Forgiveness, A Virtue Which Christianism Got Right

Catholicism teaches many things. To We The People, it teaches first sheepness. Jesus is supposed to be our shepherd, we are supposed to be his flock. Or does it? Actually the Lord’s Prayer/Pater Noster gives prime of place to forgiveness, not sheepness. We are supposed to forgive. The notion is thus most important to Christ and company. 

The subject itself is fascinating, and very telling of the corruption in which the Anglo-Saxon plutocracy led the world. Indeed the “King James” version of the Bible published in 1611 makes Jesus into an investment banker! Indeed it asks the “Lord” to “forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.” Debts? Really? Crist? Obsessed by “debts”?

King James was the lead investor in the foundation of the militarized English North American colony. He and other “West Country men” set up a system of white slavery (indentured servitude). Escaped white “servants” would be quartered alive (to encourage the other low lives to obey “the Lord”) A few years later the slave masters discovered it was more efficient to enslave Africans and to send the Native Americans as slaves to the Caribbean.

King James, who became king of Scotland as a baby, was big on torturing and killing witches. He then founded the mood of the sort of America that Black Lives Matter correctly hates… But that mood is written down in King James Bible, and celebrated in black churches, all over America. See the problem?… There at last an excellent monument to throw into the fire of furious criticism…

Did you read all this, Black Lives Matter? That the enslaving mentality originated with the debt obsessed mentality of King James? So please then give a thought to burning your “King James” Bibles, and replacing it with something less fake.

But let’s back up to the original version of the Catholic main prayer (my translation, from way before filthy enslaving plutocrat King James). Here it is:

Our Father who is is heavens,

Let it be that you name be sanctified,

That your reign arrives,

That your will be done on Earth as in Heavens.

Forgive us,

As we forgive those who offended us.

Do not let us be tempted by sin,

And free us from evil.


Much of this prayer has been subject to debate: the first written version was in Greek, but, except if it was a complete fake concocted by imperial plotters (as some hold it to be, and they have good refined historical arguments), the original has got to have been in Aramaic (the mythical Jesus didn’t talk Greek, although many in Judea did). So, to establish my version, I kept in mind the supposed mentality of Jesus (I don’t think Jesus worried about financial investments). My version is nearly identical to the Catholic original from before Theodosius I.

In any case, forgiveness is central in Christianism… and it’s a keeper. 

What does forgiveness do? It enables to establish peace more easily, by deciding to turn an offense one suffered into a gift one offers. So forgiveness transforms offenses into gifts.  

But not just this. When we reason, be it from heart and, or, cold blooded logic, we can make mistakes. Forgiveness can take care of these mistakes. Maybe, after all, some of these offenses were not what they seemed: maybe we helped them along, or imagined them, a bit. Hence those offenses we forgive, may have originated in our minds, all too much.

Thus, by forgiving others, we may be actually forgiving ourselves. Forgiving others turns out to be nicely self-serving, if we look at it in depth.

Christianism, in full, is not compatible with civilization… But that does mean there are no pieces we can make our own… It doesn’t mean, either, that we should hesitate to eradicate our enemies… But when they surrender, as Allah indicates often in the Qur’an, we may as well be merciful…

Patrice Ayme

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3 Responses to “Forgiveness, A Virtue Which Christianism Got Right”

  1. kathw Says:

    Well said. Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves/others – whoever the debtor. Forgiveness is a classic example of grace – – a spiritual “freebie” – – without which we cannot grow/evolve.


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