are the “Black Lives Matter” as cretinous as they look? Or are they, acting on the simple instincts associated to more primitive form of life, smelling something deeper? Maybe they do, and they should. Let us help them by explaining more truth.

The USA is in the grip of total plutocracy. Plutocrats control 100% of the media, thus nearly 100% of the minds. Every time I write down this notion, the New York Times immediately censors it (I am a long time subscriber, cultivating my masochism). The NYT is little more than a deranged Trump hate cult (I read their insanities everyday)… Why is the NYT so afraid of the revelation that Pluto owns all minds? The NYT knows that, however idiotic their readership is, the ultra simple notion that, whatever information is fed to minds, has been inspected and approved by global plutocracy… it could perhaps flip a switch in their minds. If it turned out that those moods have been force fed for so long, even the simplest reader may ask, are those souls and hearts of them, just actually installed to serve The Man? 

An example of The Man is Marc Zuckerberg, a specialist of stealing what is, or should be, public property. Zuckerberg sets high standards of plutocratic hubris… A hubris only surpassed by the likes of Dorsey, the Twitter CEO, who became a multibillionaire without his company ever earning a dime (but he will censor you, and actually has arrogated to himself some of the powers of the Roman censors of old… who were public officials, whereas Dorsey is just a nobody with the arrogance of five billion dollars and the power to block publication…)

An example of installed mood all US citizens tend to share, and which has to be destroyed, is celebritism. According to celebritism, we all owe everything to immensely out-of-the-ordinary heroes. They did not just create all the worthy ideas and emotions, they created all the jobs and wealth, without them the universe would be empty, human life would cease. 

San Francisco Hospital is very old and gigantic. Zuckerberg gave peanuts… But the hospital is ruled by wealthy doctors who want to earn even more money. At least in San Francisco that’s what the powers that be want you to believe: without Marc Zuckerberg, the ultra wealthy owner of a world-monopolistic social network, no healthcare in San Francisco. Having health cared for in San Francisco is to subscribe to the Marc Zuckerberg cult. Now many very wise and knowledgeable individuals, worldwide, argue that Zuckerberg is little more than a thief, a front, and a spy. Respected institutions like parts of the European justice and legislative system, have pondered all the laws facebook has broken.  

But the city of San Francisco tells you: if your health is in jeopardy, and someday it will be, should you be lucky, if you want to survive, you have to embrace the Marc Zuckerberg cult. Marc is the way, there is no alternative.

A public hospital founded 150 years ago, and publicly financed, after at least one direct referendum to do so, is named after ONE young, live, mind manipulating plutocrat, Marc Zuckerberg… Or how the cult of celebritism is pushed onto people.

What is the interest of this? It teaches normal people they are nothing. Zuckerberg meets with the Pope, Congress, presidents, buy Hawai’i, establishes a 80 billion dollars “Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative” (CZI). He controls it. Thus he can give, without ever paying income tax on capital gains, because he gives shares, and still he can claim the colossal deductions… While keeping all the powers and respect, and influence that controlling hundreds of billions, and public opinion, gives. 

And what of the dignitaries in San Francisco, the board of the hospital who entunes:

“Our History – Zuckerberg San Francisco General

Zuckerberg San Francisco General has been an integral part of San Francisco history for over 150 years, responding to the city’s health crises and working to improve the health and well-being of all…

Who gave them the right to nominally attribute private property?

The tall buildings in sight are part of San Francisco General Hospital. Zuckerberg couldn’t even pay for more than a fraction of the parking lots.

In 2011, San Franciscans OKed a new hospital building. Huge sums were involved.

84% of San Francisco voters passed Proposition A to build a new acute care and trauma center on the original hospital site. In 2011, San Francisco General Hospital Foundation launched the Heart of Our City Capital Campaign to raise funds.

In 2008, another similar public fundraising had passed: To ensure the availability of San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center in the event of a natural disaster or emergency, by building and/or rebuilding and improving the earthquake safety of the hospital and to pay related costs necessary or convenient for the foregoing purposes, shall the City and County of San Francisco issue $887,400,000 in general obligation bonds subject to independent oversight and regular audits?

Such sums absolutely dwarf the measly 75 millions given by Chan-Zuck… Thus one can deduce the leaders of San Francisco General Hospital view celebritism as the most important of mission. 

Popes have to meet with beggars and thieves. Shouldn’t the Pope protest when a hospital is stolen? No, instead he makes gives to Caesar… Who gave the world to these punks? Other, older punks, and the mood they feed…

Their minds are corrupt. They have done high studies, because the public invested in… them. Zuckerberg didn’t. By serving him and his ilk, they betray those who have created them, the public. Just because they are prostitutes? Well, prostitution is a calling, but betrayal should be severely punished. 

Patrice Ayme



On a personal note. Annual blood test went from $35 to $830, with a $200 “copay”. In two years. Great progress, that Obamacare! The wealthy, scavenging healthcare profits, will become even wealthier






How Islamism Or Christianism Make People Stupid: Example From Tunisia, July 2020

July 19, 2020

No Jokes Around Quranic Surah And Corona Surah. We, Islamists, don’t know what a joke is:

A few month ago a young Tunisian woman reproduced on the internet a text conceived in France. What she posted is all about the Coronavirus. However, she just got seven months in jail for “inciting hatred between religions“. Here is the text, and the victim, followed by a translation of the text:

The lady on the right got seven months in prison for reproducing the image on the left. That image says the Islamist court, promotes “hatred between religions”. Here is the translation below:

“Surat Kuruna


And the deadly virus

They are astonished to see it land from distant China!

The disbelievers say that it is a disease

But it is a certain death.

There is no distinction between kings and slaves.

Beware then, cling to science and abandon traditions

Don’t even go out to buy flour,

Stay at home, as it is an intense test,

And wash your hands again,

And trust in the exalted gel.”

It is remarkable how full of hatred about nothing Islamists can be! In this case this is Tunisian state Islamism. The lady got death threats, and now a prison sentence from the Tunisian Islamist Court System. At least, she didn’t get burned at the stake (as Joan of Arc who was burned alive for having violated an oath she took that she would never again wear man’s clothing). So why are the Islamists so enraged? The reason, of course, is that they are fundamentally enraged. They cultivate hatred like a precious flower. This attitude was not even invented by the Islamists, but by the enraged “Men in Black” of the Fourth Century, those enraged Christian monks who went around in mobs, torturing and killing “disbelievers”, burning non-Christian books and libraries, killing Hypatia, calling this “saintly” (see Alexandria’s Saint Cyril). To get the Abrahamist to sacrifice the child doesn’t take much. So here is why the Tunisian Islam lunatic got to foam at the mouth. On the right is a typical reproduction of part of the Qur’an:

On the left the Surah Corona, the Tunisian lady is accused to have reproduced, on the right a typical reproduction of part of the Qur’an! See how similar they are? Horror! The “Sourate Corona,” a design that appears to have been created in France (as per its spelling), delivered a simple “wash your hands” message framed in recognizable green contours and adorned with virus symbols, mimicking the style of Quranic artistry. Ms. Chargui, 27, shared the post.Stupid animals get very upset from not much: try to go talk to an enraged dog!

Systemic intellectual terror has been ruling on and off, depending which period of Islam history, and where, one considers.  It was an imitation of what had happened to Occidental civilization, when degenerating plutocracy evoked a fascist god to kill everybody, as in the Aztec model: Abrahamist terror until the Franks took command (late Fifth Century), then five centuries of tolerance enforced by forcing Catholicism to tolerate Paganism, Judaism, Agnosticism, Intellectual Curiosity, Secular Education, etc. the Pope threatened to have everybody burned, but the Frankish state commanded the armies and the Pope did not.

However, starting in 1026 CE, Catholicism terror was back, no doubt as a handy enforcer of the unjustified plutocracy know as the Feudal Order.  So it’s the Western plutocracy which used the fanaticism of the Abrahamist religion as a hammer with which to smash all and any opposition. Luther could arise when some German princes realized they could use his objections as an instrument against other princes. Later the entire Catholic terror broke down when it became clear that the church was part and enforcer of the establishment, and its fables were gross violations of reality… And that, in this gross violations of reality laid its main interest.

Emna Chargui. Six months in jail for corona virus reproducing. Islam has no sense of humor, thus no brain? Islam condemns woman for vague joke about corona virus

The same back and forth happened in the gigantic empire Islam conquered in a few years: terror, relaxation, terror again. When Islam conquered Spain 25% or so of the innocent Catholic population was killed (the Islamists were at war with the recently-converted-to-Catholicism Visigoths who controlled Spain, not the underlying Catholic population, they had no reason to kill them… except to instill terror in them: it bore its fruits. as islam was completely extirpated from Spain, seven centuries later…). After a few centuries, the Islamist caliphate in Baghdad (there was another, specific to Spain sank into semi-enlightened degenerated plutocracy, complete with a “House of Wisdom”. However it was annihilated by the Mongols… helped by Catholic armies from Georgia, Armenia and the Franks (“Franji”). When islam resurfaced, it was more primitive in Asia. However, in Egypt, thanks to the enlightened Saladin negotiating with Richard the Lionhearted (representing England, and his suzerain and friend the king of France), literalist Islam was outlawed… under the penalty of death. That was all reverted by the very successful alliance of the Saud family with the Islam fundamentalist Wahhab, in the Eighteenth Century, just as Europe was definitively submitting the Christian sects to secular law… coming from Rome, and which had existed all along; that was Rome’s great contribution.

The Saudi-Wahhabi alliance conquered Arabia, lost it, reconquered it, and then, propped by US and Anglo financiers and oilmen, made the devil’s pact with Roosevelt. Leveraged by oil money, the Saudi caused trouble by converting a lot of local Islam sects to  more literalist interpretations, setting civilization in reverse: the Saudi monarchy is fundamentally a feudal enterprise incompatible with the fundament of present civilization, the Roman Republic, so it had interest to set civilization in reverse in other parts. That, of course, was also the desire of western plutocrats: plutocracy is fundamentally a cancer of civilization, always resurfacing, always to be fought if civilization is to survive.

Meanwhile and for the same reasons, the Turkish strongman, Erdogan, announced he converted back the great Catholic Cathedral of Hagia Sophia (“Sacred Wisdom”), erected generations before Islam was invented, and a church for a millenium, into a mosque. Same general idea: Islam makes stupid, and stupid makes dictators.

The latter principle is also at work in China: Xi Jinping, long time friend of major US plutocrats like child rapist  friendly Bill Gates, is pushing for conflicts, military conflicts, war, all over: India, Bhutan, South China sea (where Xi’s forays present possible war with Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia… and their allies, among others…)

Hatred is a great diversion from whatever causes it.

The planet is quite small, nowadays: objects can go to the other side of the planet in half an hour. Twenty-first century Earth is, technologically speaking, much smaller than any province of France in the Middle Ages. So what is happening in Islamist dictatorships, let alone China, is our backyard business. One can’t let superstitious and fanatical torturing dictatorships grow, it would be to repeat the Kaiser-Hitler saga.

[That doesn’t mean one should engage in unjustifiable invasions like the Bush-Biden-Pelosi 2003 attack on Iraq… Just the opposite!]

But one has to take into account history: in the business with China, western plutocracy is mostly at fault. With Islamism, the West is more at fault in what is going on in Tunisia, Algeria, or Turkey than it is in Saudi Arabia. In the case of Saudi Arabia, patience is of the essence: the momentum of society is heading in the right direction. Not so in Tunisia.

So one has to act.

Doing like what Britain just did with Hong Kong, inviting refugees from Xi’s tyranny to settle in the West is a must. The same should be extended to the victims of state Islamism. By the way two women fell under the terror of Islamism, for reproducing the Corona Surah: the Algerian Sanaa Bendimerad, and the other the Tunisian Emna Chargui (above). The French Republic should offer them refugee status right away, in analogy to what Boris Johnson did with Hong Kong.

If nobody defends civilization it will collapse, like the statues of the victorious general of the Slavery War, Ulysses Grant, under the assaults of blind, deliberately ignorant hatred. Because, if they knew, they would hate less, and thus feel deprived…

Divide to rule, said the Romans, thinking of how to submit the enemies of the republic. But a much better strategy was invented under the Dominate, the fascist autocratic empire after 284 CE: stupedify to rule. And the fact that such an important notion as “stupedify”, to render someone stupid, is not in official dictionaries, is, per se, telling.

No jokes tolerated, we are Islamists, and God is our sword!

Patrice Ayme



P/S: [Originally. “Surah” meant “Enclosure, Altitude, Wall around a city”. It came to be understood as “chapter in the Qur’an…]