Can People Self-Hypnotize Into Hatred?

“Black Lives Matter” events in 2020 exhibited a high level of (justifiable) rage, but also inexcusable hatred. Three examples. A (completely black) Federal Agent in Oakland protecting a Federal building was killed in a planned attack, his colleague critically injured. The assaillant, an (Hispanic) Air Force sergeant, killed and wounded more law enforcement before his arrest, a few days later. An elder, retired (completely black) police captain, protecting a friend’s shop was pierced with bullets, left to bleed to death on the sidewalk while passersby documented his passing away on their smartphones (without providing medical assistance by compressing the wounds). The perpetrator, a thug who got away with a TV, was also arrested (from videos). 

Then you have the incredible level of venom from Pelosi, third official in the USA (only behind the President and VP), head of Congress, who just accused Trump to be a Russian agent. No less. And once again. Now this is very serious. If she has the proof, she has to let it out. If not, and it’s all about her rage…or even worse, she should be impeached. Even at the worst of McCarthyism, in those crazed anti-communist days of the Cold War and Iron Curtain, when Nixon was Vice-President, one never saw such insane, ludicrous, counterfactual accusations (Trump sent Javelins anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, stopping Russian encroachments,Obama sent only non-lethal aid, MRTEs, Meals Ready To Eat). I have an explanation for Pelosi’s behavior, which is dangerously deleterious to the Republic. Part of it to detour from her own, real crimes, such as invading Iraq, part of it to protect her class of political wealth, private estates, private police forces, private jets… we saw it all when the Roman Republic was failing and plutocrats pretended to protect the Republic, to better destroy it. 

Pelosi accused Trump of being a Russian agent. Biden added: “His entire presidency has been a gift to Putin, but this is beyond the pale. It’s a betrayal of the most sacred duty we bear as a nation, to protect and equip our troops when we send them into harm’s way.” This is a serious distortion of reality, where was is is declared to have not been, and what has not been, is. It’s Obama who was a gift to Putin. The facts are clear.

Pelosi should have been taught history. Clearly, Catholicism is one of the deadliest religion known. Actually Catholicism, on the face of it, may have been the most lethal religion, killing more, by orders of magnitude more than even the Aztec religion. For example, Catholicism killed, by its own computation, more than five million Cathars… Ask the average Catholic, they don’t even know what a Cathar is. because they killed all the books, statues, works, etc. The very symbol of Catholicism, a human being tortured to death, should be clear enough to see through the hypocrisy… but Catholics have been so brainwashed, they don’t see the cross for what it is.Why is Pelosi’s wild behavior dangerous? We saw this happen with Tiberius Gracchus, 2,150 years ago. Tiberius, from what was then the most prestigious family in Rome, renounced his Patrician status, to be elected Tribune of the People. His project was to cut down the plutocracy, by enforcing Republican Rome’s old drastic wealth limits.

The plutocracy knew this, of course, as this was Tiberius’ electoral platform. The plutocracy did all it could, in all ways, to prevent Tiberius’ project. Roman Republican internal politics had been sedate for centuries. The plutocracy started a campaign of lies, innuendos, insults, threats, insane assertions, to block Tiberius. He wants to become King! The plutocrats alleged, and paid handsomely other politicians to oppose Tiberius. There were ten Tribunes of the People, they were sacrosanct, meaning the death penalty to whoever attacked them… and they had a right of Veto. So the plutocrats had just to pay one Tribune to Veto Tiberius to prevent the passing of a law… and this they did. Ultimately, in the end, after enormous psychological pressure was exerted publicly, and the vote of the Centuries was progressing, the blocking Tribune was persuaded (by the enormous throng of the Roman Populus) to resign and go home. The law passed. But the assertions made and the mood of hatred established in the months prior didn’t go away. They just kept on escalating into grotesque hatred. Ultimately the enslaving plutocrats paid private armies of thugs to kill Tiberius, and the Republic installed itself into mass murdering civil war which would last more than a century, Populares against plutocrats, until Augustus and his army established a dictatorship, by killing all those who disagreed. 


Can Hatred Grow Self Hypnotically? And if so, why?  

Yes, people can be hypnotized into hatred, and even do it to themselves. Because some people are highly influenced by hypnosis (according to recent brain scan science). Why hypnosis, the triumph of mind over matter, should have evolved has a natural answer: precisely because it is the triumph of mind over reality. That is the essence of the human impact: humanity, when it doesn’t the reality it has, creates another.

In the case of hypnosis, the mind giving the orders is usually someone’s else. But not always: people with horrible injuries have been able to act rationally, no doubt from some form of self-hypnotism (or from the mechanism causing hypnotism). I take advantage of this, all the time, as do all those engaged in hard sports…  

Another most useful innate human behavior is hatred. It’s first advantage is to help get motivated to get rid of enemies. When a little add-on insanity is needed to destroy the enemy, hateful rage is here to help. The evolutionary advantage is that it’s better to get rid of (most of) humanity, rather than of the environment which supports it. 

Hatred has another advantage: it helps motivate higher intellectual pursuits. This is why hatred is great among intellectuals(it’s not inside each intellectual church, but between them). 

In any case, all these are no idle speculation, not anymore: brain scanning in real time enables us to see how the brain reacts to external stimuli (including hypnosis).

So hatred can have its advantage, and more hatred, even more advantage… hence the interest to have a capability to become completely inhabited by hatred in a process of self hypnosis. When one is as vile a politician as Nancy Pelosi, who let Bush lie to the world about Iraq, responsible for the death of millions, accusing someone who was against the Iraq invasion, feels like liberation. 


Tiberius was accused by the plutocrats of wanting to make himself king, when all he wanted was to give better lives to Roman soldiers, who made the Republic’s existence possible. The same accusation was brandished against his brother and others who helped them. And against Gaius Marius, whose expert generalship had saved the Republic from annihilation. Or, of course against Caesar who did pass a redistribution law in 59 BCE, when he was Consul, to the rage of the senate’s plutocrats.

The analogy with the present situation is clear. Sending an unbalanced proportion of middle class jobs to a (well governed) Chinese Communist dictatorship, because it made thousands of billionaires wealthier and more powerful by the day (watch Medal of Freedom recipient Gates getting love letters from Xi), while distributing drugs to the citizenry (so they can get confused some more) is basically what happened under the plutocratizing Roman Republic… except in the latter case millions of slaves were imported, and many of the exported jobs were sent to peripheral regions of the empire: Rome didn’t trade directly with China, it was a China unto itself, it had China within….

Patrice Ayme

One Response to “Can People Self-Hypnotize Into Hatred?”

  1. Stephen Jones Says:

    I adore Nancy Pelosi, politically speaking.


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